Family of Six Slaughtered by Loan Sharks

Severe Machete Induced Head Trauma - Because Granade Didn't Kill Him

Family of Six Slaughtered by Loan Sharks

I think this is from Thailand, though lack of pictures of medical examiners posing with thumbs up and a full blown smile on their faces by the corpses would suggest otherwise. Not sure, anybody knows where this took place?

What I do know is that the family was behind with their land fee. The man who graciously allowed them to use his land was a cousin to the father, but he wanted the money. Money was too much, the family could not afford to pay up, so the loan shark recruited other family members to go on a slaughter rampage.

To square up, three men, family’s cousins (probably an inbreeding community where everyone is somehow related) armed with a grenade, a few firearms and a machete approached the house and threw a grenade inside. Then they waited outside for those who would survive the blast to execute them with a slew of bullets and out of control slashes of machete. Whole family of six, including children were slaughtered that day.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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22 thoughts on “Family of Six Slaughtered by Loan Sharks”

  1. It dose not look like Thailand.

    But the back story certainly is plausible here in Thailand.
    Loyalty and values have a definite hierarchy in Thailand something along the lines of

    1: Money
    2: saving face
    3: Sexual Gratification
    4: Family
    5: Friends

    Get in between a Thai any any one of these and you will be seriously injured or Killed with little mercy.
    10 fold if your a foreigner in the way

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