ISIS Video of Boy Executing Two Russian Spies (FSB Agents)

ISIS Video of Boy Executing Two Russian Spies (FSB Agents)

The Islamic State released a video via its media wing al-Hayat, which appears to shows an ISIS child soldier executing two captured Russian intelligence spies (FSB agents). The boy looks to be in his pre-teens, maybe around 12 years old?

The alleged spies are briefly interrogated in the beginning of the video. One says his name was Mamayev Jambulat Yesenjanovich, and that he was born in Kazakhstan. The other introduces himself as Ashimov Sergey Nikolayavich, and says he used to be a Muslim, but turned into an apostate.

The interrogation is carried out in Russian. The man overlooking the execution also speaks Russian. The boy is allegedly a Kazakh. He appeared in a video titled “Race Toward Good Kazakhstan”, released in November 2014.

FSB is the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. It was created after the Soviet era KGB was dismantled. Those two guys did not strike me as your typical spies, the latter even had facial twitch to him, but what were they doing in the Islamic State, then?

There appear to be a few inconsistencies with the video. At 7:02, for example, as the boy lowers his weapon in slow motion, the movement is jerky. I don’t tend to doubt the captives were executed. But I wonder if adding the kid to the video was made just for the show, but he was not really the one to kill them.

Props to Best Gore members Baby14 and ibogaine66 for the video:

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  1. Pretty Wild, to say the least! This child killing others mercilessly, is quite disturbing, but somewhat unsurprising, if you factor in that they have been brought up shooting AK,s at a much younger age.

    1. @dre,

      In our countries they brainwash children via the school curriculum and the media whereas the ISIS lot do it via religion and violence, the end result is still the same.

      ?Hey teacher, leave those kids alone? seems more relevant now than it ever did before.

      1. If that was my kid, he would be grounded for at least a week, no Xbox, no sweets after dinner and defiantly no fucking your sister! Mmm maybe give him his Xbox he gets a bit upset if he can’t play call of duty.

          1. @mohali36 i liked the video until the end when he said ISIS arent Sunni. Hay shinoo? Mah ya arif ayshi ala daesh. In alabu al sunni. Tiff alay hum.

          2. @manowar96 wallah hem sodoq. Bes homme igolon homme sinne. Bes homme aslen khawarig. Bes il sinne hemme lazm igomon o igolon shey, bes kilhom saktin. 🙁

          3. @mohali36, ta arif laysh saktin? Homme waya al daesh. Ya hiboon hum. Ya karhoon al shia. Ya giloon intoom moosh muslimeen. Hemana al philistene sunne waya daesh. Ay wahid sunne, ya hiboon daesh. Inta hesbal al daesh yahood? La.

          4. @manowar96 welek i, bes ingool kilhom? Hemme maysir. Ma ingool kilhom. Ako nas tare shorafa bihom. Ye3ni akid ako nas maygolon shey bes homme hem dhid il daes o isis. Khally balek safy o la dir bal ilhom. Shift hway filisteenin kilish zenin wallah nas hemme madhlomeen. Nitrikkhe lillah sobhane wa Ta3le….

          5. @mohali36, ay wahid sunne. Anee ma ahib hum. Ay, al philisteen madhloomeen. Bess moosh al Iraqeen madhloomeen? Al Syreen? Al Kurad? Il sunne ma bee hum hadh. Inshala ya mootoon killhum.

            Thats just my opinion though.

    2. I wonder if those two even know that they are good as dead now….if you don’t think Russia won’t track these two down you are very naive….the last time a Russian was held as a hostage they took the kidnappers’ family members and sent them body parts until they were released….I am sure Putin could blow off some steam by paying these two back after dealing with all the sanctions he has been dealing with….did anyone else think the one guy was saying way too much…yeah we came here to kill your leaders….maybe he was a just recent prison release trying to make a ruble..

    3. Do any of you remember the bumper stickers we used to see everywhere, “NEVER hit a child. NEVER”

      I assume they included this kid as well. The little boogers are always right. Let them do whatever pleases them.

    4. I am a muslim but I would never let a person or non muslim be killed because he is not a muslim its wrong no one can justify that action it makes me sick and if I ever got in a position were I was told to shoot or kill another human being I would turn the gun on those who told me to

  2. The video won’t play for me 🙁

    The scariest part is that kids are so easily molded and if they’re brought up believing what they’re doing is right then it’s incredibly hard to change that mind set. Some manage to break away but a hell of a lot don’t.

  3. ISIS is teaching them young just like some of the other armies in the world do for instance China. Scary part being the victim here knowing that you have an unexperienced executioner killing you. It could be quick or take some time you don’t know. The video won’t play for me either 🙁

  4. They pretty much done it all……
    But preteens males are “dispatched” (after being raped)……..With no problems at all…….even though they are reticent to murder women…… ( the Koran describes woman as lower than dogs….)….women do not eat with men……
    And it makes me think??????
    Are these guys sleeping with “dogs”…..
    A people who shit on women…..are a endangered specie…….

  5. Kid ought to be out and about playing with his pals. Not in his world though I’m afraid. No, his world is one where hate is paramount, must teach them young to despise anyone or anything that doesn’t fall in with their elders twisted ideology. So, as far as the description and screenshot goes, this young kid blasted two adults to death. Such a feather to have in his Mickey mouse cap.
    He’s not the first either. There have been others, including a 14 year old lad who recently carried out a suicide mission in Syria by driving a bomb laden truck into an enemy target. A virgin supposedly has to take on 72 virgins in the afterlife now, which would be a pretty funny situation to observe if it were possible.

  6. Caught the video on another site (I’d rather have BG’s vids working) …IS video over-productions are getting so fucking GAY and melodramatic it’s pathetic! They’re trying too hard to be hollyweird. IF anything, they should go to la and off some of those liberal, phonies. Speaking of phony, the validity of this goofy production is not very convincing…

  7. So when I say “kill all ISIS and jew spies, even if they’re children.” I get in trouble. Little do you guys know, ISIS is not going to be stopped in a year, two years, or ten years. It has already corrupted the minds of hundreds thousands of children. They will grow up and teach their children if we don’t exterminate them now!

    1. Thoughtful and courageous comment. These animals need to be stopped NOW…

      The most powerful weapon in the Islamic arsenal is a muslim woman’s snatch… They out breed Westerners almost 2-1. By letting these animals in, they will use our own democratic processes to bring in Sharia Law… And the Dark ages will decend again upon us…

      Kill them… All…..

    1. Hey @gentlenatureman I want thank you for a few months back mentioning Brickleberry.
      I had never heard of it. I was 2 seasons behind but caught up quick.
      Ribs ached and my face felt like a stroke victims from laughing so much. 🙂

  8. Should I have seen light coming from the gun muzzle?

    I did not notice splinters or splashes coming from the men’s heads.

    Am I substituting Hollywood for what is actually real? I did not notice what appeared to be photoshopping, and the boy was holding onto the un with two hands, so it didn’t kick up too much, but I just don’t think this video is real when it comes to the boy personally shooting the two men.

    No reflection on the providers of this clip. Thank you for your very prompt and interesting video submission. SF

  9. The kid looks straight out of “Child models r us” His hair is way too neat and tidy, his skin complexion looks as if he’s been moisturising since birth and even his clothes look like stage gear. Also no blood or splattering that I can see. I’m calling fake on this one.

    1. The discharge and the impact in one continuous shot have always been important to me. At the end when the kid held his gun in the air and they did the freeze frame they should have had him jump in the air too. Roll credits with some cheesy 80’s music. This video fuckin’ sucks.

  10. Looks fake. There was no blood upon the bullet entering the head. It was very edited and produced, just like the vids of ISIS “beheading” westerners. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were all actors hired by the US gov, so that way, we support their next war on the Middle East

  11. This is FAKE.

    1. When the adorable, evil, little Asian kid shoots the them both in the back of the head, no headshot wound or blood pouring out of the back of their head appears

    2. The blood coming out of the nose of the second “spy” shot? FAKE, edited in. How? Watch as the screen fades black, you can CLEARLY see that the photoshopped blood stops pouring out of his nose. All you see is a clump of fake edited blood pour out and no more.

    Blood doesn’t wait that long to pour out when shot in the back of the head, nor does it only leak one clump and stop.

    Remember the Taxi driver shot in the bag of the head? In less than 2 seconds blood was pouring out of his nose profusely.

  12. @ilordhard. Your not experienced enough to be able to judge a headshot like that. If you where you would know there is no set rule of damage anything can happen it may take 29 seconds for blood to come out the nose or it may not at all. It all depends on the trajectory of the bullet as to what damage occurs hence no 2 head shots will be exactly the same. It’s not fake and your judgement is really bad. Common sense should tell you all the above.

    1. You obviously have no experience whatsoever with human anatomy. No blood can be seen on the head or back of the first guy shot and then falls to the floor. NONE. It’s fake, and you’re a lemming if you think otherwise.

  13. I don?t know if it is fake BUT when the slopey kid shoots the second guy blood comes out his nose just before the scene goes to a different angle, you have to watch carefully as it is brief but you can clearly see blood.

    1. The blood is fake. Watch as the screen further fades, the blood shoots a square, then stops within the final fade and his nose is clean. The blood is edited in. Try pausing very quickly and you can see.

        1. Still being a lemming I see? Lol, it’s amazing how sheeple actually think that these videos are real with all the Hollyweird style editing, sound effects, and photoshop LOL!

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