ISIS Video with Truckloads of Men Lead to Slaughter and Executed

ISIS Video with Truckloads of Men Lead to Slaughter and Executed

ISIS has released a new video titled “And Kill Them Wherever You Overtake Them“. The central theme of the video are mass executions. Literally, truckloads of men are shown being lead to their slaughter, hundreds are shown being executed.

The video acts an an anniversary release combining the new, and archival footage of 1,700 Iraqi soldiers killed last year in Kirkuk. Archival footage includes the revisit of mass executions on the banks of the Tigris River.

That youth at 14:22 told the mujaheddin that he was a Sunni. They asked him to pray the way Sunnis do, which he was unable to do. First, they asked him to perform Athaan – the call to prayer. He started convincingly, but messed it up toward the end. He also failed to place his hands on his chest after the first “Allahu Akbar“, which is what Sunnis do, so they concluded that was enough to kill him.

At 2:24, the video shows the downing of an Iraqi helicopter with a MANPAD. Images of a bulldozer pushing piles of dead bodies into a pit at 20:00 look very much like what Jews and their lapdogs did to the victims of their aggression during WWII.

Props to Best Gore member @Baby14 for the video:

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  1. Why let them smack you around and force you to walk in a conga line with your head bowed down, being herded to your place of execution like cattle. You know what’s coming – a quick shot to the brain if you’re lucky. Why not go desperado? Try grabbing a gun from one of those fuckers. You’re a dead man anyway. Why not try to take a few of those bastards with you!

    1. Yeah no shit,like a bunch of cunts..How long they been going round slaughtering these fucks now?A few years now,so how is it these lemmings can’t protect themselves better?How do thousands of these pussies get lined up by maybe a hundred bad guys?Maybe these weak fucks NEED thinning out,I dunno.But I know one thing,I’d be doing everything possible to run,grab a gun,swing punches..Nothing to lose,gonna get it in the brain anyway..There is a REASON the USA and Allies are letting this shit continue,I mean,if half these guys getting murdered would have learned how to fight,banded together and got weapons,they might have been able to do something except die..And not too many of these sand nigger Allah snackbarists can actually shoot a weapon correctly,if there IS ground war,it’ll be over quickly..

  2. I haven’t seen more executions in one video before. What’s the reason for such indiscriminate killing? I don’t understand anything they said. Never mind, there’s no possible justification.

  3. Can’t beat ISIS videos for high quality gore in HD. I remember a time before ISIS where we had to settle for the occasional haji chopping off a infidel’s head. Now we can get to see people getting burned alive, mass executions, live drowning with underwater Go Pro camera, people getting RPGed. Thank God for ISIS.

  4. please anyone translate these native language to english so we can understand what the fuck is wrong with ISIS. p.s find some video of torture of isis jihadist getting killed
    take care now bye bye than

  5. Fucking hell! Those cockroaches are worse than nazis! This plague has to be eliminated! I would approve of gas chambers for those ISIS bastards. We need another Crusade! But first we have to deal with the fucking Uncle Sam who set loose those vermins!

  6. If ever there was any doubt why the US needs nuclear weapons, this ends it.

    As long as these animals are killing themselves, I’m not too concerned.

    Humans need to support the Kurds. We need to support any of the Christians who find themselves in the unenviable position to be living with these animals. That means HEAVY WEAPONS.

    If Obummer allows the Kurds to fall, that scumbag should be impeached like the mozzie Piece of Shit that he is. The Turks are openly supporting ISIS. They are animals – the last ‘Caliphate’ (pronounced ‘cunt-face’) Were the Ottoman Turks. The Armenian Genocide was due to the fact they were C H R I S T I A N S who happen to be Armenian…. Sad that fact is not recognized in the West.

    Anyway… Bad BAD times in the world… and the MOZZIES are at the heart of it.

  7. This is what happens when you conquer a city/town, you get rid of your opponents and ensure no response is possible aswell as terminating blood lines and races or maybe not races because where are all the women and children. The spoils of war.

  8. I know y’all have a GREAT site and I give props where due!! But, please, if anyone else is feeling this way, can y’all create a separate area for ISIS videos? I guess I’m not much into the IJ: Temple of Doom worship music (I’d rather give gangsta rapper 50 Cent a promotion to become Dollar Bill). I did not think that highly edited vids were the original purpose of BG and after awhile, omg, they are b-o-r-i-n-g! It’s like watching Die Hard 1. and then 2. and then 3. and then 4 5 6 7 8 9 10……..88 and counting; its just old. I almost wonder sometimes if BG is a propaganda smoke & mirrors site for ISIS…

  9. Hey mate from down under this is a world news site that shows what really happens round the world not your censored mind numbing bull shit your used to log out put your 50 cent record back on and your try hard video, good luck when it all happens I really hope your not in my squadron.

  10. the poor kid who raises his head to watch the 2 guys who are trying to bury themselves into each other so as to not get shot really screwed up- there was a teeny tiny chance he could have avoided being killed with all that blood around him, but it seems like he was just too traumatized…..i have run away from scary stuff before, i sure would try to run away from being forced to lie down in that shallow trench and wait for the head shot- on second thought, as soon as i heard about those psychopathic fucktards running the country, i would get on the first camel outtathere. jesus.

  11. there are quite large numbers of hostages..they could fight till die rather than surrender like stupid!

    I mean, what would they have to lose? They could at least try to fight or have themselves get shot when trying to escape? Instead they seem to have resigned themselves to their fate? Because they’re shocked? I’m not criticizing this, I’m just trying to understand …

  12. I read that a lot of these guys were stitched up by their commanding officers,they are being told that they are going home to see their family’s for a few days and to hand there weapons over. A lot of these men are soldiers who think they are on leave,but by the time they realize,its too late.The western world is in ‘balls deep’ with these ISIS monsters.

  13. I guess those people don’t value their lives. I see a lot of free hands. You’d think they would at least TRY to overpower those Isis clowns but they’e like cows led to the slaughter. They’re going to die but at least make a fight out of it, die with some fucking dignity man.

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