Group of Civilians Executed Point Blank by FSA Jihadists Flying Al Qaeda Flags

Group of Civilians Executed Point Blank by FSA Jihadists Flying Al Qaeda Flags

Just released video from Deir al-Zour in Syria shows FSA jihadists from Al Nusra Front flying Al Qaeda flags executing a group of 12 captured Syrian men with a gunshot to the head fired at point blank range. The chief terrorists who read a brief statement from a piece of paper before the execution made himself look like a complete tool when his handgun misfired, possibly due to safety still being on. He acted like – what the hell kind of gun did you give me?

The video shows the true nature of the Jihadists, where their allegiances lie and what their real purpose is. It’s time for the sheeple who still don’t get it to wake up and see the truth. The so called freedom fighters are terrorists committing genocide on innocent civilians. They are executing them left and right, including children and the elderly for no purpose other than the paycheques from their sponsors and a desire to see all those who don’t follow their religion dead.

Props to Best Gore members DepressiveCapo, Manowar and xxXmisfitsXxx for the video:

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97 thoughts on “Group of Civilians Executed Point Blank by FSA Jihadists Flying Al Qaeda Flags”

        1. Doesn’t take a genius to know that the armpit of the world is full of Islamic extremists, and it would work out better for the rest of the world if you people would just acknowledge that so we don’t have to suck the politically correct cock. Muslims are a plague, I don’t give a shit what you think about other religions thats besides the point.

    1. Actually they are following their religion how it is suppose to be followed non-“Muslims are called unbelievers or infidels.” And should be killed. Kind of like the crusaders in Christianity….

      1. the crusades were perversions of islam and Christianity. Both sides killed each other over the holy city of Jerusalem… However the difference is Christianity evolved and the fucking Muslims still think it’s okay to behead someone because they’re not Muslim.

    2. Why those motherfuckers have the rights to end with their lifes? Wtf i really like to bomb them like a shit 😀 fucking allah, he is creating a war, why? I dont know but this will have a sad end 🙁 .. i hope some god end them!

    1. @greengoat – second shot was one of the worst for the others I’m thinking. The worst one to await though I think would be the one right after the guy reloaded his pistol. Having to listen to the fresh mag slapping home knowing the top round is yours.

        1. I was thinking at first it had to be a Makarov, but freezing the video and seeing the shape, it looks a lot like either a .45 ACP or a Browning clone. Too thick at the end of the barrell to be a Makarov (they taper like a Walther). That and $2.00 will get you a cup of coffee

        2. no idea what kind it is (pale ryda where you at??) but one of the guns i carry is a springfield 45acp and that thing is a hand cannon. some JHP rounds in that badboy would make more of a mess than in this video. hopefully ill never find out though:/

          1. I’m fairly certain its a Tokarev TT-33 variant, the video is a bit too blurry to be certain but it looks to large to be a Makarov. Its silhouette looks more like a Tokarev TT-33 than a Browning HP. Another thing is the shot count, the Browning HP holds 13 rounds plus one in the chamber which comes out to 14 rounds in total. The Russian, Polish and Chinese 7.62×25 Tokarevs hold 8 rounds plus one in the chamber which comes out to 9 rounds in total, the exception being the Zastava M57 which is simply a Yugoslavian TT-33 clone that has a 9rd magazine instead of the standard 8rds, add one in the chamber and the M57 holds a total of 10 rounds. In the video we hear 9 rounds before a quick pause happens, since we can’t see what’s happening he could either be clearing a jam which is my guess or reloading the magazine which seems too happen to quick for that. After the first pause there is one more shot (10 shots total) and then again there is another pause this one longer. During the second pause we hear what sounds like the gun being reloaded with a fresh magazine and being chambered, then he fires 2 more shots for a total of (12 shots) during the second pause I’m positive he reloaded the gun. Personally I think its a Zastava M57 Tokarev TT-33 clone. In a place like Syria the TT-33 and its variants including the M57 are very common handguns. One more thing that leads me to believe that it is a 7.62×25 TT-33 variant is the sound of the report or the sound the gun makes when its fired. The gun doesn’t sound like your average 9mm or 9×18 Makarov round, believe it or not to me it sounds weaker than a 9mm which would be right on par with the Tokarev 7.62×25 round.

  1. I bet Hillary Clinton got all wet watching this and John Kerry gave a good smack on his johnson while watching. After proving their loyalty to cause as much mayhem as possible, the good ol US of A is shipping in more guns to these terrorists. I just hope Bashar kills as many as he possibly can.

      1. Only works with swords and shit once there’s bombs and drones no political leader will ever step on the battlefield. I agree with you though but on a side note where is the head cutting that is what they are famous for.

    1. @Deicide88 the mp443 grach would really be a good weapon in that situation it holds 17 rounds i think,so he can shoot all those poor bastards and still have extra rounds incase they get ambushed ^_^

  2. They probably thought it would be to much effort to behead 12 people at once.
    It amazes me that we can fight one group of terrorists in one country and then supply another with weapons.
    Surely America are not that blind to see whats really going on?

    1. Maybe, but maybe they get off on violence like so many of us, and kick back to visuals of Earthlings killing each other with a bucket of Space Popcorn and Space Soda while submitting content to Space Best Gore.

    1. DerSteppenwolf, No one trusts them, but wouldn’t it have been so much better for their propaganda purposes, if these men had been in military uniforms? As it is, it just looks like they killed civilians, if you don’t understand what their saying. As always, thank you for translating.

  3. I bet he feels better now. Too bad Bad guys weren’t having to kneel all nervous like. After the first shot I bet the flurry of thoughts each guy had was conflicted of both relief and dread.

  4. I never understood why when they do this they just kneel there, waiting for it. They would have to shoot me a few times while I was kicking them in the nuts and running away. Maybe subconsciously ..or consciously they want it so they can get out of that shithole.

    1. @YourNextGirlfriend if I was fighting and I was alone by myself and these little bastards were surrounding me I would have at least fought for my life its better dying on your legs defending yourself then dying on your knees surrendering o.o but who knows I’ve never been in that situation /:

    2. I think when faced in that situation and literally knowing death is upon you, most of these guys know that if they resist, or try fight back. They will be shot immediately. When forced into submission and that situation, you more quiet you are being, the more time you have to live. No one wants to die in this situation so even though they know their fate, they relish every last waking second they have until the bullet rips through their skull and consciousness ceases. Forever.

  5. Another instant classic video. A tad short but a finite number to work with. The only thing that would make this video clip better would be to make a short movie of an even larger finite number given their execution.

  6. Another western funded rag-head pursuing a cause for Israel. Al Qaeda videos often mention a hatred towards Israel/ Zion yet I have rarely (if at all) seen Al Qaeda attack synagogues or massacre Jews.
    So they kill innocent people, people who don’t pose a real threat to them, and why?
    To rid the middle east of the Arab states, Jew land is insecure about being surrounded by these people so they pull the strings, the west feeds their citizens bullshit and we pursue this ‘never ending war OF terror’.
    When the middle east is decimated, there will be one place still intact, Israel.
    Then they will expand their illegal occupation into the land that has been cleansed by the west. The natives of these countries will only seek revenge against the west, and this is what Zion wants.
    The Jews secure, and us ‘gentiles’ fighting each other or becoming enslaved.
    I will do my part and im sure everyone else here will. Hail victory comrades
    Death to Israel

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