Gunshot to the Head Spills Thick Blood

Kiss That Street Good-Bye

Gunshot to the Head Spills Thick Blood

Looks like an intentional execution of a gang member by a rival gang. No second guessing, just a straight up gunshot to the head in the street in broad daylight. Headshots spill some thick blood, don’t they?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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13 thoughts on “Gunshot to the Head Spills Thick Blood”

  1. Yeah, Bud’s campaign slogan could have been “Bud Dwyer – He Gets the Job Done!”. We need more headshot videos for that nasal blood faucet effect. I guess sometimes the heart doesn’t get the memo about the brain being gone.

  2. Thanks for props, Usagi. Glad at least somebody noticed. This was long overdue though. I had meant to fix it a long time ago, just never got around. Then two days ago, I couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d go and fix that darn gallery page. It was pissing me off two that there was no navigation.

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