FSA Terrorists Shoot an Unarmed Civilian in the Back for Propaganda

FSA Terrorists Shoot an Unarmed Civilian in the Back for Propaganda

This video is an interesting update to the video of a man riddled by a thousand bullets from FSA rifles. Go back to that video and watch it again. Did you see it? The man they turned into a Swiss Cheese had his hands tied behind his back. This was all staged. It would also explain why they were shooting at the trees – it’s to create an impression of incoming fire. The man was likely a civilian who was either following different religion or was a Sunni who refused to join killing for pleasure and money the Fake Syrian Army has exhibited since March 2011 when their fraudulent revolution kicked in.

Because old FSA propaganda tactics were too easy to debunk as fake, the terrorists are now testing new tricks. The victim in previous video was kidnapped, possibly tortured, then the scene was set up in a movie set built by Al Jazeera (they’ve done it in Libya too), the man was kicked into the camera view which was a cue for dozens of Sunni terrorists with rifles at the ready. They threw the man with hands bound behind his back into the line of fire for a new line of propaganda videos.

Video you see in this post is a similar deal. Once again the victim is an unarmed civilian who had been kidnapped by the terrorists to be executed on video so they have a new propaganda piece. Al Jazeera did not build a fake street for this faction of FSA so they attempted to stage a scene themselves and settled with an allegation of an alleged Shabiha thug escaping.

It’s very convenient for the terrorists to label anyone they kidnap a Shabiha cause nobody has any means to know who the person really was and as I explained before, Shabiha means Ghost and is a name used by the terrorists to label anyone who does not join their genocide with. Children they massacred in Al Houla were also Shabiha.

So here you have an unarmed civilian kidnapped by the terrorists who call him a Shabiha and send him to walk forward so they can execute him in cold blood by shooting him in the back. Wow… you so brave, FSA! You shot an unarmed man in the back. Must have felt as exhilarating as slicing throats of children for not supporting you. Disgusting fucking Sunni pigs.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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43 thoughts on “FSA Terrorists Shoot an Unarmed Civilian in the Back for Propaganda”

  1. with all respect Mark; what do you mean tied behind is back, i cant see it. FSA is totally fuckt up, and hired by thugs, but this shit does not make any sense..??

    wooowoo what the fuck did just happend..??

    1. @Phatman you have been watching too many hollywood films. In real life, some bullet wounds don’t sometimes result in bleeding, and in some cases where bullets hit muscle, will not cause a single drop to leak out. Hollywood films gives you a false idea of how it should look, so when it happens for real people assume its fake

      1. Well sure, but I have been witness to someone getting blasted, and that was a pretty fast fountain, it all depends on where you are shot, and blood pressure and maybe even the medications a person takes. I’m not even sure what gave me that thought, I haven’t been myself lately and have been thinking some really dumb shit!

  2. on closer inspection, the guy in the first video does indeed seem to have his hands tied behind his back.
    this guy has 1 arm free so i guess he wasnt tied up, but non the less, executed by shots to the back.
    bunch of low lifes

  3. Wow, What can you say?? If sunnis or FSA wants to kill their own people. Why not support the them? Ive lost all respect with any muslims regardless where they live after the accidental burning of qurans books. Even after the apoligies of our soldiers and President, they continued to say that there is no peace and an unforgivable sin and started to shoot our soldiers. What a bunch of losers.We should stay out of it

  4. i would like to meets this alan snackbar!! fucking muslims, im not rascist or religious but this brand of ideology is tearing apart what our ancestors have put down before us, why do we continue to allow them to multiply and secure they’re rights to OUR land that they do not respect, Why must we allow them to diminish the law of OUR LAND’S because it doesn’t apply to THEY’RE way of life. It won’t be long this type of video is made in western Europe and the man doing the walk death will be a White European! We must wake up before it’s past the point of no return and a TOTAL CIVIL WAR is needed to return OUR lands back to there PEACEFUL state of IGNORANCE.

  5. I’m not sure what exactly these videos are supposed to inspire, terror, anger. Seems pretty cowardly to shoot a guy in the back like that I don’t care where you are from. Those people are pretty ass-backward if you ask me. That whole area is going to end up in the hands of the achy breaky ackbars.

  6. What’s to be appreciated here is the sound, like when you’re out shooting and put one into a fucken big roo or pig it makes that delicious fucken noise, same as you hear after the 4th shot in this vid.

    Too bad for the Arab, I s’pose, but he might’ve been a potential terrorist, so fuck him.

      1. No, ‘delicious’ isn’t the right word I s’pose. It’s ‘immensely enjoyable’ shooting some animals for fun. The sound I refer to is what tells of a hit. None sweeter to the hunter’s ear.

  7. They probably let this guy go, telling him he could go free. That’s why he was just walking, if someone with a gun told me I could go free, you would not see me for the smoke under my ass….zig zag guy, zig zag….hehehe ๐Ÿ™‚

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