Iraqi Soldiers Throw ISIS Fighter Off Cliff Before Shooting Him

Iraqi Soldiers Throw ISIS Fighter Off Cliff Before Shooting Him

On the brinks of the river Tigris in the city of Mosul, Iraq, the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) recorded themselves torturing and executing captured men, alleged ISIS members, by throwing them off a cliff and shooting their battered bodies.

The video starts with the troops abusing and beating a fear-struck man inside a building. He is then taken up to a precipice at the bottom of which there already is a body of a man apparently executed in the same manner earlier. The man is hurled into the pit and riddled with bullets upon his hard landing.

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Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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107 thoughts on “Iraqi Soldiers Throw ISIS Fighter Off Cliff Before Shooting Him”

    1. They need to go on line and order 150 chain saws from Home Depot and do it right….one head every few minutes….they deserve it.
      After they dropped him off the cliff…they should NOT have shot him…just let me suffer for a few days with broken bones….then bring the stray dogs.

          1. Lets all cross the thumbs for Mr Spock!

            Being FIRST is like being the WWF World Champion for a day! 😀


  1. They sure didn’t seem like tough Isis members. Cowering and having to be dragged to their death made them look like total cowards. If they were indeed ISIS then good riddance. And I give a solid 10 for the landing!

  2. These Shiite-Sectarian scumbags of the Iraqi Quisling Army will massacre all the males of Mosul and tell us they were members of ISIS. Good to see these idiots document their own war crimes.

      1. As a civilian in Mosul you had to submit to the iron rule of ISIS or have your throat slashed. A civilised army would have granted amnesty to everyone in Mosul at this point, whereas the Iraqi Quisling Army is a Shiite-Sectarian militia through and through; these bastards are no better than ISIS and will one day suffer the same fate as the civilians they are currently murdering.

  3. Wait!!!!!
    Due to my insatiable thirst for gore, I find it very hard to be completely satisfied with the offering on the video. It only shows one turd eating sand monkey being politely asked to leave the premises.
    I believe I am owed at least 5 more monkeys tossed over the cliff. Also, more shooting of the guy on the ground who is wearing a black speedo. He really annoys me. Gross!

    1. Yeah. Fuck this throwing and shooting shit. I want to see scum suckers drowned in fish tanks, RPG’d inside a car, beheaded with blunt penknives by a midget kid, set alight inside metal cages, or grenade to the head explosions, or timed laptop explosions whilst a blog is made, etc. Then we are square!!

      Alahuuuuuu snackbaaarrr!!

    1. Good point. ISIS were no more violent than the Iron Guard of Romania or the Ustasha of the Balkans; the main difference was that these other terrorist outfits were not documenting their own crimes with 4k cameras. We are yet to see the Iraqi version of the Khmer Rouge; hopefully they will leave out the Allah-ho-Akbar claptrap when they get going with their 8k cameras.

        1. this is probably going to come off as incredibly niave and dumb but I was always led to believe that ISIS came to be, born of prisoners held at guantanamo bay. that doesn’t seem right to me now. I welcome correction. where did ISIS come from and just how long have they been around?

    1. Well now that you speak about it… why not make it look like you’re complying and right before the throw you grab a motherfucker and take down with you…
      That + your front roll landing will increase your surviving chances by at least 30%…

  4. Why didn’t they tell him to do flips and gymnastics off the cliff like an olympic diver? That is so lacking in creativity to just throw him off. Did they expect him to get up after that because they riddled him with bullets.

    1. Same here, gotta give it to the SiSi faggots, at least they execute with our entertainment in mind.
      Better shots, better equipment and better ideas.
      All in all better than this two story free fall.

  5. Iraq’s space program is just getting off the ground, but they could really use some better scientists. They’re never going to reach Uranus at this rate if they keep losing their astronauts like this.

  6. what these ISIS fuckers have done to their prisoners is beyond criminal. It’s even beyond sadistic.
    Throwing these fuckers off this high point to bounce off the ground is nothing really. It’s what 25 feet maybe.
    Look at what ISIS fuckers do. they fuckin’ use high explosives on ya, burn ya alive, drown ya, dip ya in Acid Tanks. Fuck, on and on and on.
    I’d throw the fuckers in an Industrial Wood Chipper and emulsify the fuckers into goo and feed what’s left to hogs.

  7. my durka durka sources have informed me-this is the iraqi army training reformed isis fighters into an airborne force.
    thier training is the most non forgiving in the world.
    these guys dont fuk around,you dont perform a perfect parachute roll at the bottom,its half a mag of 5.56 for you.

  8. Let that goat fucker suffer for a few days …isis isn’t a killer for hire group …they believe in their cause …let them suffer for it…should’ve stabbed them in the stomach and coated the wound with oil then toss them over the cliff …a couple days of agony before their end

  9. It just goes to show that whether they’re terrorists, or the “good guys” fighting for liberty and justice, in the end, it’s all just the same. And you see the westerners sending their love and wishes to these brave warriors who recently defeated Isis, when really, they’re just the same degenerates, consumed by hatred and with a complete lack of humanity.

    1. @scotsman Your silly, these guys are blasphemous monsters. They are trying to take the world back into Stone Age. You fight fire with Fire sir, there is no repatriation possible. This is the only way to ensure this piece of shit doesn’t return to allah snackbar shit.
      That would be like a Brit thinking William Wallace was too extreme.

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