Iraqi Men Executed by US Military in Al Doura

Iraqi Men Executed by US Military in Al Doura

The Iraqi city of Al Doura has become notorious for war crimes committed by US military on the citizens of Iraq. The pictures posted here are obviously but a tip of the iceberg and as graphic as they may be, they are the sad reality for many residents of Al Doura. What really these people have to go through is something only they and the criminals who abuse them know.

The pictures are linked to a recently released documentary (December 16, 2011) titled “On the Dark Side in Al Doura – A Soldier in the Shadows“. The documentary was written, directed, and produced by Cindy Piester and follows a story of U.S. Army Ranger John Needham who was deployed to Al Doura and witnessed the atrocities committed by his fellow US soldiers on both insurgents and civilians alike. Because John Needham is no longer with us, his story is told by his father Michael Needham.

The documentary is 47 minutes long. If you have time and feel like learning what goes on behind the veil of the US military, give it a watch. Otherwise just skip to the gallery below the video:

Gallery of a few pictures of Iraqi civilians executed by US military in Al Doura is below:

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54 thoughts on “Iraqi Men Executed by US Military in Al Doura”

    1. Id call this video they posted “Losing the war,” and agreed they sure do seem to the majority just doesnt make it to vid or pic! Highly recommend the video by the way, if u have any brains in you, you already get the idea of what soldiers are doing over there. It really is mostly confirmation, but hearing the stories of this kid are definitely necessary. Not only because he’s a medal winner but more so it’s the story of a “hero among criminals.” think thats a better name.

        1. some of them yes may be cowards, but hey MF dont act so ignorant, we get pulled into everyones bullshit over there and our soldiers are dieing for what fucking alla, no there dieing for NOTHING. The true face of it all is the shit starting fucking radicl muslims that live ther and our kids are dieing because of it, I will never trust another middle eastern again ther shit to me, stupid MMFF

          1. sorry but your pulled into everyone’s bullshit? a muslim country invaded another muslim country over oil prices and Iraq was going to sell oil in euros and that is why America dragged the rest of us into it as if oil sales converted to euros it would destroy what is known as the petrol dollar

    2. I was currenlty active during this Bull shit, oooorah. my first kill, I didn’t feeel shit. the second was an unarmed man, i’m guessing a father, a protecter of his children and I shot him like a sick dog, I currently drink with that dog but i don’t cry bout it

      1. thank you for serving bro I appreciate you, and what youve done ,even though it may have been very bad time for you over there, Im glad to hear your home.
        stay strong and remember you are appreciated. thankyou

  1. John Needham was a brave man but not a killer, and that’s the problem.

    Soldiers are trained to kill. If you can’t accept that, then stay out of the army.

    The truth is, and this is only the truth, wars are fought and won by killers, and not by nice people.

    1. that’s a bunch of bull crap! Do you really think he doesn’t know that he might have to kill when he joined. The difference with him is he is not willing to kill inocent people and children. Because of that’ he died in the arms of his own government. You americans are something else, always has an excuse .I don’t see no brave mens here except John. Bunch of cowards with no such things as honor. Just a bunch of trigger happy fucks!

      1. Agree, plus I had met a green beret when I worked in landscaping(haha I’m Mexican -_-) he told me about poisoning our water and food and said when it was gunna happen. He told the truth. Plus he popped a lot of xanax, what a wonderful guy haha

  2. I live in Colorado Springs and have been on Fort Carson many times- not all fit the type but many do seem immature; imagine an extension of high school for the kids that try or want to be cool- then give them guns and more freedom- and that’s about half or more of what I’ve seen of army ‘men.’ They should try to do something so that so many of those in charge aren’t part of the problem, obviously giving America a bad name and proving the Team America stereotypes (or worse) right.

  3. Looks like some key leaders in that unit decided to replicate how Sadam Husein would act to control the population. Very sad. Those leaders need to be seriously punished. Very happy that the documentary pointed out that it was not all units. They did explain how his other unit, when he was separated from the 2/12(in Iraq), didn’t behave that way.

  4. Do we really know what happened there. Who turned this video in and where they there? We know of the propaganda that is around. If we can’t say for sure then who is giving these guy’s a black eye. What was the actual reason for this. I pray that it isn’t for fun. And if it is our state department needs to look into it. No one has the right to kill innocent people. And this is how most of the Americans feel. No one wants to be there and maybe we should let them have at it and not give them any aid. I know that we are hated in these countries so why should we help? Why should our hard earned money go to their pockets. We need it here. Why should we send food. There are hungry people here. No more Police Actions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Just watched the video. Let’s face it war is insane and it will make the people who are thrown into the mix insane too. Our children have had to go from High School (fun, dates, first car, etc.) and are thrown into insanity. We did not learn from Korea and Vietnam did we? You go to war and you come back different. Some of the insanity stay’s with you. The Vietnam vets that came back had flashbacks and either became drug users or drank like fish. My father is 86 yrs. old and still lives in the war. He always goes back to it and it was WW11. War kills the soul. So what is war good for nothing.

  5. I am Retired Navy, and I told my kids that they are NOT allowed to join the Military. The Military is a rough group. The Military’s mission is to destroy an enemies will and ability to fight, until the Politicians tell the military to stop. Also, the Middle East is a whole different world than the one the Americans live in. As horrible as the Sargents were to the Iraqi civilians, they were nothing compared to Sadam Hussien and his henchmen. Sadam’s forces would slaughter the entire village. They young man in this documentary would have been much better College Material than Military. He proved he was intelligent, and cared about his fellow man. I do morn the death of this Talented, Honest young man.

  6. I question the credibility of this video. How convenient is it that the person who is the central focus of the video is dead? We are getting the story from a grieving and understandably biased father, not from anyone experiencing it firsthand, so have to take it all with a grain of salt.

    1. not all the us military are fags or do things like this man, put yourself in their situation…just get out of high school go over there with your friends and see what happens, put being bored together with flowing testosterone your trigger finger would itch too ya jackass

  7. What a bunch of piece of shit! these americans are no different than the terrorist, NO DIFFERENT! The only one with respect and honor is John Needham. Now that’s a real soldier, a very few 1% of them. Fucking guy died in the arms of his own government who he is fighting for and his so called tight familly and brothers. Guys like this don’t deserve to die for oils.

      1. A lot of hippies on these posts lol. Seriously though, the majority of the US military are normal, low or middle class people that are just doing a job, and would never kill innocent people. Also, the UCMJ, code of conduct, and military standards are very clear, and anyone caught doing insane stuff like murdering people, destroying property, or harrassing locals for no reason court-martialed and sent to jail lol. I was an army infantry paratrooper for 5 years, OIF veteran, and no one in my units would ever do anything like this. *Also, even if you’re “Told to do something wrong” by your commander, you have the duty to ignore and report the unlawful order. Not doing so results in severe legal actions being taken on you personally.* “I was told to do it” isn’t a defense in the US military.

        But typical foreigners and hippy children, hear about 1 or 2 bad apples out of the entire military and all of a sudden we’re all baby killing, gun totting, murderous rednecks. Ignorance at it’s best.

        1. I disagree with your point of view, you are only trying to defend your country, but i respect that.
          For me, the main question is
          why to fight this wars?
          You dont go to <> them, you dont go to defend america from terrorists, you dont even go to protect your influence zones as a world power…
          You go in the whole middle east theater to protect the jews and to make the bankers richer.
          Your fellow americans die
          so israel can dominate the area, and multibillioners make more money from your blood in the same time that they are cutting down the budget to your health system, your educational etc.
          And no hippie kid here, i am nationalist to the bone for my country, but i wont die for foreign interests.

        2. your right Gallus, alot of people on here that are following the bandwagon of not knowing, only listening to what there hear and see on tv and internet. I spent 15 months over there, and no one in my unit ever did anything like this either….

  8. I am happy you posted this video of private needham,he was just ONE of many that suffered over there and came back to this,only to not be ok,seen this all my life,sad.I fight for this guys family and memory

    1. amen to that brother, i really feel for his dad and family its such a sad sad story he didnt deserve to be tortured by his own people. i wish I had the power to do something about this, I will do my best to reach out to his family

  9. needham was a brave dude with alot of balls to tell the truth about what happend out there, and for our own to turn on him makes us just as bad as anyone else who does that kind of shit . if the middle east had there shit together we wouldnt be over there playing world policeman. its to bad he and the rest of our troops have to deal with that radical bullshit thats there. we need to just bomb the whole fucking region except isreal and our allies. the middle east has done nothing but dump there bullshit in our laps. and we have to go clean it up because no one else will just a bunch of anmials. RIP Needham and thank you for being strong for our country.

  10. First of all there is no way that an American Soldier would kill a boy riding a bike in the middle of Al Doura specially when one has medical gloves on, it looks more like the soldier is a MEDIC and is treating the kid

  11. It never ceases to amaze me how shortlived but powerful idealism is as intellectual fuel. Once it runs out, either your mind engine shuts off, or you switch to filthier, but more stable fuels, such as nihilism. And war likes to burn fuel like there’s no tommorrow.

    But hey, fuck the stars and stripes and their supposed bolshevik kike neonazi zionist whatever handlers. That’s an easier way to cope with how pointless war is, amirite?

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