ISIS Video with Three Groups of Captives Executed by Exceptionally Brutal Means

ISIS Video with Three Groups of Captives Executed by Exceptionally Brutal Means

ISIS Video with Three Groups of Captives Executed by Exceptionally Brutal Means

In its latest video release, Islamic State executes three separate groups of captives. Each execution is exceptionally brutal, and not your usual shot in the head, or head cut off stuff. The video was filmed in Mosul, Iraq. The victims were accused of being spies working for the Iraqi security forces.

The first group is locked up inside a car which is then struck by an RPG, and the captives are left to burn to death.

The second group is locked up inside a cage, similar to the one used to burn the Jordanian pilot alive, and the cage is lowered into a pool, leaving the captives to drown without the means to escape. ISIS even equipped the cage with GoPro cameras for underwater footage.

The third group has explosive wire (SBG9) wrapped about their necks, which is then set off, causing most of their heads to be decapitated and fly off.

Definitely the most brutal video released by ISIS to date. Props to Best Gore member itsybigboy for the video:

Originally Published on: June 23, 2015 @ 10:15
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Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video deleted by prochan:

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    1. That fucking drowning was the worst. I wonder if drowning is similar to hanging? I mean if it feels the same? The only thing left to do for this beasts is. Get a giant wooden box, where they can fit ten of them and buried them alive in the middle of nowhere to be found. I bet you , that will get you wishing you were decapitated, drowned, burned, blown into pieces, hanged, etc….. that would be fucking brutal beyond imagination.

          1. I’ve been told the same by a friend of mine. He said there was an initial panic but he soon felt a peaceful acceptance he was going to die. His uncle rescued him as he was slipping off into unconsciousness.

          2. When i was a child i was drowned to the point of needing recessutation. But considering there was a person holding down my head it was far from peacefull

          3. Mine wasn’t as extreme as drowning but was still beyond shitty. After days of wheezing / coughing up loads and loads of flem* I had lung failure and basically drown on mucus. Was at home with my then 3 year old son when I suddenly couldn’t breath. Felt like I was dropped on Mars and no matter how hard I tried no oxygen would enter my body. Stumbled over to the apartment complex office which was luckily across the hall and motioned for her to call 911 – pointed towards my home and signaled to get my son then fell out. Woke up 2 days later intubated (which sucked just as hard) and preceded to rip out my cathitor and attempted to take out the breathing tube down my lungs. They gave me some more propofol and induced me for 5 more days. Was a terrifying experience. Found out later our place was riddled with black mold = good times.

          4. It can be peaceful but there is usually a moment of anxiety I guess you could say, I know from experience that holding your breath long enough to get tp where you need to be to experience “the calm” is extremely painful. It feels like your breathing fire and having your lungs seared into liquid, same feeling if you inhale the water. Once you lose enough oxygen though it is very peaceful. I actually drowned and had to be resuscitated, just before I lost consciousness, it sort of felt like floating on a cloud. Its as close to nirvana I think I will ever get.

          5. your buddy’s talking shit it feels like your lungs are collapsing and ripping open at the same time as you run out of breath your friend is fulla shit tell him suck a dick lying the lying bitch lol

        1. I held my breath once just to try how long I could hold on and I reached the point where I was loosing the conciousness and thank to others I got back. If they only had done it themselves in a peacfull way calmly, they might have passed away in the same manner. But it’s easy to say when I’m here and they were there.

          1. My cousin use to hold his breath until he would lose consciousness as a child when he didn’t get his way. Maybe the reason he is mildly retarded today but I definitley witnessed him do this on more then one occasion. Personally I couldn’t pull it off –

          1. Its probably more of the terror factor with it but then again they all would have it… I have heard drowning is “peaceful” as you breath in and pass out. I use to work as a lifeguard and managed to pull 2 kids out – good timing. Scary to watch though as they have sheer fear/terror in their eyes. I Watched a doco about boat folk and surprisingly the ones with the “highest chance” to die when they tip are the ones wearing the life jackets as they get climbed on…. Also horrible.

        1. @isis_spoderman .
          I ment suspension hanging like Robin Williams vs drowning. If it feels the same ? Gasping for air. I mean when you suspension hang, you can feel the rope getting real tight around your neck while you gasping for air at the same time. I know alot of people use this hanging for sexual pleasure. When you drown you also gasp for air but you end inhaling water and that’s pretty painful too.

          1. I’m beginning to believe suspension hanging probably isn’t all that bad since auto erotic asphyxiation is pretty common. Suspension hanging looks bad due to the body convulsions but those are unconscious, involuntary reactions.

          2. when oxygenated blood flow is cut off from the brain you lose consciousness pretty quickly.

            I got caught in a rip tide and nearly lost consciousness from holding my breath. It wasn’t fun but it wasn’t painful. Sucking in water in a panic though I imagine would be hellish.

          3. Suspension hanging death isn’t about air at all. Windpipe isn’t easy to crush tp that its closed, rather its the prevention of oxygenated blood from entering the brain by pinching closed the carotid arteries

        2. Now seriously life is already too short and having these fuckwits trying their damnedest to create more terror and cause more suffering is just plain wrong . Lets make the whole fucking area over there a lake! Of course they listen to our comments , with that being said i guess they’ll want to make this land a lake sooooo, it all comes down to who gets blown first o.O

        3. The neck is supposed to break and drowning your lungs collapse or explode which im sure is painfull in itself. Hanging the brain loses circulation faster than it does when drowning and kicking or not you are unconciouse and feeling no pain. Drowning you struggle and fight rt to the end and for many thats around three minutes of terror and realization. 3 minute of your bodies most violent stubborn repulsion of death. Fear choking breathless painfull. A tearing in your chest if you can hold your breath and the inevitable drowning in your own blood. Hang me.

        1. I think they were long brain dead and that last “exhale” was just a body reflex. Actually when I saw that cage thing, I thought they were going to lower them down and pull them up after a minute to keep torturing them.

          1. Fuck me dead, I actually laughed at your suggestion and I was feeling very sorry for all those men all along – must have been around Bestgore for far too long!

      1. The drowning should have been done in clear water. An air tank with 15 minutes of breathable oxygen could have been put in the cage. Each man would’ve been given a knife. A disgusting scenario for sure, but maybe they’ll give it a try.

      2. Or can be done using nigger instead. Place 10 niggers inside that box, with pro cameras in different angles, the last one will win a price. That’s stoning two birds at once. You’ll have a new rich nigger, but nine less to be roaming the streets doing nuffin.

          1. @doodurty – every time one person or country realizes how racist, xenophobic, war mongering and greedy israelis are those of us who know the truth smile. πŸ˜€

        1. When the last nigger comes up, he would be all smiling and expecting to win that prize. As the cage is being lifted up, someone should wave around the money at the nigger then said, ‘nah just kidding’ and lower the cage again.

          You will really kill 10 niggers with one cage πŸ™‚

          1. how about we have 10 niggers anally rape you, give you stitches, rip them out, then rape you again, then slide a metal spiked pole up your ass slowly till it protrudes from your mouth, that would be a sight to see (:

        2. How about we put your mom in a cage, (please let her be dead) submerge her under water and poke 10 long black dicks in the cage so she can confuse them with oxygen tanks. The guys would get to cum down your mom’s throat and she’ll have the illusion that she is saved before dying a horrible death like the whore she is. Win win. πŸ™‚

      3. I would pick number three. All done and over with in a blink. However I think there are much worse ways to die. I’ve never seen someone slowly lowered into a vat of Hydrochloric acid. I def think that would be the worst way to die.

        1. The pain receptors will shutt off very shortly after first contact and the person would feel very little but the phsycologicol factor would have them screaming anyway as long as they knew what was happening. An eye dropper would be the way to go for acid

      4. Would you kill those next to you in the box to preserve air or would you wait till hunger got you or the guy next to you gets hungry and tries to kill you. Is every one lying down are they shackled???????

      5. Drowning is much worse than hanging, I think. When drowning, CO2 level in the body will rise and trigger a body reflex, which result in the experience as if the lungs will explode. Hanging will stop the blood flow to the brain and one will be unconcious in 20 to 30 seconds.

      6. Hanging is better in all respects. A dead drop hang and your neck breaks resulting in instant death. In a suspension hanging the rope cuts off the blood supply to the brain by restricting the carotid arteries. You go unconscious in 8-15 seconds and die a few minutes later. If you drown, your heart is pumping the whole time, keeping you alive while you swallow water and thrash around and scream for air up until the moment you run out of oxygen in your blood.

      7. They should do a kind of Vaticcan used for making executions footage like this one and publish it on hacked TV.
        After this, they could be respected by anyone.

        (Exept from pastafarians, of course.)

      8. This is a fake mass execution, look at the milk bubbles, no one blows bubbles let alone white bubbles after or during drowning, the white helmets have made numerous videos and the west throws money at them then before you say hocus locus they are in Europe or America claiming political asylum

    2. I hate ISIS. they will be destroyed. Muslim doesn’t include something called IS. ISIS are trash. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is trash. He isn’t human, he is beast. He was died. US will killed all of ISIS.

    3. Agreed. I really don’t understand what exact they are trying to achieve putting so much effort in killing people.
      I mean, is their idea of a perfect world or afterlife what most consider Morbid and sick?
      “Join us and live and enjoy an afterlife full of the wretched sites, sounds, and smells of agonizing tortures, pain, rotting limbs, it’s great times. Make love to as many bloated corpses as your heart contends! ”
      Wonderful, where do I sign up?
      It’s just so fucked up. I suppose every religion has committed equally disgusting atrocities though.
      Funny, I really believe that everything balances out. Just as there can be many people who’s lives improve due to religion it eventually balances out with fucked up extremism.
      What goes up must come down, light and dark, good and evil.

  1. Yup there are more disturbing stuff on here, for the guy who said that the brazilian woman involed in the accident, with the face hanging down was the most disturbing. I mean.. Imagine being in these people shoe. Certainly not the most disturbing but..

    1. To blame Obama for this is ludicrous. Zionist Israel is responsible for pursuing this policy of divide and rule throughout the Mideast. America is just Israel’s military PitBull and money whore.

        1. Awwwww!!!!! Poor-baby Benjamin Netanyahudi πŸ™ don’t you dare say anything about that lil poor-baby Netanyahudi……..!!! He din’t do nothin….. He just sends his agents whenever he wants to and they just fire the rockets from Palestinian territories saying they were Hamas fighters and that just gives a single reason for poor-baby Netanyahudi to start another massacre and that’s the only thing that lil baby thing does, nothin else….! Now does he??? πŸ˜€
          Democrats or Republicans, The Guardian or The Mirror, BBC or CNN, Fox or Al-Jazeera, they all are funded by one clan, “Yahudi”…..!!!!! Poor babies…… lol

          1. Tho it’s not quite israhell funding it – they just direct it. The US has given billions of $$ to israhell who in turn uses it to terrorize Palestine and do their other dirty tricks. Just making their “homeland” more xenophobic and beautiful for the israeli racist pigs.

    1. ….and there it is.

      at first these “isis” scumbags struck terror through the world with such videos…it was shocking, more horror than (most) western people had ever seen before.
      now, the videos seem to smack of desperation – a silly little boys game of “what novelty murder can we come up with next?”
      their “ultra” muslim, “islamic caliphate paradise” rantings, seem more and more thin and meaningless with each muslim they kill on camera, and with each daily civilian massacre they are responsible for in the levant.

      funny isnt it? such a “mega” muslim murder group – yet not a single israeli killed in their videos yet?…

      1. I think they just want to live in the 7 century, back in the good old days when their prophet had 7 child wives, and beheadings with swords. but they are a bunch of retarded hypocrites, they also want to live with all the new tech, bombs, guns, hd cameras, cars etc, but with stone age mind.

    1. I hate to admit that I enjoyed watching this. The last part was my favorite with the head flying off. I hope they make sequels with some creative executions. Oh and hopefully they will start adding English subtitles to their little movies. =D

          1. You are constantly annoying on this website why are you so desperate for attention?
            Your name is gross stop throwing your mrspink in everyone’s fave with the suggestions and obnoxious comments.

  2. There are days in traffic when I wish I could do the car one.

    The caged drowning was different, too quick and edited though.

    I like the C4 rope.

    The red jumpsuits were a nice touch this time, too. Uniformity has its place.

    I’m still waiting for them to start the impalings.

    1. Vlad the impaler would eat his meal and have his victims decapitated and limbs cut off right at the edge of his table. He loved the taste of his victims blood along with his food. After all that’s where Dracula comes from.

      Let’s not give this beasts this horrific ideas cause they will do it.

    1. Leads me to believe this is one that gets the US involved once again in Iraq and the Middle East. I can hear it now – our war mongers saying these atrocities just cannot be ignored (while the israeli govt snickers at how clever they are). 😐

        1. I don’t think so. If you look at the video, the car didn’t explode. It just caught fire. They definitely burned to death. Why wouldn’t they be screaming? Supposedly (based on analysis) they drugged the Jordanian pilot so maybe they edited in screams. RIP good guy.

  3. Here`s a story of Isis,murdered Monday through Sunday…
    In a cage or in a car………..
    Victims wouldn`t get far………
    Serial killing for fun…a bit like Ted Bundy.

    They would hit them on the head…….
    With an object…until they were dead……
    Or a rocket propelled grenade…..
    What a fucking mess that made.

    Still,as Oscar Wilde exclaimed …….
    Life mirrors art with blood and pain…….
    And those red teeth and claws leave scars……..
    We are all in the gutter,but some reach for the stars.

  4. nice….especially the last execution , is so sick and sad to say that i enjoy the video, but i dont care if those pigs kill they same kind of people, personally i don’t like muslims and i don’t care about them……is only me that i think they are doing of executions some kind of movie show everytime with special ways of executions? Hollywood have an special academy award for the effects, not specials but reals….

  5. I still have trouble believing ISIS to be made up of Muslims. I understand the two most populated sects (Sunni, Shia) have been fighting for ages, but it appears that their executions are indiscriminate.
    It seems to me that whoever ISIS is, they are trying and succeeding in painting a disgusting picture of Muslims.
    The last I heard, ISIL claimed that they were to become IS (Islamic State) and whenever they released a video of executions it’s always the same old shitty quality beheading or shot to the back of the head.
    These ISIS videos appear to be like movies, which a lot of people on BG have noticed.
    It’s all confusing to me.

    1. isis is wahabi, an Israeli backed sect which control the arab gulf… the vast majority of ISIS is not even Syrian or Iraqi and the ones who are syrian and iraqi or french or russian or lebanese were raised mainly inside wahabi mosques in sunni areas… ISIS are NOT sunni muslims, the SAA is more than half sunni so… :/
      ps: I’m an atheist living in lebanon and believe me when I tell you that Israel has it’s hands deep in all of this shit, it and Erdogan of the Islamic brotherhood(also known as the president of turkey and the father of ISIS who helped them control the Bab al-salamah border checkpoint and let ISIS expand from there while giving them guns and meds, there even was a time when erdogan demanded a no fly zone in northern syria just to help ISIS in their expansion and give them a breather and a safe place from bombing)
      it’s all a dirty fucking game, just like how everyone was playing the same game in my country for 20 fucking years.

      1. Bravo for figuring it out…you Arabs are being played as fools….divide to conquer and weaken is the oldest strategy ever….only question is when will more Arabs figure it out and unite…the Arabs need another Saladin…Taking out the House of Saud would be a good start…

      2. Habibi! Bro, you nailed it 100% on the money. I’m an Egyptian Copt and I’ve been monitoring this fuckery since day 1, before ISIS was ISIS, when they were just Islamic State of Iraq in 2012. These guys are straight Western puppets backed by the US, Saudi, Qatar, Turkey, and the of course, the devil himself Israel.

        Their entire purpose is to weaken any Arab nationalist regime that actually gives a shit about their people. They seen what Nasser did, they seen what Hafez Assad did (Bashar’s father)….they want to set these death squads to take down any strong army in that region so only them and the corrupt piece of shit Gulf countries can dominate that region.

        As long as Syria/Iran/Hezbollah are alive and well, these death squads will keep doing Israel’s work in the region like fucking fools.

        They aren’t Muslims, they aren’t anything but a bunch of paid subhuman savage barbarian psychopathic scumbag motherfucking devils.

        1. also probably set up to take down assad who’s is an ally with Iran and to weaken Iran’s influence in arab lands. Iraq and syria were decent places to live even under Sadam now they are turning into afghanistan with terrorists killing everyone and living in biblical times with women locked up in the home.

  6. First of all, thank fuck they didn’t babble on talking bullshit for half the video. Points for that.

    The rest of it. Well, I suppose if I were a sick fuck stranded out in a dusty shit hole, I’d be looking for ways to liven things up a bit too.

    The last guys got it easy compared to the other lot.

    Send in the Special Forces to finish these fucks once and for all.

  7. The stuff wrapped around their necks is called detonation cord. I used it for years, and even though it’s usually used to ignite explosives, it can do a lot of damage on its own. We used it to cut down trees among other things.

  8. Last I heard about John Cantlie is that he is now the lead editor for the Islamic state magazine. When they where sat in the car waiting to be hit with the RPG I was hoping one of them wud bust free and hot wire the car and drive that motherfucker up out off there flipin the bird out the window Lol.

  9. Out of all the different gore I’ve seen,that’s the first time I’ve seen people being drowned..fucking brutal.If they were nice enough to give me a choice of the three,it would have to be the ‘necklace of destruction’.

  10. I don’t understand why they show kids hurt and killed in the fight they keep perpetuating. When just last week I watched a video of them killing a 8 year old kid for helping a spy! And BTW if I had to pick a way out of the three it would have been the last. Seems so much quicker getting your head blown off!

    1. I sincerely doubt that things are much better than this under the Western regimes. Everybody knows that the Maliki regime was way worse than Hussein, and we have all kinds of horror stories about that(e.g. meat grinder).

      I’m not saying I agree with what they’re doing, but I’m not really super pissed by it since I know that they’re just publicizing it while the West had a media blackout on what Maliki and his goons were doing(and now has a blackout on what YPG/PKK are doing, and soft blackout on what FSA are doing).

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