ISIS Video Shows Mass Executions of Shiite Muslims in Kirkuk, Iraq

ISIS Video Shows Mass Executions of Shiite Muslims in Kirkuk, Iraq

ISIS has released a video from Kirkuk in Iraq titled “Harvest of the Years“. The 12 minutes long video contains a lot of ISIS propaganda, which nobody seems too keen on watching whole, especially since it’s narrated in Arabic, so I trimmed the video to exclude the boring parts and and only show the part showing mass executions of Shiite Muslims.

Props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig for the video:

Near the end, video shows a suspected cigarette smuggler having his hand amputated in accordance with Sharia law. However the amputation itself is censored. I’m including it here anyway, if it’s something you;re interested in despite the amputation being censored out:

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  1. I want a gory, gargle sounding beheading already!! ;(

    A serious note ~I see these people as bored as fuck only delivering entertainment to the Gods of All(ah) of creation, as a cruel reminder of this abomination of whole life existence

    1. Beautiful sir.
      Gargle sounding.
      Wind pipe wheezing.
      Blood pouring out.
      Like rushing water.
      Classic beheading.
      I’d like to see that.
      But I’m content with this.
      That A.K. laid him down.
      The dude flew in the hole.
      And that bit of overkill.
      That dude with the gay striped shirt.
      That was just marvelous.
      All those bodies in the street.
      That’s what genocide looks like.
      Overkill with an A.K.,
      or a beheading?
      Both are fun to watch.
      Life has a meaning.
      It is be careful,
      and enjoy your life.
      Don’t only just exist.

  2. I’ve seen so many of these they all look the same but this one seemed different. I think it does stand out because sadly their editing is getting better and the two guys shot before the end while falling into the ditch had sound effects added so they are nicely editing their “snuff” films. In case you were wondering, if you are reading my post right now and saw this video, you witnessed a real life snuff film. This was a coveted and expensive medium back in the 20s to the 90s actually. People paid big money to buy and own “snuff” films. Now we can spend all day watching people actually die. I say this only to remind you that you are watching people actually die here. Its not special effects etc. My point? This is fucking HARD CORE stuff human beings, normal people, get changed by. If you watched this and felt little to nothing, well, and the others have permanently changed you. You cannot go back an unsee this stuff. In a way, we are all like soldiars who witnessed horrible deaths in battle but from the sanctity of our own home. I’m sorry to sound like I’m judging but I feel “changed” since I found this website….and not for the better. I feel a mixture of guilt, dread, and worry because the human race is so F’d up today. The last segment of the video were if you didn’t notice, probably a couple of families, maybe just one slaughtered. Look at the video again if you missed the young child and the woman. These videos are getting more and more gruesem. I for one am putting a message on my computer screen tonight NOT TO LOG IN to this shit anymore. I feel damaged from it. I feel sick from it. I feel permanently changed, and not for the better.

    1. That’s news for you, no matter where you see it. Just worry about what’s on your plate, don’t worry about the rest of the world. Better yet, why not just stay away from all news period, when is it ever positive away?

    2. What you see is reality. You don’t have to be a solider or even on this site to see this. Everyday people are witness to the brutal truth of what the world and the human race really is. What’s probably making you feel so ‘ill’ is your inability to understand this ‘beast’ (the ability to do such) is in every person. We are just animals inside and some unfortunately don’t need to be put in an extreme situation for it to emerge. You could have a front row seat the very next time you walk out to check the mail or waiting at a red light, not coming to terms with how things are and what people really are in their deepest levels won’t change anything.

    3. Once you’ve looked you’re hooked (well, I was). The very first time I saw a beheading I was physically shocked, now I can watch this shit while eating my dinner. Don’t worry about how you’re feeling at the moment my friend, life can be ugly sometimes. Just love the people around you and try not to take life too seriously. Like many people here on BG, try and take this horrific truth and make a joke of it. LIFES TOO SHORT. Just be thankful you’re not one of the people living in these shit holes

      1. @FredHawley I was the same as you were. Very shocked and disgusted at seeing death videos. I kept on watching them and stopping for months because of the shock it made me feel. But it kept pulling back in and now I can watch beheading videos eating my favorite pizza and enjoying ever minute of it.

      2. Me too. At first I would feel guilty about watching this stuff. I would stop, like someone else said, then I’d come back. Now I watch almost every night until I can’t stay awake. It makes me thankful for my cozy bed, safety of my family…and while I joke about some really horrific things, it isn’t lost on me that that person had a life, family, probably love. We all die. Death is coming. Might as well laugh in its face while you can, or at least look at it right in the eye when you can’t.

    4. I feel bad for you, but you have been warned. You are now one of the fortunate (or unfortunate) who actually know how messed up people are. And just because you chose to ignore whats happening doesn’t mean it will stop.
      Anyway I hope you don’t feel bad for watching videos like this (unless you have like a fetish or something lol cause that is kinda messed up lol) there is literally nothing you could have done:)

    5. Bro you know what’s up this is bestgore not huckleberry hound give us depraved sickos some slack and your self,this is real life,jerry doesn’t escape Tom here,we all log in to see guts overlapping out of some poor schmucks stomach and just know at least it wasn’t me,come on back to the flock lol.

    6. Next time click the puppy.

      Sounds like humans haven’t stepped on your life yet. Go outside and mind your business, and humans will smack you around. Then you’ll be back to BG… to watch those humans pay

    7. I have an unused plastic bubble which just might fit you. It insulates you from the outside world. There’s only one snag: being impervious, your own gases will eventually kill you. The moral of the story is that being ignorant is just as unhealthy.

    8. I completely concur with this, while nothing I see surprises me anymore, I am not sure if being desensitised to such extremes is a good or bad thing. I rarely come on here because of the negativity it leaves in my head, I am not ashamed of this. If I could watch mass killings and pretend it doesn’t happen and not bear that with me I would be ashamed. I think if you actively look forward to watching a nasty beheading you’re some sort of ****. I’ll watch whatever without feeling uncomfortable, but some of you guys that “enjoy” seeing it need to reevaluate yourselves. More people need to be made aware of real life events, shame that lefties don’t ever see these videos.

    9. I agree Bertdanger except for me….when I feel like bitching and had a bad day etc etc. Just come to best gore and it reminds me, my worst day ever will never amount to a lot of people’s average normal day. I’m a blessed man to live in the usa.

    10. Having been exposed to this site and others going back to the early internet, I also feel somewhat changed by what we see here on BG. In the past, only those on the sharp end of conflict and full scale war were exposed to and affected by the reality of the lowest and most brutal of human behaviour. It is often said that seeing this stuff “desensitises” one for ever after, whilst this is generally true to a greater or lesser degree, the more humanity and empathy that you naturally possess, the better able you will be to put everything into its proper context. Without doubt it is easy to become more disillusioned and pessimistic about the human race. You must keep perspective and realise that whilst the majority of people go about normal decent lives on this planet, there always has been and probably always will be, those who engage in the worst that we as a species are capable of. There are a myriad of reasons for everything negative we see from human beings, and thats a discussion for another day. As time passes, the ratio of horror to peaceful existence will hopefully diminish to the point that we will be allowed to succeed and evolve to the next stage.

      It is not in our nature to exalt and celebrate all the kindness and positive things that happen in everyday human life. Historically, Bad news is the only news. Many people walk around with not the slightest idea of how desperately brutal and cruel humans actually can be. It is good in a way that they are secure in their ignorance. Human history is littered with abominations and slaughter. We read about them through the ages and they belie their brutal reality until the modern age of the internet altered everything.

      Today anybody can expose themselves to the extremes of human nature and many will become somewhat desensitised and worried by these harsh realities, however, knowing the worst and the best of what humans are capable of, it should also make us more sensitive and appreciative human beings. Appreciative of our own lives and alter for the better our behaviour towards others and all life forms on this planet. We should also appreciate everything that is wonderful and beautiful about the human condition and conscious existence.

      I would suggest to anybody affected by what they see today, do not observe humanity in an unbalanced way (don’t concentrate on habitual viewing of gore) and thus keep perspective and perhaps accept that we unfortunately are doomed to be a disgustingly cruel and violent species on the long long road to enlightened and compassionate members of the Galaxy.

    11. I agree Bert. The accidents don’t bother me. Little on here bothers me but this brutality by ISIS is disturbing, I won’t make cute quips about it. Some of those guys looked quite young. This site has also changed me for the worse. Yet still I watch it and SMH. πŸ™

    12. Sorry pal I’ve also watched lots of these and this one is no different at all. Same old shit here as in all the rest.

      The fear of continued desensitisation (inevitable) mean you will now never watch at all?

      Cos this stuff is going to keep happening, and videos and video sites will continue to thrive.
      Hence I’ll tune in, as its best not to live in la la land where nothing bad ever happens……..

    13. Can’t avoid this shit it’s everywhere ..maybe not as gruesome in the media but where do you think BG gets there videos from ?? There not filmed just for this website and there often easy to find on social media (it gets taken down sure but it’s been shared 10000s of times so people want to know the truth )
      I must admit I have also changed after finding this website around 3 years ago and maybe it has screwed my head up a little but it’s nice to know the truth and not the crap where fed from the media
      I just love beheadings and the gargling noises also watching there eyes and face move after it’s been chopped off
      So after that admission maybe In now a psycho lol

  3. the dude in the hole. twitching after the first shot and thinking fuck this is actually happening. then another and the leg flys up, must have hurt like fuckery. wasnt long after that and lights out sleepy time. i like the ones that gradually get popped off.

  4. Every last one of these fuckers needs to be exterminated. With all the death and destruction and even killing of innocents and children and people who simply don’t believe their crap. Or torturing and tearing apart or murdering families and innocents because they didn’t get on their knees and suck mohammeds cock the right way. They love inflicting torture and death in the name of some fucking asshole, Mohammed, from 1200 years ago. The peace of allah and mohammed and their cult of death. Fuck them and bless them with a long, long, torturous death that the loving, peaceful religion of islam wants for them and may these lovers of islam burn in the fires of islams heaven of pain and misery with non stop torture for them who do islams work.

    1. @fightingirish16 I checked out that mandela effect the other night after seeing you post about it. id never heard anything about it, and i must say although i don’t quiet buy it. it is a very strange and interesting concept. how do so many people misremember the same quote? i thought it was “luke im your father” as well, and it’s not just that that’s weird the whole parallel universe thing is bamboozling the fuck outta me, because how could you ever prove what the actual quote was if were now in a parallel universe? all the copy’s of the film here would all say “no i’m your father” now?!?!?!.
      It sure is a deep rabbit hole when you start to think about it lad.

    1. @african-angel … Yes, the South African Parliament looks like it really gets a lot of things done for the people. Doing their jobs, having intelligent discussions, working out the important issues for the nation. It is the same here in the U.S. Now. The left and the people in control now sure do make a lot of sense and I feel so good that there are people there who really give a shit about me and my family and their futures. They are really intelligent, caring, unbiased, truthful and honest people who deserve to be shot as traitors to our Constitution. Fuck them all

      1. for now it is just some ‘ugly raghead’ in a far away land but i wonder how people would react if this was europeans being executed. imagine if these were teenagers from paris lined up and heads blew off or 2 sexy hairdressers from amsterdam ? i think people would feel physically sick even the more hardcore ones on here but this is actually the fate of many a european if we continue to submit to islam. the tide may be turning now we in england can control our own laws and i see frauke petry is gaining popularity and so is marine le pen and the guy from austria who only just lost his election by 30,000 votes. but if we dont stop the spread of the cancer then id say maybe 20/30 years from now dont be surprised to see your fellow european getting the same fate as these in the above video.

  5. The isis choir, always hard at work hahaha. I hate those fuckers with a passion. Makes me happy knowing that my friends and family killed a good chunk of those ragheaded cocksuckers.

    Also i know a good beheading is well, fuckin awesome. But for somereason i like seeing em shot. Not sure why…

  6. At least they just cut off one hand instead of 2 like they do in Africa. I hope that guy was left handed but I’m afraid these guys don’t give a shit what is your dominant hand . By the way the last shooting execution was the best ..had a nice death moan(might have been edited in though) and a mini fountain of blood at the end.

  7. for now it is just some β€˜ugly raghead’ in a far away land but i wonder how people would react if this was europeans being executed. imagine if these were teenagers from paris lined up and heads blew off or 2 sexy hairdressers from amsterdam ? i think people would feel physically sick even the more hardcore ones on here but this is actually the fate of many a european if we continue to submit to islam. the tide may be turning now we in england can control our own laws and i see frauke petry is gaining popularity and so is marine le pen and the guy from austria who only just lost his election by 30,000 votes. but if we dont stop the spread of the cancer then id say maybe 20/30 years from now dont be surprised to see your fellow european getting the same fate as these in the above video

  8. Fucking bunch of clowns…
    I just now realized something. We’ll 2 things actually;
    1)the reason why Sunnis are always the ones that seem to be in cohoots with the C.I.A is because Shias would never sell out like that, unlike so called Sunnis, Shia militias for the most part wage jihad to defend islam and eradicate oppressors and invaders. They actually have honor (hence why Hezbollah militants take part in Yom ashura,the ritual where they whip themselves to a bloodshed) I believe it has something to do with the shia loyalty to islam, you don’t do that to yourself then go sell out to C.I.A in order to let them destroy your lands and the religion you just bled in the name of.

    2)The reason why the west is making sure to keep shia and Sunnis fighting each other is so they never join forces. The west is already losing or at least truly struggling in this war, so if Sunni /shia were to join it’d be powerful

    1. It’s Wether the video fuck’s up and lags a bit or some fucken nosy goof queer is monitoring what I’m on and it’s making vids lag ect… I find it so fucking pathetic when I see weak minded,sheltered people get all shocked and offended at a site like this lol. They should be directing their little looks to their own government who’s responsible for 3/4 of the atrocities we witness on this site… fuck I hate weak people… and they dare breed too, those pieces of gutless shit! Spawning more gutless little sheeps who will teach their own kids to trust their government and be patriotic. It never ends… the hippie Era was one of the most toxic,blinding phase mankind has ever put itself through. It spawned: drugs/tolerance Wich kept them stuck on dummy and taught them to turn the other cheeks.

      1. Damn too bad the last video was fake.the guy would be in a lot more shock if he’d just gotten in his hand cut off for bad coz cigarettes are fucken disgusting. Gives you bad breath, doesn’t even get you high,cost an arm or a hand and a leg lol its just pathetic. And most smokers act like theyre kingshit of turd island yet when you see them jonzing for a cigarette they’re big kiss asses who’ll be anybody’s bitch for a cancer stick… it’s pathetic.

        Hehehehe ok ok I’ll stop for today probably pissed off more than enough people already in the last 5 minutes hehehehe. Love you guys though.even you fightingIrish ;fuck you goof! But love ya still lol.

        *braces for the shitstorm*

          1. @fightingirish16 lol oh bro good luck lol you got a big task ahead of ya then. OK ok ok I’ll admit I do still smoke buddha (pot). But as far as booze and chemz, I can’t anymore. I do miss it but gave damaged my brain too much in the past I’m very lucky to still be sharp but it did affect me by giving me real bad anxiety problems,Paranoia constantly,and sometimes my thought are so muffled together that it makes me a douche bag. Wish I could just explain this shit to people especially where I live lol.itd make things easier on them and me.yeah I got into Islam to get clean long story short. Thats what most people don’t know that’s why I come across as a radicalized ect I may be a little not sure, maybe but never planned for it to be this way. But I can’t help to feel the hate I feel for nigger Crack dealers and useless eaters ruining our system and blablabla maybe I’m too opiniated and need to shut my mind off lol…and learn to stop writing fucken novels for replies lol sorry…sorry for calling you that rotten shit the other day hahahaha

          1. @Illegalsmiles actually I’m a white Shia… same as the people bring killed here in this video… but before you open your mouth with islamophobic insults and give me the green
            Light to embarrass you by schooling a hole through your ass by enlightening you let me explain to you that We Shiites/Shias have the same, actually worse,hatred for these pieces of shit I.S.I.S …they’re to islam what pedophile priests are to catholicism and Christianity; meaning they were seemingly injected into the fold of religions in order to destroy it from within and worst part is that it’s working coz the same illuminatis who caused this also own the medias. Yet people like you claim to not trust the zionists backed mainstream medias BUT you act completely according to its plans by spreading this plague of Islamophobia among yourselves, without realizing that Islam isn’t the offender, if anything islam is the victim! See,what’s going on here is the equivalent of if a bloodz dressed up as a crop and started raping people. Crips would end up looking bad right? Get it? Now I’ll admit that yes islam does have SOME things Wich I beleive are maybe less desirable when it comes to the sunnah like the cutting off if the clip part. AND a few others. I’m not gonna make excuses for it coz none are to be made.but at the same time if you guys wanna point the fingers at islam for what it has done then let’s at least play fairly and point the fingers right back at the Christians and catholics among you by rubbing the Spanish inquisition and the Holocaust in your faces and the Salem witch trials and all of those orphanages funded by the Vatican where children are supposedly adopted in illuminati families in order to be used in child abuse rituals used to blackmail certain politicians and elitists in order to make them push shadow government agendas through! !!! This is all very verifiable information don’t take my words look for yourself, a good friend of mine whom I once spoke to Fritz Springmeier write many books on the subjects youtube him up. All those atrocities and horrors committed under the umbrella of Christianity and catholicism. Thanks you

          2. @zen, Zen, Zen,
            Your reading comprehension is quite low. You took my comment, shook it all up, and came out with a novel about how “Islam good. Jew bad” I don’t give a shit what God your fucking, carry on big boy. In case you didn’t notice, I uttered not one word about Islam. My issue was your being a hypocrite. Dude, again, if you used to smoke cigs, and now your peering down your righteous nose at said people, well, that’s what assholes do. That was my point, you can go suck Allah or Fritz Whofuckingevers dick. You said it yourself, “brace for the shitstorm”, that was you who said that wasn’t it?
            There ya go….

          1. @steaksinsidneys… first off I don’t see how that was attention seeking you fucken brain dead clown,it’s a comment section do people post,that’s what happens lol.been coming here for lot fucking longer than you probably have so that might be why you perceived wtv you read as attention seeking,it’s was in a good mood so I was making jokes ,if your a dizzy cunt on the rag who’s in a bad mood coz he don’t got his smoke then take your shit somewhere to someone who gives a shit you Fucking p.c goof.

          2. @illegalsmile55 I guess seen that way …fine your right I do have a habit of being a dry fuck and cussing people for shit I used to do worse. But btw I posted that more as a joke coz at first I found it amusing that it was a cigarette dealer they were killing. Just sounds so Canada lol that’s why i made joke.

          3. @zen-suffering You probably think my comment relates to your 44 page dossier above, you’d be wrong. and yes its a comment section, and to which your fully entitled to your opinion. but were i draw the line is your little semi limp dick thoughts on your Canadian hosts the other day you ungrateful piece of shit!!! Don’t bite the hand that feeds your zen.

  9. so at the last video, the guy is condaΓΉned for smoke weed i guess..

    i dont get why they use and wood stick for hit the cleave for cut the hand.. why not simply use the cleave , wtf..
    still nice when the “legit” do this , they still heal just after πŸ˜€

    1. i couldnt get into BG for a few hours so thats what i mean about BG under attack,it could be my computer?i dont want to sound paranoid,shit is really freaking me out lately and i consider myself as very easy going,i need to stick my head out of this fucking weird rabbit hole.

      1. I know, I know, just seen it in the news…
        60 dead and like 100 people injured (so that could be more dead people in the next hours).
        In Nice…Promenade des Anglais, that’s where it happened.
        They chose their day (14th of July is our 4th of July): many people were out partying, and from what I saw, kids were in the crowd.
        A truck just ran over a lot of people, it was targeting the crowd πŸ™
        You need good shoes, today…
        I’m just shaken……………………………………………………………………….

        1. man…stock up on rice and other foods that will last,thats what a friend said to me months ago,the rich have underground bunkers and shit built,i think we are fucked??but stock up anyway,something big is happenging,the elites new it and are ready,im afraid for my family,,please God look after my children,im no freak but im honestly afraid here…

          1. its now 77 people dead,wtf?77,people?thats a lot of people man,everyone just look after your own family and fuck the rest,thats what im going to do,good night,God bless.

          1. and once again i am proved right and an attack on european soil happens YET again. no matter what i seem to say it seems to come into fruition. you should all listen to me i am trying to put you all on the right path whilst opening your eyes.

  10. isis translates im stupid and a coward i kill them after i tie them up im shit or something like that? to me this group of thugs kills there own so they will kill you or i in an instant but they love god? they love the power until they meet an equal power there nothing to us or england or russia or france or germany or canada. why does the world watch? let them stew in there own sewer? there brought to our nations under fear of death in there country yet stir death in every place there put musslims or terrorist? there one in the same. sorry thats the truth.

  11. The biggest killer of Muslims in cold blood, is Muslims, not the West.

    Fuck Pisslam. It’s followers are a bunch of women-hatin’, hand-choppin’, beheadin’ nobodies
    who won’t agree to go to the pub with you.

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