Gang Related Execution by PCC in Brazil

Gang Related Execution by PCC in Brazil

Gang Related Execution by PCC in Brazil

In a gang-related execution that took place somewhere in Brazil, a man kneeling in front of two gunmen with guns pointed at him seems to act cool in hope that it would earn him some sympathy with the gangsters by giving them two thumbs up. It didn’t.

Best Gore member @pedro-hawk provided the translation of the dialogue in the video:

– Do you recognize that you put PCC’s ideology on your status?
– I posted it, I posted it.
– Did you post it? Do you recognize it?
– Yes!
– So you’re now a declared enemy.

– It´s the PGC here… IT’S PGC, damn!

PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital) is, as we know, the largest drug trafficking gang in Brazil.

Thanks a lot for the video and translation, @pedro-hawk. Porra:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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139 thoughts on “Gang Related Execution by PCC in Brazil”

  1. Do ye think that once this covid pish is done & dusted the whole world will just embrace different cultures races even cartel scumbags terrorists etc nah me neither
    Mind you i just watched independance day so that might explain my thoughts lol

      1. That would have been hilarious. What a fucking stupid movie though. Even at the time it seemed ridiculous.

        This is just what happens when you get fired and your job/occupation is gang member. No severance pay, no continuation of health coverage, no leave payout, no cashing out your retirement. The only perk of the occupation seems to be staying alive and not having to work very hard, except for when you have to chop up bodies, dig graves, and destroy evidence. Oh, and run from the cops and other gang members. And then there’s the irregular hours you often work..

          1. What’s funny is that some of these guys are really fucking smart. Too many of them think they’re smarter than they actually are though and get careless and a bit too bold. They tell too many bullshit stories to the wrong people. Or ego takes over at some point and they start flashing the cash and lifestyle on social media and making haters. The wise ones keep a low profile and don’t advertise or flaunt. An attorney might also tell you that the prisons are full of people who didn’t know how to keep their mouths shut.

        1. Alien are hoax for the record they’re nothing more than a fictional invention from the bolsheviks who tried to cause fear & panic upon American People as they used hot balloon flying saucer they would stuff a mixed of pig remain and other animals inside and make it appear like a hideous creature giving the impression of a unknown alien creature. The CIA has ever since conducted they’re own operation/experiments in order to mislead people and push fake conspiracy theories in order to make the impression for NPC sheeple that conspiracy theorist are just crazy & stupid. Alex Jones who is biggest Fakest conspiracy theorists & None American Patriot has been pushing the alien hoax since the beginning of his radio broadcast and the hoax of lizard people. One of the most successful experiment was the broadcasting of the war of the worlds demonstrating how powerfully affective media is upon masses with hoax’s .

    1. fuckedupjock…

      I make my own Independence Day, by not giving in to the fear mongering of the media. My biggest concern as of now, is not brushing my teeth with battery acid.

      …or receivng a vaccine to fix a problem that never existed

      1. Most of those images you see of coffins lined up in airplane hangars are just movie stills. MSM has been caught red handed using them, but the fucking lying cunts won’t be held to account, as per usual.

      2. My biggest aggravation now was the two 30 something bitches behind me at the store just now loudly chewing bubblegum and making popping sounds., and of course the line was 6 people deep and not moving.
        I tried to wonder what their blowjobs would sound like, but they were too hateful.
        And get this, they were both lugging a 12 pack of Corona. Fucking cunts!

          1. You want the best beer you’ve ever had? Try Coopers sparkling ale. It gets exported to the U.S. and Canada. Great way to spend your $1200 🙂

        1. I know from first hand that most American beer tastes like dishwater, but corona? All those food miles just for more dishwater, but this time made with Mexican “water”, And in a clear bottle no less!?!

          Go figure some people


          1. Corona tastes like skunkwater, especially when it’s not ice cold. Haven’t drank one in at least over ten years I’d guess. And yea, clear bottle, that’s stupid! The beer ages much faster if the light isn’t blocked out. I never understood the appeal of a beer that requires a lime to be properly enjoyed. Though I do like my Dos Equis Amber ice cold in a tall glass with a slice of lime, but it doesn’t need to be drank that way. And from time to time I have partaken in the Negra Modelo Dark. I feel like anytime I drink a Mexican beer I’m taking a gamble, but I guess I do that with other things everyday anyways. The billion “microbrew” American pale ales are such a shit show as well. Overpriced and they all taste the same. “Hey lets throw a shit ton of hops in here and give it some hipster name and sell it for three times the normal price.”

    2. how they say PGC together reminded me a bit off the power rangers when they bout to transform but more poorer and a bit more violence, but also shitty

      lol do they act tough, when they shout together like in 300 or shit like that


    1. this is ghetto people dialect , its ugly everywhere. But at least there are some beautiful portuguese accents in some parts of Brazil. European portuguese sounds awful, its one of the ugliest sounding european languages.

        1. Jonny, you may have saved my life. If I end up needing one I’ll have to tell the doctor not to let anyone cut off their penis and stick it in my ventilator. Especially anyone named Jonny. They’ll think I’m hallucinating and going into shock and I’ll get one right away.

          1. HaHa .. isn’t that a song from that annoying Tom Cruise movie … ?

            “Mav, you can be my fried chicken wing anytime …”
            “Bullshit … you can be mine .. “

  2. My friends in Brasil are saying that the gangs in the favelas are using this covid bs to terrorise the people even more and they got them proper locked down.
    Nearly every gang on earth is a front for political parties.

    Take back your towns and cities !!!

    1. Good advice indeed…

      We have gangs here in the Unites States. They’re called congress and the corporate media. However, I agree with them, in regards to using bleach to disinfect…

      My radio smells like the emergency room at my local hospital now.

          1. It is pretty fucking sad they have to lie in order to keep their jobs. If they don’t keep preaching these false narratives they end up out on their ass. And then the only job opportunity they have is a network with a different narrative to pitch. Presstitutes is an ample name. Look at the Russian whore Rick Sanchez. Or that slut from Fox Jews that went to MSNBC. Or the other slut that went from CNBC to CNN. Or the other whore who went from CNBC to Fox Jews. It’s hilarious how these media whores operate.

        1. I heard it started with him unfriending the cartel leader on Facebook (which led to a war of words on Instagram) two thumbs up on SnapChat and banned from TickTok

          according to Google translate he is saying I friend you on Facebook and give you two thumbs up, he was having none of it

  3. Will the cartels go digital with everyone else when the ‘monetary’ (slave) system all transfers to online ? Will they move from stacks of cash to raiding online/digital bank accounts/currency ? Cutting RFID chips from wealthy people literally by sawing their hand or wrist off ?

    1. Found this interesting on Google…

      (quantitative easing)

      Is quantitative easing printing money?

      Quantitative easing has been nicknamed “printing money” by some members of the media, central bankers, and financial analysts. … With QE, the newly created money is usually used to buy financial assets other than government bonds.


      Didn’t answer the question…

      Unless one thinks that “nicknaming the truth,” is a valid argument.

      1. The monetary system we partake in is an absolute mess, a complete and utter shambles. Its so flawed and criminal its gone beyond ludicrous now, there is no salvation whatsoever, as people begin to realise this via the 100th monkey effect we will see a new consciousness rise in humanity and either a revolution or a slow slide in to the same kind of debt based system but this will hide under new terms and phrases in a digital world.

        1. Unfortunately it’s not just the monetary system. Everything around us is crumbling because the entire system is built on a mountain of bullshit. Our legal system, our monetary system, our government, our hospitals, the markets, corporate power structures, the education system, the media, even the internet itself is built on us and businesses bullshitting each other with lies, false promises and clickbait for ad revenue.

        2. You think the cash system is a mess you haven’t seen anything yet ! If we dare allow these globalist crooks to have their way with a cashless society we will be in a bigger and utter shambles than you can even begin to imagine ! Let me give you a couple very probable scenarios. #1 The globalist have 100% control of you and EVERYTHING you do, they will know the moment you walk into a store if you even have money in your “digital account”, if you don’t think that’s a problem I’ll let it soak into your brain for awhile….. #2 OPPPPPS- All systems are down due to a virus in the system, hackers, power outages, Etc, Etc and now you need to fix your vehicle, purchase food, prescriptions, Etc but now you have to wait for possibly days until it’s fixed. I was on food stamps back in the 90’s and will never forget the several times the EBT system was down, nobody receiving food stamps could buy food for days at a time, the EBT debit card was useless. #3 new and horrific crimes, criminals digging chips out of victims and using them for their own personal use (just a thought). #4 I read an article of a scientist in Florida who sold the patent to the US government, it’s a frightening little invention , it’s a very tiny bit of very fatal poison that fits into these rfid chips, if anyone is deemed a violent criminal by the totalitarian state they will be able to break the rfid cap via GPS and basically kill whoever they want on the spot ! This is real shit dude , I’m not making this up on the cuff. Bottom line is if I can give you 4 examples right now just think of the shit these globalist bastards dream up day after day ! You are nothing more than sheep to the slaughter if you think going cashless is the answer.

    the Antifa are starting to ask for unity! and to put differences behind us!

    TOO LITTLE TOO LATE YOU marxist cunts!

    try to overthrow my country will you?? THUMBS UP DEPLORABLES. lock and load

    the cops already getting sick and its Blue Flu time!

    national consortium of Nativist militias.
    national tax boycott revolt
    American Liberation Army


    1. Amerika is the country that finished what Hitler & the NAZI’s started.
      What Hitler did with bullets, they have done with ‘financial deregulation law’.
      Even Nixon’s Private Health Fund policy was only enacted after his guys had
      proved to him that it would be:

      “More money coming in for the rich, with less
      care being provided to the poor/working people”.

      Yep – it’s recorded on tape, (Nixon taped everything) and you can listen to it on the internet.

      They have turned paradise into a living hell for the poor and working
      people, all via way of continual assaults on the savings of Moms and
      Dads (like this current one) to once again leave them with nothing,
      while every CEO will still get his 20-100M bonus (wait n see).

      When the poor working class get injured/sick, they cannot afford to
      miss a day’s work, yet not resting either makes them sicker, or takes
      longer for their body to heal – so they are stuck!

      While the President plays another round of golf with his CEO mates!

      Amerika : “Give us your sick, and your poor … And we will keep them
      sick and poor …”

      1. doesn’t seem to deter the miserable, hated fucks. Why some greasy, jabbering gook or wog has a dream to come to my country can only be explained perhaps..that they believe the hype of Jew Hollywood about this place. saw some films ? LOL sucka!

        A rich man here isn’t really secure at all. There’s as much economic envy here as there is in ANY so-called “third” world country. and we have our favelas. and even more guns than those mongrels.. America is no place to get sick.. But most people I know never get sick.

        You keep mentioning Trump. like everybody else. but he’s just a reality star buffoon the Deplorables put there to piss everyone off and make trouble. Mission accomplished!

        If they remove him, then Carrot Top or Pauly Shore is next..

        Already Chinese here are huddling in their ghettos. Their green cards won’t save them, and the cops are starting to call in sick “Blue Flu” Man! to be so exposed with that accent, so readily identifiable. Like me walking the streets in southern java, no thanks!

        Where I live its still segregated, still plenty of wildlife, nothing but trees, but no jobs. Teenagers only have meth and their smartphones. I dont think they get laid. no wonder they practice shooting each other for kicks.

        Nixon and Trump. wtf are you on about? the country has ALWAYS been rednecks and hillbillies? what do you expect? it was NEVER a paradise. it was just the only place that didn’t have battlefields last century. It’s MY country though. And its about to be purged, go Covid! best thing that could EVER happen! and then we go insolvent in two years. Good times right around the corner. just make sure you know how to load your own ammo, pilgrim. Welcome to the United States. and God Bless EuroAmerica!


    Tonight I want to give all flu to you
    In the dark ward
    And there’s no paper for poo

    And tonight I want to hide beneath my sheet
    Cause girl, I was made for flu
    And girl, I’m afraid to pee

    I was made for glove & flu baby
    You were made for glovin’ me

    And I can’t get my Irish stew baby
    Can you get some cans of peas?

    Tonight I see bloodshot in your eyes
    Corona magic
    Only kills adults not childs

    And tonight there is fuck all left to do
    Cause girl, I was made for flu
    And girl, I’m afraid to pee

    I was made .. for glove & flu baby ..

  6. WHORE OF THE WORLDS read by richard (red eyes) burton

    “No-one would have believed, in the 20th year of the new century, that human affairs were being watched from the timeless worlds of the Illuminati. No-one could have dreamed that we were being scrutinized, as someone with a microscope studies creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. Few men even considered the possibility of man made bioweapon disease. And yet, across the gulf of space, Illuminati with bank accounts immeasurably superior to ours regarded this earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely, they drew their plans against us…”

    Cue impactfu music:

    Doo doo doo (doo doo doo, doo doo doo)
    Doo doo doo (doo doo doo, doo doo doo)
    Doo dweeby doo doo
    Dooby doo dah doo
    (you know how it fucken goes …)

  7. THE GAMBLER by bad jonny

    On a warm Spanish eve
    On a train bound for hospital

    I met up with some rambler
    We were both too fuck’d to sleep

    So we took turns a-starin’
    Out the window of that dark ward

    Then Corona overtook us,
    I Never felt so weak

    He said, “Son, I’ve fuck’d your wife
    And stole people’s face-masks
    Knowin’ what disease they had
    By the redness in their eyes

    So if you don’t mind me sayin’
    I can see you’re out of face-masks
    For a taste of anti-biotics
    I’ll give you some fried rice

    So I handed him my bottle
    And that drunk began to wallow
    Then the cunt bummed a cigarette
    And even asked me for a light

    And the ward got deathly quiet
    And his face-mask’d all expression
    He said, “I’m so glad you came boy
    You gotta learn to gay it right ..”

    You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
    Know when to fold ’em
    Know when to walk away
    From blacks with a gun

    You never count your stimulus package
    When you’re shittin’ on the table
    Shit pile like a mountain
    When the shittings done

    Every patient knows
    That the secret to survivin’
    Is knowin’ what virus to throw away
    And knowin’ what to keep

    Cause Trump is still a grinner
    But he talks just like a loser
    And the best our ward can hope for is to die
    in our sleep

    And when he finished squeakin’
    He turned back toward the window
    Crushed out his feed tube
    Life support started to beep

    And somewhere in the darkness
    That fucker he broke even
    So I gave him the bird, and
    Found a face-mask I could keep

    You’ve got to know when to hold ’em …

      1. Well .. I wrote a manuscript for a ‘Kerouac’ style novel once, I called “Blue Days Black NIghts” but it got rejected.
        I even wrote a Kid’s book manuscript; “The Awesome Adventure of FruitFly Jones” but .. that got rejected too.
        Fuck the publishing companies! They are Moslem Satanists!

  8. Wow ! that was clearly the best soundbite ye get to hear before the killers decided to return to their lair.
    Talking of which the ploy in garnering sympathy by showing both his thumbs up in his case meant death which came with the disapproval, and nonacceptance.And God knows which frigging unbeknownst platform he went posting his ideology on to ? where the auto edit function might not be existing anymore; his life got logged out thence as he was mightily confused whether it was PCC or PGC as being his last password .

  9. @hopingfornemesis

    Hey Nem, notice that Prince Charlie is ‘in the clear’ already ?
    Gee, that was quick*
    And .. notice how it was ‘poor old Charlie’ who got the virus, not his
    pre-teen fucking brother, Randy Andy (who would have got no sympathy,
    AND get his face back in the papers).
    All this has been very convenient to ‘wash away’ the sins of Queen Liz’
    favorite Son, yes?

  10. Unfortunately they bumped him off before he had the chance to Wish everyone a PINCH & A PUNCH FOR THE FIRST OF THE MONTH MOTHERFUCKERS! He’d no doubt see the funny side of it. Happy April Fool’s All B.G Members!

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