Five People Found Executed in Aleppo, Syria

Five People Found Executed in Aleppo, Syria

Signature Sunni style mass execution – hands tied behind the back and shot in the head at close range. It’s a very unpleasant pose to be found it – ass poking up into the air while face is down on the ground, facing the wall.

The video was filmed in Aleppo, Syria by a retard with an Iphone so it’s all kinds of sideways to give you a headache. Audio is for some reason very quiet:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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36 thoughts on “Five People Found Executed in Aleppo, Syria”

    1. It sickens me to know the rebels are willing to kill innocent civilians to see one,ONE, man, a hero, fall by their hand. I shouldn’t say “their” because they are supported by my country and many more. I hope the rumors about Iran helping syria are true. At least 1 country has the decency to help a country and her people in need. Good luck to Syria and her people.

  1. Its like a domino line with bodies. Or like if you were to push over bookcases, very uniform. lol. But seriously What The FUCK kinda shoes has that guy got on?! His wifes slide ons? is he tryin to make a fashion statement? Did he run out of FLIPPY FLOPPY’S?

  2. this night i was in a pary pary bar (drunk of course) around here and they put this BOY GEORGE crying game song and i couldnt help but thinking about TROOPER when he first saw that movie when the guy/girl with the dick drop hip his/her pants to the PROVO …i couldnt stop laughing…..i was in BR military high school and the next day they passed that movie on open air TV the only theme of conversation in the class was that fucking movie and how the showing-the dick-scene ruined so many MASTURBATIONS, one of my buddies (nowadays an engineer captain in BR army jacked off to the “girl” minutes before the dick scene), shocking shit INDEED…..

  3. Who really cares? Assassinations like this are so common place that it’s getting boring and repetitious.
    What shock value or learning comes from this when it happened yesterday and it will happen tomorrow?
    Repetition is death through stagnation.

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