Female Police Snitch Executed By Militants in Kashmir, India

Female Police Snitch Executed By Militants in Kashmir, India

Female Police Snitch Executed By Militants in Kashmir, India

In Kashmir, India, a young woman was shot dead at close range by separatist militants for allegedly being a police informant. The nighttime video of her execution shows the alleged snitch raise her hands together like in a prayer as a militant discharges two rounds into her.

News agency GNS identified the victim as Ishrat Muneer Bhat of Dangerpora Pulwama. The news report said the woman was abducted and executed at Cherbagh area of Draggad Shopian.

Props to Best Gore member @hindustan for the video:

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  1. Those 2 Shots Did Not Sound Like They were coming from Your Typical 7.6mm AK-47, or AK-74 *Semi-Automatic* Rifle by the sound it made When he was Loading-It! It Did Not Sound Like A *Bolt-Action* like a 303 cal. or a 30-06.
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      1. @DilDoe

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        1. I found a screenshot where you can see the barrel good enough and it doesn’t look like any rifle I’d know. The sight are really high but it must be an assault rifle because of the gas piston. Maybe it was just jamming…

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