FSA Executes Civilians by Slashing Their Throats in Douma, Syria

FSA Executes Civilians by Slashing Their Throats in Douma, Syria

It’s been a year and a half since the unrest in Syria started and during that time there’s been so much evidence that the atrocities perpetrated on Syrian civilians are carried out by the rebels, that every sane person already knows they are the real bad guys in this conflict. Unfortunately, Zionist media continue to brainwash the sanity lacking majority (aka the sheep) and because these disconnected losers get to five trying to add two and two, the support for the terrorists is still wide spread. Zionist and Arab war machine finances and arms the rebels who put their easy money hard at work.

FSA aka the Fake Syrian Army and their propaganda machine has been exposed so many times on Best Gore, no special introduction is needed. Yet they still continue to produce propaganda by executing civilians and then filming their bodies with narration which would have the sheep believe that it’s a scene of a massacre perpetrated by the president Bashar al Assad’s shabiha thugs. Let’s look at the latest execution of civilians which was then turned into a propaganda video.

Filmed in Douma, the FSA terrorists first kidnapped a group of civilians, including boys in their early teens and filmed them as prisoners to have a bragging video for supporters on pro terrorism websites. One by one, the terrorists then tied the prisoners’ hands behind their backs and executed them by slashing their throats with a knife and leaving them to bleed to death in a field. When it was clear that they were all are dead, the terrorists came back to the mutilated corpses and filmed them again to use the video as propaganda.

The breakdown of this entire event with evidence showing the manipulation by the terrorists is in the video below. There is a small red arrow to show you which captive civilian from the group of prisoners is shown executed in the propaganda video. The guy wearing a Coca Cola t-shirt should be easy to identify in both without any lead.

Hillary the Obtuse much be proud of her minions’ achievements. I think at this point it’s fair to state that after all the atrocities perpetrated by the FSA terrorists on Syrian civilians, any means of elimination, including chemical and biological weapons would be fair and justified. The terrorists must be stopped by any means possible if there is to be any form of end to the suffering of the uninvolved populace:

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35 thoughts on “FSA Executes Civilians by Slashing Their Throats in Douma, Syria”

  1. I’m bored with this bullshit. Why can’t we just take over these countries and force their people to,….I don’t know…..use their time on earth to do something???? One of these assholes might have the cure for cancer, but they’re too busy slitting throats. Douche bags. I mean we’re here, right? Who cares why. Just fucking DO something positive. And then go sailing…..and eat lots of good food….and fuck a lot……and have some kids…..and give your damn neighbor sugar when he asks…..ugh….

    1. so funny. i’m bored too, but more as if your gonna kill and torcher, use your imagination?! carve somebody’s eyes out, deglove em’, stick a screwdriver in their ear with a mallet, i don’t know…get jiggy with it!

  2. What a waste of my very important time,i was about to watch Man v Food but decided to witness throat cuttings,for all i know i could have been slavering at the chops imagining how sore my jaw would be trying to chomp into a hamburger that was bigger than Elton Johns platform soles in Tommy the Who musical,instead i feel queasy at the immense disappointment of watching some leaf faced fuck faces that aren’t even clinging to their shitty lives!


      1. Seems to me that the FSA isn’t much into decapitations. They could learn a thing or two from the Taliban or Mexican drug cartels.

        Can’t even recall Mark ever posting a decapitation video or pics that were done by the FSA (Mark correct me if I’m wrong) Mostly shootings and they can’t even shoot worth a shit ether.

          1. Must have been on the road when you posted that one Mark. Shit, the stupid idiots can’t even hold a knife properly let a lone shoot.
            Thanks for the link.

  3. The FSA are the useful idiots of the jews.
    The jews are using them to destabilize Syria, the same way jews created communism and used communists to destroy Russia, the same way the jews use their control of the media and school system in the west to brainwash americans and europeans into accepting the unacceptable.
    Unacceptable things like mass immigration, pornography, gay rights, feminism, race mixing (bestiality), etc.
    The jews use their control of world finance to corrupt politicians, therefore control western armies, start wars all over the world and they use the police to arrest those who oppose them.
    Jews can only live as parasites and thrive on the misery of humanity.

  4. When will they (our governments Can & U.S) wake the fuck up and stop supporting these fucktards. What can we do besides voicing our opinions here on BESTGORE to educate the general public (SHEEP) in seeing what the fuck is going on over there in SYRIA ? Since i starting reading MARK,S many posts years ago , can,t believe all the lies and misleading bullshit mainstream media / our governments are feeding us on a regular basis. Fuck man , people are dying everyday for no good reason. I just wish i could do more to help stop this shit !

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