ISIS Kurds Execute Peshmerga in Video Titled Our Message to Our People in Kurdistan

ISIS Kurds Execute Peshmerga in Video Titled Our Message to Our People in Kurdistan

There are all kinds of people in ISIS, including the Kurds. Essentially, anyone willing to kill Muslims and Christians on behalf of Israel, is welcome to ISIS. And the Canadian government is always available to smuggle you in – just ask.

In this newly released video, ISIS Kurds, speaking Kurdi (hence subtitles in Arabic), execute another Kurd, member of the opposing Peshmerga force. The execution is carried out with a close range gunshot to the back of the head. The video is over 24 minutes long – fast forward to the 21 minute mark for the execution.

The Peshmerga introduces himself as Ahmed Mirza Ali from the town of Bamerne in the Dohuk Governorate, Iraq. He says he was a Captain of Zeravani Forces in Southern Kurdistan.

During his speech, the Captian begs his Peshmarga brothers to abandon their duty, and not listen to Massoud Barzani and Jalal Talabani, whom he says only care about their own personal interests. In his own words, the poor and the Peshmarga are the only ones to pay the price. After he was captured, no one bothered to attempt to rescue him. Thus he says that because he’s just an ordinary man, and not a politician’s son, Massoud Barzani (friend of Israel) never attempted to initiate hostage exchange negotiations with ISIS.

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  1. Well, he tried to call them to reason, but money speaks louder than words… Everybody who is weak minded enough loses control of themselfs against the power of money… dignity, honour, pride… its all powerless against the power of money, and those people will gladly get rid of all that from themselves if the price is right…

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        1. @boozer
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    2. @boozer
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  3. Yellow jump suit – that’s different! these guys are getting boring with all their talking. They need to make their videos short and sweet and include the beheadings, then maybe someone will pay attention and not fast forward the videos.

  4. Does he not know that the majority of people (us Bestgorians) want him to just shut the fuck up about his piss poor, inbred, goat fucking, peadophile worshipping, fairytale making beliefs and just shoot him for having a different view of THE SAME piss poor, inbred, goat fucking, peadophile worshipping beliefs he does. Religion, eh? Almost as bad as politics….

  5. Anyone else skip their sanctimonious bullshit right to just before the hostage is murdered? Not that I just want the Gore, I can’t stand the warmongering self-righteous bullshit that flies out of their mouths like a monkey throwing feces at people at a zoo for fucks sake. Take off your masks you cowards! Show us the face of a real man.

    I also mute the sanctimonious ala huckba praising. Sounds to me like they are choking on the shit from that monkey flinging it from an enclosure at the zoo.

  6. I would die death by ear bleeding about 5 min after they start talking or whatever those sounds emerging from their fuckin mouths are called. Isn’t there an addictive aerosol drug that they can consume which cripples their tongue and that fuckin pointer? Do they really need to show us that freakin finger? I bet they always say “look at it. It’s clean again. I took in mouth and suck all that goat shit off. Was nice putting finger in goatass as foreplay. This is our message to all of world-just do it!”
    Btw: can someone tell that kid that looks down the muzzle to just push down on the trigger?
    Can we send Mexicans to desert money land? About time they put some gore in a fuckin 22 min vid.

  7. These fucktards are driving new Fords carrying american hardware. Kinda pisses me off but, what really irritates me most is they can’t sing for shit and that goddamned finger wagging thing they got going on there! I’d like to break every one of those mother fuckers finger off and jam the fucker in their brains (or that space where a brain is supposed to be anyway)

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  9. I did my usual skip straight to last five minutes. What a bunch of fucking posers, irrespective of their nasty tactics. Fuck me, you are not a rock band. You just kill people where there is no law and order.

  10. In a way all Muslim leaders are to blame, for having allowed their religion to become a platform for this kind of “godly brutality”.
    Like Catholic leaders, who failed to curb child abuse, so too the Muslim leaders allowed and promoted hate speeches in their mosques against other religions and now they try to tell us that their religion is a “religion of peace”? How to believe it???
    The problem is that most people are confused about it, because they are not viewing the evidence shown here… and their hit song “Alloah Snackbar !!!”

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