Gulags in Soviet Union – Jews Run Camps Used for Extermination of Christians

Gulags in Soviet Union - Jews Run Camps Used for Extermination of Christians

On June 13, 2013 Russia’s president Vladimir Putin said in his speech during the visit to the Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center (Jews and tolerance? – LOL) that following the Bolshevik Revolution in October of 1917, Jews made up 80 to 85 percent of the first government of the Soviet Union. Jewish Telegraphic Agency quoted Vladimir Putin with English translation of his speech said with reference to a library belonging to Rabbi Joseph I. Schneerson, the late leader of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement:

The decision to nationalize this library was made by the first Soviet government, whose composition was 80 to 85 percent Jewish.

If anyone has access to documents that prove this number to be correct, the president of Russia is him.

However, in stark contrast to reality, perhaps as an ass kissing gesture to the Jewish overmasters that controlled the Soviet Union from 1917 until 1991, or perhaps to not drive any more Jewish wreath upon himself, Vladimir Putin also said in the same speech (according to the official transcript) that during their control of the Soviet government, Jews supported the arrest and repression of all faiths. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Fact of a matter is, the Jewish Bolshevik government targeted Christians in particular for extermination, but protected fellow Jews. Jewish Bolshevik made any form of Anti-Semitism illegal and punished it by death. Accusations of anti Semitism were not investigated. Alleged usurpers were either directly executed or sent to one of the Gulags, the real extermination camps. Jewish Bolsheviks made extermination of non Jews such an important part of their communist agenda, that the only time Vladimir Lenin’s voice was ever recorded on tape, it was when he made a speech denouncing anti-Semitism as counter-revolutionary.

Another little fact that proves that Jews in the Soviet Union did NOT arrest and repress all faiths were special privileges given to Jews by the government, which included the creation of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast – a separate homeland meant for Jews only, which exists to this day in Russia. Of course, after Jews moved in to occupy Palestine, many Jews from the Soviet Union and Europe were transported to the new Jewish state so the Jewish Autonomous Oblast experienced decline in Jewish population.

Greatest Mass Murder in Human History

While exact figures will never be known, some 100 Million people, mostly Slavic Christians perished during the wide spread ethnic cleansing imposed upon Russia by the Jewish Bolsheviks during the 74 years of the Jews sponsored totalitarian communism. The vast number of innocent people massacred by the Jews was so great, it remains and will likely forever be the greatest mass murder in human history.

Shortly after the October Revolution, some Russian patriots took to the arms and stood up to the murderous Jew, but utilizing unlimited financial resources raked in with usury worldwide, the Yids were able to crush the brave Russians and punish them severely. Enraged that some Russians had the nerve to uprise against the Jews, the Bolsheviks further punished the nation by going around and stripping peasants off their crops and food supplies, thus creating a huge famine (known as Holodomor) in which some 7 Million people died.

In late December 1917, one-quarter Jew, born to a Jewish family (his uncle Leon Trotsky was born Lev Davidovich Bronstein) Vladimir Lenin signed a decree calling for the establishment of The All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage, also known as Cheka. While Cheka had a fancy name and purpose of so called Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage, what was really hiding behind the Counter-Revolution and Sabotage label was the need for extermination of anyone who in any way opposed the totalitarian submission of the Soviet Union to the Jewish demands.

Cheka quickly became the largest and exceptionally cruel enforcer of “exterminate every hint of anti Semitism and throw in as many Christians as can be” unwritten law. Because Cheka’s organizational structure changed every few years, so did the organization’s names which went from Cheka to GPU, later to NKVD, and later to KGB. Their purpose however remained vastly unchanged so systematic extermination of Christians continued by the millions each year.

Shabbos Goy Serving Jews

As is typical of the Jews, they controlled the system, but employed a number of properly indoctrinated Shabbos Goy who served as their pawns, doing their dirty work. It is similar to what you can see today – Kenyan is not a Jew, but serves the Jewish interests unconditionally. And so do Angela Merkel, David Cameron, François Hollande and other leaders of the Zionists Occupied Governments.

Joseph Stalin, whose real name was Iosif Vissarionovich Dzugashvili was a part Jew. He was born in present day Georgia, then part of Czarist Russia and at that time, it would have been unthinkable to give Jewish name to a non Jew. In Georgian language, Dzugash means Jew and Dzugashvili means Son of a Jew. Stalin also married women who were Jewish.

Jews Behind Killings of Tens of Millions

What even Jews themselves don’t deny, is that in only 5 years of its initial operation (between 1917 and 1922), Cheka was responsible for at least 20 million deaths, which included victims of the forced collectivization, the hunger, large purges, expulsions, banishments, executions, and mass death at Gulags. Yet in their first 5 years of control over the Soviet Union, Jews were merely warming up to the much more widespread massacres which were yet to come.

Genrikh Yagoda, a Jew who implemented Stalin’s collectivization orders and who along with his deputies established and managed the Gulag extermination camps system is credited with personally executing at least 10 Million people. However after a few years of being the chief Soviet henchmen, Joseph Stalin no longer viewed Genrikh Yagoda favorably, mostly because of his support for Trotskyism and had him demoted, and later executed. His post of chief henchman was replaced in 1936 by an incredibly ruthless Shabbos Goy with a Jewess for wife by the name of Nikolai Yezhov, nicknamed the “bloodthirsty dwarf.”

Nikolai Yetzov was responsible for the Great Purge. Author Robert Conquest who’s considered the foremost authority on the Great Purge estimated in his book The Great Terror that the death toll during the 1937 to 1938 Great Purge was around 10 Million. Of 8 Million who were taken into the Gulags during that time, only about 10 % survived. Many Jews quickly jumped on the bashing and discrediting bandwagon after the release of The Great Terror, trying to make it look as though Robert Conquest overestimated the death toll, however after the fall of communism, several Soviet scholars including Edvard Radzinsky and Dmitri Volkogonov published prominent exposés of a number of mass killings during Stalin and based on the documents they were able to obtain, way more than 10 Million people were killed by the Jews during the Great Purge. Keep in mind that that’s 10+ Million killed between 1937 and 1938 alone.

The Gulags

Gulags were secret extermination camps established and managed by the Jews. They were used predominantly as a means of extermination of the “enemies of the nation“. Anyone seen unfavorable by the Jews was declared an enemy of the nation and was either executed on the spot or sent to a Gulag. Some actual criminals were also sometimes sent to the Gulags, but they were merely treated as criminals which compared to those who transgressed against the Jews, was like being on vacation in a ski resort.

Jews and their Shabbos Goy specifically employed and carefully selected to subject enemies of the nation to exceptionally cruet torture did things to the prisoners that none of us could possibly even fathom. Because Gulags were very secretive and few made it out of there alive, actual scale of atrocities may never be known. However to give you some idea of just what Gulag prisoners were subjected to, author Danzig Baldaev released a book titled “Drawings from the Gulag” which contains exactly what its title suggests.

Danzig Baldaev was not a prisoner in Gulag, he was a prison guard. He alleges that his book is a result of both his own experiences and a lifetime of research. While his drawings are nowhere near as accurate as the description in the authority literature on the Gulags – a book title The Gulag Archipelago (Архипелаг ГУЛАГ) by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn who was a prisoner in a Gulag himself – they provide an easy to understand visual interpretation of life in the infamous prison camps.

The drawings document such acts as drowning the enemies of the nation to death in a bucket of feces. Forcing the enemies of the nation to stand facing corner for days without rest, food or water until their feet swelled and they fainted, after which they were beaten and forced into the corner again. Forcing the enemies of the nation to sit on a roost in a desecrated church for days until someone fell off from exhaustion to receive beatings with a hose around their neck. Subjecting women to forced labor until their vaginas prolapsed. Beating and torturing prisoners senseless to make them confess to whatever the interrogators wanted them to confess to – and that’s all just a beginning.

It is also notable to mention that after the eruption of World War II, millions of Gulag prisoners were forced by the Jewish Bolsheviks to go fight against the Germans. They had Jews behind their lines waiting to shoot anyone who would fail to fight and then there also was the threat of them returning to the Gulag which was the most hellish place in the entire world so each would rather die on a battlefield than go back. That is a primary reason why Russians fought Germans so ferociously, even though Germans came to Russia as liberators, not conquerors.

As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote in Part V of The Gulag Archipelago:

For twenty years, the religion was being persecuted and the churches closed. The Germans came and began re-opening churches. In Rostov-on-Don the inauguration became a huge jubilation, that attracted lots of people. But of course they should have damned the Germans for that, eh?

Jews prosecuted Christians en masse and burned down hundreds of Christian churches. That is also why they employed the mockery with the roost in desecrated churches. After temporary liberation of parts of Russia by the Germans in WWII, people were spared senseless prosecution and mass executions by the Jewish Bolsheviks and had their churches reopened. But battered by the Jews as they were, and scared of them shitless because millions of their sons and daughters have been killed or taken to the Gulags, the threat of the Jew lashing back at them with even more savagery was a huge drawback.

It is really kind of funny that to this day, the Jews continue feeding us with their lies about the alleged Nazi extermination camps that never existed, yet in Russia they ran extermination camps we know existed, in which they’d killed more people than in any other event in history, but people are hardly told about it. And if they are, it is never clearly communicated that it was the Jews who were behind the Gulags and that it was the white Christians who were their primary targets set for extermination. It’s time for the world to know the truth about the greatest mass murderers of all time who to this day have not slowed down with the millions of innocent civilians they ethnically cleanse each year. Denial of Slavic genocide perpetrated by the Jews in the former Soviet Union is the denial of the greatest mass murder ever perpetrated in the history of mankind.

Without any further ado, below is an extensive gallery of drawings from the book by Danzig Baldaev titled “Drawings from the Gulag”. I accompanying each drawing with brief text explaining what the drawing is about:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. I dont uderstand why there is so much anti jew propaganda here. I really dont know who is writing down all this stuff. All this images and videos are totally crazy and horrible. But i dont get the conections with Jews. I mean,you can not blame Jews for everything. And,by the way:holocaust did heappen.

  1. anyone who thinks that this is even remotely true has no brain, idc what any of you idiots say. im jewish by religion as a child and i do not practice at all (god is bullshit anway) but this is stupid why you all hate jews ill never understand beause im nothing of the image depicted here.

    1. Instead of your broad, dumb statement, try to point out one thing that is not true and back your claim up if you can. Cause all I see here are backed up statements that all add up and are supported by many sources, including Jewish ones. Therefore if you believe this post is false, then you also believe what Jewish journalists, historians and researchers say about this part of our history is false too.

    2. @itsbrendenyo,

      If all the correlated written and recorded accounts from various different sources confirm this to be fact then you are left with only one choice, either believe it to be true or believe it to be false, if you choose the latter then you must also concede that all the various accounts of what the Nazis did to the Jews during world war 2 is also false because to condemn all recorded evidence without self research is to condemn them all.

      The correct stance would be to do your own research and then provide evidence for your argument like the owner of this website has done, however without self research and counter evidence you cannot condemn this post as false..

      1. Well said.

        Here we are YET AGAIN when you point out solid evidence in history that the JEWS are more fucking evil than Hitler ever dreamed off. Bottom line of this whole article is pointing out the very fact that the jews brought the Holocaust onto themselves. All hitler was doing is protecting his people from these god damn savages.

        1. It does not matter though. The god damn jews own everything nowadays. Media, entertainment, EVERYTHING!!! hence why there has NEVER been a movie from hollywood depicting these events in history cause the Jews are to god damn coward to admit they are the most evil of all.

    3. Well, after some things people have put up with citations from the torah, i think its quite obvious why people here dont like jews, all that they are bigger than the other people, and we should be slaves to them and on and on. I dont really understand why you would want to be such a religion, unless you were forced into it, but then i hope you can see that its not all happiness and shit.

    4. Hungary, for 135 days in 1919, was ruled by a Communist dictatorship. Its party boss, Bela Kun (born “Cohen”), was a Jew. So were 31 of the 49 commissars in Kun’s regime. The short-lived Communist regime had drenched the country in blood before being overthrown by popular forces in 1919. By the end of 1947, the Communists, backed by Stalin?s Red Army, aborted the fledgling Republic. To run his Hungarian satrapy, Stalin picked one Matyas Rakosi (born ?Roth?). The Communist regime and its terror machinery was almost entirely in the hands of Jews. A ?Jewish Quartet? ruled the country: Rakosi, Ernest Gero (born ?Ernst Singer?), Michael Farkas (?Wolf?) the defense minister, and Joseph Revai, minister of propaganda. The AVH, dreaded Hungarian equivalent of the NKVD, was headed by a creature who went under the name of Gabor Peter, but had been born as ?Benjamin Auschpitz.? Peter (sic) staffed the AVH with fellow Jews. The 1956 Hungarian uprising was a largely spontaneous revolt against what was viewed as a Jewish dictatorship. On 23 October 1956 200,000 people had gathered and the mood was spirited but peaceful. However, Ernest Gero broadcast a speech dismissing the demands of the Writers’ Union and the students and labelling the crowds a “reactionary mob”. As the situation escalated the crowds grew more unruly and attempted to take the radio station by storm, which is when the first casualties of the Hungarian Revolution fell. The AVH opened fire on the crowd. Imre Nagy, non-Jewish, an old-line Communist who had spent the war in Moscow, became prime minister ? for the second time ? during the hectic days of October-November, 1956. Nagy called for free elections. On 1 November 1956, Nagy announced that Hungary was withdrawing from the Warsaw Pact and would follow a course of neutrality in world affairs. For the Hungarian revolt to have succeeded, assistance was needed from the West. Unfortunately, the events in Hungary coincided with the Suez Crisis. Britain and France were tied up in the Middle East. The United States, whose CIA-sponsored Radio Free Europe had encouraged the Hungarians to resist their Soviet masters, could have warned the USSR to stay out. Instead, the U.S. reacted timidly with a state that the U.S. was not ?looking for new allies in Eastern Europe.? Khrushchev viewed this response as a green light to take decisive action free of American interference. Soviet soldiers were mobilized and sent in to quash the Hungarians. Those who fought in Budapest and elsewhere in Hungary undeniably fought bravely. But against the Soviet Army it was futile. The Hungarian Uprising was quickly crushed with large areas of the capital damaged and many thousands killed. Many hundreds of thousands fled the country in fear for their lives. As Soviet tanks moved through the streets of Budapest destroying a whole building if they suspected that it contained a sniper, Nagy took refuge in the Yugoslavian embassy. He only left the safety of the building when it seemed as if the Soviets and Janos Kadar had given him safe passage. He was, in fact, arrested and taken out of the country. After a period of time he was returned to Hungary and secretly tried and executed on June 17th 1958 for treason and attempting ?to overthrow the democratic state order?. Hungary’s suffering didn’t end with the crushing of the uprising. Recriminations followed with tens of thousands of Hungarians arrested, imprisoned and deported to the Soviet Union, often without evidence. An estimated 350 were executed. Meanwhile 200,000 people fled Hungary, either fearing for their lives or simply to escape from the Communist regime – many of them were Hungary’s best educated people. 700 Thousand Hungarians were taken to the Gulags between 1944-1956. So fuck the Jews!

    5. do some research, Jews did run these places. Does this make Jews bad i don’t know. Don’t really know any. Your the first I’ve really met mate. You don’t seem a bad person to me. Does running gulags in Russia make all Jews bad, of course not. I do feel tho as the white man is being singled out for a feeling of shame to be white. I am a mixed breed, Irish, Italian, German, and French, this makes me a certified mut i guess. I feel no remorse for the past. Was the gulags the sigh of the times in Russia, maybe? was being a slave in the united states a sign of the times, i guess. Being a slave in Rome or a christian in those days, was that the popular thing, i guess. Point is, many people and many cultures have inflicted tremendous atrocities on others. So a humans we need to recognize the ability for others to do things. horrible things. and prevent them.

    6. I can help explain in a calm way. and can only speak for myself. American’s are taught from Day 1 that Israel is our friend.
      And pretty much everyone else in the middle east is trash. Then (as in my case) I read an article about Israel okaying spraying White Phosphorus on children in Gaza who were victims of a bombing and shooting from the IDF. Then I read American’s paid for this. And it was some bullshit story, it was true and the UN called the “war crimes”. I thought what sort of people would have the need to harm ALREADY harmed children.
      Well, then I started researching and trying to figure out exactly why Israel was our BFF. Then for asking the most simple answers, I started being called Anti-Semitic ….and bigot for simply asking questions. And how if I were not a Jew I could not use the word Jew as a noun but NOT a verb and that in some countries, if you ask a QUESTION about the Holocaust you can be thrown in prison.
      And while I had always heard the jokes about the Jews owning the American media, I never really thought that it was true and if it were why would it matter.
      Yet it does matter, and for some reason this little country called Israel has stirred up more shit on a consistent basis than any other.
      I watched an interview with a woman who said she was in the “camps” (though she had no number engraved) who told the story of how she swallowed diamonds and shit them out everyday in the camp so she could buy some bread when she got out. She literally said she would shit out the diamonds, wash them off in her SOUP (kid you not) and eat them again to continue the process for 5 years. And while she didn’t sale the diamonds for bread she did make a beautiful broach from them.
      There are hundreds of these stories and people can be imprisoned for simply responding with a >>>>You are SHITTING me!
      Yet it is the abuse to calling anyone who questions the actions of Israel..a ANTI SEMITE and this vibe that somehow…..we as a society owe them for this atrocity that happened.
      And this is sad because I have Jewish friends and for the most part, they don’t give a rat’s ass about their religion any more than I do, but America is pretty sick of this group of Ultra Israeli Extremist.
      So, I don’t dislike Jews, but I despise everything that Israel is and stands for.
      and simply in saying that must fear you will track me down and imprison me and force feed my shitty diamonds. And I don’t even wear JEWelery.

    7. you think this did not happen? hitler did not hate the jews because they took his parking space? ya think assshole! the jewa are 99% of the problem we have in this country with the aribic world! they hate us because we back them and supply them with arms! because they control most of the money in our country! but that is not for long china is knocking at our back door now and we will be kissing their asses soon and that is going to start a fucking shit storm like we have never seen in history before! so every one should start brushing up on learning chinese !! so buckle up you nation of sheep its coming soon unless we do some thing about now you assholes!!!!! dont let our nation belong to the commies!! lets stand up and take back our country from these people!!!!

  2. @Mark,

    You deserve extra prise for this one, well done.

    This was well researched and must have taken a lot of time and correlation, regretfully I didn’t know much about this part of history myself and never got around to looking into the history of Russia and because of world war 2 this part of history was some what overshadowed, the Jewish barbarism of the past became clocked in mist because of the events and lies of world war 2.

    Now that I have a better understanding of this part of history I plan to continue my education on this further, Thanks.

    1. This one indeed took a lot of time, but my research into Jewish atrocities of the 20th century has been ongoing so I just took what I have learned overtime and merged it with recent findings to put it all together in one piece. There will be more to it, but I didn’t want to stretch the article too much or else no one would read it.

      I also wanted to include info about other Bolshevik Jews, such as Yankel Sverdlov (Solomon), the first president of the Supreme Soviet, Moishe Uritzky, the Jew who was the first head of the Cheka, Isaac Steinberg, the first Soviet Minister of Justice, Karl Radek (Sobelsohn), Grigory Yevseevich Zinoviev, Lev Kamenev-Rosenfeld, and many others but it would just have been way too much.

        1. I agree with the above post. I came to this site to watch some Gore. I have never heard of any of this stuff regarding the Jews. As a non nondenominational Christian. I was always taught that Jews were a friend to the U.S. & Christianity. This is interesting information about the world war ll Jews. As well as disturbing.
          I will, as recommended do my own research and come to a conclusion.

      1. you kick ass. i know the courage it takes to make a stand. integrity is allocated to those that care not for their freedom.

        but please post your sources.

        give no one reason to doubt you.

        keep up the good work.

        jews spoke up and died in the soviet union. please give the good jews credit.

        not all jews are evil. some protest the shit israhell does. they are human too.

        long live freedom for everyone.

        fuck kabbalah.

  3. Thanks Mark, was a good read. Only thing that I’m a little unsure about is how forced labour could cause wide scale prolapsing amongst women. Otherwise you’ve given me a great deal of often under publicised information to consider.

    1. Danzig Baldaev was a prison guard and studied Russian criminal traditions about which he wrote several books. Drawings from the Gulag is his most famous, which I attribute to the fact that it puts more focus of visualization that just written word. The best way I could translate his words about the prolapse is as follows:

      Most of exhausted women suffered the vaginal prolapse as a result of strain and starvation.

      It must be noted that those who transgressed against the Jews were considered the enemies of the nation and regardless of whether they were women or men, they were subjected to extremely hard work, including digging and logging. Few survived the overworking while receiving little food. I suppose lack of nutrition caused their muscles to atrophy and because they had to tense a lot while dealing with heavy logs or buckets of soil, muscles just gave in. Although – I wasn’t there so I’m just passing on the info of a man who was and says he’d studied the phenomenon extensively.

    1. Of course not. The Zionists still have a firm grasp over mass media, politics, education, and economy, don’t they? I’m sure most people have wondered about “rewritten history”, but when given the facts, many instead dismiss it as insane conspiracy theories even when given irrefutable evidence.

  4. Over 90% in polish government is jewish or Shabbos goy.
    Newspapers, television and radio are controlled.
    This is a very important and interesting to understand why today we sit in the shit. I added quotation marks.

    Post-war law regarding name change: on 10th November 1945 “State National Council” (“Krajowa Rada Narodowa”, KRN) issued a decree about changing and adjusting names and surnames. The decree allowed to change name and surname, inter alia, in case of using during the period from 1st September 1939 to 9th May 1945 different name than birth name, because of following reasons: using of military assumed name due to working in conspiracy organizations or service alongside allies forces and also if petitioner ?used other surname in order to protect himself from aggression of German invader or his supporters?. In above-mentioned cases persons who wanted to keep their assumed name had to file proper petition until 31st December 1947. The decree also created possibility of changing name and surname even if its sound was not Polish. The decree was replaced with an act of November 15, 1956, in which the legacy of changing surnames that did not have a Polish sound was kept. Many Jews, that had been hiding during the war using ?Aryan papers?, took the opportunity and legalized their assumed names.

    source page:,powojenne-prawo-o-zmianie-nazwisk/

      1. Did you know the nazi wanted to exterminate poles to the same extent as the jews. The reason was the poles weren’t racially pure as they have asiatic admixture just like the majority of eastern europeans. This isn’t jewish propaganda just take a look of your teeth. Most poles have sinodontic mongoloid dental complexes therefore poles are europid with asiatic admixture therefore not racially pure to Hitler.

        1. Haha man! Poland simply has huge deposits of bituminous coal, lignite, natural gas and iron ore. Look at the variety of dog breeds. Some people want to do the same with people. Then no one can deny that this is a slave because he has anatomical features of a slave.
          Who then would be the slave?

        2. The “Nazis wanted to exterminate poles to the same extent as the jews.”
          Can you please direct us to the Documents that state NSDAP wanted to exterminate, as in kill, Jews, as well as those with “not racially pure” Aryan genetics? Fact is , no “Nazi” orders to kill jews , or anyone else has ever been found. So to what extent would the Desire to kill poles be exactly?

  5. I remember when Call of Duty Black ops came out, I was given a formal warning and censorship of my profile for creating a Swastika for my emblem in gameplay. The people at Treyarch however made it their business to have as a stock image selection, the Soviet hammer and sickle. Irrespective of the fact that Black Ops was based around Soviet, Nazi and Allied warfare one was banned and not the others. This was on the basis of its, ‘offensive nature’ apparently yet despite my defense that far more people were killed under Soviet Russia and both elements are merely an aspect of history in a game, for some six months I was removed of many of the features in the product I paid for.

    I also studied Modern History extensively throughout my latter high school years, without even mention of the Gulag’s and Soviet Genocide overshadowing of European history. Instead I believe we spent two separate semesters being taught of, ‘possibly one of the greatest systematic genocides’ in Nazi Germany. Other terms were devoted to indigenous guilt trip persecution studies and finally an extensive exploration of our, ‘racist ancestry’ and highly demonised, formerly exclusively white political and immigration policies in Australia.

    A realisation of how little history was actually disclosed in history class was the first indicator that something was wrong. As to how much of that is the product of Jewish influence and how much the doing of Leftist propagandists I am uncertain.

    What’s concerning is, of all the people to take that class I may have been the only one inclined to seek further explanation than we were given.

    1. I often wonder about this, Skin. Is it Zionism, or Leftism? Are both one and the same? Is the Liberal Leftist ideology a construct of Zionism to enslave and dismantle Whites, and weaken our people? It’s doing a great job. Take a look at the White demographic in the United States for example – not a single state say their White demographic rise in the last year +, they have all dropped.

      Similar situation in majority of White nations. Just take a look at a White woman adhering to the Leftist philosophy – she’s overly promiscuous, race-mixer, club-hopper, hardcore feminist, high rates of Infidelity/Cheating and so on. Hardly the type of woman you’d want to build a family with.

      Regardless, Leftism is a huge threat to us. I’m not even a ‘right winger’, I’m apolitical on most issues, but when I take a look at Leftism philosophy, when I take a look at the things that come from that philosophy, it disgusts and enrages me.

      1. One of my ex girlfriends was a race mixing, whoring, fake rape victim and so I am all too familiar with the corruptive infiltration of these ideals. Not more than twenty years into existence amongst the backwards modernity of ethnic loving liberals and I’d rather the government revert to feudal times than uphold current values. Jews or gentiles, they’re in need of a cleansing.

  6. Great post mark! I really enjoy post’s like this one and appreciate the work you do trying to educate people. Kinda off-topic, I have been looking into the ADL and came across an intresting article that you S.O.B’s might be intrested in: and . The ADL is an arm of the B’nai B’rith. The B’nai B’rith was created by Scottish Rite Freemasons. There is also a quote by Albert Pike, Which I believe to be bullshit. There is no evidence to support that he wrote the “letter”. Might not be popular since most people are fixated on blaming the jew, But worth a look.

  7. I had a quick look into the Jewish Autonomous Oblast and this is what I gathered,

    Soviet authorities established the autonomous oblast in 1934. It was the result of Joseph Stalin’s nationality policy, which provided the Jewish population of the Soviet Union with a large territory in which to pursue Yiddish cultural heritage.

    This was however quite strange because Stalin when in power had a repressive policy featuring abolition of the national institutions, ethnic deportations, national terror, and Russification.

    He even made great use of the Gulag system which as we know was used to contain and kill any possible threat to the Russian one socialism one government system and yet he allowed a Jewish autonomous state to exist and thrive right under his nose?.

    On March 28, 1928, the Presidium of the General Executive Committee of the USSR passed the decree “On the attaching for Komzet of free territory near the Amur River in the Far East for settlement of the working Jews.” The decree meant “a possibility of establishment of a Jewish administrative territorial unit on the territory of the called region” In the future, based on JAO was supposed to create a Jewish republic (as a place of compact residence of the Jews of the USSR), but this plan was never implemented.

    On August 20, 1930 the General Executive Committee of RSFSR accepted the decree “On formation of the Birobidzhan national region in the structure of the Far Eastern Territory”.

    The State Planning Committee considered the Birobidzhan national region as a separate economic unit. In 1932 the first scheduled figures of the region development were considered and authorized. The Organization for Jewish Colonisation in the Soviet Union, a Jewish Communist organization in North America, successfully encouraged the immigration of some US residents.

    So from this we can see that not only was the Jewish Autonomous region viewed as a separate, autonomous power but also a separate economic power as well, in other words it might as well have been it?s own country and they were planning on bringing Jewish populations from around the world into it in order to expand the Jewish population.

    Why would a Marxist government want a pro capitalist Jewish nation in their country with its own government and economic powerbase?

    The Jewish population of this region decreased greatly after war world 2,

    My conclusion, The Jewish Autonomous Oblast was going to be the Jewish homeland should the formation of Israeli fail, with the creation of Israeli The Jewish population left for their new homeland which, as pointed out already, would account for the decrease in population after world war 2.

    The main question is that if the Jewish populations of most of the axis countries plus the Jewish Autonomous Oblast were planning for the creation of an homeland in Palestine since the 1800?s, and given their presence in all major participating world war countries, we have to contend with the notion that world war 2 was in fact set up to begin with, with the end result being the creation of Israeli and the formation of the European power block, under the control of the Zionists.

    It makes sense when we look at our present world as a result of the past.

    1. Yep, no doubt the soviet government was jewish, look at the people they put in power of the countries ‘liberated’ from the Nazis. People like Erno Gero, Matyas Rakosi, ana pauker and others, of course their all jewish.

  8. Russia, I’ve often thought there’s a lot missing to my knowledge of this country. I believe it’s highly probable Russia has a dark past! Nazis’, I’m sure knew what had happened there. And learned from them.
    Very interesting!!!

    1. I aggree that the word should be spread. But i think best gore is not the place for it, most people don’t want to see the death and carnage. There should be an open forum and articles, with this stuff in it. I think the fact that bg features so much gore, looses alot of people.

  9. Eu fico vendo estas coisas e da um desanimo…

    Entrei uma comunidade brasileira do Facebook chamada clube eslavo -que em teoria reuniria pessoas de ascend?ncia eslava com orgulho de suas ra?zes .pois bem, l? j? estando,reparei que tinha eslavas bem bonitas emigradas no brasil participando da pagina – eslavas estas que em teoria,tamb?m,por participarem deste e outros grupos sobre eslavos , possu?am(pelo menos na minha ?tica) orgulho de suas origens . n?o perdi tempo e,alem de ver quais outras paginas elas curtiam , fui bisbilhotar seus ?lbuns de fotografias .pois bem, foi dai que esse meu desanimo surgiu.

    _Vejam voc?s mesmos o porque:

    Vejam s? que ironia (reparem no nome da mo?a )

    Outra cheia de “orgulho”de suas origens que na hora de perpetuar a ra?a …

    N?o quero assustar voc?s,mas estes foram os ?nicos perfis que visitei .tinha varias outras eslavas participando da comunidade ,mas depois do choque inicial n?o quis me decepcionar ainda mais

    N?o sei…mas as vezes acho que estamos lutando um guerra que j? perdemos faz tempo e s? n?o n?s rendemos por teimosia

    A tal da pagina que entrei:

    _Repararam na quantidade de pretos ,mulatos e pardos na pagina?! e oque voc?s acham que eles querem ali?!
    _ t? aqui a resposta :

    1. You are right about one thing, religion causes a lot of strife, but it not the religion, its the people. So your post is not all that convincing.
      I don’t know if destroying religion is a good idea tho, look at the united states, they took out religion, now kids are shooting up the schools. they got nothing to fear. If they are going to do away with religion, then they must bring back the rack and the guillotine for fear. Other wise people and kids just run rapid.

  10. Yea it does look like prior to ww1 most of europe and other countries was run by jews. So why do Jews like to climb to such power and monopolize the world? Is this the reason most hate them. I can tell you one thing. I don’t see Jews cutting of heads and shit. But i do dislike there power hungry attitude. I think we should go back to segregation. Let the Jews live in isreal, and Irish live in Ireland the Muslims in the middle east, the Mexicans in mexico. I’m sick of living under anthers law. I will live in my own country. Anyone who wants to be truly free, join me. In the John Candy Nation. No taxes, no laws, and as long as you don’t hurt anyone. Your good.
    — PS. only a select number of hippies, we don’t need fly’s.

    1. You must have missed Jews killing children on a daily basis, incinerating them with white phosphorus, shooting them in the head just because they’re not Jews, raping them arbitrarily because the Talmud tells them it’s OK to do…

    2. “I can tell you one thing I don’t see jews cutting of heads and shit”

      Of course you don’t, the jews try to keep their atrocious behavior out the publics eye. Behind closed doors their homosexual, child rappists/murderers/degenerate necrophiliac horse turd eating scum.

      1. yea maybe i don’t really know. I am not a Jew so i need more proof. However i do see a lot of Jews ascend to power. I do see them controlling allot. Maybe segregation is the best way to go. Maybe we need a country with all atheists. So they can live in harmony. Put all Christians in Rome. all Muslims in the middle east, and all Jews back to isreal. Maybe that will solve it. Then when the Jews Come out and try to infiltrate, it will be seen.

  11. When a society cuts loose allot of crazy war ready men onto an unknown civilization and tells them to killkillkill allot can happen. Christians did there share of killing during the crusades, chopping heads off for no reason and burning “50,000” women, some say millions of people burned,and an other ones coming! Illuminati is bathing in virgin boy blood, the celebs are throwing up “ok”(666) signs as fast as they can, Americans openly worship “satan” ‘in god we trust’ and all that on our money, with open pictures of satans image below it. We are being led by an American hating muslim, who’s name in ancient Hebrew dictionarys means “the one cast down from high places like a lighting bolt” which is the exact name Lucifer was given when Jesus saw him cast out of heaven. I’m not a religious person but it seems there are allot of these old prophecy things are coming true!! get ready for more of this shit!

  12. This post is absolute, complete nonsense. TOTALLY UNTRUE. Jews were part of the Bolshevik and Fascist movements at the start to help to find rights and justice, not to harm nor kill. The killings, the cruelty in the Soviet Union were from Lenin and most especially Stalin. Stalin had Zinoviev and Kamenev , both Jewish, murdered. Judaism absolutely would never, ever allow anything even remotely, remotely close to the behaviors you are pretending to be a reality. Do you have some form of mental illness or a psychopath or? This post is really, really, really SICK. Please get some professional help. You need it.

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