Gang Punishes Man by Killing His Little Daughter

Gang Punishes Man by Killing His Little Daughter

Don’t look for any form of dignity among the gangs, I suppose. This man, father of a little girl started to meddle in business matters gangsters wanted to have full control over so to show him who the boss in town is, and to punish him for sticking his fingers in what’s to be none of his business, they executed the little one by two gunshots to the head.

It’s hard to find any lower low than this. I’d think that’s too low even for a gang but I’m probably just too soft to accept the harsh truth of the real world out there. Not only did this girl have precious nothing to do with the sins of her father, she was just a baby to begin with. If there is one thing after four years of running Best Gore to make me go “what the actual fucking fuck?“, it’s this right here. What the actual fucking fuck, seriously?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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114 thoughts on “Gang Punishes Man by Killing His Little Daughter”

    1. Humans…..hahaha
      What is human? Would this Sub Human Animals who murdered this little girl be anything above an animal, like a chimp who murdered and eat the infants of other chimps so the mother could come back in heat.

      No, These Pricks are below a chimp.

      1. Agreed. And its taking all the will and strength of the very few who do give a damn and have some form of compassion to carry the weight of the rest of our sick population. In certain circumstances, maybe genocide wouldn’t be such a bad idea…

  1. My eyes watered the moment I seen the photo. This little toddler knew nothing but innocence and paid the harsh price of her father’s mistakes. That’s really sad and pathetically low. If that was my child I’d be going and showing those mfs who the REAL boss was. As for the fucker who did it, I’d skin him alive with a cheese grater then toss him into a tub of lemon juice.

    1. @bidity i don’t mean to be picky but she’s a young baby (maybe 6 months?) she didn’t even get the chance to be a toddler (usually refers to a 2-3 yr old) I might make racial jokes but I feel bad for ANY murdered baby πŸ™

    2. @ biditity-you have it almost right. The “Ice Man”-a serial killer who wasn’t Italian so worked for hire for all Mafia’s; took a so-called-rapist, (though he probably did it), chained him to a tree, ans started by filleting long thin chunks of skin off the rapist then rubbing a mixture of salt/lemon juice into them-dangling each peice in front of the guy to see. I can’t remember everytbing, (it’s been awhile since I read his book), but he eventually cut his dick off, also dangling that in front of the guy telling him he wouldn’t need it anymore. He then unchained him-did I mention they were near the ocean? Hee hee. He placed a lifejacket on the still alive but out of it man, and took him out in a boat, and threw him over. He had the life vest so dude couldn’t mercifully drown-but the blood I’m sure in good time told the sharks where supper time was. They never found even a piece of the rapist. This guy also found caves with HUGE rat-like creatures, and trained them 1st by leaving raw butchers meat-which they consumed-then started leaving tied up, very much alive men outside the caves, and when he would return the next day even the bones were gone…so out of curiosity he started filming. As crazy and cruel as this mf was-he even admitted that he. Couldn’t stomach watching an entire video-but it would start with the curious ones, nibbling first at the ears and eyes, and then when they realized dinner couldn’t hurt them or run away, they went full force. Brutal. So I would say we go full Ice Man on the mf that killed this sweet, innocent, beautiful lil’ angel baby. RIP little mama-God will hold you and care for you until mommy and daddy get there to be with you-if daddy goes “up”-hope mommy does. I’m Catholic but if my only child died I can tell u right now that will be the end of it for me. I’d try to film it for ya, but I wouldn’t be able to upload it. Even if I wasn’t dead-I’m a techtard lol…have a great Sunday all!

  2. Anyone on this site who is a parent will feel this more so than someone who doesn’t or even more than a teenager who thinks its cool to look at dead baby pics. I’m serious, when you become a father, there is something that switches on, you didn’t even know existed, and you have a whole range of new feelings and emotions about things like this, you probably wouldn’t have cared about before. To see this is very upsetting, The people responsible… Well I don’t think there are words in the English dictionary that could ever come close to describing them, because you just can’t. Calling them pure, evil, cuntish, degenerate, low life, worthless scum would be nothing more than a compliment compared to what they really are. I just hope the father or those who know where to find them completely destroy each and every one of them very slowly, very painfully and make their death last over a month of pure agony before their body finally cant take anymore.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more!! I used to look at dead childred and it never bothered me. The day my daughter was born, something clicked inside me. Now when I see children hurt or dead, I think of my daughter. WTF would I do if that were her!!

    2. As a brand new father, I agree 10,000% archamedes. My little girl changed everything about how I view my life and the world around me. You hit the nail perfectly with what you said regarding your emotions and feelings you never knew existed…May this little angel rest in peace πŸ™

  3. don’t get me wrong we have all seen some horrible things on this site and i felt alright with it but this is the 1st time since i have been with best gore that a story have made me cry
    this poor little princess she was so cute in her little dress done nothing wrong
    wtf is this world coming to those people are sick and they all need to die
    this story as really broken my heart


    1. If I only had 1 child and he died, then I would not want to live, as it is I have 3 sons and if something happened to 1 of them I would definitely need sedating, but I would have to be strong for my other kids, eventually.

      1. My parents had 3 children: 2 boys & 1 girl. My sister died at 9 months old (Blood clot in brain) My brother passed away 3/24/06 (Brain tumors) and I am the only 1 left (the youngest). They get so nervous everytime I have surgery. I couldn’t imagine being them πŸ™

        1. wow, stubby, πŸ™ my sympathies to your folks for their loss, and to you as well. πŸ™ I had 8 brothers and sisters (1 has recently passed away) and could not even imagine being an only child, although growing up I often wished I was… πŸ˜‰ I freak out over my kids having surgery, too…I think it is a parent thing, although their anguish is surely tripled for you being the last. So sorry, hun. πŸ™

    1. aww Mouse all his friends will be there (maybe family too!) he won’t be lonely, maybe God will send him to heaven to really stick it up him! When god created man, she was only joking!

  4. You would have to be a real Scumbag to do such a thing, I know that gang members have No heart but to do this and walk away like you just shot another gang member is just sick I’m all for them offing each other for control of the drugs but to harm a little child is just being a pussy….In the other hand there’s a lesson to be learn: Don’t fuck with people that can easily reach you and end your life or that of your loved ones in this case your kid….may they all burn in hell for what they did along with this poor babie’s father….Fucking faggot got your own seed killed… probably for a few extra dollars…..of fast money….

    1. I also thought at least they did it quickly. πŸ™ from what I have seen thus far on this site, that poor baby could have been made to suffer. πŸ™
      On that note, how horrible is it to be glad they didn’t torture her first? That they killed her is bad enough, but at least she didn’t suffer. πŸ™ poor little baby….

      1. Yeah. I think it’s sad that there are many ways we could think of this little girl as being lucky. When you look at the things people do to each other, a double tap to the head is at least quick. These people are sick enough that it would have been easy for them to make her suffer terribly just for kicks.

  5. It’s kinda like the old saying, Is there really any honor among thieves? Now like Mouse said, a few post up, there are those that shall we say, who are of the criminal world, that are known for their rules and codes, and most which may include family and especially the elderly and children, off limits (not woman as much, as they like to rape them to much) But the cold hard facts of life remain, that when you have no morals, no respect, no conscience, and murder, theft, crime , etc., is a way of life, then this was just business, and I grant you very effective at that.

    Now as to what are my personal thoughts on this? Well I’m a father, I have morals (a few anyway) I have a conscience ( remember that little cricket with the top hat?) I do have respect, for those who earn it, and I do have a heart, and Yes, even after seeing all this on best.gore, I also still have natural affections and feelings, and a heart. So, I would have absolutely no mercy whatsoever on this murdering coward, and without even blinking an eye, I would blast him repeatedly with a shotgun, and tell God he died of the chickenpox’s !

  6. No child should die like this, but it happens every day . we are just shielded by our government and media about these things. Thanks to bestgore exposing these things. myb if more people knew what was going on round them more could be done. RIP little girl.

  7. and i thought my country is fucked up.. at least we don’t have gangster pussies like this who takes on, for Christ sake’s, a baby!!?? with a gun?? that is the lowest low..dirt low.. i bet you those gangsters would not even fight a 10 year old boy without the whole gang around and armed with fully automatic riffles.. Fucking coward Bastards!!!!

    1. I have heard of this happening with an American gang, a man from one side was holding his 2yr old girl and an
      ‘enemy’ from another gang shot him (supposedly not seeing the kid, didn’t care anyway) in a drive-by. This was years ago though.

      1. @tiger- more recently, here in the USA, I read a story about a young girl (not an infant, but young) getting caught in gang crossfire while she was at a block party. She is still in a coma. I have seen a video of a man dropping an infant in a car seat in the middle of a busy highway to distract the police who were chasing him. Mothers who throw their babies away, or beat them or drown them…”humanity” is anything but, all over the world. πŸ™

  8. If there is one thing that saddens me, it’s seeing dead babies/children. However, this is not surprising at all. These gangs in Mexico/Brazil or wherever this was, are totally devoid of any conscience. Given the nature of what her father was involved in and the fact that merciless gangs like this are rife, then chances are that she wasn’t going to be growing up in a safe, normal and loving environment that most of us have had. Poor bairn’s life ended before it even began.

  9. It is truly a horrible act and I get no joy from the pic, but I am glad to know i can look upon it with eyes willing to see the true nature of man. If this kind of behavior was not in our nature then it would not be running rampant all over the world like it is. We would not as a species be having to work so hard to change if it was not ingrained in us from birth. From what I have seen people are polarized into two main groups, wolves and sheep. These are not the only groups but they are the two largest and until the third group grows in numbers enough to challenge the top two then nothing will change. The third group is us, people willing to see the reality of the world around us and not cower in fear or take advantage of those too weak willed to stand up for themselves. How scary is that? The way i see it, as messed up as we are I believe we could be the ones to represent the balance. But then again I’m nuts.

  10. It’s sad to see this breaks my heart that people can do this. But can’t do anything if they’re antisocial. After all most gang members are antisocial. From where I am from, yeah I am exposed to them every single day. I wouldn’t even wanna touch them even if I had to clean up their wounds LOL.

    As much as I don’t belief in the afterlife, at least right now probably she’s in a better place and won’t grow up either knowing her parents got killed in a gang fight or even being a gang wife herself.

  11. don’t give me a bull shit speech on my comment, i don’t care this is fucked up, all i see is my niece lying on the floor with this picture. and like how could you really have the mindset of doing things like that? seriously? a child just a baby your gonna kill her. this world is a damned planet

    1. you would think that would happen but people are stupid they just do it get off then its over they are not eliquent with their actions. There is so much more to it than the murder itself. to cause suffering is a symbol, a representation of the dark side of the mind. i dispise mankind and laugh at their cries. i want all of you off my planet

    2. That way the man could at least catch a glimpse of his daughter. Killing his wife probably wouldn’t have done much, honestly. Gang related murders don’t normally involve marriage. They’re just STD infected bastards who sleep around and sell drugs.

      By the looks of this, the girl was in his custody, thus making it easy for the goons to snatch her up, shoot her twice, and leave her where he could find her easily.

      The world’s only going to get worse. There’s no hope for man kind; if there was any to begin with.

  12. I’d love to say Karma will come around to these sick fucks, but really it only seems like the good people are the ones that suffer (not saying the guy whose daughter was killed was any good, I’m just stating in general). It makes me hate our planet that all the bastards get the gold, and the rest of the people who actually love and care are the dying breed.

  13. Something similar happened to my daughter. Not gun shot wounds, but her cunt of a mother was dating an abusive drug attic and I had very little rights over the girl because I was in jail when she was born. To make a long story short, the prick beat the shit out of her for a bit. He broke three of her ribs, both her legs and ruptured her right lung. Bad thing is, she was killed three days after her first birthday.

        1. I know exactly who he is. He’s my ex girlfriend’s boyfriend. The woman that allowed that man into the slightest distance of her. So, I blame her. My daughter’s name was Rosalinde Joyce Richmond. I know, I’m only twenty, or I will be on the first of April, but that was my princess. Never; have I been through such pain.

  14. Humans are so pathetic. Killing a little child, who hasn’t even experienced life, nor done anything to deserve what happened to her.

    And people wonder why I hate most everyone, because of shit like this. Most of the time I feel as if we should just go extinct. This shit will never end.

    1. Most of the reason pricks kill children is because they don’t have the balls to hurt anyone who could defend themselves.

      Another reason these Gang Members killed her, is because any parent knows the pain of losing a child, so they know to hit him where it hurts, rather than causing the man temporary physical pain or death.

      Bottom line, that father is going to live with the guilt of his daughter being slaughtered because of his stupid decisions.

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