Head Exploding Rifle Executions of Females in China

Head Exploding Rifle Executions of Females in China

The pictures of three teenage girls who were executed in China on suspicion of murder (thanks Yin for translation) belonged together so I posted them separately. These pictures are also of (mostly) females executed in China by a rifle shot to the head, but they are from a different event(s) so they have their own post.

The best timed shot is the one that was captured just at the moment the bullet was fired and depicts exploding skull with brain matter flying, however the shot is a bit blurry so slight imagination is required to understand what is going on. Perhaps Yin can help us again with Chinese to English translation so we know what these girls were convicted of.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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15 thoughts on “Head Exploding Rifle Executions of Females in China”

  1. Main photo, (and #4 in the group), nice chunk of brain matter flying from her head, caught in mid-air in photo… EXCELLENT. and the black and white photo, photo taken at the precise moment the head explodes. VERY NICE.

  2. Yin, did you live any part of your life in China? If so, could you confirm they could really be murderers despite being so young? Or is it possible they were just accused of murder and executed because some higher official didn’t like them (perhaps got refused by them)? I’m asking because some of those girls seem really young to be murderers, but I don’t know how it really goes in China.

  3. yes and no.
    I’m chinese but I do not live in the mainland,i live in hong kong (go to wiki if you still can get it)
    officials are VERY corrupt in the mainland.

    maybe they killed their scum fathers or pimps who left them no choice. women in rural region have no stand at all.

  4. Is it really necessary to blow half their heads off? Why can’t they just tie them to a post like most executions are done? What is the purpose? So the families can’t see them, they can’t have one last look at them? It’s sick. Chinese officials are cold, bloodthirsty, compassionless sob’s. I would like to think that the chinese people aren’t that way but I don’t know. I dare say that many of those executed are probably innocent, not given a fair trial, unjustly executed. But then again, China has always been a barbaric society where human life is cheap, means nothing.

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