Handcuffed Bodybuilder Executed by Police in El Paso, Texas

Handcuffed Bodybuilder Executed by Police in El Paso, Texas

On March 8, 2013, El Paso, Texas police officer Jose Flores shot and killed handcuffed bodybuilder Daniel Rodrigo Saenz who was in police custody for allegedly assaulting an off-duty police officer and the staff of a medical center where he had been taken due to behaving erratically at a supermarket.

As the CCTV video of his killing shows, Daniel Rodrigo Saenz was dragged by the cop and a civilian escort out of the facility where they straight up executed his ass while his hands were cuffed behind his back. And for that, the murderers got off scot free. There wasn’t even a trial as grand jury declined to charge Jose Flores!

According to police report (LOL), upon being arrested, Daniel Rodrigo Saenz continued to lash out physically against officers, and struck his own head against a door with the “apparent” intent to injure himself.

Thus, in an effort to “protect this obviously disturbed man” from causing harm to himself or anyone else, Jose Flores made the decision to shoot him to death while he was handcuffed.

The case was “investigated” by the El Paso Police Department’s Shooting Review Team and the Texas Rangers who concluded that since earlier attempts to subdue Daniel Rodrigo Saenz, including an attempt to subdue him with a taser failed, the shooting was justified.

The report concludes that Daniel Rodrigo Saenz had demonstrated that he was capable of reversing his handcuffed arms to the front of his body (bullshit! where is the video of it?), which, along with his body-builder strength, made him a serious threat.

Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas stated that Jose Flores drew his handgun because:

Saenz could quickly front his cuffs and turn them into a deadly weapon, given his considerable strength, agility and demonstrated resistance to the Taser … At the same moment Officer Flores draws his weapon, Mr. Saenz pushes off on that curb and, with remarkable strength, sends the civilian escort flying backwards. The civilian escort’s arm then hits the trigger hand of Officer Flores, causing his weapon to discharge.

Yes, the good ole “accidental discharge while pointing a gun at a handcuffed man” routine. As handy today as it’s ever been.

It also like the “handcuffed prisoner was shot dead in an effort to protect him from causing harm to himself” rhetoric. The good ole enforcement of the police’s monopoly on violence: I’m going to kill him so he doesn’t somehow hurt himself.

Or is it that they don’t want anyone to hurt themselves because they want to be the ones to hurt us? It sure looks as though in a cop’s mind, if there’s hurting to be done, they want to be the ones who do it. Don’t anyone dare interfere with their monopoly on violence!

And then there is this precious “Saenz could quickly front his cuffs and turn them into a deadly weapon” argument. What they’re basically arguing is that handcuffs are a deadly weapon! Have you heard it all now? Or was this another case of good ole police entrapment whereby the police provided the prisoner with “a deadly weapon” so they could murder him and get away with it?

Nevermind the fact that they are saying Jose Florens killed the bodybuilder because he allegedly “could quickly front his cuffs and turn them into a deadly weapon”. The use of could implies that the officer’s life was not in immediate danger, just that there was a possibility that it could be in the future.

My conclusion – the real domestic terrorists are the ones who wear badges. From the first angle it’s difficult to see, but the second camera angle is really telling – the civil;ian killer deliberately executed the man. I believe every responsible gun owner would be able to agree with me that:

  • You don’t draw your weapon unless you intend to shoot someone
  • You don’t point your weapon at someone unless you intend to shoot them
  • You don’t put your finger on the trigger unless you intend to discharge

The “flailing arm hit my trigger finger” line is bullshit. He drew, aimed and placed his finger on the trigger with the intent to shoot that man.

Yet the grand jury looked for every possible reason not to indict this murderer. Since this (juries clearing civilian killers of wrongdoing or failing to indict) keeps happening more and more often, I’m willing to bet the jury felt intimidated knowing the cops know who each and every one of them are. We truly may need the likes of ISIS to come to our lands and show us how to regain our honor and dignity and free ourselves from tyranny we fail to even acknowledge. None of us should want to live in a country where cops like this walk free and the justice system protects them.

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          1. Is hanabi for fucking real? Because he was a criminal? We know he is but did what he do warrant being murdered? Taze him , hit him over the head but to shoot him while he cant even defend himself is the pussyest thing that you could do.
            This shitbag has hid behind the badge he so proudly wears on his chest because he knew he could , shoot now , invent my excuse later , that’s how it works , end of

  1. This is an execution that could have definitely been prevented by placing this prisoner in a restraint chair. If he was that out of control they should never have removed him from that secure facility. They should of put him in 4 point restraints on a cot and sedated him to calm him down. Tragic that mental illness is a death sentence when you are confronted by untrained or malicious police officers.

    1. I agree. Looked like he was having a psychotic episode and they got trigger happy. That poor man. πŸ™
      And am I wrong or is it only skinny flexible people that can move the cuffs to the front?

      1. That I don’t know flexibility might be an issue if your arms and legs were really big but if he was big enough he could probably break the cuffs. Being a body builder and mentally unstable doesn’t sound like somebody you would want to mess around with. But I still think the first of many mistakes was removing him from that building to begin with. As scary as that dude might have been they took the job knowing there could be “days like these” they failed that man and the public they swore to protect.

        1. please, “Swore to Protect”
          there is little difference between the cops and the crooks. Neither side is looking to protect me. At least the criminals don’t swear that sick oath.
          should be changed to “stop resisting”

    2. Have to agree with everything Acneska and @rayf are saying. It also seems to me that two shots were fired – the “accidental one” then a second one where clearly the guy in tan was not even close to the cops gun. Maybe he missed and wanted a second try? Sick egotistical cop killing someone clearly having a psychotic episode.

          1. I get all your points but the bottom line is the cop us allowed to defend himself. Pussy yeah perhaps but if a fucking taser wouldn’t work I doubt a baton would either so bottom line is he chose to use lethal force to defend himself. He should have just put it as it was instead to saying accident. Think about it, aren’t black belts and such considered lethal weapons and charged as such if they use it on someone? I’d say hulk man kind of falls into this category.

          2. I can’t believe how many people those American cops kill!!! It’s incredible to think so many people die at the hands of these completely incompetent amateurs. I really have lost count of the amount of civilians killed by the most dangerous gang in the land, I’ve seen here on BG!
            Nearly as bad as that dude that was shot in the back by the gang from 25 metres away, as ran onto
            the beach. Unbelievable!

          3. @realitycheck – there were still options. They had him on his back and down, that was when the killer cop decided to let go so he could get his gun out leaving the other guys to try to hold body builder down on his own. Why do that? Both could have continued to hold suspect down will waiting for backup.

            My husband was a natural body builder and continues to lift, he’s also 2nd degree judo black belt and 1st degree karate black belt. Even with his flexibility, there is no way a heavily muscular man could slip his cuffs when they are on correctly – their muscular arms are just too big. Just my opinion.

            Besides US cops are the worst killers in the developed democratic countries and seem to get away with it because of intimidation.

          4. @realitycheck07 I get what your saying about they have a right to defend themselves, but he was not attacking them he was trying to flee, also they knew he was combative because they drug him out of that building like you would drag a dog outside that was throwing up or shitting on the floor. A person with all his faculties would be expected to cooperate with the process this guy clearly was not in his right mind. Something stinks about this entire set up this happened outside of 2 roll up doors, to me that means put him in the transport vehicle inside the building with the doors in the closed position. Almost like they drug him outside to purposely execute him.

    3. Are you serious? This type of behavior is now part of their training. The shoot first policy has been around now for quite sometime. Look up the instructor who quit because he refused to teach that type of policy. Cops nowadays are made up of returning vets. They have the mindset of war and nothing at all about ‘protect and serve”. To them we are the same people they were slaughtering in middle east.

    1. I agree. But if that was you, and you had a life long dream to kill as a police officer, and they stick you in a prison where there is NO ability to do what he did, Hypothetically if that was you would you of done the same? And this goes for all of the police brutality and murders i see on this site. I think if i knew i had a Captain and Government that would back me, i wouldn’t worry about a victims family until it was mine. But quite obviously that is not the case with me if you were to meet me. I like the (people) people.

  2. What kind of “man” needs to pull out his firearm on another man who is handcuffed? Haven’t these ZOPS ever been in a fight. They could of punched him, chocked him, pepper sprayed him. All they really had to do was get that guy in a choke hold and drag him to his cell. This is what happens when you allow pussies or women to be ZOPS. They can’t fight, so they have to pull out a weapon to deal with a man. Only tough men should be allowed to be ZOPS. Maybe they should only hire former bar bouncers who know how to handle someone without a weapon. That ZOP was a big fucking pussy!

    1. The background story seems awfull familiar to an awesome video i saw on youtube of a bouncer beating the living hell out of a nosy off duty pig.
      Anyways, i bet ya a freemason judge made sure he got off clean… New world order ZOPS

  3. Fucking murderers! How much evidence is need before scum like this are finally brought to justice? How many more people will die at the hands of trigger happy cops? How many times do we have to see people killed on cold blood before something is FUCKING done??? Time and time again we watch and yet still these assholes get away with it. What kind of lawyers are these people appointed which can’t clearly show that murder has taken place? It’s one of the biggest miscarries of justice in this world which is repeatedly happening over and over again!!

    1. They don’t let the defendant’s lawyer say anything in the grand jury indictment. They hear testimony only and if the prosecutor isn’t really interested in bringing the case to trial, he won’t even make an effort. Besides, most prosecutors don’t want to prosecute cops.

    2. Unfortunately , the whole damned system is corrupt to the core . For these incidents to keep occurring , the hierarchy really must be dirty , corrupt scum bags .

      As we’ve seen @Judge , the public have been hoodwinked and indoctrinated to such an extent, that any jury will side with the cops . Plus ,they , as Ate mentioned , are shit scared for their own safety .

      A truly sad state of affairs .

  4. You know , whats funny is I was in that jail , its called the A.N.E.X dont ask me why I don’t know what it stands for even though I did time there. What I also dony know is why this happened the way it did. First of all they dont send you to the anex until you’re detained in the el paso county jail . Im sure there is an over population in the system , anyway , this is so weird , okay so he might of pissed the deputy and the officer very much , its kinda fucked up that if you have a badge you can do whatever you want. Fuck the police ,this is from a human piont of view not a ex felon ( laugh out loud) god bless this country.

  5. So it looks like this…

    The officers already tased the guy 5 times earlier with not much effect so instead of reaching for the taser the officer reached for his weapon.

    The other prison guard allegedly knocked the officers hand and that made him accidentally fire his weapon into the mans shoulder which went straight through him and killed him. (Seems convenient)

    Also the guy was on bath salts, that’s why he was going crazy!!

    1. I think it happened more like:
      Cop1: “Oh, hes twitching alot…”
      Cop2: “That means he’s resisting mah authorithah!”
      Cop1: “Shoot him to calm him down.”
      *Gun fires*
      Cop1: “…not with that gun, idiot…”
      Cop2: “…oops… he’s not moving anymore. What do we do now?”
      Cop1: “Dont worry, we’re cops! We wont get punished for this.”

      ‘Muricah! Fuck yeah!

  6. Its why a lot of this country looks down its nose at the hillbillies that live in Texass. The body builder was on a roid rage. All they really needed to do was put more than one set of hand cuffs and ankle cuffs and make him sit it out until the roids wear off. Leave it to Texas, they could fuck up a wet dream.

    1. Nah, they would have just called in more of their buddies to beat him to death…i mean, protect him.

      Their first fucking rule: protect life.

      Guns are not the issue here, @ewe. panicky police with poor training are. a cop needs an entire 10+1 mag to take down one (oftentimes unarmed) suspect. a tried-and-true redneck who’s been hunting since he was 8 could take down five targets with five rounds.

      1. I see your point obs . If a guy / gal ,who has hunted all their life and is therefore a pretty darn good shot ,
        can hit a particular target . How come the cops can’t shoot to disable … ie in the perps leg or something !?.

        They obviously find killing the easiest option , bearing in mind the top brass will excuse them come what may .

        Sick as fuck .

          1. Oooof , now that would hurt a lot . I dislocated my right patella while playing football , and that was that as they say . It pops out unannounced too … Yelp , every now and then .

  7. You beat me to it, I was gonna make a roid rage joke. Anyway, these fucking cops though!! Like a cartel, only it’s sanctioned. I saw nothing in that video that warranted that stoopid ass cop to pull his sidearm and pop one through his heart…damn, roid rage sure did bleed out quick. Hopefully the family of this murder victim gets justice at least in civil court, and hopefully lady karma pays that puerco a quick and painful visit

  8. We see this again. I think it’s part of your US culture that allows this to happen. A lot of Us cops once they’ve passed their training just feed themselves with donuts and get fat. How are they supposed to chase or take someone down. They are in danger of having a heart attack themselves, so they just shoot.. I’m sorry, but I think you Americancs have to shoulder some of the blame yourselves for allowing this to happen.

    1. Aye… their report describing the situation will probably mention that the victim was “resisting authority”, “acting violent”, “they shot him in self-defense” (dispist him being handcuffed, but it doesnt matter because they’re cops!), and “disrespecting their uniforms by pouring blood on it”… Oh wait, thats their fault… but its the victim’s blood. Hmm… Oh, they can blame the victim for that too!

      1. Yeah yeah.. but they shot him ended up killing him??? Think that they already knew what this guy is capable of.. they could have brought stun gun or tranquilizer.. a duct tape or rope to cover his entire body.. lol

        1. Its in their nature, they dont do it as a “preventive measure”. They love to kill “bad guys”, since thats what they signed up for when they joined the police in the first place, so they use little situations as this to “vent off” their stress and give their guns something to shoot.

          1. Yeah.. and i heard newly graduate police officers are way too excited to use their service fire arms.. trigger happy piece of shit.. but i believe not all police are like that..

          2. Haha… atleast they are kind enough to give you options.. die slowly by beating your ass to death.. or die fast being their live target while practicing their shooting skills.. πŸ™‚ haha

      1. Haha , right dre . You know how David Beckham named his kid Brooklyn because he was conceived there ? , well , it wouldn’t have been fair to name my youngest Park Bench …., doesn’t quite have the same ring to it !! πŸ˜€

  9. Got to admit, no matter what he did to get there (the big mother fucker) this situation appears to be a rookie dealing with a hardened fella, his supervisors should be held accountable as well. So many thing could have prevented this.

  10. Yes it all could have been prevented by him not acting up in the supermarket. I mean I’m sure he didn’t call the cops on himself in the first place. He did something to end up there,

  11. There is video of a cop shooting a black guy that was handcuffed in a subway station. They made a movie about it. The cops excuse was that he thought he had grabbed his stun gun and grabbed his 9 mm instead. Anyone can panic when your dealing with someone who is fighting and swearing at them. Even cops. I have been handcuffed by the police and they never did anything mean to me. I have been in a few situations where cops would have got away with shooting me, if I had been an asshole. If you handcuffed by the police, try being polite. Save the battle for when you go to court. Let your lawyer talk shit to the people who have guns. Then you will live to talk about them on Bestgore.

  12. law is not justice. scumbags wearing uniforms… they only follow orders.. like nazis in WWII. Retarded… he should be enclosed in prision for being a coward sadistic. he-s dangerous like the one he killed… only more lucky but still dangerous as a forocious rabid dog. cut he-s balls and let him be

  13. I was wondering if this would post on Bestgore when I saw it on the local news the other day. This is another example of the cops not being trained properly on how to handle the mentally ill. This happens all the time in this area of the country. Cops just shoot you dead if you don’t cooperate. The homeless guy in Albuquerque comes to mind. It has gotten so bad here that people are afraid to call the police for help. Last year a deputy shot and killed an old man with dementia when his family called them for help.

  14. I dont beleive in mental illness, theres just the mental state that normal people reach when treated like they are in Western society without the release vent of rebellion or revolution. Its the people that are content and happy with the police state that worry me.

    He was clearly quite sane, he saw himself as a superior force and wanted to express himself and his anger but he was stymed by a beurocratic process that allowed inferiors with guns to better him and push him around.

    This is not alot different to wardens shooting tigers that are sick of mans impact in the real world.

    I didnt watch the video I admit, as I know it would make me was to get angry and im trying to keep calm as im getting old and cant afford to be in a rage all the time these days.

    At least England have pretty much lost the World Cup, that cheered me up. Million pound players beaten by players that earn probably a normal wage, like most people, I guess. Did the ISIS have a team in the World Cup?

  15. Finally my home town born and raised finally has a vid here. So now I got a kill in elpaso tx. But now I need one In bordentown nj since sadly I live here now. C’mon drugged up junkie get enraged at a local mcdonalds and get shot by a boy in blue and someone film it preferably me!!

  16. Awwee, he’s a sagger…. πŸ™ He wanted some hot beef in his oven, didn’t have his way and then started throwing a ballistic shit fit. They took him to the ground, he thought he was gonna get lucky, but then nothing did and he started kicking out of rage. They showed mercy for putting him out of his misery, one less degenerate thug to worry about!

  17. Mr. Flores’ career is over because, I’m sure that the lawyer representing the Saenz’s has seen this, and will gladly show it to the jurors at Flores’ trial.
    A tazer, or pepper spray, may have been more in order here.
    Flores, you’ll be lucky to ever get another job, much less law enforcement. If you go to prison, your dance card will surely be full, when general population finds out you were a cop, at one time. Have fun, you fucking asshole!

  18. These videos serve as a constant reminder why I never finished my criminal justice degree. The “thin blue line” no longer represents courage, but cowardice. The “thin blue line” now represents a line no officer crosses unless to tattle on another officer. When officers rat on other cowards, the whistle-blowers are OOOOFTEN punished. Welcome to America, executed until proven guilty.

  19. “Law enforcement” has rapidly become nothing more than a gang of bloodlusting pussies. Until we all start shooting back well within our rights against tyrannical rule, it will only get worse. It is at that point NOW! It is not only the cops but the cowards who fail to indict,prosecute and execute these cowardly fucks. It is surreal to me that people have become so brainwashed and robotic that they literally can’t see the storm approaching.

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