Four Iraqi Men Charged with Helping Apostates and Executed by ISIS

Four Iraqi Men Charged with Helping Apostates and Executed by ISIS

An execution video has been released by ISIS in Iraq. Four Iraqi men were charged with helping apostates (whatever that means) and publicly executed with a gunshot to the back of their heads. Notice the bright red silk robes – a deviation from the traditional orange cotton jumpsuits.

There is not a whole lot of additional info I have about the video, so here it is without further commentary. Props to Best Gore member Amer the adventurerz for the video:

35 thoughts on “Four Iraqi Men Charged with Helping Apostates and Executed by ISIS”

      1. It must be part of His master plan. They say He works in mysterious way. I guess that explains the little girl getting the shit beat out of her with a broomstick. Swans and typhoid, roses and rabies. It all comes from the same place.

        1. Another Isis production.
          Do not let this make you doubt God.
          That is exactly what they want.
          Think of what the Christians went through.
          Many of them were beheaded.
          And Lord Jesus was crucified.
          What they are being is wicked.
          Unnecessarily wicked.
          And that Is what God doesn’t like.
          Which gives us the right to kill them.
          Be just as brutal to those dogs.
          No more Isis prisoners of war.
          Behead all of them publicly.
          Or let the crowd stone them to death.

    1. I don’t think these are usual snackbarists but government trained killers. Notice how many terrorists set up perimeter to defend the executioners for carrying out the job. These are black ops special forces of evil zio goverment . Also i see a glock. How weird is that in many videos i see glocks. Now you know that this weapon is the standard weapon used by many governent forces. Pieces of shit, pure garbage. Someone wants wars and we all know who is the master of war.

      1. no its their gay as shit formations to make them look cool. also that can be blown the fuck up in a artillery barrage. the closer together, pinpoint strike is curtain. Their formations arent proven snd looks shitty if they have to scramble when a attack happens.

  1. I believe the word “Apostate” means a person who tries to convince people to not believe in another religion, which makes perfect sense in this case of this execution. Non believers of ISIS who live in their territory have to live in fear forever! That and non symphosizers, if I even spelt that right.

  2. Well well well, an Isis video that actually shows the shills… Wait, I mean, kills!

    Still gotta deal with their super retarded video editing though, it’s so fucking funny thinking about all these videos being made by some loser sandniggers going through and editing their scribbly language with all these effects like “hehe this will show those infidels to fear us ALLAAAAAH ACKBAR ALALALALA”

  3. I know what it is like in the middle east. Most of them are PHucking Savages! I was there for a total of 6yrs. I seen shit that most people can & won’t even dream of. I would just NUKE THE MIDDLE EAST & turn into…One Big Glass Parking Lot!

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