Girl Gang Raped for 5 Hours and Executed by Security Forces in Nepal

Military Personnel from Nepal Got to Play with Those Tits for 5 Hours Before Executing the Girl

Nepal is going through a bit of a civil war situation. On one hand you have the Maoists aka the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) who are rebels with long sheet of human rights abuses, who have grown increasingly violent since the breakdown of a cease-fire on August 27, 2003.

And on the other hand you have the Nepalese security forces who go around raping and executing random people and then simply declare them Maoists and that seemingly excuses their actions no matter how heinous. As a result, Nepal has some of the highest rates of extra-judicial killings and disappearances in the world. People are here one day but then suddenly and without notice or explanation disappear and are never seen or heard from again.

While this wasn’t quite the case for the girl in these pictures, her demise was no less disturbing:

18 year old Reena Rasaili lived with her father, 53 year old Karna Bahadur Rasaili in the Pokahari Chauri-4 village, Kavre District, Nepal. At around midnight on February 12, 2004 about 10 plain clothes Nepalese security personnel came knocking on their door. The security personnel received an intel that Reena Rasaili’s brother and son of Karna Bahadur Rasaili joined the Maoists (Communist Party of Nepal).

The military knocked on the door and said they were friends of Comrade Deepak. Suspecting something rotten, nobody answered the door so the military broke in by force. They found Reena Rasaili who was in her teens at the time in her room and dragged her into the adjacent cow shed, ordering everyone not to enter.

37 year old Ms. Devi Sunuwar, Reena Rasaili’s aunt said the gang rape went on for at least 5 hours. The girl did not talk, but cried the whole time. Just before dawn, the security personnel dragged Reena Rasaili out of the cattle shed and into the brush about 100 meters from the house where they executed her with gun fire.

Nobody dared to go check on her for fear of getting executed themselves and instead waited until the security forces left to look for the body. They found Reena Rasaili with a gunshot wound to her head, her breast and her eye. Her torso and pubic areas were scratched and bruised.

Props to shivanshuk for the lead:

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95 thoughts on “Girl Gang Raped for 5 Hours and Executed by Security Forces in Nepal”

    1. If you look there is also a long mark down her abdomen too, I assume it’s bruising from whatever she was restrained with which would’ve been tighter around her chest.

      Sickening btw. I usually don’t click anything with rape/children/animals, but I clicked because the backstory is something new to me. On which note I just want to be they xyzth person to praise this site, other sites sensationally post videos but make absolutely no effort to frame them in context. Here you always get backstory or at the very least some kind of idea what you’re seeing. This is the main reason I only check this site now.

    1. Agreed, At least she’s been spared the shame and pain of having to live with the fact that she got gang-raped for hours on end for the rest of her life. Dunno about you guys but she’s been granted a mercy compared to what she’s was still gonna have to be going through after this fiasco.

        1. after taking a look at the above avatar (and many others) we can start a legal debate about if tit-raping should be considered statutory rape, or the judges should come out with a new “judge-made-law” to give it a more lenient treatment…oh well, that would only be a question in the only real common-law legal system still alive and wankin’, Oingloind, aka Trooperland

        2. Do you have a daughter? Would you be saying that if that girl was your daughter?
          You would want your daughter to live? This girl may not be your daughter but she’s belongs to a father.If that girl were to be my little girl, I would hunt those dogs down and cut off their balls and dick and feed it to my dogs.

    2. I am going to have to disagree with you fellas.

      People get Raped every day. They may not ever get over it but they can at least carry on with life.

      If we were all to simply throw in the towel after a bad experience… Their would be none of us left.

      If anything bad ever happens to me. I try to put it out of my mind and just crack on!

      1. I agree Trooper. Rape is a terrible thing as it isn’t just a physical assault – it’s also a mental one, but it’s also something many women and men survive and move on from. They don’t all commit suicide or live their lives in seclusion. I think it does a disservice to rape victims to say their life is over because someone sexually violated them. Perhaps that is where the attitude of shaming victims comes from?

        1. Alpha whatever the fuck your name is, don’t speak for “many woman.” There is a HUGE difference between rape fantasy and actual RAPE! Safe, sane and consensual is a far cry from bruised and broken bodies with bleeding tears in your body!! There are “many women” on these boards, I’ll bet not ONE of us wants to be RAPED!!

      2. Elle.

        You put a very interesting point on it… Many rape victims do decide to take the easy way out. It is a shame. But it is not the solution.

        The trouble is. Sexual assault is a taboo topic. It will probably always be taboo. So their is no outlet for people’s ‘feelings’ on the matter.

        And the general public are generally not equipped to deal with the emotional fallout of victims of sexual assault.


        Tis true. I have known women who intentionally go out wearing the most provocative skirts, walk home in the worst parts of town… They later post on websites that their intention was to get raped.

        Very peculiar people.

        Rape role play is especially exciting though. I would recommend it too any couple.


        Lonely woman is lying in bed watching telly/ reading… I sneak into the house and flip the fuse box… Knocking out all the electronics.

        Woman puzzles… Her puzzlement is soon turned into fear as the sound of footsteps walking up the creaky staircase.

        She hides under the covers. Wishing it a dream.

        The door lightly swings open… A mild groan given out of the rusty hinges.

        A figure clad in black breathes heavily over the fear- paralysed woman… She whispers… “Who… Are… You?”.

        The assailant spring into action. As quick as a flash he is on her!

        His stinking breath filling her sinuses… She struggles but he is simply too heavy.. She screams!

        But her screams go unanswered. And only seem to stiffen his resolve.

        He brutally rips off her little red thong. And plunges his manhood deep into her sex.

        Her screams reach an ever higher crescendo. Until his grunts become stronger…….

        1. The girls who wear provocative skirts to try to get raped have daddy issues. Despite this, it doesn’t justify raping anyone. The “she was asking for it by wearing slutty clothes” argument is never justified, no matter how much of a slag she is…

    1. well…..nepal is not …worst country to visit….shit happens in every part of the world…..yes nepal is going through rough time…in these past few years…now the things are normal…….and in other hand never heard of this story…………and one more thing ……reading the story…..looks like it happned in a rural area……where people will defend there women with their life……those officials would have been killed in the spot….

  1. well i think the body was turned face up before taking the pic as she was on her belly when she died n till discovered, the bobby and the belly seems white compared to her cleavage. it may also from assaults during the rape because of blood clots in the area.

  2. It is heartbreaking to think that we share this planet with so many people that appear to have lost their compassion and empathy for others. But why? Where have we gone wrong??? I just can’t wrap my mind around just how heartless and cruel people can be to one another!!!

  3. Soldier of Fortune Magazine’s top 10 countries in the world to visit:

    1. Mexico, Brazil, and Syria
    2. Somalia, Nigeria, Kenya, Libya, Algeria, Zimbabwe, and Sudan
    3. Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and Pakistan
    4. Israel and Lebanon
    5. Haiti
    6. Indonesia
    7. Colombia
    8. India
    9. South Africa
    10. Everywhere Else – Maybe Nepal can bump this out of the top 10?

    Feel free to change the countries, order, or whatever the fuck you want. Bwahahahaha.

    1. It took 10 Asians 5 hours…

      That works out at 30 minutes a fella.

      That is nothing!

      It is easy to go ‘at it’ for long periods of time. Just lock yourself and preferred partner in a bedroom on a weekend…

      Just take it slooooowww… And don’t bother going out of the room for anything else than using the toilet.

        1. My apologies @sagemoon. What I was refering to was the 5 hours of sex not being raped. Yes this is sad that this happens everyday to innocent people, and im sorry if I offended you, but on a side note there are other people making fun of the rape victim and making much more fucked up comments then us. The comment below was supposed to be like a rape fantacy kind of thing but i guess it came out wrong.

    1. woman you got issues. but i like. poor girl. imagine if that was you…..yea ik what your’e going to say “but, guess what, it aint me” yea but wish it was you and me in that jungle, Tarzan would be jealous lol

  4. Um, that’s two different people. Clothes, ground and blood looks different to me. I would love to watch even one of these men endure what was done to these women. There is a movie that depicts this type of revenge, but I can’t for life of me remember the name. Made me clench the cheeks, though, that much I remember.

  5. In Banana Republic, rape is a “taboo” crime, even for hardened criminals. That means that if the “viol?n” does not have the contacts/money to get an isolation cell most of the time, when with the “general population” once the word spreads about why he’s in jail, his short and long term expectations are to get routinely gang-raped for eternity.
    B.R’s karmic justice?

  6. Nepalese Civil war ended in 2006, the Maoists won!

    My mate Alice was teaching english in some small village Nepal back in 2003/2004 one night the Maoists snuck up to her village and blew up the goverment office building, massived loud explosion and the next day all the school kids were in the street playing with all the paperwork etc that had blown everywhere, any other time while walking up a mountain road she discovered a female corpse, it was a local brothel madam, who the maoists had shot in the head, (the brains had come out through the nose) and they’d left a note saying “we’d killed her because she was enslaving women” (more than likely the brothel had stopped paying protection money) another time she was sick and ended up in a shit poor hospital, they’re was a corpse in the corrador on a trolley, the face was missing, they had been killed by a tiger.
    anyway apparently the maoists didn’t mind the English teachers as they’re NGOs, and were were helping the peasants education, apart from the time those Nepalise got murdered in Iraq, then in Katmandu her NGO’s office got the smashed in a big anti UK/anti USA demo/riot, and her boss (a smug middleclass twat) got the shit kicked out of him by
    a load of nepalese men.

    the weirdest thing is a that in her village loads of the kids were called Swastika, proberly the coolest name ever.

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