Five People – Witchcraft Suspects Slowly Burned Alive in Kenya

Five People - Witchcraft Suspects Slowly Burned Alive in Kenya

Religion at its best again. Five people, alleged witches from Kenyan village Kisii Nyamataro were slowly burned alive because they were suspected of witchcraft. Translation – they did not acknowledge Jesus Christ as their God. The five young people, both men and women were beaten with sticks and set on fire to slowly roast while other villagers, including priests watched the spectacle. Religion always brings out the best in people, doesn’t it?

It’s not the news that human life has little value in many parts of Africa. I can’t wrap my head around this burning in a tiny village of Kisii Nyamataro. I imagine villagers who live in a desolate area, maybe a couple dozen of them. They must be pretty close to each other – it’s not like you’re in a highly populated city where you don’t know anyone and nobody knows you. When you’re in the middle of nowhere and you see the same people day after day, it all takes a whole new level. These people may have spent 20 years living together and then they just took on five of their own and slowly burned them alive. How could you bring yourself to doing that to someone whom you have known all your life? They sure make Barack Obama proud.

Suspecting someone of witchcraft and burning them alive brings back the years of inquisition. It’s as if progress of last 400 years was set back to dark ages once more. Burning people at the stake, watching them die slowly in agony while some clergyman utters his chants. The devil made them do it, now they must burn!

As for the video itself – it’s unbelievable how these people are taking it like champs. Being slowly roasted alive and choke in smoke from your own burning flash must be extremely painful. While they say that drowning is one of the scariest ways to die because it leaves you extremely helpless, burning alive must easily be one of the most painful ways to die. Yet look at those poor people. This one guy is sitting there with his feet on fire for so long that he could have just asked for a bit of seasoning and have himself nice roast chewed off of his own bones. How could he just sit there calmly like that? He was beaten with a stick across his back, kicked, had dry branches put on him to keep the fire burning while his face was engulfed in thick smoke that should have smothered him.

These people went through anguish and pain only comparable to the Venezuelan Man who had mob justice put on his ass. The showcase of some of the most violent human behavior ever. The video is below, as with all videos, exercise caution and don’t watch if you’re easily upset.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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170 thoughts on “Five People – Witchcraft Suspects Slowly Burned Alive in Kenya”

  1. dude witchcrafe is tottly over since idk…since along ass time…
    I would have bought some winnies on a stick … 🙂 “hey did u bring the marshmellos???”
    other than that .eeekkkk damn if only we had never know/knew that there was a god… it would have been a better place..
    ooo wait that mean there wouldn’t be videos of these or on I don’t wanna live in a fucken rainbow

    1. Yes. No doubt about it. A witch is going to allow you to set them on fire without any magic of any kind to stop you. Yes. These witches just so happen to want to stay in the village just so they can be burned for being witches. These witches are most certainly hiding some fucking flying brooms in their closets. These witches are a danger to society..

      1. This. If they ever put a REAL witch on trial, I’m sure it would go like this:

        Judge: “You are accused of engaging in acts of witchcraft! How do you plead?”
        Accused: “Guilty!” (Zaps everyone with lightning bolts, Sith Lord style) **zap!zap!zap!zap!zap!**

    2. The fuck these people are animals, excuse me animal is an offense not understand why they so cruel, who gives them the right to judge others, I do not have police can understand that part of the Third World but still, the whole thing is an aberration with witchcraft, maybe it’s an excuse, that some others not sports, and resort to stupid ideas … can not so in the 21st century ….

  2. hmmm.. black people again. harhar, only joking, if they are so desolate, how do they know about jesus? oh, them dicks who go around the world spreading the love? and how do they have cameras?! silly kenyans.

    1. I never used to mind the blacks until they tried snatching my mums’ bag when she was coming home from work. Luckily another black heard her screams and came to her aid and she walked away. When mum told e what had happened, we loaded a van full of friends and family and went hunting for these fuckers. To their luck we didn’t find them. There is a local skate park, where people are afraid to walk at night ’cause they gather there and drink, then they bash and rob passers by. I Often go for walks at night in that area with my dog and a good old police torch that’s like a baton, and a couple of other items i cannot mention. I pray to be confronted by these mother fuckers so i can set my dog loose and so i can cut loose on their skinny black shitty asses. Yes I now HATE NIGGERS, COONS. There’s a picture of my dog in my avatar. I’ve been training him to rip shit to pieces on command. When i walk downtown people spread the foothpath in fear of my dog. He wears a stabprof harness and a thick leather collar so he cannot be attacked around the throat. Can’t fucken wait for a silly ass black cunt to cross my path and ask for my wallet.

    2. Thing is though, it ISNT a joke is it?……’re right what you say…”Blacks again” I seriously believe that they are born short of a gene, which basically puts them on a par with fucking apes, senseless apes at that.

    1. Yea. And how come noone of these fucking morons from third world countries can figure out a practacle way to torture and execute someone. They were trying to put 5 guys up in smoke with a couple of branches that still had leaves on them. Nigga please!! How about some fucking logs.

    1. To the contrary this is the most fundamental human behavior… why do you think we are at the pinnacle of the food chain. Human Rights is a very new concept. Given the right circumstances you would also burn people for witchcraft. We are better educated and realize the silliness of witchcraft even laugh at there useless folly. But you do so only out of luck (desirable, random circumstance).

  3. For me this all again boils down to keeping society at its norm. I think the fact that these guys do not wantg to acknowledge the existing religion makes them targets because of the fwar of the ones in the upper realm to lose control over their societal minions.

    Religion works the same way. Sometimes, the church despises nonbelievers in fear of losing control over the ones they rule over

    1. You blame genetics? there is no evidence of inferiority, What I see is centuries of abuse and under education. Religion and education are inversely proportionate. But violence is personal to all. I know many black people who surpass me in every way, and I can assure you that I am more intelligent than you…

  4. This guy chilling in the fire is clearly in a shock, maybe due to excessive beating beforehand or the torture itself (including inhalation of a lot of smoke). Nevertheless – poor guys.

  5. Welll, Kids,, looks like I won’t be going to that Country, “If they to that to people in witchCraft I wonder what they would do what people in Satanism???

    ??? Golden moments,

  6. If I were badass enough to sit in a fire and watch myself burn then I should be able to stand up and throw the motherfyckers beating me with sticks into the same fire right?…

  7. Being burned alive is only painful for a few seconds because if the fire is hot enough to kill you, it will kill your nerves rather quickly and you won’t be able to feel anything.

  8. kenya, home of the pot roasty niggaz ann triggaz mo figgaz biggaz aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh stupid mo fo’s bitchez ann hoez ann burnin nigga toes all a brother knowzzzz aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  9. I dun like Kenya’s People. They have no brain! No heart! No Feeling! And stupid ritual. That’s why their country are suck! Dun ever come 2 my country or we will burn u alive!!!

  10. The reason that the people are barely moving while being burned alive is because not only were they severely beaten, but all of them were very elderly. Supposedly, not one was under the age of 80. What a tragic way to die after living to an old age.

  11. I myself am an atheist, but if it meant saving my hide, I’d probably say yes, I believe in God. Why couldn’t they have just pretended rather than facing such a horrible death. Is anyone really that stubborn or… proud?

    Religion. Eckhh…

  12. they call that a “fire”? They need some gasoline and a pit full of dry wood. That wasn’t even burning, that was lighting there shirts on fire.

    Sick video, I can’t believe how fucked up humans are.

  13. wow. well I spent most of my youth living in kenya with my dad. and when i was 10yrs old in the city of nairobi Kenya i heard alot of screaming and when i went outside to look people where mercilesly beating this old man still cant forget his face to this day, they had him tied toa lamp post and the had this man standing besode him with a whip trying to get him to confess that he was a witch now i dint believe in this bullshit then and i dont now but people in that country are fucked by religion. its everything there. jesus here jesus there even peoples ring tones are fucking gospel songs ffs. I blame religion!. the reason why there all there and encouraging it is bacause they want to look more holy by supporting it. if u know what i mean.
    btw at 00:20 one man suggests to put a tyre over him.
    00:13 man shouts Burn him compeletly
    and somepoint in the middle someguy also shouts, put them all together so they burn!.
    just to add on. apart from the people obbsetion with religion it is an absolutly fantastic country and the people arent all the same. cheers for the post mate.

    1. Wow how fucked up are you!? My savior is my girlfriend bringing me a bacon sandwich in the morning after a heavy night (P.S. My first thought after watching this video was NOT crispy bacon, it was my second). I know if I ‘pray’ enough to her she will get it for me because she is real. BUT if I do the same to a story tell figure like Jesus, Mohammed, 6 legged elephant thing, or Baloo the purple skinned unicorn I know I won’t get my bacon sandwich because to be quite frank, they are not.

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