Full Video of ISIS Overtaking Tabqa Airbase and Executing 250 Syrian Soldiers

Full Video of ISIS Overtaking Tabqa Airbase and Executing 250 Syrian Soldiers

We have been keeping you informed about the bloody overtake of Tabqa airbase by the Islamic State, and the subsequent execution of estimated 250 captured Syrian soldiers with videos as they were coming in. At first, it was the video of a column of half naked men marched through a desert barefoot and only in their underwear, then it was the video of the carnage after locals stumbled across the bloody aftermath of the execution, and then the video of the execution itself.

ShamToday now released a full video of the events as they unfolded, pictured through the eyes of the Islamic State. It contains footage of militants driving through conquered Tabqa airbase, footage of a large group of men held prisoners – some clearly wounded, or beaten, and the whole footage of the mass execution.

Quality of the video is shit for the most part, but it’s still a pretty authentic look at what ISIS stand for.

Props to Best Gore member Baby14 for the video:

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      1. I wish ISIS (ISIL, whatever the hell they are called today) would come to the hills of North Carolina. We’d show them some southern hospitality like they’ve never seen. They wouldn’t be first to disappear in those hills, if you know what I mean. Speaking, of course, from rumors I’ve heard…

    1. those are nothing but a bunch fucking cowards I like to have a least 10 minutes with one of those fucking pussies and see how toght they are.
      those fucking assholes the yave families and every fucking shit heat is going to paid I hope you and you family roteen in hell bunch fucking retardeds

      1. @rips.

        Hurrah!! A voice of reason!
        I’m avin none of this shit, SHAMTODAY!!! do they think we’re that fucking thick?

        ISIS bollock brains apparently robbed millions from banks but no fucker can get his hands on a decent camera! Fuck off!

        And as a quick pointer to those who think ISIS fuckin shmisis are real take a good look at the first guy to start shooting, his first 3 bullets go in the sand!!!

        Baddass jihadi? Don’t think so.

        We are being dragged to war again!
        If not via Syria, then Ukraine.

        The PEOPLE stopped an invasion last time, we will have to again, this can only happen if we let it.

        1. Evening @bobcat.
          That restless insignia ShamToday, means Syria Today, does it not !?.
          I’m with you there though, this whole thing is getting way beyond stupidity, it’s absolute bollacks from start to finish.

          1. @Stomper.
            Evening my friend, just having a rant, I might be ranting in my spare time?

            We’re going to see stazi type goons ( police) cracking down on dissent soon. Heard a few people in the AM being arrested on dubious charges, the PTB are in a precarious position. We stopped em before over chemical weapons being used by Assad. Fucking lie!

            This is getting deadly serious now. Ww3 is on the cards.

    1. it seems war zone, with heavy artillery and modern weapons, I doubt that the ei, covert actions will not be united states government, to give way to the damn IE, no video of clashes IE vs SAA ??? is rare

  1. Thanks for being the only place where we get the full reality version of what’s going on in the world. Also, major props to @Baby14, as I have noticed you are our greatest source for these recent videos!

    1. also, the third execution video of the Hostages by ISIS, will probably release on september 20 2014, to “celebrate” the 10 years anniversary of the Eugene Armstrong’s beheading… by Al-Qaida in Irak (IS now). maybe not, we’ll see !

    2. @rebelk.

      Take a good look at the first guy to start shooting, first 3 bullets go in the sand? He’s 3 feet away!

      This is propaganda, The U.S and the U.K want war, the bankers want it, the bomb makers definitely want it.

      All they need is to convince us that we need it. Fear is their weapon, fear of them coming here.

      Question everything.

    1. yeah, why were they videoing like that? It was making me a little headachy. they were making it difficult to make out what exactly I was looking at.I guess it was some kind of cool camera effects or something over there.

    1. They call it “nausheeds” because of course instrumental music will send us all to hell … As a former drummer in a black metal band I can only Hmph that nonsense away & keep it muted my own self –it’s not like we got Tom Arrya rockin I mean the mic there…

  2. The terrorists in this video weren’t Arab. I’m guessing they were Chechens. The Arabic they spoke (at around the 7:00 mark when they were addressing the soldiers) was broken and for the most part, unintelligible. The 10 year old screeching bitch at around 7:42 pissed me the fuck off. He was threatening to kill the soldier himself. He sounded like he couldn’t kill a cat.

    As for why these soldiers were killed like animals, it’s probably because they were threatened with beheading if they put up a fight. Probably figured that a gunshot to the head was a better way to die.

    1. Many of those guys laying there already looked dead. Never moved and in very uncomfortable positions. However I was hoping that they were going to shoot only the dead ones cause I had a theory… but I was wrong… they shot all of em.

      1. Something very wrong with this video. I’m pretty sure it’s a psyop. The bodies behind were ALL dead before the shooting. None of them moved the entire time, AT ALL. Plus, their feet and legs are raised off the ground without trembling, a la rigour mortis. This stinks and serves as another pointer to the fact that ISIS are a fabricated ‘enemy’.

        1. @rips.

          I see one move a foot, nobody else though, fucking hard to be motionless on your front, it’s the feet, unless you can turn your feet at 45 degrees your going to get uncomfortable.

          First 3 bullets though? If they were already dead you’d just blast em?

          Also in proper executions ( if there is such a thing) they walk a line, not fire like nutters then all retreat and fire a few more sporadic blasts?

          Fucking stinks!

    1. Got to love religious idiots, I wish they knew god is unconditional love nothing more nothing less. These idiots make it so complex for no reason, then they choose sides and kill each other. They’re no better then animals.

  3. I’m waiting for the video of these animals getting eradicated. They deserve to die slowly for their atrocities, have the nerve to humiliate these soldiers by marching them in their underwear. Parasites, the god forsaken music in their propaganda videos is like nails on a chalkboard…I can’t fucking stand it.

        1. people might listen to your words more if you stop calling them sheeple. not being mean to you. I am sure you have a lot of things that you know that others should know as well but you are so passionate about your opinions you have a tendency to get upset. however, when people see the word sheeple they tend to shut down and not care about the point you are trying to make. calling people who disagree with you sheeple isn’t going to get them to agree with you. someone explained something to me in a kind and patient manner and I began to see things their way. kindness works better than name calling

          1. @sticker.
            I think he’s talking about the wifully ignorant, the ones who do no research of their own and accept what the MSM tells them.

            Like a child hiding under the covers from the bogeyman.

            He’s not real.

            Nor is ISIS.

  4. Truely always wonder why someone doesn’t shout to everyone on the groud to try to over power them, surely they could of gotten atleast two rifles from assaulting the gunmen? It’s pretty clear after the first few shots that they’re all going to be slaughterd so why just lay there? Take action for fuck sakes

  5. Yes… I say again: God put hydrogen warheads on this planet for a reason… And you just witnessed it. Frigg’n melt the desert into a glass covered parking lot that stretches from Affganny to the Sudan…

    Animals…. One and frigg’n all.

      1. Wuddya know… Someone with a keen sense of history… I live damn close to the Island of Tinian… Just a stone’s throw away from where I am. This was the island the Enola Gay took off from and dropped the first nuke… A few days later, the Bocks car did the same. Nope.. Teller is not god, but he sure was a smart SOB. If god can use him to rid the world of murdering slime as seen above.. well… so be it.

        1. That’s interesting. So, you are in the pacific, where’s the nearest mainland country ? Japan ?, is your island autonomous or are you subjects of a nation ?
          And yes he was clever, maybe too clever for his and our own good, but, on the other hand…..

      1. Why don’t you join ISIS ?

        You think just like them ya know, they also think the west should be bombed back to the stone age.

        wow, similar mentalities, you’re no different than all these extremists πŸ˜€

        1. The difference is I see the use of vilence in this case as a way to END violence. These guys use violence to PERPETUATE it. That is the difference. Doubt it? See what these idiots have been doing to themselves for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. Violence is an accepted and supported part of their religion. Now they want to move on to India.. Europe… Yep, ALL IN THE NAME OF THEIR PERVERSE GOD.

          You’re wrong… Big time.

          ‘Peace through superior firepower’

          1. Exactly why a nations nuclear arsenal is so important, not to mention other weaponry which has been neglected by our silly government.
            The cold war was a cold war because the consequences of starting such a war, were too horrific to contemplate, hence the weapons did their job…. deterred both sides.

          2. oh, just like the british empire right ?

            Historically, Muslims ruled the world btw, check spain ; europeans used to go there to study college since midlevel europe was pretty much swimming in horse shit -literally-, yeah we also invented the guitar’s sixth string & discovered coffee -know mocha ? yep it’s an arab muslim discovery that was taken to europe..

            The “killing themselves for thousands of years” propaganda is only valid inside american southern churches where people read history books pooped by the arch bishop’s hole.

            between you and me, read what muslims invented & discovered throughout the ages & you’ll be surprised.

            The disaster is, when ignorant extremists like you & Mrs mass murder, start spitting ignorant shit, and the only history they read is christian/atheist propaganda.

            mmm lol “Peace through superior firepower” ? mmmm, i thought world war 1 was about that but it produced ww2, which people thought it was about that just to give birth to the cold war, now proxy wars, so yeah, you can flush that sentence through the nearest toilet.

            Peace only comes by purifying your soul from hate, and never generalize on any race. I’m a muslim, but I know there are dicks like you two out there, but also there are other non muslim good people that I would be proud to know.

          3. @stomper,

            one day, a mad person would come & he won’t fear that superpower.
            Just like hitler.
            So don’t count on it a lot.

            An atomic weapon = self destruction, it’s the most stupid weapon ever used.

            It’s our stupidity when we let ego control us that we think we have “enough power” to stop others..a mad man is a mad man mate, he won’t fear you.

            Remember vietnam? america literally used lots of WMDs including chemical weapons but that didn’t stop Vietnamese whom suppression turned them mad.

            There’s a level humans can reach when they say “fuck it all”, not even atomic weapons would scare them..

            Don’t let ego control you.

          4. @Arabic.
            They served their purpose for long enough. A mad man like Saddam ?, he got his hands on such weapons once didn’t he !?
            It is human nature to prey on the weak, another reason we need that deterrent. Superpower has nothing whatsoever to do with it either. Pakistan has nuclear weapons, as have india, not because they are superpowers, but, you know that hey ?

          5. @Arabic.

            You’d be surprised by how un surprised I am regarding old inventions and middle Eastern and Oriental technologies, which is getting away from the point, but that’s cool, I understand anyone who champions their ancestral achievements.

            I am a realist and unfortunately, what you state is unrealistic as history has proven time and time again.
            Of course peace is what the majority want, but, the human condition will not permit that to happen. This is another reason why the cold war did its job, no war, no bullets fired between the two main protagonists, which is a damned sight different to the current status quo.
            We could argue forever and there are drinks available that ain’t gunna sup themselves, so I bid you good evening.

          6. And all the other mass shootings @bobcat, do they become questionable too ?. I’m not sure why these morons would suddenly start pretending to mass murder. Who knows what goes on in their heads.

          7. @Stomper.
            No not all, but I say what I see, and I see a guy shooting in the ground from 3 feet???

            We’ve both seen real executions, don’t know about you but they make my heart pound! Not with excitement but horror, this does not, this is fake, contrived, edited.

            Oh and shit camera, as per.

          8. just some side note ; my comment about the islamic inventions was aimed at “rota” not you stomper, but the commenting style in bestgore is ..umm weird + I wrote that comment pretty early but it showed up just now ><

            The cold war included lots of proxy wars, and it did include casualties from both america & USSR -vietnam ; afghanistan-. To me, they did fight a world war and it did take millions of lives if the battles were combined, it's still going tbh..

            go have your whiskey I don't want to get in the way. It was a healthy discussion πŸ™‚

  6. Mmmm, not so many Arabs in this video -except for the might be soldiers who are captured-.

    There is a lot of “cursing” and accusations towards the soldiers to be “shia muslims”. Which of course means : they’ll be killed on spot.

    Especially the main two guys in this video -who look like the leaders- are so caucasian looking, talking arabic hardly..this is probably the mighty infamous branch of ISIS which holds caucasian, Afghani & foreign warriors -do better results than arabs ; even al nusra front & other jihadists fear them as far as I hear-.

    I wish I can find what language are they talking in at the beginning..it would solve lots of questions

  7. Something very wrong with this video. I?m pretty sure it?s a psyop. The bodies behind were ALL dead before the shooting. None of them moved the entire time, AT ALL. Plus, their feet and legs are raised off the ground without trembling, a la rigour mortis. This stinks and serves as another pointer to the fact that ISIS are a fabricated ?enemy?.

    1. You don’t think normally. If you had emotional intelligence and empathy, you would realize that this is how People REACT in such extreme situations. Those guys moved (slightly), even that’s too much under the circumstances. If they resist = they die in the most painful way (beheading). If they don’t resist, they die quickly and fast.

      But you can’t put yourself in the position of others. Poor guy, you are just lacking certain chemical activity in the brain. It’s not your fault, neither it can be fixed.

    1. He speaks fluent russian indeed, but he clearly has a caucasian accent. Just like the next speaker in white – he speaks fluent russian, but has stronger accent.
      It`s very common for chechens and other caucasians to speak russian, even if it`s an enemy language and even during the Chechen War. Because they all are from different tribes, villages(many of those have their own dialects), some are from Chechnya, Georgia, Ingushetia mercenaries from Afghanistan or other arab countries. Also some ginger-bearded white nazis from post Soviet countries like Ukraine, Belarus or even Russia.
      These caucasian(mostly chechen) mercenaries are leftovers from Chechen War, they got destroyed by Russian forces, thanks to Mr. Putin. The remaining pussies just ran to hide. They can`t fight against strong Russia anymore, so they chose a better opportunity to fight in small groups in Libya and Syria or wherever is more comfortable.

  8. im sorry but saddam hussein , gaddafi and assad (yeah i know the first 2 are deceased) these men were gods i that region,even saddam. it takes a strong brutal type of guy to lead these people and a strong dictatorship to contain the madness that is the middle east. can you imagine boris johnson ruling iraq or syria ?? think for a second. yep a whole second before you burst into laughter. you need a certain type of ruthlessness to govern the middle east not just any old pussy in a suit and look whats happened .. now we have that region in chaos and its all tony blairs and bush’s fault. for fuck sake gaddafi and saddam had no problem with us and were takiong care of things in the middle east,same with assad. those men were our friends in disguise and toppling them was a huge mistake.

  9. “Random coward american comment passing by”

    This is Holographic illusion produced by the best Illuminati Interdimensional Global Paradigm Shift Labs.

    It’s all in your head guys, IS is not real. Sleep better now


  10. it seems war zone, with heavy artillery and modern weapons, I doubt that the ei, covert actions will not be united states government, to give way to the damn IE, no video of clashes IE vs SAA ??? is rare

  11. damn you would think since they should know capture pretty much means death that they would agree to rush at there captors all at once and try to overtake them or make a run for it. i mean even if it didnt work at least they tried. itll make IS look stupid if their captors tried to overtake them. better than being marched through the desert and being executed.

    1. As I already stated above – the guy has a 100% caucasian(most probably chechen) accent.
      I`m pretty sure you aren`t a native russian speaker, which makes me wonder – why would you say something about you don`t know.

  12. O’bomber doesn’t have to resend 150,000 troops folks…

    He sends in another 1200 terrorists, to cut the heads off innocent civilians to spread fear, back to a nation of brain dead false flag patriots.

    …from there, he has created “Iron Man.”

    Meet the new boss,
    Same as the old boss!!

  13. Registered to make a comment on this vid, as it seems to be important, to me at least.

    The vid itself is a propagandist flick from a band of former, or perhaps present, “Caucasus Emirate” fighters ousted from Chechnya after the Chechen insurrection crushing and a subsequent Putin/Kadirov deal.

    Looks like the boys found themselves a new sweet home and some new playthings.

    Actually I didnt realise it before that they speak our language between themselves, who would have though. One would imagine an (one of) the infidels’ tongues would be abandoned in favor of one of the proper arabic/persian dialects in which their sacred literature is written. Perhaps there is no common language between factions in the Khalifate, except “the idea” that unites them and I guess we did some good to the beasts inadvertently…

    The significance of the vid, from a common Western viewer’s point at least, is that we have a glimpse into a truly ancient history here. When you are watching this you looking straight into the Dark Age early medieval circa 400-700 A.D. or Pre-Roman 1000-800 BC Mediterranean history.

    In oceans of chaotic violence states and empires attempted to be formed through sporadic organisation of warbands and introduction of various religious cults to form a semblance of organisation out of feral, superstitious humans. Much better than Hollywood’s midnless gore-xploitative 300esque flicks.

    The guy in the vid addresses his colleagues in various parts of wanna-be-Khalifate, telling how God has granted them victory and strength that day and how his providence allowed them to pass where they are that day and strengthened their aim and weakened their foes and how they are not afraid to die in the name of God and neither should their brethren, etc. Basically giving all the credit to the idea and ideal that is the basis of the religious quasi-state…

    Great example of how states of the present all originally formed more or less, only problem of these folks they are a thousand years late or so and occupied a territory in a world where free space ran out, so their asses expected to be torn asunder in the crosshairs of contemporary geopolitical wasps’ nest.

    Damn, I feel myself so privileged and already feeling more grateful for the accomplishments of my parents and the great things and education a got to enjoy and have access to in life compared to this and Syrian kids torn in the blasts. Guess we all, readers of this discussion should be.

  14. To give the dumb bastards some credit, it is admirable to have an ideal and fight to the last breath for it.

    Only your ideal should be firmly placed in the reality of life. And the present reality is that the ideal should be designed to contribute to the benefit of mankind, or at least some part of it, not trying to chew away from it.

    When you are gone, you will not be missed, or even remembered for long.

  15. This is what is going on. These guys have been drugged. You can see that some of them are moving, but barely. ISIS wants to show that combatants don’t resist their fate. Drugging the prisoners with some tasty Kool Aid, then lining them up like meat shows they are cowards who go to their deaths without a fight. You can see when the shooting starts that they are quite alive, as the brains explode and the nerves react. Only a drugged person would not get up and run for it.

    I hope when Assad catches these mofos, he brings back some medieval torments and videos it. Those medieval guys perfected how to kill slowly and terrifyingly.

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