ISIS Publicly Execute 3 Men in Raqqa, Then Throw Their Corpses Into Bottomless Canyon

ISIS Publicly Execute 3 Men in Raqqa, Then Throw Their Corpses Into a Bottomless Canyon

The Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS) publicly executed three men in their Syrian stronghold of Ar-Raqqa, and dumped their corpses into a bottomless pit known as al-Houta, near Slouk in Syria.

The execution is carried out on a public square. The condemned are shown kneeling and have what looks like black garbage bags over their heads. They are executed with pistol gunshots.

The video then shows the jihadists hurling their corpses into a natural depression in the middle of the desert. The depression looks like a canyon, except it’s not a continuous crack carved into the ground by a river, but rather a pit that funnels into a narrow hole that looks like an entrance to hell. Al-Houta has no known bottom…

Notice how the jihadists appear to play bowling with the bodies by using the new corpses to knock down older corpses that had gotten caught on a ledge of the ravine.

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    1. Wow, fear is the ultimate propaganda and these mother fuckers had figured out how to use it to conquer nearly all of syria and Iraq without so much raising a finger. It’s surprising to see that these dumb backward sand apes understand human psychology.

    2. These apes are real scumbags.I often wonder what type of mind set it would be to be able to do another human in this fashion.I can get along with about anyone so why they can do this to someone they have never talked with is beyond me.My mother in law is a nerve jerker but i couldnt hurt her,she has her right as i do.peace to all.

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  1. yeah allahu ackbar…my ass, that expression doesn’t mean anything anymore… did it ever? it;s like saying god bless every time we kill someone…bullshit…im sick of this shit too…what’s the point? there’s no point mutherfuckers! it only makes their country MORE backward, all that time spent killing people, if only they spent it studying, re-building their communities, having fun and building their future as opposed to annihilating any possibility of progreeee.n nnl lv bb b bb vvbg

    1. I think their rantings mean plenty… These murdering vermin invoke god every time they kill someone… What does that say about their sick-ass god? And them?

      I piss into the Prophet’s mouth and shit upon his head! Alllauh fuck’n akbar to that!

  2. Well throwing the bodies down there is one good way to dispose of the bodies no graves to be dug..
    They must be having a ball over there ,they all are laughing and joking …..pure evil and all it does is create more evil..

  3. What the f….

    Why they are screaming ALLA akbar and calling this “ALLA” all the time? Dead bodies are thrown to the botomless pit and they are screaming that God is great. What God and his greatness have to do with DEAD BODIES IN THE FUCKIN PIT ? Where’s the fuckin logic?

    Logic is for pussies.

  4. With a bit of luck, the devil himself, will reach up from the dingy depths and grab those sand nig fuck pigs by the nuts, dragging them down to be eternally licked by scorching flame.

    And I have deja vous. Weird as buggery. This happened before, I swear it.

  5. I thought we were bombing these cowards that hide behind masks and murder in the name of god. Lets see if that hole can be filled up with ISIS martyrs. Maybe top it off with Al Shabob, Al Nusra and all the other Als murdering innocent people around the world.

  6. It’s fucking well for them with their bottomless pit. Sure what else would a snackbar do with a bottomless pit but throw corpses into it. I’m surprised they didn’t behead the guys and have a game of skull-pit bowling. Maybe they do that on Tuesdays. And they probably threaten their women and children with talk of the pit whenever they step out of line. If you forget your Burkha, you’re fit for the pit missus.

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  8. There could be all kinds of awesome things in that pit. It sucks that those people are dead but, they could be spending the rest of eternity at the bottom of a giant crystal cave with mastadons and who knows what else.

  9. These snackbars are REALLY pissing me off now!! The Kenyan half breed has access to thermobaric bombs (destruction of Hiroshima size bomb with no radioactive fallout or components) that would crush any snackbars lungs within 1 mile radius because of it using all oxygen within “kill zone”. If he did use these that are ready within hours ISIS snackbars would soon become, the terrorists formally known as ISIS. Then again the Kenyan is a snackbar himself the filthy cunt…

  10. They act like children…it’s absolutely astounding. These scumbags don’t bother with burial, it’s not difficult to dig out a mass grave. These bastards were doing it for fun, not out of convenience. I’d assume some of these parasites are baracks good ol’ moderates..if not all of them. They never fail to disgust me beyond belief. Fuck Allah and fuck Barack Obama. Recently the kenyans credit card was declined at a fancy restaurant here in New York. Too many ak 47s and stinger missles for the terrorists on Baracks dime evidently.

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