ISIS Video with Three Groups of Captives Executed by Exceptionally Brutal Means

ISIS Video with Three Groups of Captives Executed by Exceptionally Brutal Means

ISIS Video with Three Groups of Captives Executed by Exceptionally Brutal Means

In its latest video release, Islamic State executes three separate groups of captives. Each execution is exceptionally brutal, and not your usual shot in the head, or head cut off stuff. The video was filmed in Mosul, Iraq. The victims were accused of being spies working for the Iraqi security forces.

The first group is locked up inside a car which is then struck by an RPG, and the captives are left to burn to death.

The second group is locked up inside a cage, similar to the one used to burn the Jordanian pilot alive, and the cage is lowered into a pool, leaving the captives to drown without the means to escape. ISIS even equipped the cage with GoPro cameras for underwater footage.

The third group has explosive wire (SBG9) wrapped about their necks, which is then set off, causing most of their heads to be decapitated and fly off.

Definitely the most brutal video released by ISIS to date. Props to Best Gore member @itsybigboy for the video:

Originally Published on: June 23, 2015 @ 10:15
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399 thoughts on “ISIS Video with Three Groups of Captives Executed by Exceptionally Brutal Means”

  1. They really love their execution.
    What’s next, tie them down to missiles and send them to outer space or kill them by increasing G force in a centrifuge or shooting them by a big cannon.
    I’m sure somewhere in mosul, some isis scientist is nonstop working on it.

  2. Fake as fake could possibly be. Just as every other ISIS video that I have personally witnessed to date. Drowned an animal trapped in a cage and see how it reacts. It is quite violent. None of these three so called executions are real. They are actors playing a part, just as any actor plays a part in an American film, with decent special effects. Question, if a group of people tried to put YOU in a car, against YOUR will, would YOU just get into that vehicle without any sort of resistance knowing they where doing so with the intent to kill you? Wake up you fucking dolts and understand how produced ISIS videos are.

  3. Are ISIS running out of ideas of murdering people, do they have a kill consultant or something what a bunch of idiots. Do they actually get together to come up with ideas how to murder people……….

  4. This is worse than being set on fire. They say when you’re set ablaze your nerves quickly die off but this is sheer minute or so of torture I read a paper on the effects of drowning and it’s not pretty

  5. How can anyone believe in their religion?
    It’s the religion of murdering humans…
    Yet, I still (somehow?) trust nature’s justice system to do justice, because there’s far more to the wonders of the Universe than we have discovered thus far.

    1. They aren’t “true Muslims” in my opinion. Pretty sure no religion besides the outdated Aztec empire would praise killing for “god” or a Divinity. They were stupid back then and they are stupid now.

      What would happen if all religions were Abolished? What then? Would science fix us? Or doom us even faster?

  6. I wish they would refrain from singing all the way through it, I could only catch bits of the 3 dudes screaming in the car…I wouldn’t mind if it was catchy but the guy singing it sounds like he has got a mouth full of mash potatoes…It is awful

  7. That drowning one was brutal…I do wonder when they go to sleep at night do they feel any shame or guilt for the things they do all in the name of religion. Its not just murder but murder with the intention to make victims suffer as much as possible.

  8. Hey isis America isnt done with your sorry asses. as soon as we get a president with some balls we wll deal with you expeditiously. We are going to send you to your eternal resting place. enjoy your fun while you have time because america is coming for you. be afraid. be very afraid.

    1. America is either going to elect Trump or Sanders.

      Sanders= Hates America and has no balls.

      Trump= Hates America and has balls the size of watermelon with brain the size of almond.

      America is fucked for the next 5 years at least.

  9. The HEAT missile from the RPG….man…
    And their screams that many have overlooked. Handcuffed to the car while the leather and steel in car heat up with you while they pierce into your body right after the glass blasts you from the windows of the car then cooked in thousands of celsius from the frag-explosive. The most cruel!

  10. the best way if you drown is to hold your breath as long as you can , causing a self-induced fainting without water in your nostrils and lungs. The pain , for anyone who knows from water getting into the wrong places can feel like burning. Some of these guys made the mistake thinking,”I’ll just get it over with” and took in water too soon.
    But what do I know? Right?

  11. Drowning in the cage was probably the most humane out of the three executions. I’d much rather go quickly and just have my head blown off like video 3. Even though drowning seems like a more peaceful way to go it’s much slower of a death since they say when you drown your brain is still active up to 5-10 mins after you drown. So you’d be sitting there like “fuck I’m dying and there’s nothing I can do about it”.

    1. Supposedly your brain dumps all endorphins when it starts to shut down your organs. Supposedly also dumps all DMT. Plus, I’m not so sure that everyone died instantly in the head exploding. Some of those brains might still be intact, and while death would be hastened since your body’s blood supply would be cut off, I don’t think it’d be instant, either.

  12. Air drop those shitty FP-45 Liberator pistols all over the Levant. It may at LEAST keep people from getting captured by these assholes.

    These videos are just ridiculous. I’ve seen actual rats be drowned like that in cages. Disgusting to do that to a human being.

  13. wow, I remember watching this one a long time ago, thanks for uploading it back, we’re kinda in lack of these muslim freaky videos these days. It takes me back to 2006 when I used to go to Ogrish every day after school. Good ol’ days 🙂

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