ISIS Execute Three Men in Nineveh, Iraq

ISIS Execute Three Men in Nineveh, Iraq

ISIS has released a video depicting the execution of three men they say were linked to al-Hashd al-Sha’abi – a Shia dominated militia. The execution took place in Nineveh – an ancient Mesopotamian city on the opposite side of the Tigris River from the city of Mosul in Iraq.

The condemned were dressed up in orange jumpsuits and were executed with a close range gunshot to the back of their heads as they stood along a railing.

Props to Best Gore member @Baby14 for the video:

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    1. They trade them for lexan plastic sheet……. Makes me wonder tho with all that sand around why dont those fuckers make glass? Bullet proof glass. And pottery! i think theyd be happier if the had a hobby….. That didnt consist of decapitation and such. You can see the shame in this fuckers eyes! Wont even look at the camera! Wonder if its the same goat fucker who screamed like a bitch over his friend getting killed while they murdiddilyudured civillians.

      1. I can think of 1 way for them to get glass from all that sand, a well placed nuke would make the Middle East the no.1 exporter of glass.

        Today’s forecast, clear HI 85 degrees, Tomorrow’s forecast, partly cloudy, 32,000 degrees

  1. Lol at the guy talking when he says that prisoners are spared if they repent and ask for forgiveness from god. They already slaughter shiites just for being from another sect. Im yet to see a prisoner being spared. Bunch of fucking terrorists.

    1. I think they got plenty of ammo and weaponary just enough to kill their prisoner .once they capture their enemy ,they got a change to kill them rather than letting the prisoner go away,they cant win the war so they have to do the filthy things to the other

  2. Whats with the balcony executions ? I thought that these 3 unlucky dudes were gonna front flip over the railing after taking lead to the head! This sucks!!! I thought that we would have herd and seen the after splat vid also. 😉

  3. The bearded bastard that fires first needs a box to stand on.

    Notice the sideways gangsta pistol action for the follow-up shots later in the video.

    Personally, a poor choice for executions as the Tigris is used a water supply and ISIS have now disseminated littles particles of al-Hashd al-Sha?abi to everyone don-river.

  4. They always have an explanation for their actions as if people who aren’t from their village can fucking understand them. I assume its like “Well, see, these guys were into Allah, but one of them had some Will Smith trading cards in his pocket, so we just had to do the right thing.”

  5. A point of interest; I think that we are going to see a return of ISiL executing civilians as they have, more or less, executed all of their Western hostages.

    At this time; other than rival factions, Syrian Army and Syrian civilians the hostage count is:

    John Cantlie, British journalist and war correspondent, kidnapped (for the second time) in November 2012; James Foley, kidnapped with him, was exected in August 2014. Cantlie may be a useful asset in delivering English language propoganda for ISiL, which is why he remains alive.

    2 Syrian Orthodox Bishops kidnapped on 22 April 2013, their driver was killled.

    Konstatin Zhuravlev, a Russian, kidnapped on 30 September 2013.

    Sergey Gorbunov, a Russian that no-one appears to have very mch knowledge about, kidnapped from the Hama military air base, on 24 October 2013, probably by the Jaish al-Muhajireerin Brigade (may have been exected in April 2014)

    Austin Trice, United States journalist and former Eagle Scout USMC, August 2012.

    Vanessa Marzullo and Greta Ramelli, Italian aid workers, kidnapped on 1 August 2014 near Allepo.

    A French- Algerian and his Japanese wife, both Muslims, kidnapped sometime in November 2014 having left Japan for Syria.

    Other Western captives may be held but details of their abductions have not been released; Kayla Mueller was known to be held bt her identity was withheld.

    I suspect her death during a Jordanian airstrike, on 6 February 2015, on Raqqa had more to do with a demonstration against the Jordanian action than the actual airstrike.

    1. Indeed @nasty. Their blood lust will continue, it will need to be sated one way or another. And, if as you stated, the hostages are becoming thin on the ground, the one way to satisfy their thirst for blood is civilians.
      I believe we have already seen a sign of their further murderous intentions in the age of the victims creeping ever lower. Some of the more recent recipients of IS wanton murder, looked no older than 17, which is not wholly surprising, given the huge number of men aged between 20 and 40 whom already succumbed to these barbarians.

  6. I think ISIS must be running out of western hostages to execute, surely?

    The Europurn, us and uk should really send over some more aid workers, newspaper editors or – at least – foreign missionaries and charity nunns.

    How fucking inconsiderate to force ISIS to execute the general population for made-up religious crimes.

    1. How bout some self important poloticions.. Especially the ones who call themselves elected leaders and not representatives. Make em earn the fucking money they steal from schools and hospitols to bolster thier retirement funds. Then take the money from the rest of them too houses cars all forefiet to benefit the less fortunate that they built a career lying to. In japan any member of the royal council would forefiet his families wealth to serve. From now on maybe we just put poloticians in low income houses with community bathrooms and a handfull of bus tickets. Provided for in the same way they have provided for our homeless. Now who wants to call themselves a leader. What only people who give a shit are running for REPRESENTATION.

  7. Getting tired of these pussy ass videos. I’m still waiting for some good stuff where they get a blowtorch to the eyeballs while tied up and also get their dicks cut off and maybe a drill into their skull. It all needs to happen while still alive. Give me torture. Pfff..these pussies don’t have the guts for real GORE.

    1. Why don’t you go over to Syria or Iraq and “volunteer” to be in one of their movies @MoreBlood and thoroughly express in detail what you want to see in their “pussy ass videos”.

  8. Who can save Iraq from pro-British Iran, pro-American Kurdistan and the Western Capitalist empires including the A.C.E.? The war in Iraq will continue until a great leader, a powerful leader who’ll succeed Saddam as the strongest not only in Iraq but the Islamic World. Whoever he is, save Iraq from Capitalism.

  9. Ebola……..just like a dose of radiation Killing the poor and causing exsanguination If only those jihadis would take a little vacation…..
    To a land just as barren………..
    Where three wise men failed to score
    And even Noah was drowned………
    Maybe the rest of us could get some gratification.

    1. “male.” but of gay arabs. make woman wear burkas and listen to a gay man singing a death chant.

      also it is nice that we get to see these videos but at the same time this is exactly what these subhumans want. they make these retarded videos for people to watch so we fear them. there is nothing to fear though Isis has no fucking power bunch of dirty arabs, pakis, african muslims and other psycho mulsims from around the world wielding a knife and an a k47 and mostly killing other arabs. this isn’t the 17th century anymore for the muslims to spread islam. to any real military isis is a joke (let alone a superpower).

    2. CIA job is usually cranky.

      You can try listening to this song from youtube, which is in Arabic -Lebanese accent- ? which is a country that shares borders & culture with Syria ; has its closeness to Iraq too.


      By the way, this is the culture of you average Arab. That’s why I said thousands of times ; ISIS’s popularity & growth is because of the western MSM which pictured ISIS as a huge super powered demonic fire breathing serpent that takes 30 year to kill (according to uncle sam’s minister of defense).

      Here’s a reading of the Quran -the way Muslims usually read it- :


      Arabic culture -as the case with many other cultures- is so beautiful, since human beings themselves are beautiful beings who are capable of producing beauty in their daily life.

      ISIS though & its affiliates, always speak in a hotheaded manner ; a very “dry” Arabic, which is so faraway from the core of Arabic : beauty in pronunciation ; the Quran for example is a very beautiful book, to a level that people like me believed in Islam because of the beauty of its Arabic language -which is superb btw ; it doesn’t have any mistakes in grammar & get your facts from universities like harvard not from weird sites-.

      Anyhow, don’t allow this group of operatives, mercs & poor fanatics/brainwashed vengeance seekers affect your judgement on either arabic, or arabic culture, or Islam. Please, look more into this culture 🙂

  10. the guy being interviewed seems retarded. and fuck the guys that got shot. i hate them all. at the rate these animals are killing each other, it is only a matter of time before they are all dead anyway so fuck them.

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