Fatah al Islam Execution of Two Lebanese Soldiers

Fatah al Islam Execution of Two Lebanese Soldiers

Video from North Lebanon. Two Lebanese soldiers were executed by Fatah al Islam extremists. The video only has the aftermath and was filmed with a cell phone camera inside of moving vehicle so quality is not the greatest and it’s a bit shaky. One of the soldiers appears to have had his throat slit, but it looks as though the cut only went through fat on his neck, rather than through tracheal. I’m pretty sure it was the bullet to the face that actually finished him off.

Second soldier took a gun shot through his right eye and has a massive hole in his head. Bullet just straight burned a bee-hive inside his head. The guy who’s recording the video turns his head around and at one point it almost looks as if he was still moving with that hole in his skull. Both soldiers must have been executed only moments before the video was recorded as neither appears to be too stiff.

Fatah al Islam is a terrorist organization operating in North Lebanon where they fight Lebanese army with intentions to target Israel and impose Islamic law on Palestinian refugee camps. It’s a young organization that’s often seen as Al-Qaeda wannabies.

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  1. I am from Lebanon it is a lawless land , it is like the wild wild west , killing is just a very normal thing in Lebanon . These men got killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Honestly Islam does not care what you believe in they even kill there own , they just hate themselves , others , and probably the entire world , even the entire universe. If they ever get nukes were all dead , that is there goal to destroy humanity.

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