Hamas Leader Ahmed Al-Jabari Killed by Israeli Terrorists

Hamas Leader Ahmed Al-Jabari Killed by Israeli Terrorists

Terrorist Organization of Israel claimed responsibility for a terrorist attack which killed Ahmed Al-Jabari – leader of Izz al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, an armed wing of Hamas, a group of anti Jew terrorists from Gaza in Palestine.

Zionist terrorists continue with their ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by conducting acts of terrorism on their land, targeting anyone as they please.

Ahmed Al-Jabari was killed in an air strike while driving down a road in a Kia. Several Palestinian civilians were wounded by the attack. May every Zionist pig serve as rat poison in hell’s sewer – a place where they all belong.

First video shows the air strike on the vehicle carrying Ahmed Al-Jabari:

Second video shows graphic aftermath of the attack:

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74 thoughts on “Hamas Leader Ahmed Al-Jabari Killed by Israeli Terrorists”

    1. Well…TO be honest its only crazy to the heart jihadist who yell “ALLIWANT IS SNACKBAR” out loud like if its a language and depending how high or low you pronounce it you create a sentence….these guys are just freaking out like “WHAT THE FUCK MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVE”….

  1. It’s been tit for tat over in that shithole for as long as I can remember, what makes this any different. So they’ll get another brainwashed solder of god to send more missiles and the other god botherers will do the same!

  2. It’d be funny if somebody found one of those “coexist” bumper stickers on the bombed out vehicle. You know the ones with the lettering all made up of the peace & religious symbols? Yeah, those stupid things. Heh heh heh. 😛

      1. He was a terrorist, heading a terrorist organization involved in killing innocent people. Israel had every right to act on Hamas. It is like when America attacked Japan after Pearl Harbor. They attacked a free nation, so the free attacked back. To say that Israel is the terrorist and this Hamas leader was THEIR victim is terrifyingly ignorant. Whatever nation you are from, you would not like some terrorist organization killing your people over minor disagreements such as religion and land. Please realize that innocent people are being killed from both sides and this could have all been avoiding through cooperation from both parties.

        1. Israel has no right to exist. Fuck Israel, their is only Palestine and occupied Palestinian territory, currently known as Israel. All Israelis are on stolen land, they are all thieves, they are all valid targets.

  3. Fact is the evil Muslim ass holes who kill in the name of “god” are just as delusional and violent as there Israeli neighbors are. The reason this fact needs to be stressed more is simply because a large portion of people only get to see the transgressions of violent Muslim, and never those of Israel. This is do to the western medias huge under reporting of one and not the other. As well as the kind of light being shined on the whole cluster fuck of crazy religioun fueled hatred, over the idea of who’s imaginary friend in the sky is real.

  4. I give props to the silly dune coon that shoves a pipe bomb up his ass and splats some heeb blood.. The sand niggers have no choice because there is no way they can fight head up due to all of the toys the Jews have to play with.. Don’t hate congratulate and masterbate b4 a date… Ha

  5. Anyone who says that Israel is to blame for this is ignorant as hell. Israel had been targeted by Hamas missiles for a while and decided to fight back. Hamas is a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION, not a normal army. Israel has every right to fight back against these monsters who use religion as a scapegoat for their killings. Imagine if America hadn’t attacked the Japanese after Pearl Harbor. We had every right to, and so does Israel. Imagine if your country had hostile neighbors and terrorist organizations targeting them on a regular basis. You wouldn’t like that very much, would you? Put yourself in an Israeli’s shoes. They want their freedom to be an independent nation and these Jihad-loving murderers are attempting to slaughter them all of the time. In all honesty, if Hamas and the radical Palestinians (Not the innocent ones) want to see Israeli women and children die by their hands, I have no problem seeing Palestinian women and children die by Israel’s hands. No matter how many innocent people there are in the Middle Eastern Islamic nations, they are nothing but trouble and should be wiped off the map whether it be by conventional bombing and a ground invasion or a nuclear attack. If most if not all nations populated by Christians launched missiles at other countries based on mere disagreements on religion, the Muslims and Jews would want them to be wiped of the map. And Muslims claim to be peaceful…

  6. You seem to know nothing about israel and gazza, just by saying the phrase “israeli terrorists”. This man deserve it! He was the leader of an organization that all of its purpose is to kill israeli civillians with no humanity, to eradicate the “zionist enemy”. The “zionist enemy” who just want to leave in peace in his country of his ancestors, the “zionist enemy” who doesn’t stop to support this silly Gazza strip with money, food, electricity, but they choose to use it for weapons and rockets, instead of education and tourism. This is not occupation, this is just holding of some piece of land that ruled by hate, killing and eradicate anyone who is not muslim.

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