ISIS Video Featuring Execution of Sahwat Men in Pre-Dug Graves

ISIS Video Featuring Execution of Sahwat Men in Pre-Dug Graves

New ISIS video was released last night from Saladin, Iraq, and is titled “The Flame of Sacrifice 2“. The video features the execution of multiple “sahwat” men in pre-dug graves with pistols.

Sahwat has a few Arabic definitions, but in jihadist terminology it is a derogatory term for fellow Sunnis, who fight against their jihadist brothers on behalf of the Iraq and/or US governments.

Props to Best Gore members @refuse2renig and @african-angel for the video:

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47 thoughts on “ISIS Video Featuring Execution of Sahwat Men in Pre-Dug Graves”

    1. Just like those Indians living in Asia, they look so “innocent” before executions, but no one knows how many sinful crimes they have done.

      Shoot them on sight all these animals, they only bring chaos and bad lucks to your neighborhoods.

  1. why cant we just get those goat fuckers to hang out with a typical american for a little bit. Here is a new show idea. Muslim goes to ‘Merica, the show will have a dirty ass gross stinky killer come to Texas, USA. and live on a ranch, be under the rule of the house, Father has a .40 cal pistol, and many rifles in gun cabinet. Stinky pos Arab has to assimilate or he dies. Home owner gets to kill him if it comes to that, at the end, kills him anyways, just like his cousin got killed on youtube.

    1. @Stoughton3
      “why cant we just get those goat fuckers to hang out with a typical american for a little bit……”

      THE WORLD was divided into many nations many thousand years ago based on skin-colors, food choices, religions, habits, body odors etc, and the world was peaceful then. Whoever brought in or promote multiracial or mass immigration is to start a war on purpose.

      For a country that allows a minority race to rule the majority will ruin a nation’s social order. Example: USA.

      1. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was Jews covering up trying to pretend to be Muslims so the rest of the world keeps hating them when it was in fact the Jews that’s started all this from the beginning before the holohoax.

  2. Man, where does ISIS get all of these men to use for target practice? Wouldn’t it be more productive to use them as slaves to rebuild the city? Sure, there’s a risk, but you’re in the middle of the desert; you are holding all the rifles, all the keys, all the WATER. Have them wear burkas so they can’t communicate with anyone or be recognized either.

    And doesn’t shooting people get boring after awhile? I remember one video where they basically spent the whole day shooting a truckload of soldiers, like a hundred of them. Its a complete waste of ammunition and a waste of resources.

    1. I tend to agree, we got fed propaganda that he had weapons of mass destruction and how many he had killed and especially his sons (I wouldn’t put it passed Uday and Ussay Hussein, his sons though as being Brought up in power can do that) but don’t forget the Americans are the ones who put him in power and he must of done something they didn’t like to take him out or realising the drugs and the oil would net billions without him, I think it’s probably the latter so made excuses about him putting prisoners through meat grinders etc, tarnished his name.
      The Iraqis were loving it at first when he died but look at it now lol…….one word…….Imbeciles!!

  3. arabs are lower than niggers…filthy sub-human scum… ISIS is no exception…a bunch of latent fags who all blow each other and make shitty edited videos…if Arabs hate women so much why do they wear dresses and bend over all day long?

    the US needs to make the middle east a parking lot or a beach resort…kill them all 🙂

  4. Except for a fresh new title and few pre dug up borrows by the ISIS ;There is nothing worthwhile to stick around here and talk about the pests .
    Killing unarmed and innocent at will is nothing else but that’s
    your [ISIS’s] “Eternal Flame of pooped up orifice with dark fear of the west “

  5. what fucking pigs come on guys, totally not on. The last guy clearly had a sore throat, fucking savages forcing him to work when he’s not well. He should be home in bed with some goat soap. ISIS FFS get some union rep

  6. We started off with a man who was so scared that his teeth ran when he himself could not.
    And ended with a man who had been yelling “ALOHA SNACKBAR” to the point where he had no voice.

    What a great video this was. Thanks once again ISIS! You always deliver!

  7. they will be glad they are shot in the head. Its 100% better than the cutting off of your head!

    feck that, its got be the worst way to die. sitting there waiting for it as others get it done before u

    then you lie there whilst some retarded devil cuts away, the noise the pain etc… must be truly horrifying

  8. Come on… Who believes in a religion that the”God” permits mass killings in order to claim 77 virgins when they get into heaven. There is no need for procreation or the need to have sex other than to get plesure. Heaven is where life ends and that all souls get to another chance for another world that God is preparing.

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