Houla Massacre in Syria – Many Dead Children, High Res Photos

Houla Massacre in Syria - Many Dead Children, High Res Photos

The rebels’ side of the story just doesn’t add up” – words of Michael Maloof, former Pentagon official. And he’s right. Terrorists from the Fake Syrian Army blamed Syrian government for the Houla Massacre in which at least 108 people, including 49 children and 34 women died a horrible death, maintaining that Assad’s forces shelled the town. But… as can be seen from photos in the gallery below, and as is obvious from reports of those who’ve seen the dead, vast majority of the Houla Massacre victims were executed with a close range gun shot to the head.

Another thing is – Houla has been a Sunni stronghold, a town not yet liberated by the Syrian army. In other words, Houla is firmly in hands of the Sunni terrorists and their Al Qaeda allies armed with exotic weapons. And here they are trying to tell the world that all these children with headshot wounds were killed by the Syrian army who don’t even have any presence in the town?

What makes the terrorists’ story even more fishy is the fact that they’re the ones with proven track record of killing children, yet they’re pointing fingers at Assad’s forces who have been relentlessly protecting children from further slaughter by the terrorists.

As for the UN observers in Syria – they have as much children’s blood on their hands as the terrorists who executed them. Not only is the UN clearly siding with the terrorists, they appear to have made a pact to act in unison to make the propaganda work. And the sheep – follow!

Gallery of high resolution photos of the Houla Massacre is below. Many images are of massacred children so exercise caution if pictures of dead children offend you. Many thanks to Eowang for the pics:

Also a video of the aftermath:

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48 thoughts on “Houla Massacre in Syria – Many Dead Children, High Res Photos”

    1. It makes sense doesn’t it?

      The worst part of it, the moment our shitty news bulletins come on, it is the front page! The news corps over here are truly unbelievable.

      God save Bashar Al-Assad!

      1. Al-Assad should not ‘Play war’ with the Zionist and their Minions.

        I would not rely on my shitty Arab general if I was Assad. With an Iron Fist, I would shall determine the Will to Attack!

        I will show no mercy to the Terrorist and no mercy to Zionist to the South. Total War is the order of the Day.
        The syrian people must Harden their Resolve and Steel their hearts for the Struggle to come.

        First they must Exterminate every Raghead extremist in Syria be ruthless and with out mercy, than Launch a coutner attack on their Yamuka wearing Neighbor, This will cause great bombing and destruction as Israel Retaliate. This may even bring the US and Iran and China and Russian into the Mix,
        and speed up the Final War at the End of Days.

        1. I have long since maintained that humanity (or rather the West). Needs a global war to reinvigorate ourselves.

          I am not saying this from a position of comfort and safety either, as I have armed forces connections. Although, if authorities are truly interested, their is more than enough evidence on this site to identify me.

          We are long overdue a large depopulation event… I sincerely hope it happens soon.

          1. Spent Ten-fucking-Quid on the Euromillions. Not a single bloody number came up.

            I don’t know why I bother putting any money on it each week. I never fucking win.

  1. God Save Bashar Al-Assad!

    Syria, fortunately, will not fall. It is a strong, prosperous nation, with significant populations of Christians and Shia Muslims which will provide a buttress against Sunni insurgency.

    It’s allies include, but not limited too:


  2. @Mark,

    Sir, A quick question. Do you believe that their is any chance that an online store can be set up to push for Best Gore related merchandise?

    As, if it happens… I’ll be opening my purse to you…

    *Seductive Wink*

  3. as you do so shall be done onto you. live by the sword then die by the sword. these murders are unfortunate but they are not the end of the story. the murderers will themselves meet an untimely demise solely for the company they keep. lowlives eventually all turn on each other for none can be trusted. it is not a noble thing to kill women and children. not a noble and worthy cause. the murderers will NOT get their 72 goats/camels/dogs to fuck in paradise.

  4. Just heard this story on the news and I thought “Hey,I’ll bet BestGore has more info on it” and here it is lol. Poor fuckin kids,man =(( I can’t imagine what they went through before being shot. Probably thinking mom & dad would come save them. Some of them are even cute.. Uh,were cute…

    1. I got into an argument with a co-worker a couple months ago about the state of this world. He gave me his typical “God has a plan for us” bullshit and that the world is getting better every day. I’m not a violent person but I felt like slapping the holy fuck out of that ignorant shit stain. I wish everyone knew the meaning of respect but as long as humans are around this world is our Dangerfield. Every time something like this happens people ask who would do such a thing? Fuckin seriously?!It’s same kind of people that have been doing this shit since our ancestors figured out the potential of the almighty circle. It’s the same old history rollin’ back around. So yeah, I agree alicatt, fuck this place

      1. Syria is at war? maybe Syria is at war with itself, a brewing civil war, but I’m not sure if Syria is ‘at war’ with any other country? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  5. After looking at these photos, I can assure you that I have never achieved a more plesasurable orgasm in my entire life. Thank you Syrian Army and thank you BestGore.com for making my masturbation fantasies come true.

  6. How can someone who has shot children speak of a God? If there were a God, he would surely wipe our species off the planet. I hope that before I pass, I will have the opportunity to behead a few peaceful Muslims. A stain on the rotten cloth that is humanity.

  7. And to watch all of the Western nations (even Russia this time) expel Syrian envoys in protest of this “regime-led” massacre! *spits* Something about this whole shitpile stinks and it’s the innocents who are being butchered for the sake of propaganda.

    I’m just disgusted that, between the powers-that-be and George W. (Bashar al-)Assad there in Syria, they are all utterly impotent to make this stop. And those, other than Dubya al-Assad, are fomenting this horrific violence against the Syrians with one side of their mouth, then helping the FSA with the other side.

  8. The events taking place in Syria are 2nd phase in a 3 phase plan that started back in 2006 when Israel waged war on Lebanon. The plan aims to strip the Lebanese Resistance (Hizbullah) from their arsenal of weaponry, and to attack Iran. The 2006 war was a miserable failure on Israel and the US’s part. The 2nd phase is taking place in Syria and aims to overthrow the Bashar Regime which is a strong supporter of Hizbullah. Phase 3 is when the US and their dirty business come into play. They have been orchestrating such events and going at great lengths to create propaganda after the other so that they can wage war on Iran. What is happening and will happen in the middle east right now is an Israeli American plan to break the chain that is made up of The Lebanese Resistance, The Bashar regime and Iran, to seize complete control over the region. God bless the soul of the victims of this devilish plan. Peace to all, enjoy the gore

    1. The brainwashed masses of the West (the libstains) cannot and will not ever see the truth due to their lack of an ability to engage in independent thought and/or seek ANY news outside of their precious left-wing liars. “Dumb fucks”, yes, but also “sad and pathetic”.

      1. Unfortunately, It is those same libstains that are in charge, and have been in charge of Europe since the end of the last war.

        I think that you yanks (if you are a yank), still have the opportunity to shake the bonds of liberalism before it is too late.

        1. Isn’t it the media itself that claims that all of it is controlled by the liberals? even if you think it one way, It will always be a cause of distraction the other way, So unfortunate for all of humanity, All we can do is sit back and enjoy our hardcore porn.

        2. First time post guys…been coming here awhile…just signed up today…
          Anyways, Trooper 72…
          We do have a chance,, but it will be fuck all if it happens. Has anyone even bothered to notice that the supposed “representatives” we elect have absolutely nothing in common with the average citizen? The average politician is so many worlds apart financially and socially that its a wonder people actually believe these guys can understand and accurately represent “We the People”.
          Nah, the average American is duped into voting for the left or the right and no one stands up and cries foul. The media continues to lie and only report its agenda and so, if not for sites like this one, its likely that even more people would succumb to the bullshit.

  9. you’re certainly right. i agree that what they had done is an extreme act of COWARDLINESS: Killing innocent woman and children who don’t even have a chance to fight back and protect themselves. Only COWARDS abuse others who are WEAKER THAN THEM. low lives and Despicable people!

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