Gray Haired Man Found Stiff Days After Execution in Daraa, Syria

Gray Haired Man Found Stiff Days After Execution in Daraa, Syria

Gray haired man was found executed Al Qaeda style in Daraa, Syria. By the time he was found, he had been dead for a while and turned into a stiffy. There’s a huge hole in the back of his head. A bullet with “Love, Hillary” etched on it is probably still in his head.

It doesn’t take much for the rebels to execute a person in Syria. Not following right religion or following right religion but not supporting the Sunni genocide are both death sentences. Hillary approves!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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52 thoughts on “Gray Haired Man Found Stiff Days After Execution in Daraa, Syria”

      1. @It was me

        you know i wonder why we barely get posts from the US, here when i listen the radio there’s always fatalities when people get into accidents on the freeway, they often have shootouts whether is gang related or some crazy gun owner dude i can point out so many examples but it don’t matter cause we barely get posts from the US weird

        1. @Jesus, Yes, I’ve noticed that too. The only recent post that comes to mind from the U.S. is that Joker-wanna-be in Colorado that shot up the theatre. (might have been other US posts since, I don’t remember) Maybe we just have to submit the material to Vincit for consideration, I’m sure he’s pretty busy and would appreciate submissions. I’m a ‘tard when it comes to that stuff but YOU seem pretty savvy w/computers…challenge accepted?? πŸ˜‰

  1. Well now this title is a bit misleading….I thought it was going to be a DILF silver fox (” a lilttle somethin’ for the ladies”) but it’s just some poor old Syrian G-pa…. didn’t see the entry wound, but thats one heck of an exit!! I see his watch, but looks like somebody took big poppa’s shoes! Syria. R.I.P. Grandfather πŸ™

  2. FD Took time out to read about this Dr Thompson fella you mentioned, sorry never heard of him but hey I’m a Brit therefore moderately unaware of your country’s folklore. Interesting bloke, didn’t give a damn and won because of it. He got beaten up by the guys who’s lifestyle he promoted! Given his hate of the madman Nixon it would be interesting to see, if he were alive, his opinion of the current incumbent liar in the Zion House.

  3. Mark, apparently, Hillary is pushing military action and trying to start shit between Algeria and Mali… need more ‘Terrorist-freedom- liberation- Alqaeda’ ice cream to feed the sheeples. She’s not even done with her Syrian Charade… bloody cunt she is…

  4. well you could always put your hand in there and work him like a puppet! ” Hello I am the allah akbar puppetman 2012 and for only 19.99 plus tax you too can own this fun for the whole family and act now and get your free t-shirt ” Sand niggars aint so bad yo”…lol

  5. Allah worshipers are killing each other,what type of faith is this because no matter you are a sunni or not if you are a moslem you should be one,i do not wish to follow islam because they are not an example,to those who are not going to the church.

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