Group of Kneeling People Executed with Fire from Automatic Rifles

Group of Kneeling People Executed with Fire from Automatic Rifles

Video from Syria shows a group of people being lined kneeling next to one another and executed with fire from automatic rifles. There are some men in uniforms and some in plain clothes among the executioners. The victims look like they belong to the same family and probably used the building as a hiding shelter.

The executioners are allegedly members of “Daash” (Dulat al-Islam fi al-Iraq wal-Sham) – one of many acronyms for the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria. The incident happened in Aleppo.

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          1. I can clearly see & hear one guy telling another guy that they should check with BASE-COMMAND, but he is quickly toll (la,la) meaning no in Arabic. At 47sec. you can hear-it! 🙁

  1. They don’t look middle eastern to me, plus, they are speaking a Slavik dialect, probably Chechen. These guys are either from Chechnya or Dagestan, which is part of Russia.
    Probably zionist payed mercenaries to instill fear and destruction in the region.

    Bashar Al-Assad may not be that much of a nice guy but I do hope he gets to kill every single one of these cocksuckers and shove his middle finger up Israel’s ass.

    1. They speak Russian and are most likely Chechens. After shooting you can hear someone says “Watch out for ricochet bullets”. The bearded dude in the end says: “This will happen to anybody who fight against Islam” in Russian.

  2. Why is that knobhead hitting them on the back of the head with rifle first. Is he just trying to get an erection or his trying to make sure they don’t turn around so that they don’t have to look them in the face when they shoot?

          1. That wouldn’t work because there’d be no christains and other innocents to murder. I’ve never seen a group of people in greater need of Jesus than these cowards. I love pork!!

          1. Never lecture. Just thought I’d tell ya not all females are cut of the same cloth. I get a personal attack everytime I post on here so def not trying to attack. Just hate to see that opinion of females without saying “hey that’s not me”

          2. I love your response there, Obli. I’ve gone off on here many a time and have been whined at and lectured for it. Some people just need to let others vent. Good for you, man. 😎

          1. I kill em with kindness! Not worried about dickheads or their opinions anyway. It’s a crap opinion to have, be like me saying all men deserve to be shoot in the back because one beat me.

          2. Also I can clearly see by the selfie pictures alone neither this guy or his chime in would know what to do with a pussy if it was sitting in their lap. Hate the pussy cuz the pussy hated you first. Tiny dick for sure but I bet it grew, just a little, to see that lady get shoot in the back.

          3. @fatmoose my first husband beat me and much more. I’ve already been avenged by my current husband and karma. He’s in jail awaiting trial for aggr. Child molestation on a 15 yr old girl, in all fairness she looks like mid 20’s. It would be easy for me to form an opinion that most men are like that but I like to think most men are better then that instead.

          4. I was actually trying to talk to Obli by giving my opinion of his opinion. It seemed like some bitch pissed him off and I wanted to start a convo, maybe get a joke or 2 going, get him feeling better about females, brighten his day idk. I got shot down

          5. @SqueezeTiLiGoCold

            If you’re referring to me as Obli’s “chime in” then understand that I was just talking to him about my own experiences on here, and not necessarily about YOU. What I say to one of my buddies on here should have no effect on what you want to say to someone. But I guess it does seeing as how you decided to act like a little drama queen about it. Oh, well. That’s your problem.

  3. These fucking animals were smiling as they were going about their work. The ENTIRE religion is made up of sub-humans who enjoy inflicting pain and subjugating the weak.

    If ever there was an argument for military spending, this is it.

  4. These are Chechens….but it doesn’t matter if you’re Middle Eastern, African, Asian, or European….all Sunni savage barbarians (SSB’s for short) are a piece of shit death cult that are poisoning this world

  5. What???? No Allahu Akbar???? Afterwards, they are so casual. They just murdered 7 people and don’t seem fazed at all. Cold hearts right there. There was a doorway open at the back of the room, I’m surprised nobody tried to make a run for it.

  6. I wouldn’t let them shoot me in the back, I’d force those cowards to give me mine in the face! You’re already dead at least show a little pride and refuse their orders, what’s the worst you’re gonna get here? I may even recite bible verses as loud as I can or sing “Jesus loves the little children” just to be a cunt. How much longer before we’re hiding in basements waiting to be executed in our own nations? I can see my tattoo choices will get me a death sentence if that happens. My dads US Navy picture and my cross will probably be skinned from my bod if there’s ever a take over here. I hope when they catch me I’m cooking bacon or having a pig roast…. I wonder if you stand in a huge heard of swine if they’ll go into the piggys to get you! Haha my hubby used to eat his pork rhinds (the only pork product in our US prisons because we cater to Muslims) and crunch them loudly during their prayers. Btw they have to make special toothpaste for the prisons because pork is a main toothpaste ingredient and the Muslims balked and got their way. So no telling how much tax money goes to making this special pork free toothpaste!

  7. Lined up and just killed… No fighting back, or anything. They just let them do it. If you’re going to die, anyway, why not fight back? Fight to the fucking death. Don’t just kneel down and take it. I’ll never understand that…

        1. That’s probably why they capture you first. If they go busting right away, at the heat of the moment you’ll fight or escape. But when they capture you alive, you literally gives your fate at their hands, it gets you into thinking the possibility of letting you go later, confusing and fear comes in until you’re drained. But Best Gore thought me not to get captured nor kidnapped in the first place, so hell yeah, I’ll die running my ass off before they round me up.

          1. True. All of this kind of talk is moot, anyway. I live in the U.S. and crimes like this aren’t as common as over in these war-torn areas. I have more of a chance catching a stray bullet, or just flat out being blown away on the street for my wallet, than I do being killed like these people. At the end of the day, it’s a shit scenario to find yourself in. I hope the killers get theirs, too. I have a feeling they will.

  8. Disturbing watching the child/youngster in blue bound up and take position almost like it’s a game, shortly before they murder him.
    That poor kid is better off in a way. I’d rather die than have to live out a life as a muslim.
    What a completely and utterly fucked up ideology it really is.

  9. well i can’t say i would just be knelt down and killed, id for sure take as many of these pieces of shit with me as possible, unbelievable nobody even makes a stand. if you’re going to die anyway, why not try to mutilate a few of them, or something. these people just take it? guess its an every day thing over there. ” oh you want to execute me? where would you like me to kneel? ” doesn’t make sense

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