Five Yemenis Crucified and Executed in Saudi Arabia

Five Yemenis Crucified and Executed in Saudi Arabia

Five Yemenis were executed and their crucified bodies put on public display in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday May 21, 2013. The Yemeni nationals were found guilty of forming a criminal gang, robbing shops in different parts of the country and killing a Saudi national.

According to Sharia Law although not in line with traditional crucifixion, Saudi henchmen hanged the bodies from a bar suspended between two cranes, their severed heads wrapped in sacks suspended next to the bodies.

According to Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf , the Saudi ministry of interior published a statement about the execution which starting with this verse from the Quran:

The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement, (Quran 5:33)

New, better video in high definition and a little closer up:

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36 thoughts on “Five Yemenis Crucified and Executed in Saudi Arabia”

    1. I agree! I was going to say something similar. If i walked down the street and saw bodies hanging- I’d mind my “P’s and Q’s”! I’d also pay top dollar for good seats to watch this take place! Especially for the crimes against children! No “nose-bleeder” seats for me!
      There’s so much re-offending because this country’s way of handling crime is fucking lame! Some places you rape an infant and you do half of your 15 year (if that) sentence, and other places- you steal a car and your locked up for half your life! Something isn’t right!

    2. back in the day? sorry but what culture are you from and where do you now live as you seem to me to be from a muslim culture yet living in the west and if so it seems strange that you big up the fear culture yet take the piss out of a 15 yr old being murdered

  1. The Romans used to be good at crucifying people. In fact, they could bring back The Circus, and I am not talking about the clowns types… Crucifixion, Gladiators and Lions were the good old days of Christians Massacres…

    On the news they said that it was getting more difficult to find a good swordsman in Saudi Arabia for executions… it might soon disappear.

  2. alright, i’m in a relatively tolerant mood right now. can anyone tell me the deal with the 72 virgins? I mean, do these men really think they are going to fuck 72 teenage girls for eternity? that sounds completely ludicrious…idiotic, actually.
    I left my body and there were no sensations whatsoever. no pain, no nothing. no thoughts or emotions of any kind. how can you expect to experience physical pleasure when everything responsible for physical pleasure is gone? are you given a new physical body in a new realm? and if the Quran is the infallible word of god dictated to muhammed, how the fuck can their be more than one kind of islam. unless *gasp* there is no fucking god. well, there isn’t a god, obviously, but like I said I am being unbeliebly tolerant right now.

    1. apparently they are referred to as “houri” and they are well-endowed and cause “an eternal erection” some men may actually ejaculate upon hearing particular verses about them…they are perfect in the sense that they never argue, do not menstruate, urinate or get pregnant and sing the male’s praises constantly.
      seriously? you grown ass motherfuckers take this shit seriously?
      defend yourselves, now. tell me why i’m wrong.

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