Horehronsky Ripper and the Last Execution in Czechoslovakia

Horehronsky Ripper and the Last Execution in Czechoslovakia

At first sight he was a normal type of man. He had a wife and two daughters – one 6 and one 4 year old. His name was Štefan Svitek but he is better known in his homeland of Slovakia as Horehronsky Rozparovac, which translated to English as The Ripper of Horehronie, or The Horehronsky Ripper. Horehronie, and from it derived adjective Horehronsky is a name of a region in Central Slovakia, encompassing the upper River Hron and surrounding the Low Tatra Mountains.

On October 30, 1987 Štefan Svitek brutally murdered his pregnant wife and their two children. When his wife was dead, he ripped the unborn child out of her belly and cut it up with a disposable safety razor. He then proceeded to disembowel his daughters and threw their internal organs around the room, before sexually violating their wee, naked bodies.

For his exceptionally brutal murder, the Czechoslovakian court of law sentenced him to death by hanging. He was the last person to be executed in then communist Czechoslovakia, mere months before the Velvet Revolution ended the communist rule and abolished the death penalty.

Best Gore member Martin101 who provided me with the video which contains authentic crime scene images of this murder case was also kind enough to translate the narration of the video. The video is 25 minutes long and touches on all the details of the Horehronsky Ripper’s escape and eventual turn in so not all of it is translated, only the description of the murder as it exists in the police file:

On October 31, 1987 at around 8:40am, married couple Božena and Ivan Pokoš forcefully opened the front door to the residence on #9 Stromová Street in Brezno, Slovakia and found themselves at the scene of a brutal massacre.

There was blood on the door. Next to a chair which lay on a two colored carpet lay a hiking boot, also sprinkled with blood. There was a doll without legs and children clothes in the kitchen sink. Next to the kitchen cabinet lay green pants stained with blood.

Under a coffee table and next to a broken bench was a body of a child laid on her back. Her legs were pointed towards the doorway, her right arm was bent across the chest and her left arm stretched away from the body. Her internal organs lay at her right foot. Her entire torso is cut open and her head bears a sign of severe trauma.

Male underwear sprinkled with dried blood covers the coffee table. To the left of the stove is another dead body of a female child. She is laid on her back, her legs point toward the kitchen cabinet. Her head bears a sign of severe trauma. There is a one human heart by her right foot and another one under her armpit. Next to it are human lungs and a kidney with a ribbon tied around it.

38 cm from the girl’s foot lies a body of a male unborn child. The fetus is cut lengthwise. Next to the fetus is a big hammer, next to it is a male hiking boot. Next to the boot is a severed female breast.

A door on the opposite wall marks an entrance to the second room. The door is stained with blood. There is a bed with a blanket behind the door. The two pillows which lay on the bed are stained with blood and human intestines.

Piece of human liver lies on the floor, about 28cm from the bed. Also on the floor, next to a TV stand is a human lung. To the left of the window there are two chairs. The one on the left is covered with human tissue.

There is a female corpse on the floor between the bed and the chairs. Her legs are bent, arms wide open. Her head bears signs of severe trauma – the brain is removed, the eyes are removed, all internal organs have been removed too. Her genitalia have been cut off. Her body parts are spread about the room. The floor is covered with blood. The intestinal content is spilled across the bed.

After the description of the crime scene, the criminal investigation file contained the description of the events which lead to the murder:

On October 30, 1987 at around 10am, Štefan Svitek met up with Jozef Nováček to help him gather dry wood from the forest named Vagnar as fuel for winter. They were joined by Pavol Kolesár later in the evening. For their help, Jozef Nováček paid them with bottles of homemade wine.

After finishing the wine they earned earlier, the two then went to the restaurant name “Pod Zeleným Stromom” (Under a Green Tree) where they continued drinking. At around 9pm they moved to a hotel named “Hron” where they drank some more before going home.

Štefan Svitek was so drunk he could not walk and ended up having to spend an hour sitting on a bench. After an hour long breather, he resumed his drunken walk home which he reached just before 11pm. He entered his home but neither his wife, who was 4 months pregnant at the time, nor either of his two daughters – one 4 and one 6 year old were there. So he went to check the nearby summertime cabin.

He knocked on the door. His wife – Mária Sviteková came out and told him to go back wherever I had been whole evening and locked the door. He went to the shed and picked up an axe which he used it to break in.

He found his wife laying together with their daughters on the same bed. He was upset because she locked the door and hit her in the head with the axe. It disturbed the girls so he axed them too. First the one nearer to the wife, then the other one. He kept hitting and hitting. At one point he thought he heard his wife make wheezing sounds, so he hit her some more. He could not recall how many times he struck each of them.

He then noticed kitchen knife on a table. He took it and proceeded to disembowel the bodies. First he disrobed his wife and cut her torso open from her vagina up to her neck. By doing that, he also accidentally cut his own hand.

With her belly ripped open, he started to pull all of her internal organs out and just threw them around. He had no recollection of whether he cut the fetus while he was cutting up his wife or whether he cut it up after he pulled it out of her womb. Then he cut off her breasts.

As he carried out the disembowelment, he experienced sexual arousal and relieved himself by violating his wife’s corpse. After he was done, he put bodies of his daughters in a sack and left. But soon after he felt aroused again, so he returned to the cabin, pulled the bodies of his daughters out of the sack and sexually violated them too. Traces of his ejaculate were found in both on them. He then played with the little girl’s genitalia by forcing his fingers inside.

Our translation stops at the 10:08 minute mark of the video. The file of the events which followed continues, but I’m not gonna bore you with it all. Eventually, the Horehronsky Ripper tried to cut off his testes and commit suicide, but failed at it twice. Once sobered up, he approached the first police car he could find and turned himself in.

His whole life prior to this murder had been a life of crime. He started by torturing animals when he was just 10 years old. When he was 15, he committed his first real crime by burglarizing a house he had broken into. As a 16 year old, he repeatedly raped and abused a 40 year old mentally challenged woman. At that age he was first imprisoned. Shortly after his release, he assaulted an elderly woman whom he beat up bloody.

By the time he committed the triple murder for which he was eventually sentenced to death – he was 27 at the time – he had spent combined 8 and a half years in prison, with never longer than 6 month to a year out of it at a time.

Mária Sviteková married him because he made her pregnant. Even with his child, she should have known better, though. After his hanging, Czechoslovakia (presently split into two sovereign nations of Czech Republic and Slovakia) abolished the death sentence. I’m pretty sure, though that when it comes to people like this Horehronsky Ripper right here, the former communist government was more than right to sentence him to death. The death sentence may seem like some form of medieval punishment, but there would simply be nothing more suitable for someone who commits crime like the Horehronsky Ripper did.

Many thanks to Martin101 for the pics, video and translation of this brutal murder case. Only on Best Gore. At least until such time when it is stolen from here:

Gallery of crime scene photos. The Horehronsky Ripper was sentenced to death by the court of Banska Bystrica and executed on June 8, 1989 in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. you learn something new everyday I did not know Czechoslovakia got split into two sovereign nations of Czech Republic and Slovakia.. just told my friend the story about this and she’s like crying lol

  1. What the fuck!??? What would make someone do shit like this?
    Oh wait, I know. The fact that we can put a man on the moon but not create a battery for a “smart” phone that doesn’t die within 3 fucking hours!!! That shit will make you go postal.
    But for serious. What a dick. I’m glad he was executed.

      1. Seriously dude. It’s almost devastating to even just think about that shit. A lot of my buddies have children and just holding them when theyre newborns or playing with them when they’re learning to walk gives you a sense of obligation to look out for them and to protect them. But I guess some shit heads out there arent man enough to deal with their problems any other way than raping and killing their own family.

        1. this shit happens everyday around the world and there’s even worst shit going on right now as we type this you must be new here? welcome to planet earth bro enjoy your stay 😐

          1. That’s for sure. This world is a fucked up place and I hope I don’t have an extended visit. haha.
            I’ve been fully aware of people’s shittiness for a long time. But when I first became intrigued with gore photos a couple years ago is when it starts to hit home.

    1. I think we should vote in a new law. For mother fuckers like this, life in jail or even death penalties are pointless! The new law should state that sickos like this tard should be handed over to the cartel to do what they wish. We as tax payers would pay them money for the service. Small price to pay in my oppinion. To housed this moron will cost us 100 times more. How brutal the crime, the cartel have to keep them alive and suffer for a certain amount of time. Just like a normal sentence except it’s bestgore’s way. Mother fukers like this don’t deserve to die a quick death, at the same time costing us tax payers money. We wonder why people go back to there ways after jail, because it’s too easy. This new law would make them think twise. I know I would!

  2. I couldn’t help but notice at the beginning of the second part of the translation it starts off saying – “On October 30, 2012 at around 10am…”
    So this is a video from the future Mark?!
    Sorry ~ my wise ass made me do it!

  3. Glad he was put to death, if he’d have been Canadian, he would have gotten off with the “too drunk to know better” defense. What kind of a pig would do this? Killing and screwing any child is the most depraved and disgusting acts I’ve heard of in my life. I hope there is a special spot in hell for vermin like this. It’s where they belong for eternity.

      1. Horrible horrible death scene. This is one of the saddest and worst I have seen. I could give two flying fucks about a cartel member getting their heads chopped off because they more than likely killed someone before but when it’s a child it’s so chilling and sad…..

          1. Tom, you always have something nice,or logical to say. Some of the things I see in this world, on this site, leave me near speechless(hence my one or two word comments)which aren’t meant to be sarcastic, or cheesy, but as I said, some things are just too horrible for words, some are very odd, like the woman vs train, I actually was kind of annoyed at that one. Who is that stupid to try and jump on a moving train( watched it once,so im not positive)but didn’t she have a purse or bag in her hand? That has to be the stupidest move I’ve seen in awhile. On the trains here, the underground trains, I don’t even go near the tracks until the train has made a full stop, and I hold my sons’ hand so tight it’s probably lost all circulation*joking,of course, but I do hold him by the arm,quite firmly until the train has stopped. We have had some incidents of people getting pushed, randomly for no apparent reason. So for this woman to challenge a moving train, well, colossally stupid idea.

          2. Lisa. Thanks for your kind words…

            But I ain’t no Angel.

            I am a stereotypical ‘Fleshy Virus’ like person. Being a Tribal, racist, intolerant, hypocritical control freak that wouldn’t give a second’s thought about killing a hundred of another person’s team before I let a single one of my lads die.

            Some would say that these are bad character traits…

            I think that we should embrace the destructive sides of our nature… In the hopes that we can strengthen the bonds of unity between us Whites. The way nature intended us to be.

            I am an unrepentant Fascist… But I am no thug. I value friendship and am loyal to the people that give me loyalty.

            Ah I am rambling… Slightly drunk.

            Lisa. Don’t worry about the one or two word comments… Your comments are valued as being informative and sensible.

  4. what did he tell his family in the afterlife? bible says fv will be brought back for final judgement. this guy should just stay gone. his family deserves life in the new earthly paradise if that ever happens. i have my doubts. thats what jehovah witnesses say anyway. an earthly paradise is coming. believe it when i see it.

    1. Judgement day is the day you die and realize that there is nothing after this.

      The truth will stand there on his flip flips, pointing at you and says HA HA!
      And then all lights go off…and you float into endless nothing…….

      1. yes there is nothing when you die but i do believe in a promised resurrection. that is my faith. however you will not be aware of this as you are nothing and the passage of time will mean nothing to you anymore. if God is a delusion then it does not matter anyway as you will still be nothing. this physical world has always been crap. in reality the sooner we leave it the better but everyone is afraid to die. that is God’s punishment to man. the eternal and ever present fear of his own death with not a damn thing he can do about it.

        1. I personally do not fear death itself.
          I think I fear the fact that my being disappears.
          The thought of not being able to think or feel freaks me out more that death itself.
          The knowledge that when death takes you, you will be nothing more than a memory for other people…not being able to be yourself any more.

          A soul is untouchable. Does it live on? Does it become energy, forever floating in the universe?
          Is the soul able to think after getting disconnected from the body?
          Is it able to connect with other souls?
          Do we have souls?????
          We call it a soul, but who says that a soul can be unconnected from the body?
          Make our brains think we have a souls?
          What is a soul without a brain, are those two connected?
          Way to many questions that are unanswered until you die and find out yourself.
          Shame it is to late to let anyone else know by then.

          I am actually dying to find out what happens after life.
          Just not in a hurry to get there. 🙂

  5. No, I wasn’t implying that YOU are a kook Jesus.

    It’s those lurkers that never say a word.
    It’s the quiet ones you gotta worry about.

    Yeah, by the time my comment posted Mark had noticed the error.
    Mark being the wizard he is I wouldn’t be surprised if he DID get a video from the future 🙂

    All Hail Our Leader!

    In the voice of Homer Simpson sung to the tune of Batman (the tv version)…

    Na na na na na na na na Leader
    Na na na na na na na na Leader
    Leader, Leader, Leader.

    Damn, I gotta get some sleep!

      1. About which part hun…

        This was a reply to a comment Jesus had made but it somehow disappeared.
        Jesus asked me where I was at and I told him I was stopping my info at my city of residence because ‘their are kooks on the internet ya know”.

        The rest ~ well, you gotta be a Simpsons fan.

      1. You have a nice voice, but who wrote the song, lol? I didn’t hear it all, but yes, you do have a nice voice. Thought I’d just toss that in there. Is you’re nickname pronounced Hezeus or Jesus? Just wondering.

    1. @PBF(sorry,but your nic is too long to type,so hope you don’t mind me shortening it) Yessss, I totally agree, I wish the video would have shown the bastard being hung. I would have loved to see satan hussein being hung too. Fuck, I got an imaginary erection, with my big imaginary pecker when I saw the pictures of him on the gurney with that big black mark from the rope around his neck. Damn, somewhere there has to be some photos of it. I fucking adore retributive justice!!!!

  6. The signs were all there, from torturing animals at 10, to eventually committing other crimes against women, (mentally challenged & an elderly woman) to killing his wife, unborn son, and 4 & 6 yr old daughters. His photo is chilling…if eyes are the window to the soul, he doesnt have one. Death by hanging at 27 yrs old was too good for him.I don’t believe it had anything to do with being drunk, thats an excuse. He was a monster, what he did to his family is inhuman. May they R.I.P.

  7. How can you be so “drunk” to the point where you loose all your senses and kill your family , rape your own children, cut them open play with their innards, not to mention the unborn baby who was ripped out of the womb.? Sounds like another “bath salts” case. I wouldnt even think that possible. Usually the family is spared, and outsiders are the victems of the crime. so sad. innocent lives. good thing he is dead.

    1. I agree with that @baq, I drink alcohol and I love it but I would never could ever do anything like that even though it crosses my and youre mind also and if you say murder or homicide doesn’t cross your mind at one time or another I would straight up call you a liar.

        1. I got you, I believe if you’ve lived long enough, the thought of knocking someone off(not randomly,I’m speaking about the assholes of the world) has occurred to everybody. If you’re drunk or not @lunatic, it makes sense. But what this guy did, man that’s just plain fucked up. I can look at that kind of stuff, but to fiddle around with guts, yuck. I have trouble battering fish. LOL. He could not have had any feeling in his body for those kids, or his wife, moreover, he was full of hatred. People say hell is like being ripped apart over and over and over, I hope for this once upon a time, waste of space and oxygen, this is the case for him.

        2. When I’m drunk I go through different stages.
          1. The loud/dancing idiot that eats till he vomits, 2.Horny sex obsessed
          3.Romantic love obsessed
          5.Crying/making up things to be sad about
          6.Irritated/coming down
          When I’m on X I just end up dancing & eating crackers for 6 hours, Afterwards my Abilify can’t handle me and my mental fagginess takes over.
          So Murder/Rape is way out of my league, This guy was insane.

    1. Over the past few days I’ve noticed a depressing tone coming from her, she has mentioned she got some bad news, etc… Gun violence has touched her life, as far as I can tell, she seems very down in the dumps. I don’t know if I’m speaking out of turn, but I myself am concerned about the young lady. I know this is a gore site, but all the same, we get to kinda know one another on this site. I truly hope she feels better soon. That’s all I can say. It’s not like I can contact her.

      1. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, i feel the need to chattter which is why I comment bomb a lot. Lots going on. My meds aren’t working.

        Disregard me please. Talk about the post, the topic please.

        Its fine. Its fine. I promise.

        To add to the topic, no drunk commits this crime.

        1. @Nicole; Firstly, let me clear something up, at least from me, it is apparent, that you like to chatter, SO WHAT?!?! A comment section, is meant for chatter, and you have not done or said anything that goes beyond the boundary of normal adult conversations. Second, we are all adults here, if a thread gets hijacked and people begin discussing things that are off topic, and I’m not interested in, I scroll down to the next column, and look at that one, until I find one that is interesting. It is up to the people on this site to have the same courtesy, and not get all worked up over someone elses’ conversation. Thirdly and I believe most importantly, you’ve got a great body. I’ve never been offended by you posting sexy pictures of yourself. You are young,beautiful, and very attractive, and I wish my body still looked that way. Anyone who has anything to say about that, is either jealous, or envious of what they have too much of or not enough of. I am no lesbian, let’s clear that up right off the hop. But if I was a guy, I’d find you hot. The only time I get frustrated is if I’m trying to post something and a couple of people start going at it, attacking one another, as it adds to the problems that Mark has been having with this site, too many people posting,at the same time, and bullshit talk. So I just go visit elsewhere and check out some things I’ve not seen yet. Anyhow. I hope you don’t take anything anyone says personally. Some people troll sites just to find a weakness in someone, and they go for the jugular. At first I used to be hurt when this happened, then I learned that their thrill is to get me angry or hurt, I still have to be reminded sometimes, after using the computer for years. But you should post whatever profile you choose, I’d rather see that kind than some of the other ones I have seen. Anyhow, if you want to chat, send me an email, and we can chatter somewhere else, privately. [email protected]. I hope in the meantime, you feel better. I am the eternal optimist, but I can relate to the diagnosis. And you are right, you know the old saying; “Drunken words, are sober thoughts”, this rings true. We do, actually, in our bleeding heart society in Canada, have a too drunk defense. BULLSHIT. So is criminally insane, CRAP. Some old flaccid, drunken, maggot raped a woman in her sixties, he used that as his defense. He was found not guilty by reason he was too drunk to know what he was doing. I would like to see judges who let these pieces of white inbred trailer trash shit, get sodomized by a filthy drunken pig, and then watch the rapist go free. But it’ll never happen, not in Canada. The death penalty was quashed back in 1972, because of the wrongfully convicted people getting killed, but nowadays, with all the advances in science, and DNA testing, we should seriously think about re-instating it. Have a better day, dear. (Lisa)

          1. @Daweeka-not only are you a cute lady but youre a fuckin sweetheart.
            @Nicole-im pretty sure i speak for anyone on here when i say we’ve all got your back if you ever need it.
            You can make it through this shit. Dont let a diagnosis rule your life. It’ll make you feel like giving up and succumbing to a certain condition. But it doesnt have to. Ive been through some rough stuff myself and i made it to the other side:)
            You got this shit on lockdown!

        2. Sweet Nicole….

          I think just the fact that we are women we are pre-disposed to mucho chatter.
          I personally love reading your posts. you have made me laugh so hard I have had to change my underwear -good thing hun.
          As Tom said many posts ago… it’s likely A LOT of us here deal with mental illness – you just have the balls to talk about it here.
          I too have had my share of depression and anxiety.
          On Friday the 13th past I decided to go off my meds – it was the best decision I had ever made – but, it has also made me very chatty as some may have noticed.

          I also feel I owe you an apology Nicole.
          When I got into the discussion with Razor regarding avatars and nudity I just did not understand your point of view.
          Whatever me or anyone else thinks here, it’s your gorgeous body to do with as you please.
          I guess I am just old fashioned about the subject.

          Long story short Nicole – don’t let my ignorance or anyone else’s drive you away.

          We love you and support you.

          You’ll be fine – be good to you hun.

          1. @Fiend- It is fine, no worries at anyone.

            I have my views as others have theirs. I just don’t want to be made out like I am bringing the site down in any way. By commenting a lot, posting nudes, etc.

            I have heartburn

          2. Nicole…

            The cure for heartburn is something acidic.
            Heartburn is the result of low acid levels in your stomach.
            We are suckered into taking ant-acids when everyone has an easy household remedy in their kitchen.
            Ant-acids lessen the acid in your stomach so your body will produce more – what an idiotic way to deal with heartburn.

            As I said you need more acid… take a spoonful of vinegar or lemon juice as this will help – it works for me.

            See – I’m chatty too 🙂

          3. @Fiend- I was drinking milk clock work orange style.

            I will try some lemon juice, I have some somewhere in a bottle.

            I guess it was obviously the pizza I ate. That is the only thing on my stomach.

            And the fetus free pepsi, I think.

          4. It’s the dairy that’s killin’ your stomach Nicole.
            Cow’s milk is for cows!
            I drink Rice Dream (not Soy drinks as Soy products on the market are 100% GMO’s) it tastes yummy and no heartburn.

          5. @Fiend- But I love cows milk. I drink soy milk when I can afford it.

            I drank some lemon juice and am awaiting its remedy.

            Thanks for the tip and chatting with me. lol I hope Mark doesn’t mind. O.o

            We love you Mark! 😀

          6. p.s…

            “A Clockwork Orange”… don’t even get me started on that masterpiece.

            As well as a ganja fiend, I am also a film fiend.
            We need another open post to compare notes Nicole.

          7. My pleasure indeed Nicole.

            Yes, we DO love Mark!
            Thanks for letting us chat hun.

            I have to go to a Barbie now….
            Love you all up later!

            ….. Leslee XOXO

        3. Nicole, I understand you, girl. I was diagnosed with severe panic disorder, P.T.S.D. and depression-sometimes my meds don’t cut it either. I am here for you anytime you need a shoulder to lean on, and I have very strong shoulders, trust me. And that goes for the rest of you guys, too. My email is [email protected] and I know I’m breaking all the rules here, but my phone number is 1-541-294-5952. AND that’s for anyone, anytime. You guys welcomed me at my loneliest, and for that I can not thank you enough, but I can return the favor…

      1. Yes, you should have seen the fucking big shit they made about bringing the little prick back here. I live about fifteen minutes from the detention center he’s currently at. They actually used a military plane to repatriate the little bastard. Like he is hannibal lechter…

  8. To Anybody Out There,
    May I know what I would need to do to get follow up comments from bestgore go to my email inbox? I would really like to have this, I used to get them, then it changed. What would I need to change in order to get them again, I have to check every post to see if my statement, or query has been responded to, please, anyone, help…… thank you, 😉

    1. Same here DX I have to keep on going back to the videos and read the comment I posted . Is there any way I could get the comments posted to me on best gore as a notification received..? I’m getting tired of going back and reading @daweeka do you also have a smart phone to ..? O.o

    2. @Daweeka and Misfit-

      For the RSS feed:

      1) Open two windows/tabs. One with Best Gore up and the other with which ever site you get your RSS through.

      2) On the Best Gore page click the RSS Feed link. A screen should come up that has a bunch of code on it. Copy the URL for this.

      3) Go to your feed site and click Add a Feed. Paste the copied URL into the text box.

      -courteous of @BlindMag

  9. What they did to him was a mercy compared to what prisoners would have done to him had he managed to land himself in prison instead of receiving the death sentence. The U.S. needs to have more stricter death sentence laws instead of keeping sick fucks like him in prison for the rest of their lives, not only is it a waste of taxpayers money to keep them alive, they also make up good percentage of the “General Population” thus increasing the risk for overcrowding prisons. If there is a hell…. then he’s probably feeling every second of it, sure that he may not be in an eastern-European prison taking it up the ass from some hulking eastern-European fella, but he is probably taking it up the ass form satan himself and feeling every agonizing second of it. 😉

    1. @zachos- well start understanding because it happens often. unfortunately humans live among us and for as long we continue to breed it will never stop.

      psychotic people are out there, believing their delusional fantasy world. When someone says their beliefs are delusional and not real, i should imagine what it would be like throwing religion in the air at them.

  10. Oh my gosh as I read this I remembered how our dad joked that he’d kill us when we were kids. Oh no thanks… I mean I’m so happy we’re a happy family. I really gasped a lot while looking at the photos and I dunno if I’d be able to sleep!

  11. Hanging was way too good for this scum bag, they should have done to him what he did to his family, but he should have been alive when they did it and left his heart until last.

    The look on that little girl’s face is one of total surpise as if she can’t believe her own father would want to kill her, she seems to be in a defensive pose.

    RIP to his wife and kids, they are in a better place now; lets hope they don’t have to share it with their father. If there’s one person who deserves to be in hell – he does!!!

    1. @iusenames- what the actual living fuck. did you not care to read the megaload of information that Mark typed up? Do you not care that he cares about giving us information?!?!

      Probably not considering how your comment raped my eyeballs.

      You know there are pictures, didn’t even bother to mention those…

      You should be great full considering what Mark goes through just to keep this site running for humans.

      1. I know, I always read the description first, usually it gets me laughing. Very descriptive, I started watching the video, I actually made it about half way through, then I moved on to the pictures. But some people don’t bother to read the description, I don’t understand why.

  12. This is the most fucked up thing i have ever seen. Clearly the wife deserved it cos she locked him out right, but the kids?? To kill, disembowel and then have your way with the lifeless bodies of your own two little girls is a special kind of evil. Would liked to have seen some pics of the cunt hanging

  13. now that I remember it, my cousin accquired a czech girlfriend on his last HIPSTER trip trough latin american banana republics, I must warn him before it i too late!!! surviving guatemala, costa rica venezuela and colombia just to get dismembered by an eastern european she devil….

  14. I never heard of him, but this is one of the most brutal murders I’ve ever read/saw. To have all of those organs all over the place and having raped his own kids? Fucking asshole. The little girl’s face is haunting.. Maybe because her eyes are open 🙁

    The wife only married him because she got pregnant? I don’t know if she knew about his past, but hells fucking no. Dude was sociopath and it had nothing to do with the fact that he was completely shit faced.

    I know people with metal health issues and they get drunk and do insane shit but this is just incomprehensible.

    Thanks for sharing Martin101!

    1. @Kels- LOL metal health. He sure was hard headed.

      Gah, this makes me nervous living alone now. I hope I don’t wind up on here with some fucked up story. 🙁

      This is a pretty gruesome story. Just looking at the pictures. It reminds me of when I would steal my sisters barbie dolls and rip their heads and limbs off, tossing them every which way.

      1. @Nicole

        OOPS.. Stupid typo.. hah!

        I read about your diagnosis and I’m sorry. My grandfather had schizophrenia and did a lot of really fucked up things.. but that’s because he wouldn’t take his meds like he was supposed to. He never did anything remotely on this level… Not sure if someone else in your family has it and you’re familiar with the diagnosis, but if you ever want to talk about it or have questions, you can always hit me up. 🙂

        I used to do that to my barbies, after making them have sex though 😮

        1. @Kels- Every time I have heard of a schizophrenic I usually hear negative stories about that person.

          I feel like I am an idiot sometimes. I was sitting here reading through some of the old comments I made on here and seriously. Some make no sense.

          Some people are excited to get a new car or house, but me I was excited to get my meds. ?

          Actually, I feel like a drone right now.

          1. @nicole, i havent read anything that didnt make sense to me, stop judging yourself and looking at your shortcomings. We are all diverse, different and unique in our own way. Love you, you are the greatest treasure you’ll ever own !!! <3

          2. @Nicole

            I’m sure the stories you’ve heard have all been negative.. People who know or have dealt with a schizophrenic person usually only recall those type of stories anyways. If you feel like your meds are not helping, then you may need a different dosage or med altogether. It’s not impossible to maintain a normal life after this type of diagnosis. As I said before my Grandfather behaved a certain way because he would -not- take his meds.. But the times that he would? He was totally fine.. You wouldn’t have any clue that he had an illness.

            I haven’t seen nothing wrong with anything you’ve posted so far. I think we;re all guilty of making comments that make no sense or people don’t get and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not that serious 🙂

            You know those meds are going to help you and make you feel better, so why not be excited for them? What you’re going through is a lot to digest. Just take one day at a time and try not to let it control your life.

      2. Nicole…

        I personally believe us women (for the most part) are safer living on our own… you just have to be smart about it.
        Look at all the horrible stories of husbands killing their wives for one reason or another.
        I KNOW that my big mouth could drive someone to want to kill me, so why risk it?

        I knew someone (an ex of a good friend) who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and I honestly never would have known it if I wasn’t told.
        He went on to have (and still have) a wonderful life getting married and raising a family.

        I gather from what you have said this is a recent diagnosis, so remember, it’s going to take a while for your meds to start working – maybe even a few weeks.
        Going off my meds is what I needed to do, however, I think sticking with your meds is what will ultimately help you.
        Don’t feel bad for looking forward to feeling better (being exited about getting your meds).

        HUGS….. Leslee

      3. A quick side note…

        Just yesterday I wrote Tom (Trooper72) in an email that I wish the women here on BG were more supportive of each other.

        Wish granted….

        Thank you Nicole, Lisa and Kels – You SO Rock!

  15. Uli: Should I post it? No way it will pass the gnomes barrier!
    The other me of Uli: C’mon! With all the extra work that Mark is going through due to the DDoS attacks, it may go unnoticed.
    Uli: You’re right. Let post it.

    And this is what it has been going on since the Luka’s affaire…

  16. Well, I was addicted to xanax for a long time, and I realized I had to stop or I pretty much was going to die. Those benzos mess you up. I tried suicide 3x, but was sent to the hospital each time. I have been clean for 6 months now, and have no desire to go back. I do have lasting depression though, so I am on Prozac, and it helps a lot. Funny though I was prescribed opiates for months but never got hooked on them. But benzos, oh gosh.

    But anyway Nicole, I like reading your posts every night and day. I don’t post a ton because I don’t have much meaningful to say. But my grandmother has schizophrenia and mental illness runs in my family. Stay tough, ok? 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing DarkSoul…

      I have experienced the Black Dog of Depression quite a few times.

      Everything seems Grey. Spending every waking moment thinking of different ways to top yourself… Making deadlines on when to do it.

      The waking moment for me… Which dug me out of that pit. Was the sudden realization that my problems were trivial in comparison to the bigger picture.

      That I don’t want to die without having accomplished SOMETHING.

      I would recommend that anybody who fancies taking the easy way out… Make changes. Even something as simple as going to Church. Standing up straight. Eyes forward chin up. Speaking with authority… Makes a massive change to your mental health.

  17. nah dude the death penalty really blows in my opinion surely we could just dig a pit drop the fucker in there give him just enough to survive wait until he turns completely insane and starts banging his face off the wall’s in a pitiful attempt of finishing himself off then pad the wall’s and use the whole as the local outhouse until he drowns in both his and other’s shit but you know i doubt that will ever happen still we can dream

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