ISIS Execute Syrian Man by Running Him Over with Tank

ISIS Execute Syrian Man by Running Him Over with Tank

A 19 year old Syrian was executed by ISIS by being run over with a tank. The death of the young man was announced on July 30th after Shaer gas field clashes (predating Russian intervention). The victim reportedly admitted to ISIS that he worked for the Syrian Air-force Intelligence.

These ISIS savages were created, trained, armed and funded by people subservient to Israel. These same people rule over you. Soldiers who trained the savages are thanked for their service and worshiped like some fucking heroes. Feeling the freedom yet?

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          1. I was an M1A1 Abrams tank commander in Iraq with the U.S. Army so after 16 years of being a professional tanker I can tell you that’s the shit of nightmares! Fucking ISIS! If I had done that to a detainee I would have without any doubt been arrested, court marshalled, and charged with warcrimes. What we just witnessed is a WAR CRIME!

        1. Seemed like he didn’t even try very hard to save himself, although the ISIS monsters would have gotten him anyway. Plus, he felt all of his body being crushed! His head was flattened last. Brutal!! …

          1. He didn’t try to save himself because he knew he had no chance. He should have tried to run so they would have just shot him. He also should have laid down head first but he was probably in a sheer panic and didn’t even think of doing that. Being run over feet first must have suuuucked for a second.

          1. Yes indeed..but anyway i have seen people die by the hands of these people in so much more pain and agony..he was a lucky one..if there is such a think as luck in death……

      1. LOL @Judge first thing I noticed is that they’d tortured him with the hair clippers.
        Probably getting run over was for the best…can’t say enough how hard living with a bad haircut is.

      2. @The Judge

        Not only he was left with half a tache
        as you could well notice besides he also just above his sideburn to the left was left with a grazed up bald spot and his stubbles too were razored out mockingly .

        Long before meeting his dreadful end he was subjected to a lot of humiliation and butt fuckery

    1. It’s like he didn’t even try to get away. They’d have gotten him anyway, but it almost looked like he just hope under the tracks … Brutal! … He felt all of that, because his head was crushed last …

    2. Now that they have been defeated both in Syria and Iraq, donny come and save us all has commited them to gift europe with a bloody christmas by the simple source of defining jerusalem as the capital of israel.

    1. The home of Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation is now being overrun with an invading force of the followers of Muhammad. Germany has opened the floodgates of the antichrist following Muslims and now they are seeing the devastating consequences, but Germany seeks to coverup the crimes of the religion of pieces.

          1. Mikey G :
            why do I keep reading this ” black lives matter ” war cry? What does it mean? Who said it? Did someone write it in a post or something?

            It’s a lil bit funny……..

          2. It was a “hashtag” that started shortly after the martin-zimmerman case. Seeing how much social media attention it was getting some black activists took hold and build it into some kinda movement. They only grow stronger with every black civilian death by a CK. Google-
            Alicia Garza

            Opal Tometi

            Patrisse Cullors

    1. Mad as fuck that was. Now, if the tank driver had stopped for a second or two before getting to his head, fuck me, that would have been painful.
      As always, the sicker the murderous punishment, the more snackbaring they yell. Sick fucking inbreeds.

    1. maybe next time they gonna put the head in the tank canon and opoup it with an shoot.

      boom !……………fffffffffffffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii………….wow look at the head flying away !

      damn i want to see that next time lol

    1. He bunny hopped to be a clay figurine .
      But that was gruesome @Ellen and makes us quiver .
      You think if he had to bunny hop and still could have managed to get away from that oncoming ominous metal monster would they have spared his life .?

    1. I don’t really speak Arabic but I spent a year in Syria during the war. (Not for fighting just to be clear). In the video you hear the guy talk about “Mukhabarat”. This is indeed part of the Syrian Airforce, but they’re most notoriously known for their brutal punishments and torture of all those who oppose the Assad regime, and more. Basically if you got (or get) arrested on those charges, the mukhabarat is the place you’ll go and you’re very unlikely to get out in one piece

  1. these savages love to talk shit before getting down to business. well, there is so much killing in the world today just as in the days of Noah. how bad does it have to really get before Jesus comes back and sorts all this shit out? maybe the only hope is to hit the reset button and get rid of ALL of us. we got a second chance before and this is where we are today. yep, send another flood cuz Fleshy Virus will NEVER change and none is without sin. i’d love to know what the original plan was back in Eden. this is just brutal shit but so is atomic warfare and it’s coming. there are plans in the works for when they decide to reduce population to 500,000,000. Google Georgia Guidestones for info.

    1. Oh, my god. You are so wise. Please let me come to Joizey and train under you like Luke and Yoda. I ain’t going to Georgia. IDGAF what they scribble on stones up there. Unless we could make a Spinal Tap-like Stonehenge mockery out of them. You game?

        1. And what about those who cannot JIZZ out at all and have flaccid cocks @hung like a mouse will they be spared or nailed


          What do ya think of those whose bollox have emptied out for good will be the first ones to be sacrificed .LOL

    2. I have no doubt reducing the population has been in the interest of brazen intellectuals for a long time but most of that other shit was pretty fucking retarded. I mean I don’t mind that you believe in plagiarized religious nonsense but even so. I feel like if the world had more people like me and less people like you; we would probably have less prevalent genocide. There was never a great flood the story is based off the epic of Gilgamesh and even that was based off the end of an ice age and not some deity decidedly offering intervention. Stop thinking; stick to what you think you’re good at.

        1. It’s called geography, we can look at the past through the present. As opposed to, hmm…

          Absolute fucking bullshit.

          Don’t be retarded Mouse.
          Use books with science.

          I’m okay with you believing in stupid shit just don’t wave it around as much as you do your tiny dick.

          1. @GuardDog

            “I?m okay with you believing in stupid shit”

            “I mean I don’t mind that you believe in plagiarised* religious nonsense”

            First off matey, who the fuck asked you for your opinion on the matter anyway?

            You say that you’re ok with someone’s set of beliefs and then immediately insult them afterwards.

            How’s life being a passive aggressive?

            What have you brought to the discussion apart from snide comments aimed at someone who has showed you no malice whatsoever.

            If you wanna pick an argument with someone then do it with me because I’m directly telling you that you’re a fucking arsehole!

            This is exactly what I meant about newbies coming along and talking to veterans like @HLAM who deserve a lot more respect from people like this prick!

  2. Why did he hop towards the fuking thing ? Probably threatened with beheading if he fuked about maybe ? Still he looked terrified and had clearly been tortured so death was best I guess that would be less painful than beheading tho soon as that touches your upper body I would imagne you fuked so if threatened with that or beheading I would take that way both shitty ways to go but I think that would be quicker

    1. They said “Nusayri” in the video, so I’m pretty sure this kid was an Alevi muslim. Be that as it may, they’re all Abrahamics (including you), so a little death to all of you wouldn’t bother me one bit.

  3. Motherfucking..Jesus man, i don’t have word for this incredible assholes.
    Go Russia! Kill the last one of them:
    I know they don’t act, they bombing the shit in them for real.
    This ISIS cockroaches, IsraHell and United Snakes favorites……

    1. Yes that was the first thing that I thought of! Seriously underrated movie. In the movie however the Afghan was totally turned pancake and no longer recognizable as human remains, other than his arms sticking out (not sure if I remember that correctly). Here it’s not as bad as you would expect…

  4. Cockroaches, filthy fucking insignificant insects that feed on death and destruction.

    “Please sir, can we nuke em all now?”

    No point in waiting any longer, they arent going anywhere, and true to their insect name, for every one that gets caught/killed, there are another hundred hiding in the darkness, planning our demise.

    How much longer are we going to let these dirty fuckers walk all over us?

    Stop the islamification of our happy harmonious beautiful country, please…….

    1. @Dutchy

      I think it’s some sort of movement crying about how discriminated they are for being black. When in reality they have everyone leaning in their favour through fear of being called a racist.

      Their incessant self pitying and whinging over the years whilst running a mock on society is on full display with this bullshit.

      Basically what every nig does throughout his life but in a group setting.

      Black lives matter – LOL! You’re telling me!

      My heart bleeds for them! 🙁

      1. Hey judge

        Thanks mate! That line I asked about just turned up all of a sudden every where and I was thinking one of our BG legends must of made it up & posted it here and it became a bit of a running joke ( that was going straight over my head ! )……..

        All the best judge !

  5. just a short translation: he is a tank driver (in the army) and he drove over the dead bodies of isis. so his so called punishment will be done by being ran over by a tank. (because in their quran their allah said: “if you want to punish, then punish in the same way you were punished”

      1. i just translated the relevant part to make it understandable why they chose to drive him over with a tank instead of any other kind of killing method. i didnt add anything unnecessary to it. and the quran part i mentioned in the translation: first it is the written text in the video and second what the terrorist behind the army guy mentioned.

        i know that most of you people dont understand a single word so when i dont see anything written in the description to explain the situation and the video is still recently added, then i decide to give a short translation for that. you dont need to get into the offensive. just enjoy the short translation i put my time into, especially without any personal opinion no judging no adding up stuff not in there from my side (i keep it objective) so see it as an act of kindness… if there is a question regarding a word they say, or words written you can ask and if i happen to see it and i understand it or can help i would gladly help….

  6. Damn, am I the only one who can see this shit is fake?

    The tank bounces a little when it runs him over, sort of like what a car would do – in reality this is a 50+ ton tank so unless he’s got a Terminaror skeleton the tank would roll over him like he was made of paper.

    Kinda reminds me of an old Penn & Teller trick where Penn ran over Teller with an 18-wheeler semi-truck. It was at the end of their “Don’t Try This At Home” special.

  7. This is interesting, we see people get run over by trucks and buses and their insides are completely torn out. This guy is directly run down and full weight of tank is on him. Yet it appears to slightly flatten his foot and destroy his head. Are those jumpsuits that strong?

    1. fact is :
      most of time in car/truck accident, the body is not damaged, the damage come from the fact the body is drag on the road , stuck on the wheels.
      in this one, the body is not drag, just smashed.
      for more damage, the tank should have turn on itself a little for spread the body on the road.

      fact the body is not completly flattened is due to his elasticity , all bones borked but still on block.
      2nd passage of tank make the body literally explode and spread intestine and all outside.
      3rd passage, the body empty is flattened

      (i saw that on my job in ivory coast after 3 tank run on an dead antilope (not human, but still around same size and all, i think its good exempl)

    2. >This guy is directly run down and full
      > weight of tank is on him. Yet it appears
      > to slightly flatten his foot and destroy his
      > head.

      Not only that but he is run over on top of a hard flat surface. 50 ton tank with solid metal treads… think about it. He would look like one of those hands caught in a pneumatic press.

      Video is a F-A-K-E.

      What’s Criss Angel up to these days? Him or someone like him is the kind of person doing these high def orange jumpsuit OfficialISIS? vids.

      1. this video is not fake

        any tank have suspension, the wieght of the tank is not on the wheel/tracks, its on the “body” of the tank mostly in mid/back of it where is the engine and ammo. the tracks are large specially for that.
        an tank is not an steamroller. the tank use suspension for allow it to go in multiple accidented land.

          1. I’ll make it easy. Look the camera cut at time 1:57-1:58.

            The guy who is “hit” by the tank is not in the same position as the still motionless body runs over after the cut.

            And I may be wrong about what the aftermath would look like, and it could easily be running over a cadaver.

            The fakery apparent from the change that happens in the edit.

            They really aren’t that smart. 😉

  8. Still with the censorship. He was actually just a protester & if wasn’t handcuffed he woulda held his hand straight out saying “STOP IN THE NAME OF THE LAW!!” The tank would be left with no option but to stop.

  9. Ok I’m gonna be that guy again, but why the fuck would you obey and just let the tank run over you ??? I’m sorry but I’d just hop outta the way if your gonna kill me anyway then shoot me mother fucker cos I ain’t gonna make it easy for you, goddam mother fuckin goat shagging Isis bastards !
    Oh and fuck Alah 😉

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