FSA Mercenaries Execute a Man but Can’t Aim for Shit

FSA Mercenaries Execute a Man but Can't Aim for Shit

Arabs, Jews and Kenyan with his buddies keep sending ever more money to FSA terrorists in Syria, supplying them with ever more weapons and ammo and recruiting ever more mercenaries to send on a killing spree in the country. Wages for mercenaries must be very attractive cause every stupid Wahhabi fuck who can’t aim for shit jumps on it. And to think that mercs are paid these fat checks using yours and mine tax money…

Group of FSA mercenaries kidnapped this man and accused him of the same shit they accuse everyone of, including children whose throats they slit in Al Houla – that he was a Shabiha (ghost). In this case they also said that the man was a Lieutenant in the Syrian Army but who knows how much truth there is to it. These people are mercenaries, they are paid to kill and get bonuses for each person with a rank. They have not said a word of truth since their blood soaked campaign started.

Aside from being liars, these Wahabi fags are also useless shots. Obviously, being handed modern weapons and supplied with enough ammo to shoot from your rifle nonstop day or night doesn’t make you capable of aiming. With lake behind the man they executed in this video it is possible to see clearly how fucken useless a bunch of mercenaries they are. Democracy… LMFAO, yes, for sure that’s what you want.

Props to Best Gore member FleshyVirus for the video:

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81 thoughts on “FSA Mercenaries Execute a Man but Can’t Aim for Shit”

  1. Ah, nothing like a pleasant walk along the lake to set the mood for a murder. They obviously haven’t heard of ammo conservation. I think broad sides of barns are pretty safe where these Muslim piss holes live.

      1. @Jack Mehoff – True. I’m not an authority by any means, but judging by the cracking sound of the weapon and the similarity to the AK muzzle shown in the video, the POS doing the firing was using an AK-74. The 74 employs a smaller (and cheaper) round, compared to he AK-47. The 74 round (5.45 x 39) was designed to compete with the 5.56 x 45 (M-16/AR-15) round, which tumbles inside to the target, maximizing tissue destruction. The larger (and more expensive) round of the 47 would have blown large chunks out of the guy’s skull, instead of just passing through as shown in the video (one or two probably entered the skull and swiss-cheesed the brain).

        1. Guys. Sorry to shoot you all down.

          But it is IMPOSSIBLE to determine the firearm this guy was using.

          The properties of ANY bullet fired at a range of 5-10 metres is a moot point.

          Tumbling will not be an issue with an assault rifle. The bullets would simply have travelled through our hero.

          The recoil of either a 7.62 or 5.56 rifle will be pretty much uncontrollable whilst firing in full auto (whilst standing).

          1. @Trooper – @Trooper – Well the muzzle looked like an AK muzzle and with the way it is reporting, it sounds like it is on semi-auto. As far as range is concerned, I would be inclined to agree because we don’t know how far the shooter was from the subject and the guy with the camera may have his cam on zoom. Just for shits and giggles:
            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6ZSxmk_j-E | http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kiqQ4BcLTg – makes me want to go to the range now. 😀

  2. Look at this poor guy with his head bent. It’s dead man taking his last walk.

    It’s almost hilarious that you would film an execution like this and show the whole world how bad a shot you really are.

    Illiterate FSA fuck. How is this better than Assad. What the hell are we doing sticking our fingers in another wasp’s nest down there. We have enough trouble in the west as is.

    I feel sad tonight.

    1. @FV – I almost forgot this was a snuff vid. It had that Mexican soap opera feel to it almost. Just pleasantly shooting the shit until the final unbearable moment of having to watch a worthless fuck trying to shoot somebody at close range.

        1. @FV – Heh. May be a carry-over from looking at the naked pic of the day? I get a faint warm fuzzy when I’m here posting and replying as well. It feels like I am part of a community…a community of S.O.B.s.

  3. Do they even know what the word ‘aim’ means? Did no one ever look at the rifle and realize there are these really cool notches on the barrel that pretty much show you where your bullet is going to go? Then again these idiots are probably trying to aim from the hip, cause that ever works outside of movies….

    1. I think the guys just a straight up noob with a standard AK, even from an up close range he can’t hit shit. The AK has got a pretty bad recoil and if your new to the gun it will show in your shooting more than it would in an M4 for instance…and this guy sucks big time, it was probably his initiation as some said before or he just plain sucks. You’d think that if your country was at war you’d at least learn how to shoot a fucking gun properly

  4. He be sleeping with the fishes now – not that the fishes will be living long the amount of lead in that lake, a couple of days and all the fishes will be floating on the top.
    I must agree with FleshyVirus on this and say that this actually made me feel a little sad, the vision of that battered, beaten man taking his last walk was quite tough to watch (the fuck is wrong with me 0_0 ).
    Also, totally agree that we in the West should stop meddling in other peoples business, our own countries are fucked up enough, lets sort our own problems out first.

    1. @DeeDub- I think the west don’t want Russia and China left with any influence in the Middle East. After Syria things will move on to Iran. It’s a fucking sick game of chess and nobody gives a shit how many pawns are sacraficed. @FleshyVirus, thanks for the post.

  5. God Bless Assad!

    The only Man that can save him now is the man sitting in The Kremlin.

    We here… In Europe. Are in for some harder, scarier times ahead, should the last, great Secular leader of the Muddled east fall.

    Soon the idiot in the White House shall be kicked out and maybe some sanity can be returned to this sorry state of affairs (or maybe not).

    Hang in their Bashar!

    1. If that was the case I would throw the bell at the camera man and charge the shooter, the shooter kills the camera man and I would kill the shooter, then I would take the camera film my asshole for the FSA. Thats how I do shit, (in my mind at least).

  6. Hey, we’re on their side, you know. Our tax dollars pay for their guns and bullets. Obama and Hilary make sure to promote “regime change”, even though they have no fucking idea who will come after Assad. They just do whatever the Israelis and money Jews tell them to, or else Obama won’t get reelected. It’s that simple.

    I’m a Paul guy myself. I’ll take an old wrinkled guy over a cool black ‘kill team’ leader anytime.

  7. Knowing they shoot that terribly will make mine and Phatman’s terrorist killing campaign that much easier, and fun.
    I can see it now…
    HD Camera on a tripod, Group Banner in the background, Ski-masks, a few half-dead and tortured terrorists tied up n’ lined up, then …. …. Oh fuck I just came. We’ll make the cartels look like an El-Fannybandits club.
    Speaking of banners… Design concepts?

  8. I dont get how someone would just follow orders and wait for their death knowing that there is no escape from it. If i haven’t been shot and killed fighting during the kidnapping then i would be fighting until im shot after it cus if there is one thing that is guarenteed (spell check?) when you are kidnapped by terrorists or sicarios, YOU ARE DEAD.

  9. The guy took it like a man… And those assholes can’t aim properly from such a close distance? And I don’t know what about this video but when I heard the Allahu Snackbar I got really pissed of at these fuckers…. I heard it a million fucking times but this video pissed me off….

  10. I didn’t take the time to go through all the fuckong comments, there is just way to many. Anywho, these guys shot the FUCK outta that guy. What you all were seeing is the bullet jump clean thro the body and hit the water/mud behind him. There was a couple missed shots but all in all they WASTED that poor snackbarist. Such close range, even hitting bone the bullet would just zap thro him. At least with 7.62×39.

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