ISIS Execute Syrian Man by Running Him Over with Tank

ISIS Execute Syrian Man by Running Him Over with Tank

A 19 year old Syrian was executed by ISIS by being run over with a tank. The death of the young man was announced on July 30th after Shaer gas field clashes (predating Russian intervention). The victim reportedly admitted to ISIS that he worked for the Syrian Air-force Intelligence.

These ISIS savages were created, trained, armed and funded by people subservient to Israel. These same people rule over you. Soldiers who trained the savages are thanked for their service and worshiped like some fucking heroes. Feeling the freedom yet?

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  1. I would love to see the outtakes from this vid. I would bet my bottom dollar it took them several attempts to run him over. I’d also like to see the behind the scenes clips with the makeup artist giving him a trendy shave and haircut.

  2. i don’t get why he would obey and get directly under the tank to be crushed?? that looks far scarier and trying to get away and getting shot. but i guess knowing isis they would probably torture him and then run him over with the tank anyways so he was like fuck it I have to do this.

  3. I have said it before, but I will say it again.. Three words: Megatons over Raqqa. They seem to actually get a thrill out of thinking up newer and sicker ways to kill prisoners.. I think we should show them sometimes the old and abandoned methods are best..

  4. If this was brought up previously i apologize, but it seems like he positioned himself to be run over. Unless this video is fake, they must have tortured him so much that he was basically conditioned to kill himself at the first opportunity. Am i wrong?

  5. If any of you noticed, they are always calm before the execution. What I believe happens is they go through a number of mock executions, as in the tank would come close and then stop.. maybe 10 to 20 times. This guy never knew when the mock execution turned into real. Check out his reaction of surprise.

  6. Ultimately, these masked cowards will meet their own fate in one way or another and will be crying like fucking cunts and cowards that they are and not bravely resigned to their fate like this man was. Bound, tied, emasculated, that is the only way these fucking pussy assed bitch cunt cowards can handle their enemies! May they all burn in hell!

  7. From the angle of the tank (because I know my tanks) that literally looked like the T-62A, which is originally from Russia. How the fuck they got that I don’t know but a tank like that, you wouldn’t expect his head to fucking go off.

  8. I support this shit. I hope it becomes a reality here in the west.
    Canada needs Sharia Law badly, and I volunteer to be among the first slaughtered, like the vile pig-human I am.

    Fuck you Canada! I hate you, because I exist here and because we need cleansing here.

  9. As I recall he wasn’t trying to get away. He was making sure he died the first time. If your resigned to the fact your gonna die I think I would of gone head first. I’ve been to the sandbox twice now. ABSOLUTELY nothing changed for the better.

  10. These people are pure scum.I really don’t understand what this war is about.I don’t get the slaughter of people..why is this good killing people like this??.
    Honestly I am so glad I have come across this website because it has opened my eyes to so much more.why don’t we see this in the local media,why don’t we get the truth of what is going on..
    Honestly mark I appreciate you giving us the truth.even if you don’t know the story behind the video,you either say you don’t know or you give us what you have been told.but you basically say here’s the video do your own reasearch.beware of propaganda. This site has opened my eyes.videos don’t lie..thankyou mark.

  11. They oughta know better than to drive a tank on blacktop without the rubber road pads on the tracks. Just look at what happens to the surface of the roadway. Better get that damage patched up quick or the whole road will need to be redone.

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