ISIS in Yemen Executes Four Groups of People by Different Methods

ISIS in Yemen Executes Four Groups of People by Different Methods

ISIS in Yemen has released a video depicting executions of four groups of men, each killed by a different method.

First group is beheaded, second group shot with a rocket, third blown up inside a boat, and fourth has bombs hanged from their necks and set off.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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        1. The one with the 4 guys with the 4 mortar rounds around their necks looks like fakery. That would have been a much larger explosion and when you look at it closely, it looks like a single detonation and not 4. And then, in the smoke, you see all their heads detaching, as if the explosion simply separated their heads from their bodies. The way these idiots edit and play with their videos is mostly to cover up their BS and make them look smart and cool. Show the whole fucking thing if you got nothing to hide assholes.

          1. If those were actually real 40 mm mortars, those guys wouldn’t have any orange jumpsuits on afterwards. They would’ve been ground hamburger meat and the suits would’ve been blown clean off.

          2. Would it make more sense to kill these live captives the way they did or find mannequins, dress them up, and then waste explosives on them? I don’t know what a human body is supposed to look like when they have an explosive attached around their neck and then detonated but I’m willing to bet that this is the real deal. Also, you wouldn’t necessarily see each individual explosion if it was rigged to explode at the same time and the video is played at normal speed. If it was recorded at a higher frame rate then you would probably see each one detonate.
            These videos are edited down, I would guess, to ensure that the video file can be easily distributed and shared.

      1. Was that Det Cord or electronic wiring? Looked like the guy on the left had a longer piece running down his right but couldn’t see where it went. I can see det cord doing this, but not 4 mortar rounds. They had 3 or 4 loops around each guys neck. Fckn BS… Mortar rounds….Not… It maybe was det cord.

    1. Imagine getting the scripts for that?

      “Fuck sake Abdul, we’ve to carry they cock shaped rockets up that mountain again, that’s three times this fuckin week”

      “Stop moaning Yusef, I carried them all last time, fuckin camels were laughing all fuckin day”

  1. Well, i must say apart from the garbage beheading’s, that was very creative. the rocket was awesome, not for the 6 who were on the receiving end obviously, but never the less it was great. the boat? well what can you say other than, that was biblical! and the last one, you could just tell they made them cords just the right height to sit right over their cock’n balls. filthy swines.

    1. As cool as it was I’m sure a 40 mm mortar would completely disintegrate a human being. Not just behead them. An explosion of that size would literally make it impossible to tell the head from the orange jumpsuit they were wearing. I feel like was staged at least for that last one.

  2. The last one with the 4 guys and their Rocket Propelled Grenade Necklace, looked fake as fuck. The Mossad Screwed-Up on their movie, with this last one! If you look closely after the explosion, when the dust begins to dissipate, they blurred-out the chest part of their bodies. The way that their heads flew off, their chests would have been, non existent being that the grenade was right against it, but they looked rather undamaged. And why the fuck, would they make fake smoke stay at their chests, unless they were trying to hide something, or nothing?? But the rest of the video looked real, and awesome. Sucked to be them.

  3. At some point one would think that these sand monkeys would just go with the cheapest way to kill or torture….Anyhoo the boat explosion looked like a magic trick. BOOM! And they’re gone! Then the det cord with a mortar is just overkill. It’s like the old cliché of the fire cracker up a bullfrog’s ass. Except on a large scale and with high explosives. Goddamn they’re all a bunch of board children. These executions are literally like shooting a mouse with a cannon, theres not even enough left to feed the fish.

  4. We should be able to make requests for the next video.

    What I want to see is some of them fuckers strapped to a missile and launched into the air, kind of like the old Wile E Coyote cartoons.

    Then they could have different endings…some could have fireworks way up into the air with little bits of Muslim raining down all over the place…and one that would put the fucker into orbit. We could call that one a Jihadmo-Naut. Shit like that. Maybe they could even shoot one of the fuckers to Israel with a parachute so he could wage holy war on the Jews.

  5. Anyone notice the second guy from the left in the orange jumpsuit just after the bomb was put around his neck? He said something; I don’t know what, but his body language implied to me that this was staged.

  6. damned muslums they act like there so bad yet every person they kill has been tiny not stout or bold hell most couldnt fight through a wet sack but there brave killing those who dont fight. if i knew i was going to be killed id try to kill any i could on my way out. these people are the worst claiming there god loves them for killing infidels? its an old cult islam those whom follow along must be mental the world allows them for now , in time will sweep through and destroy multitudes of muslums. they tempt all by there foolish acts where they think there a movie star? if there so bold why cover there face? ive grown to detest islam and muslums there bugs waiting to be stept on just like vikings when the day comes i will pop some corn and watch.

  7. It just proves that they have more mines/rockets/mortars than they know what to do with.
    Someone is certainly keeping these boys well supplied.
    I wonder where all this weaponry is produced and shipped from ?

    1. Freddie, Freddie, oh, my. Review the video again and tell me that 4- 40 MM mortars blew up at once… Not!. Those bodies would have been little chunks. This is fakery to the extreme and if you look closely you can see that there is only one point of origin of the explosive charge.

  8. i wonder what idiot over their decided to tell his commander hey lets fake and edit a couple executions no one will ever find out, and for his intellectual ability to deceive he was given 2 virgin goats and a tent.

  9. This looks very FAKE… ISIS is not present in Yemen… they have a totally different war over there… and where do they get those red and orange suits from? also… a lot of them look like Yemenite Jews… I’m not a muzzy… but I bet this video was cooked by the Jews in ISIS and Hollywood. Also the knife beheadings… they didn’t show the whole beheading… that’s why it looks suspicious in the first place. And the victims look like hired Bangladeshis…

  10. Wow all these clever military men we have posting on this site. Nothing but a bunch of restarted Einsteins!!. Put a water pistol in your hands and you would probably shit yourselves. What do you actually know? When you haven’t been to a real battlefield and played real soldiers……

  11. If you turn off the sound and watch the beheading, just imagine it like a race. where there boss is like “the winner of fastest beheading gets a 10$ gift card to walmart, ALLAH AKBAR”

  12. Cant they just buy so god damn elephantsthat are train to step on poeples head? Or can we get some landmine action? Let see some of those orange track suit dudes run thru them. Winner get his head cut off. Lol

  13. last execution, on the replay i see 2 head flying flip away … still the best execution imho.
    the beheading look shit, the missile look completly messed up, and the boat look messed up too as we can hear survivor screaming.

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