ISIS Executes Captives by Drowning Them in Fish Tank

ISIS Executes Captives by Drowning Them in Fish Tank

ISIS has released a video from Iraq containing more than half an hour of suicide bombing attacks, including the one filmed with a drone which we already have on the website. Turns out that’s not the only drone footage of a suicide mission filmed by the Islamic State.

At 37:22, a sequence starts which contains the execution by beheading. This is followed by the execution by drowning, whereby a captive with his hands tied behind his back has his head forced into a fish tank. Unfortunately, the otherwise pretty gripping video editors used by ISIS have not done a comparably captivating job with the drowning sequence, making it sound more gruesome in text than in video.

It looks like they added something in the water, though it is not very clear what.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420Media for the video (drowning only):

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      1. Props to ISIS for letting wheelchair Jihadists execute infidels like holy shit that’s progressive but yeah their latest content has been weak, want to see more GoPro combat footage like maybe an hour long video or something love that shit.

    1. I’ve been monitoring this fuckery since day 1, before ISIS was ISIS, when they were just Islamic State of Iraq in 2012. These guys are straight Western puppets backed by Israel

      Their entire purpose is to weaken any Arab nationalist regime that actually gives a shit about their people. They seen what Nasser did, they seen what Hafez Assad did (Bashar’s father)….they want to set these death squads to take down any strong army in that region so only them and the corrupt piece of shit Gulf countries can dominate that region.

      also probably set up to take down assad who’s is an ally with Iran and to weaken Iran’s influence in arab lands. Iraq and syria were decent places to live even under Sadam now they are turning into afghanistan with terrorists killing everyone and living in biblical times with women locked up in the home.

      As long as Syria/Iran/Hezbollah are alive and well, these death squads will keep doing Israel’s work in the region like fucking fools.

      They aren’t Muslims, they aren’t anything but a bunch of paid subhuman savage barbarian psychopathic scumbag motherfucking devils.

    1. They changing up their style…just like in the 80’s when Narcos would only shoot em (Scarface) up with Ak 47s, then cut hands and fingers off then nowadays finally beheading and peeling off faces. Its all about how more dangerous they are than you.

  1. I see the problem here. Every ISIS video that I’ve seen depicts groups of short, angry, hairy dudes and not a woman anywhere to be seen. Evidently ISISettes are not supporting their troops. These guys need a trip to Vegas in a bad way.

    1. If you were a woman, would you really want to be anywhere near these cockroaches?

      I have several friends (male) from the Middle East; we’re at the stage where they are happy for their female family members to be in the same room and talk to me but, other than the girls in their twenties (who have been to Western Universities), they won’t even shake hands.

      Don’t worry, though, the blokes are quite happy to fly over to Egypt and arrange liaisons with girls and women using temporary marriage or ‘Muta’ as a cover for prostitution and paedophilia.

      Read, and weep:

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s Dettol. It has that brown color and when you add it to water it forms these white, hazy clouds. Not sure why they would add a disinfectant, though, unless maybe symbolically?

  2. We need to have an ISIS blooper reel, you know the behind the scenes stuff that doesn’t make the final cut with all the goofy antics they play on each other and messed up lines. Put it on the extras content of the DVD along with all the other LOL… Easter eggs.

  3. Thank you GOP, Israhell and Bush. Saddam was a secular guy, he kept these religious nuts in check. Savages need to be ruled with a iron fist, not fkn “democracy”. Today we’re doing the same shite in Syria. Supporting religious fanatic rebels. Helping them remove a secular leader who has always protected religious minorities & nonbelievers. Why? All because chaos in the M.E. helps the “Jewish State” one day establish “Greater Israel”.

  4. Guess he doesnt have the child mammillary reflex. Lol who remembers that ?? He looked like a FUCKING fish. Also the executioner was dressed up like the charecter from scream. I noticed how dry their mouths were speaking. Thought he was gonna make it by drinking the whole fish tank. Wrong again and last but not least. Wtf are these cocksuckers saying. The only thing I have memorized is that FUCKING song. Who BAR come TO SO bar in da SO baaaa. Who da blank de soba then to sun tee. Hate these fucks

  5. Enjoy these vids while you can, boys and girls…soon we will have to jack off to re-runs. Mosul is falling and ISIL is fading fast. 😉

    I really won’t miss these motherfuckers much anyways…fuck them all.

    1. I wish we got more videos of them isis being drowned. Isis being burned. Isis being run over with a tank. That bullet stuff is too quick for any of them. Peel their faces off. Something, anything.

  6. Same old shit just another shitty day in a shit hole. They think they are spicing it up for us here at BG by adding a mere whole 60 seconds of a clip of a guys head in a fish tank that is all edited as fuck and think we are going to be impressed? Their shit ass videos don’t compare or even come close to the uncensored, crap quality (but oh so brutal) videos from Mexico & Brazil… Or even the morons over in and near Thailand getting smashed and dragged by completely avoidable car & train accidents.
    The most interesting thing about this vid’ is that the guy in the 38-39 seconds range that gave us a nice “sticking out the tongue” shot.

  7. The mystery liquid.

    The liquid poured into the tank, after the peri-drowning and before the final act is a surfactant.

    This reduces the surface tension of the water and allows it to flow ‘more freely’; look at the difference in the appearance of the water as the head is plunged into it, and the size of the bubbles coming out of the mouth / nose, before and after the liquid is added.

    In my opinion, the effect of the surfactant would make the second dunk much more unpleasant as the water would be able to ingress into the nose even if you were attempting to hold your breath.

    The shape of the bottle, colour of the liquid and the cloudiness on addition to water, suggests that is, probably, Dettol.

    Dettol has surfactant properties:

    1. Yep.i thought the same.phenol also Burns nose and throat ,so more painful as well. It goes through body quickly.

      Have you heard of giving laxatives as a some of them, older ones there was phenolphtalein in them,you know acid base school chem reaction equiv point color change.

      Well smart fucks giving their pals too many laxative pills would literally see their friends shitting their guts out and dying! Try explaining that to your best friend’s mom,jackass!

  8. He also cooperated so well in the making of the video of his own death, giving full and frank confession, opening his eyes wide and looking obediently petrified at the fish tank, and not even struggling as he was drowned. (or perhaps he did but it was edited out)

    If I was him, I wouldn’t be so cooperative. Surely he knew he was about to die????

  9. in mountain house california i dont want to go in to details becouse i dont want the government involved but that is were this message is originating from. robe = biological warfare, gloves = identity, and fishtank = poison.

  10. if you do not interpret this is an act of Islam.
    Islam never taught to kill with a knife. ISIS is a propaganda tool to smooth the benefit of US ENGLISH ELITE And Jews, you have to filter information
    they are a tool of the elite global super power to take on behalf of the heretical sect of Islam is much evidence of the American tattoo photo and they are the CIA and Mossad. robed Muslim.

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