First Installment of Hell of the Apostates by ISIS

First Installment of Hell of the Apostates by ISIS

Three days ago I posted an ISIS video titled Hell of the Apostates 2. It was a suitable ISIS release for a feature on BG owing to the plethora of executions and beheadings, but since then, I got approached by a few people asking if I would also publish the first installment of “Hell of the Apostates“.

Hell of the Apostates 1 was released a year ago. It was just when I took over the site after more than 3 years of absence, and it was also at the time when Dominica was hit by Hurricane Matthew that knocked the power out for 3 days (nowhere near as bad as Maria, though). Furthermore, I thought the first installment wasn’t all that great due to not having that many executions, and many of those it did feature, were reruns of their previous executions. So it didn’t get published.

But since there is interest in it now, here it is. Per usual, most of the video contains Islamic propaganda, but there is some pretty good footage of their combat operations, and at 4:01, there is abuse of captives followed by their execution in a mass grave, at 7:15 a compilation of truck bombings and sniper take downs, and a number of on the spot executions, mixed in with some older footage of executions throughout the rest of the video. It may be of interest, but feel free to give this one a pass if you’re expecting something to match Hell of the Apostates 2.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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49 thoughts on “First Installment of Hell of the Apostates by ISIS”

    1. Muslims themselves are walking examples why the world hates them. It is a poor mans religion that is primitive and very stupid. They are hypocrites who don’t realise they alone are making life hard for themselves. A smelly and lazy man in pajamas and a ratty beard is their false prophet. Let’s hope Israel kills as many as they can.

        1. In my perfect world not only would I get rid of fuckers like the executioners shown in this video I would also get rid of all the useless fucks that end up retarded because of their fucking phones.

    1. One of many ways to start an organic garden……!!!
      The guide lines to prosper are a lil brutal……tho…..
      But life sucks for many creatures….in many ways
      Do not forget to press the “mute” button….!!!!!

  1. Great video, missed it the first time around. Brutal, the sniper scope view kill shots were the best. Feel bad for how prisoners are brutalized before execution though. The gun shot to the head is about the most merciful you can hope for in these circumstances I guess. I’m sure glad I don’t live there.

    1. well I would know… they’ve caused quite a bit of trouble in various countries in Europe. I wouldn’t say all of them by any means, but there is a sizable portion of them that are equally as violent and destructive as ISIS fighters. How you might ask? The rape in countries like Sweden has risen to an alarming amount since they came in. Holidays can no longer be celebrated publicly without these immigrants causing mayhem. It isn’t worth taking care of them, they should be helped by neighboring middle eastern countries or not at all. They don’t deserve our help.

      The actions of many, spoil the litter. Sure, they’re just people in reality, but they do not mix well with non-islamic lands. They’re used to living in islamic domination, and they couldn’t handle their own brew of terrorism so they’re bringing to us. It is a father like son type of ordeal.

      1. btw, this site should really remove the edit timer ffs. I wanted to say one last thing. These immigrants are taking all of their frustration of losing their homes out on us. Some might argue that the loss of their homes are tied directly to Europe and America, I beg to differ. There was a point where that was a feasible argument, but now that is just an excuse and rhetoric. The United States in particular has been dealing with terror attacks long before we ever invaded any middle eastern lands. An enormous amount of people throughout the middle east supported 911, especially in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. I would never support the mass death of any innocent group of people. Even now with North Korea getting in our faces, I still know it is a trick for us to use nuclear bombs. Kim probably has a nice little bunker he can live in while his people get eradicated by nuclear bombs. I do not condone death and destruction of that scale under any circumstances. So the issue is, the middle easterners weren’t too sad about 911, they fucking hate America and Europe so much that they’ll even make up reasons to hate us. So my point is, we owe NOTHING to anyone in that region. Our soldiers gave them an opportunity in Iraq to convert their country from a fascist state to a democratic state and it potentially has saved their country from following Syria and Libya’s path. The war in Iraq was very controlled and well orchestrated, the end of the war you might argue was rough but I will break it down for you. The war ended as if it never happened. The insurgency and terrorist underground network had been around before the Iraq invasion and is still around today. There is nothing we can do about that. Some people think we created ISIS, okay I get the picture, but it was really Al-Qaeda that made ISIS into what it is now. We have no involvement in Syria, the whole mass development of ISIS was in Syria after revolution began. Did we fund any groups? Yes, but it wasn’t until after we needed to get involved. The common misunderstanding is that we created a problem in Syria, but we were only arming and funding these people with scarcity and to play very small and temporary roles. It isn’t like we’re making any huge leaps of faith for any of those militant groups, we give them some assistance for viable reasons. We’ve not made a huge impact in Syria, only in Iraq.

        1. what a bullshit is this, america ripped the middle east, especially with the invasion of Iraq…
          the power vacuüm that followed is where ISIS had the chance to grow AND to invade the military bases for weapons. Thank you USA, thank you Bush

  2. Do you think someone can get a hold of ISIS and tell them to start putting captions in English so i can understand what bullshit they are talk about…Wonder why i feel like Ironman and just wanna go blast them all..God i am A CLOWN to think that!!!

    1. Why in the hell would you want to know what they are saying? As if you can’t imagine the message of their ugly, archaic, violent jibba jab religion.
      Also who gives a fuck what they are saying? You know it would just contain words like infidel, death, allah, Mohammad, goat fucking, blood shed, hate, towel heads, camels, sand, burqa and brainwashed………

  3. i think before US or Russia defeat ISIS, oil should be depleted first. Unless they will use
    nuclear to erase all living things in an area, this war will even reach for centuries. Even
    non ISIS would probably join them if their location is penetrated, its either join us
    or die. So no matter how many ISIS they kill, they will never defeat it. I think the UN should
    put in the international law that NUCLEAR is only allowed in defeating ISIS and its

  4. Isis is done, they are hanging on one more city and it’s surrounded by Assad from South , Kurdish Peshmerge from North and iranian special forces from east

    ISIS was created and supported by CIA and Mossad to make sure Iraq is divided in 3 (as you see now north iraq is about to declare independence and call themselves kuRDISTAN and also to release threat f tension on iSRAEL and open a gateway for oil pipelines from north iraq (mosul)and (Kerkuk) to west to Mediterranean sea to transport oil to europe and over atlantic

    This is a professional plan and strategy many you all fall into and believe what you watch on tv sighhh.

    wake up!!

    1. Well to establish this plan to sit on middle east for this long , United States politics killed it’s poeople in 9/11 ! And brand it Collateral Damage ! You think i’m bullshitting? there is search engine called Google.!! get your lazy ass up and dig a little. !!

    2. Well to establish this plan to sit on middle east for this long , United States politics killed it’s poeople in 9/11 ! And brand it Collateral Damage ! You think i’m bullshitting? there is search engine called Google.!! get your lazy ass up and dig a little. !!

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