ISIS Video with Truckloads of Men Lead to Slaughter and Executed

ISIS Video with Truckloads of Men Lead to Slaughter and Executed

ISIS has released a new video titled “And Kill Them Wherever You Overtake Them“. The central theme of the video are mass executions. Literally, truckloads of men are shown being lead to their slaughter, hundreds are shown being executed.

The video acts an an anniversary release combining the new, and archival footage of 1,700 Iraqi soldiers killed last year in Kirkuk. Archival footage includes the revisit of mass executions on the banks of the Tigris River.

That youth at 14:22 told the mujaheddin that he was a Sunni. They asked him to pray the way Sunnis do, which he was unable to do. First, they asked him to perform Athaan – the call to prayer. He started convincingly, but messed it up toward the end. He also failed to place his hands on his chest after the first “Allahu Akbar“, which is what Sunnis do, so they concluded that was enough to kill him.

At 2:24, the video shows the downing of an Iraqi helicopter with a MANPAD. Images of a bulldozer pushing piles of dead bodies into a pit at 20:00 look very much like what Jews and their lapdogs did to the victims of their aggression during WWII.

Props to Best Gore member @Baby14 for the video:

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    1. The thing that sticks out the most…all these Iraqi soldiers executed were not in uniform because they were ambushed without their weapons… one of the few survivors states they were to get 10 days leave and turned in their weapons and change out of uniforms and were ambushed on their way home…

      If it was really an Islamic State group they wouldnt be killing Shias…this Sunni group was created before the USA withdrew and that’s why they are just killing Shias because they are getting their instructions from Baghdadi which by far is the best CIA/Mossad operative ever….these nut jobs are uneducated religious loons getting paid $1,000 a month and are blindly following orders to not only divide themselves with their own religion but also to demonize their religion in the process with these videos…

      Who benefits the most with a 100 year war on terror in the Middle East? who benefits the most of a fragmented and weaken region? Who has bought stolen oil in Iraq? Who has received the harvested organs in Iraq after ISIS forced doctors to harvest them? Why is the CIA training IS members in Jordan? Why is Israel treating ISIS in their hospitals? Why did the USA ship the weapons in Libya to Syria after Gadafhi was taken out?

      1. Mad circle of history. Nothing has changed throughout thousands of years and it is proof that there is no god as we would like to believe, all religions are illogical nonsense especially Christianity and Islam

      2. I don’t get why they are killing Shia (although no one deserves to be judge jury and executioner like the game America plays) the guy shot because he faced the wrong direction???? I don’t know if anyone has been in jail its difficult to work out the direction of qiblah I am shocked by this its not possible to murder innocent civilians and claim to be muslim??? Where are they getting their ilm from?? I am sunnah but I worked with Shia all my working life the read the same book pray the same direction have the same pillars its wrong they even killed a christian again people of the book are left alone unless they attack but the guys hands were bound hardly a danger…. I don’t like it I feel they are making a mockery of Islam

      3. People don’t realize what this country is actually doing with our tax dollars-If and when they figure it out there will be a fucking rebellion like we have never seen before-The government has fucked the American citizens for so long that I believe we need to take our country back and restart-this fucking country is not about us any more-its the fuckin Pigs on capitol hill filling their pockets!! ps-why does it seem like the presidents that get shot are the good ones?

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      1. Don’t worry that’s the point. To save them from their mutated form and end the infestation by nature making them kill each other off so that the non inbred higher intelligence and superiors inseminate the females gives them beauty brains and a future next to the fittest cuz that’s the point of survival of the fittest.. All the weakest forms of the human races will either disappear or become saved by race mixing from their inferiority.

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      2. What women, none left in any footage ive seen. And sperm plenty of that from the other side, do you think that the women and children are left alone still at school and shopping? They are dead or wish they were.

        1. @Persian, that is a very good question. Woman are obviously hidden in Iraq and Syria, so it is hard for us to know where they are or what they are doing, but one thing is for sure – they are not free to do as they wish like we are.

    1. North America is too civilized for this kind of barbarism but, if it were to come here I’d welcome the opportunity to kill me some cockroach pieces of shit. Bring it on Allah fagbar

      1. What do you think all the allah akbaring is about? You think they only say it just to look “cool”? Anyway a false religion is only one of the things that drives these savages if it isn’t what drives them the most

        1. aah religion! the culprit of humanity.
          if you can’t think for yourself and resort to religion for an explanation or meaning to your sorry existence then i must say you are just as worthless as these scumbags. they live and die for their beliefs, you do the same, at the end of the day the world keeps on spinning and everything you stood for means nothing so yeah stupid fucks… i need to say more?

          1. i think these arabs are just so fucking stupid, if it wasn’t for religion they’d probably still be slaughtering each other. i don’t like islam but there are some peaceful countries where islam is the majority like turkey and iran but again in those countries majority of people aren’t very religious and more atheist where arabs seems to be much more religious.

      2. There are three types of people in isis, those at the top that are in it for the money, those in between that are there on ‘religious grounds’ but want to fulfill an ulterior motive to get their kicks, whether it be killing, raping, plundering etc. The last is the most dangerous and that is the type of person that is there because they truly believe they have been called upon by their ‘god’ and are willing to become dust for it.
        So, in reality, to believe that there is no religious motive is naive as it does not distinguish between the masters and their puppets.

      3. That can’t just be based on religion.
        Surely there is some free thinkers among the cockroaches, who must feel sick after a day of slaughtering innocents?
        What the fuck is wrong with these people?

        Surely these cockroaches just like to go to the beach and have a swim with their girl, or walk the dogs and appreciate the sunset, or meet their mates in the hotel for a beer and a game of rugby on the set well, even just to fucking get nervous every time they think about that job interview next week. There is so much more to life than thinking you are making a difference by blowing some eye head off. For fuck sake. FV are nature’s fuck up……

        So fucking depraved and the sheer incidence of serial killer

    1. if religious was the fucking thing that put them to make war and kill everybody. then why they didnt kill the women ?
      they kill only mens, and save the women because they know they need them all for fuck and propage their fucking mind in the next generation.
      too bad for them they never go anywhere like that.

      kids mind ISIS = i want dominate the world
      normal world kids mind = i gonna protect myself, my familly and my home (my country too) from this shit.

      let them try to come conquer the europe. we gonna laugh hard to see them die in the crossing water. they have no chance at all to go outside of the middle east in their shit country. and one day, they gonna regret hard what they do. this day, its gonna be too late for them.

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  2. Holy. Fuck. The one just after 15 minutes is absolutely brutal. I don’t think the first shot killed him instantly. Looks like it hit him too low, but it caused a hell of a path for blood to shoot out. He would have bled out soon after. Jesus these guys are monsters.

  3. Can aliens just abduct me off of this planet already? I’ll even take a good anal probing if that’s the price I must pay. Not really, but fuck these psychos and their crazy religious beliefs. How about aliens abduct THEM all off of the planet and anal probe their dirty buttholes? Yeah, that sounds like a better plan. I’m innocent.

    1. C’mon…Be honest. You know that you secretly want to be probed in the ass with one of those alien space dongs.
      I know that they…I mean, I’ve heard that they’re very gentle and they will leave cab fare for you on the headboard. Haha JK @FD

    2. @FD…lol, that’s been my M.O. for a loooong time, except mine is:
      “Me” to Enterprise…”This illogical practical joke has gone on long enough. Please beam me off this primitive Class M satellite…warp factor 8!!!”

    1. There’s always some idiot who wants to nuke the whole place. GREAT idea moron. Someone higher up is making a shit load of money from this war. Why would they nuke a place when there’s money to be made in war? ALLAHU AKBAR!

        1. Actually…your first comment is 100% CORRECT!!!
          Nuke them all and fuck the collateral damage…It’s slowly coming down to an “Us or Them” scenario and even though “Us” is filled with nasty jews and baboons, it’s still a good start to eventually clean-up the whole planet…(((sigh))) it’s nice to dream….

  4. They obviously have plenty of bullets to spare as each person was shot at least twice. What happens when there are no men left to kill, do they start on the woman and children even though it goes against the will of the ‘holy’ book. Wouldn’t that be a cliche, ISIS kill because of their interpretation of the cu-ran , but eventually have to resort to breaking their pledge to it because they have killed everyone off!!!

    1. They will begin to scrutinize there fellow ISIS brothers and call into question his level of Muslimicity(?).
      If he can’t perform a routine prayer while jumping rope Double Dutch style he will be executed. This will continue until they are down to just one guy.
      The Last ISIS Standing.

    2. Speaking of bullets, what was the point of the guy wearing the shoulder holster with 5 bullets on each shoulder. I mean, his pistol is magazine fed and there were already a couple of mags on the holster. What good are those 10 extra bullets going to do for him, or is he just a showy little fuck?

          1. The Toyota hilux has a an extra tonne towing capacity. That is an extra 13 dead bodies and that can make all the difference when you have a whole army to slaughter down by the Tigris River.

            Look, them sand niggas can buy a less expensive ute or even a bigger selling ute, but them towel heads cant buy a better ute. Isis know it, toyota know it and the iraqi army knows it. Last i heard Toyota was even sponsoring a few dead body drag races – anything to get their branding in a few ISIS Videos coz they get played to a world wide audience and even if no one on the planet like the hairy sweating stinking fucking barbarian cockroaches, the useless FV can accept Isis have a hard job to do in a shitfight of a hard environment and need reliable vehicles so they don’t break down just as a drone is setting it’s coordinates.

  5. I don’t think it’s about religion so much anymore. I think these sick fucks just get a huge boner killing anybody. Hell, when they run out of bodies they’ll probably start killing each other to keep the “kill boner” happy.

    1. No shit. These pricks always have and always will hide behind their silly book. They are full of shit, a sickness that has and always will require medicinal assistance in the form of a real fighting force pounding them to kingdom come. Until then, they will continue slaughtering their favourite prey, Muslims, the one’s who read their silly book differently.
      Their entire existence is built on lies and deceit, rather like another religion I can think of.
      Wild dogs have more honour than these scumbags ever will.

  6. Their mentality must be terribly twisted. They seem to truly believe that with these types of sickening actions they attract good people to follow their faith. 🙁
    After seeing this, I think no man-made religion is the right one! Thus, a world w/o religion will be a better world. Personally, I believe in nature’s power and its laws; i.e. act logically correct and everything in our life will be wonderful. Those, who prefer to act illogically will have to make up for it , here on Earth and maybe even after their demise. No-one gets away with such actions of evil. Well, this is only my and with 74 years I have done pretty well adhering to this, personal faith.

    1. now ask yourself , do they give a flying fuck about your beliefs? nope, so your waste of energy trying to make a point means less than shit, you are not changing the world with your righteous thoughts so…. lol

      1. @oozing Lard,
        I’m guessing religion is a “red button” topic for you. I get it. Personally, I get really fired up over the police brutality posts.
        Member @j3 is not the adversary here. It seems like (s)he found a way to be happy for 74 years and only wished to share it with us.
        Just sayin’.

    1. If you can’t even show a slow beheading without trachea severed wheeze screams and massive pressure filled blood drenchings squirted with utmost force upon the asphalt then what’s the use you pansified wankers?

      1. God, I want you to. Fuck you and your piece of shit ceramic god. Muhammad sucks my horse dick on a daily basis you cockroach rectums. The thought of you questioning the validity of Mohammed makes me squirt a man sized portion of jizz upon your fucking idiotic fez. Go die. Just die. And leave the rest of us humans in peace you fucking turds.

          1. Agreed, but if they REALLY want to shock the world, they need to make a video where they all throw down their weapons and say “We’re done. Fighting solves nothing. We’re ready for peace…” At which point they’d all be bombed to Hell and back by Merica. Because quitting is for losers!!! 😆

      1. People at least could go to the market without fear of being murdered. Women could go to school. As long as you didn’t criticize the Baath party or Sadam you were ok. Iraq’s”liberation” resulted In so much pain.People that were forced to more or less get along started killing each other. Religious fanatics had a field day. The Americans were totally ignorant of Mid east politics and social realities. Or were they….?

    1. hahaha so true. isis reducing the arab population of the world. sryia and iraqs population must be constantly going down with refugees leaving, people being killed and probably very few births in that shithole. who the fuck would be having sex in that dirt hole and wanting to bring life into that shithole.

        1. i’m definitely not jewish and I don’t really hate arabs but I hate islam and the arabs brought islam to Iran. And i guess you don’t know many Persians, any true persian fucking hates arabs. again i try to be open minded by they are our enemies, but i don’t wish them all death.

          1. and i’m not a jew hater , most persians i know actually get along with jews but not arabs. I’m not a fan of israelis supporting a war against iran for obvious reason, and other than that israel’s problem with the arabs is not of my concern.

          2. also arabs hate persian as much as they hate the jews we are historical enemies. Sadam even wrote a main kampf style book about his hate for jews and persians. arabs just disgust me their stupid islamic religion and just their whole cultures. I try to be open minded though and not hate everyone. i’m usually cool with christian arabs.

          3. i felt somewhat bad for that kid who got shot and thrown in the water. although i dislike arabs I try not to be racist or hate bc no one choses to be born a certain ethnicity or into a certain culture.

          4. Fair enough but if I was an Iranian I would know who my real enemy is and who has been demonizing the country and has forced sanctions which is economic war…yes I have met Persians and I am sure they share Arab DNA as well…bottom-line, the people in the middle east are being played as fools…dividing up the countries by religious beliefs….Btw Saddam went after Iran because the USA backed him to take down Iran to get another USA puppet ruling Iran again…Saddam was stupid enough to take the bait to start a war with Iran which only weaken both…Israel is now in bed with Saudi and Qatar to keep the region flipped upside down for their security benefit…deal or no deal the zionists running the USA foreign policy won’t stop until Iran is taken down…if Hiltery Clinton gets selected you better tell your relatives and friends in Iran to have an exit strategy…

    2. Gotta agree with this one. It’s not like muzzies were very peaceful mother fuckers before ISIS. It would just be a different group of muzzies executing another different group of muzzies.

      1. @mike I agree about the USA backing Sadam, but it’s not like the arabs and sadam love iranians and USA was forcing them to attack iran. Even now it’s not just israel that wants to bomb iran but Saudi Arabia, USA’a best friend. i’m sure there is some Arab blood in iran but generally we look very different, and DNA tests support it. lot of Arabs have negro blood for example which is non-existent in Iran, iran is also diverse, with the north and west being similar to the caucuses like Armenian and Azerbaijan. i’m pretty white with dark brown hair, and had blond hair as a kid, no one would ever mistake me for an arab.

        1. also highly doubt USA or israel will start a war with iran. Iran is much more capable militarily than nations israel and USA usually pick on. not saying Iran can wins war against the USA but they are capable of striking US, israeli and arab posts. Also a bunker buster strike on iran’s nuclear facilities will mean radiation and some of iran’s stations are close to armenia and azerbjain and the caspian sea which is also controlled by russia, russia won’t be very happy about that either.

          1. Iraq has a Shia majority and is a neighbour of Iran. There is almost always “mixing” in border regions. Iran is a beautiful country with diverse people. I’ve know Baloch, Azris and Turkmen. Farsi is is quite musical to my ears.

          2. Do you think the USA spent trillions to surround Iran with 35 military bases in Iraq and Afghan for nothing…the zionists in DC are hell bent on taking down Iran to install another puppet and open up a new Rothschild central bank like it did recently in Sudan and Libya….only 3 left…Iran, North Korea and Cuba…

  7. The bodies surrounded by blood in the water is somewhat disturbing! Although I really don’t have an issue with IS taking out its own kind just as long as they keep the killing on their own lands. Fuck em!

  8. Every ISIS related video that I’ve seen could easily make a good Toyota infomercial with just a little bit of creative editing. Maybe replace each dead guy with a bear or a fish.
    Lol. A big ass fish landed with a 50cal. or AAA, lying in the desert dirt with no body of water anywhere in sight. That’s a great infomercial.

    1. haha i thought the same. Toyota, built tough enough for jihad. they are smart toyotas probably makes the most reliable cars/ trucks. you don’t want your car breaking down in the middle of a shoot out.

          1. Don’t forget the kids. Built-in WIFI with an available remote RPG launch app for i-phone and android.

  9. Man, I’ll be thinking about this video for months to come. I may have actually gotten PTSD from this one haha. But seriously, that was an amazing display of human death and suffering. Imagine showing this to your kids and telling them this is what life is all about! 😀

  10. Funny isn’t it, we humans are the real demons walking the earth. Religion, something we made ourself. Books full of lies, 2000 years old lies and idiots still don’t see it. Apperantly it’s the best reason in history to go kill each others. Even I’m not religieus I would love to see the Islam burn, everyone including their buildings, children and wives.

    Worst part is that we let these middle-eastern/African’s into Europe. They move over, are welcomed get a free house, free studie in the Netherlands. We are fucking crazy letting these medieval people even in our country.

    1. Why are they allowed in? What value do they offer the UK or the rest of Europe ? I can understand Germany bringing Turks and UK bringing Asians post WW2. There was a shortage of workers then. People were to work in factories or to sweep the streets. The problem with Europeans and North Americans is that they don’t procreate in large numbers. Thanks to a love of “posh” lifestyles and “women’s Liberation”, families are now having 2 or leads children. This is not enough to sustain a good tax base or adequate population level. Governments allow migration by ethnic groups that procreate in large numbers .Some Asian families in my community have 5 or more children. They don’t gave the same need for a posh lifestyle that White people do. Don’t blame politicians for the Asian invasion or the Arab scourge. Blame yourself. If white people had large families and the took to the streets decades ago to protest immigration and multiculturalism there would be no problems with backwards thinking immigrants. Immigrants would be in small numbers doing dirty jobs rather than trying to dictate their terms to their host countries. RIP EUROPE AND NORTH AMERICA!

  11. This has to be the saddest video I have ever seen. .

    On the bright side I wasnt logged in while this video was playing and as the finger waving jihadist is rambling on with his shite, there is one of the ads on the screen showing a naked girl waving her tits and slapping her arse in time with the jihadist waffling. Quite soothing.

  12. They need to hurry up and perfect the new AIDS virus. Infect the water of all continent’s, leaving maybe just Germany, England and Australia. Then proceed to cleanse these areas of Muslims and other religious fools. Shit I wouldn’t care if the whole human race was destroyed, horrible vile disgusting meat sacks that seem to think there is some point to our meaningless detached life’s. Do nothing but eat , shit and die. If I could push the big red button , have no doubts that I would push it and end everybody’s suffering

  13. Yes, you are right. It was not the Nazis who killed 11 million Jew, Gypsites and other “undersirables,” it was the JEW who did all the killing. An estimated 17 million innocent men, women and children will slaughtered by Jewish Killing Sqauads (JKS) in 1940 alone.

  14. I like how every one that has a opinion on how USA helps or Israel helps or who ever yet none of you have creditable info just blab about non sense you read online.

    This is how these nut jobs came to form.
    USA disbanded Iraqis army those dick heads said oh yeah I will show you. They linked up with other liked minded but jobs and you have these ass holes running around.
    Ask yourself this if they kill every one they run into doesn’t that make them easier targets when a real military comes to the stage ?
    Time will tell how good these twats fight against people who fight back

    1. They wouldn’t last long at all against a well trained, professional fighting force. Unfortunately, due to many previous western incursions into the Mid East dust bowl not quite going as planned, the odds are slim for further boots on the ground to mop up these morons.
      There’s no doubt in my mind that these pricks could be halted in their tracks fairly easily given the proper force to do it. Seems unlikely though, once bitten twice shy type scenario has taken hold. And of course, the longer this continues, the fatter the coffers from weapons and ammo deals become. Just ask Tony Blair ( if that were possible )
      . He’s very well versed in that aspect of this utter cluster fuck of a situation. He’s not the first though, and he’ll be far from the last to make a fortune from dirty proxy war mongering.

      1. I agree. British and American soldiers are well train professional warriors. They also want to return home alive. What ISIS lacks in professionalism they make up in fanaticism. Western militaries can slaughter 1000s of ISIS fighters, but, 1000s will come out the woodwork to replace them. They want to die as martyrs. British soldiers simply want to return home to pubs and footie. War with ISIS would be perpetual. Containment and quarantine paired with Arial assaults may be the best way of dealing with them. That and tighter immigration controls and revoking of permanent residency right to certain high risk communities. There may be a time when the fanatics bring their fight to the streets of London or Amsterdam.

        1. You mean well trained professional child rapists and faggots? They hate their homeland and promote its destruction by assisting in advance of Zionist overtake and totalitarian control.

          1. I’d really love to see those racist Muslim pieces of shit who think it’s OK to rape white British girls, leave here to join their ” Brothers ” in Syria and Iraq, only to be confronted by the ” Who Dares Wins ” 22 Squadron, who, by the way, could never ever be seriously described in such a derogatory manner.
            Those sick fucks would get some then alright.
            The more young, so called devout Muslims that want to go play war games in that shite hole, the better. They’re the one’s who deserve no less than the full force of a well drilled force, as they aren’t even aware that their strings are being pulled. Traitors in other words. Double standard bearing dogs.

    1. Of which the US paid for. We are giving those pussy soldiers equipment at the same rate those pussy soldiers give are equipment to terrorists from retreating. Now these fucktards are rolling around in American vehicles, using American gear by the thousands.

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