Hitman of Rival Narco Cartel is Executed with Two Shots in Mexico

Hitman of Rival Narco Cartel is Executed with Two Shots in Mexico

This video had great potential, but both the cameraman and the shooter put forth the concerted effort to fuck it up and fuck it up they did. Big time.

The video from Mexico shows an execution of a rival narco cartel hitman. The alleged hitman is seated in a chair and is made to hold aa green sign with a narcomensaje, which is difficult to read. Then as the execution is about to take place, the shooter pistol whips the hitman, causing him to fall off the chair, and then apparently shoots him twice, but you can hardly hear the shots, and much of it also happens off or near the edge of the camera’s field of view, making it one fucked up recording of what could have been a decent execution.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. And also : the paper is kinda hard to read but I was only able to interpret the following “this is what’s going to happen to all who work for Miguel Alvarez “. There’s more to it but that’s all I was able to understand , it was bad handwriting, and the glare on the paper was bad

  2. I never really understand why the Beaners AND the towelheads just sit there before they get executed. I would at least be trying to crush the nuts of one of the executioners with a swift kick before they killed me.


    The green sign that the man is holding reads as follows:
    “This is what’s going to happen to everyone who supports Mario Alvarez Espinoza, “El Metro” and their gang of Tecatos (a slang term for Cholos who are addicted to drugs, in this case it can also be used as an insult referring to “Low Lives”). In this Plaza there are no Kidnappings, no robberies, no extortionists.
    Sign: The NFM
    (There’s some text at the bottom of the banner that i cannot make out, i apologize)

    *The hitman then proceeds to hit the narco with the butt of the pistol and execute him*


    There’s also a phonecall going on with the Hitman and some unidentified man, presumably the boss of the Hitman, given the tone of the call and some of the words they exchange.

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