Jordanian Pilot Execution Video – Burned to Death in Cage

Jordanian Pilot Execution Video - Burned to Death in Cage

The Islamic State (ISIS) media publisher has released a video that shows the captured Jordanian pilot being burned alive while locked in a small cage. The pilot, whose name is spelled Moaz al-Kasaesbeh by western media, but appears as Mu’adh Yusuf al Kasasibah (sometimes spelled Muath Safi Yousef Al-Kasasbeh) in the video, was captured by Islamic State on December 24, 2014.

Last week, in an audio message allegedly recorded by Japanese hostage Kenji Goto Jogo, ISIS threatened to executed the pilot, unless female jihadist Sajida al-Rishawi, held in a Jordanian prison, is released and handed over to ISIS.

The Jordanian officials reportedly refused to go ahead with the swap for Sajida al-Rishawi, because they did not receive proof that Moaz al-Kasaesbeh was alive.

The Islamic State granted Lt. Kasaesbeh the type of death he had been dealing to the defenseless children throughout Iraq, Syria, and possibly elsewhere. What went around, came around for him. Trapped in a confined space, he painfully burned to death.

Mainstream press is now in overdrive, calling the pilot’s death martyrdom, saying he paid with his life for freedom for us all, and glorifying war he helped to perpetuate. David “my values are Jewish values” Cameron paid tribute to the pilot and called his death the “sickening murder by ISIL’s barbaric terrorists“. None of them gives a poop about all the children he had burned to a crisp alive.

Thanks to everyone who sent us the video:

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    1. I believe this is symbolic of the “bomb drop” as the “debris” comes crumbling down. They got really artistic with this one; I admit this is a really terrifying way to go but again- The bullying doesn’t seem to stop. Stupid world we live on guided by greed and ambitious people..

        1. You are so wrong
          @Pop tart.
          These pukes don’t need to fake this shit.
          This is what they do because they can.
          Wake up and stop ignoring the realities of the world.
          Just out of curiosity…what exactly looks faked..?

          1. What looks faked ? A lot of things, but mostly the stuff dripping off his head, the metal bars bending when they dumped rocks and dirt on them, the look of the flames, how fast the guy died, the way he fell backwards…for starters. I have no idea why it would be faked and am as far from a ‘conspiracy theorist’ as it is possible to get but this sure doesn’t look real to me.

          2. Weird as in the video fotage given that these assholes are known to fake videos. Dont be a retard and call people stupid for giving there opinions on here! This is best gore! If you dont like it you can go fuck your self very much!

            Ps. That was AWESOME!!

        2. At least these type of inhuman violence encourages the world to to do something about it…
          Unwittingly they all shovel their own graves…
          Evil only creates evil.
          Their kind of personal contentment is very poor.

          1. Kwong, that “weird shit dripping from his head” is the flesh melting and turning to liquid much like a steak dripps as the fat melts. Dont be so naive and cynical. These twats are so brutal that, they DONT fake their shit and that makes them true terrorists. They brain fuck normal people that see this shit and stun the senses. That is their mode and thats what works to their advantage

        3. When you say this was FAKE I would say you are half right I think they were two recordings one of the Jordanian pilot standing in cage with water drenched clothes and the other was Ching Chong kenji goto being burnt alive they only show close up and face when unrecognizable

          1. I don’t think he was drenched in water but gasoline or some other flammable liquid. This is not fake. These terrorists got what they deserved after Jordan bombed the shit out of them.

    2. I believe this is symbolic of the “bomb drop” as the “debris” comes crumbling down. They got really artistic with this one; I admit this is a really terrifying way to go but again- The bullying doesn’t to stop. Stupid world we live on guided by greed and ambitious people..

    3. Burning the pilot alive is very symbolic considering his bombs were meant to incinerate them…I bet fighter pilots won’t be forgetting their cyanide pill now…

      I have been looking for this video and its not working…

        1. I have a small question phylosophique order to ask you.
          Is an American bomb over compassion, that isil members?
          for she more judgment than these men, she made ??as differentiated between Women and Children between a soldier and a civilian ?
          leave the value judgments to historians , and we just watch these videos and pray for a world without war .

      1. In a Way I agree as a Former Marine I was fully aware if I was captured there was a strong chance I would be Tortured and Killed and this Pilot knew that to! As bad as ISIS is He was an enemy Combatant and not Innocent He knew the risks But ISIS doesn’t follow the Geneva convention so any expectation of them acting as such is Ridiculous! He took it like a Man and ISIS is the definition of hypocrite they kill innocents,Women,and Children as much if not More than the Coalition and Neither Party is in the Right! In Iraq when we Killed combatants Our orders where to stack the Bodies throw gas on them and burn the corpses so their decomp wouldn’t pollute water or spread diseases and the Insurgents berated Us for it and Now they want to burn a Man alive and have the nerve to say We are Barbarians when fact is We were all Dirty and Souless!

        1. USA doesn’t follow the Geneva conventions either.

          If there’s war, it generally means someone is not following the rules, or the parties don’t agree on the rules, so you can’t expect anyone to follow any rules.

      2. @mike1111

        Hello mike, yes you’re correct, immediately after the execution they show a quote from “Ibn-Taymiyyah” who is an ancient Islamic scholar, saying that treating warriors as they treat Muslims is legit : i.e since he’s a pilot he deserves to die with the same method he uses to kill.

        Personally, I don’t feel sorry for the guy, where was he during the Ghazza war, when Israel was toasting Palestinians ? but the arab quote says : “In peace a lion, though in wars an ostrich”. Against Israel he & his king won’t throw a rock, but let hell rain on civilians to fuel up the region & give more jihadists to join ISIS ; the perfect implementation of the Hornets’ Nest.

        1. You don’t feel sorry for a human being who was just burned alive? You are as much of a piece of shit as those ISIS cowards. Wastes of life. He had his reasons for joining the military like I had mine. It wasn’t to kill innocent people. He didn’t deserve to die, especially like that. Why don’t you go join ISIS, Mr. bad ass. See how well they receive you. It’s easy to be indifferent and heartless. You simply don’t have the ball to take that hard road and do what is right and eradicate such and evil organization from existence. I hope you are burned alive and no one cares about what you went through.

          1. @deraj

            Go tell this to European sheep who are encapsulated inside their malls, buddy I’m an Arab who knows exactly what the Arab regimes are, being under their control & borders all my life.

            Arabs never join the army but for one purpose : cash & power, or when their grades in highschool are shitty, like below 70% and they know they won’t find a job. Let us not forget the torture gulags which are protected by the arab regimes & their soldiers -like this pilot-. This pilot was no more than a weapon used in all dark things ; just like ISIS.

            I’m against ISIS & think they should be fought, don’t forget that I (and many others ) always said on bestgore that their command is mere CIA operatives, many members here also know that & believe it ; actually it proves my point more that this executed pilot is filth along with his king & army, that their own allies are killing them to satisfy political plans ; the king of Jordan knows it but he remains silent because the cash he shall get is too much. Or did you forget how his family reached the throne of Jordan ? Bestgore members, please search about this to know the truth of the arab regimes.

            Other than that, it’s enough said that the U.S used to send prisoners to get tortured in places like Jordan, Egypt & most Arab countries.

            Arabs need a commandante ; a Che Guevara to liberate them, now that is a person I would follow. Not your filthy armies, and not ISIS.

            Above all, stop defending these regimes. I think Bestgore showed enough evidence of how they exceeded the brutality of Jihadists, go check the gazza war galleries.

          2. You couldn’t have said this any better deraj, he DID NOT deserve to die like he did. He was serving his country by joining the military and followed orders he was given. I also agree about ISIS being cowardly or they wouldn’t hide their faces. This pilot did not deserve to be burned alive,and his family didn’t deserve to know that he died in that manner and couldn’t do a damn thing about it. As for the author above, why should we care about kids over there? If given the chance your’s and whoever they could get their hands on, that sadistic group would do the same, even worse and you know it.

          3. God you are so gay!!! Who gives a shit if we feel sorry for the guy or not! That fool prob had alot of inocent blood on his hands, from all those bombs. Wishing that apon anyone else is out right stupid! Yo dont have a clue what your saying, you speak of war as if you know what it means to have blood on your hands. Be thankfull its not that way! Killing inocent people specialy children is a poor excuse for a human being! A pathetic soul! Who deserve what they get a thousand times over.

      3. After watching the video it’s even more Symbolic being that they crushed him with concrete ruble like his bombs would of crushed and burnt them in their homes…it was definitely an eye for an eye….it shows what these pilot bombs are doing to civilians that are now more afraid of our bombs than the paid lunatic mercenaries…

        1. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth…Exactly!
          If the sheeple do not understand the meaning behind this, then sadly it will continue.
          May whoever is your God forgive you for the shame that you have bestowed upon the human race!

    4. Is it my imagination or is the story teller above actually making it seem like this guy deserved being burnt alive? Are u an American? Hello…Napalm, Vietnam, or are you just starting to care now? Listen, he did his duty that his country asked of him by being a pilot, he followed orders from a higher position. These barbarians use these cruel tactics to get what they want, if they are so sure of what they do why do they hide their faces?

      1. Not your imagination it seems the ”story teller’s” opinion is getting in the way of correctly and neutrally reporting the story, the fact is that no one really believes or give a hut on what the editor really write’s, no offence but it’s just not accurate when it comes to middle east turmoil most of us just come here to see some gore we don’t get to see in our daily lives. Looking at content like this can be a 2 edge sword, it can ether be beneficial to you or scar you, just depends who you are as a person, but the main point is, yes the editor has his opinion on this subject.

          1. You dont need to install anything for that actually… If you’re on firefox just right click on this page, click on “view page info”. A window will appear, click on the “Media” tab, search for the one in the list with “Video” description, click on it and press “Save as…” bellow. It will download the video.

          2. @der Kop

            you dont even need to “save as” and download it – just double click the preview below the “save as” button to out it into fullscreen, then click the “play” arrow 🙂

    1. I managed to watch the movie now, 😀 i must say they are getting better at their hollywood crap… That rubble dropping on him in the end was a grand finale… a quick burrial. 😆

      9/10 for their originality of their execution and pro video editing skills… 😆

    1. Yeah exactly, trying to glorify cockroaches just doesn’t work.

      They are, have been and will be nothing more than disgusting little insects that everyone one in the world gets pleasure of seeing them squatted like the annoying disease spreading alien looking parasites they are.

      As I said, nothing more than cockroaches……

  1. I can watch it fine (Chrome in Windows 8). Was looking for this video online but could only find pictures, and I don’t think LiveLeak still allows ISIS videos (I remember they banned the James Foley “beheading”). Thanks for uploading it, Ate.

  2. These ISIS Barbecue Boys learned everything they could from the humiliation and torture of Abu Ghraib and then cranked it up a notch or five. Luckily there wont be any crashed US or British Pilots for ISIS to kebab or barbecue as we only kill civilians using remote control drones. Bush and Blair brought us here. Welcome to our world.

          1. @chosen, I have a serious question for you, I’m not going to insult you or play games. Do you plan on making Aliyah? Do you think all Jews world wide should make Aliyah or stay where they are? What do you see happening between Jews and gentiles in the next 20 to 30 years? What is the future for Jews? Serious question.

          1. Chosen. It sounds like you are an advocate of murdering millions of men, women, children and babies. Funny. Almost sounds like you’re an Israeli. Got to love the irony. A Jewish person supporting genocide. This website brings out the best in people, doesn’t it? Or maybe it just brings out the truth.

          1. Chosen. Typical rhetoric. “We don’t target civilians”. All the while killing thousands and hundreds of thousands of them. It’s easy to say innocents die during war, when you’re not the one getting exploded.

          1. Hey Portuguese Dude, don’t you have some complimentary appetizers to give to customers which you will add to the bill after the meal?

          1. And you yids are interested in peace? Oh that’s fresh. I’m sure the 700 thousand Palestinians who were displaced and had to leave their lands by you kikes would agree.

        1. Aww, Portuguese Dude, you’re so angry. Why don’t you live amongst the Palestinians, in their highly technologically and culturally advanced society and and support their cause of peace and harmony.

          1. You see, I think Islam is a primitive and violent religion, however, that does not give you guys any justification to oppress innocent civilians. 2 thousand died just this last summer at the hands of the IDF. Mostly civilians. And don’t give me the same old crap “oh those terrorists hide behind civilians”. If you had never invaded their lands, there would have never been blood shed, but then again, you kikes thrive in carnage and chaos, don’t you..

          2. Ahh, I get it. You had a boyfriend who ran off with a Jewish guy and broke your heart.

            You gotta move on, dude. Get a Grindr account and have some fun again. Live life to the fullest!

          3. You Jews are the destroyers of nations. You corrupt people, you try to devoid them of their culture, history and traditions so they become more susceptible to your garbage. Everywhere you stepped you have been kicked out, but then you play the victim card. 100 countries weren’t enough, uh. It’s ok, people are waking up to your lies and manipulation.

          4. Come on guyz give the Jew a break I am muslim I love Jews and if your muslim you should know god does as well if you open the holy book you will see the major majority of the chosen prophets were Jews so I fail to believe any of you are muslim attacking this person you are either retarded or a fucked up nazi the first to recognise the prophet (saw) were the rabbi,s and yes they are some bad as they are some bad Muslims but if you understand Islam you will realize Muslims have only one enemy and that is satan shaitan and at the end of the day we are all children of Adam who shaitan promised to misguide and take to hell with him so stop helping him and if you can’t say or do any good stay quiet as you could be the reason why Muslims are being labeled heartless terrorists

        2. Portuguese Dude, I feel we got off to a bad start here. How about you and I grab some food and beer and start over.

          But listen, if the waiter brings out a bunch of appetizers I didn’t ask for, you’re paying for them, not me.

      1. I never made any such broad statements. In regard to ISIS, the only way to have a significant effect on them is to completely obliterate a massive area with them in the middle. Picking off a few here and there with ground forces ain’t gonna cut it.

    1. Well, TheProtocolsOfZion, I’ll give it a shot here. I think if Jews want to make Aliyah, they should. I think the relationship between Jews and gentiles will have its ups and downs over the years. Anti-Semitism will rise, and it will fall. It will mostly be the Orthodox Jews who will preserve the Jewish culture, while others will abandon the faith just as many gentiles have. Religious practice overall is on the decline. What’s important is to preserve the positive aspects of one’s culture in order to retain a connection to the past.

          1. Holy crap you’re good. You keep on tellin’ these ignorant idiots off, Israel will live on, soon it will become extremely strong, and it will be a superpower. Live on, Israel..Live on

  3. Time has an interesting effect on our perception of past events in the sense that our perceptions change as a result of our present which alters the way we look back on the past which alters the way we think and act in the present.

    That being said, Saddam and Gaddafi are far more appreciated now than they ever were before and we can all see that invading their countries and removing them by force was a bad move.

    Our leaders knew this would all happen though, they knew that a power vacuum would ensue and that chaos would reign wide, they had hoped for it in fact because war is a profitable venture and so is the rebuilding process after war.

    War also created instability which meant it was easier to negotiate oil and gas deals on favourable terms just by simply backing one side against the other. It also kept the Muslims busy at each others throats instead of them growing stronger and threatening Israel?s plans for more land acquisition.

    War was easy to keep going after it started, just by influencing and creating a new bogeyman every now and then they could keep the war alive and fresh in everyone?s minds thus acquiring the public?s backing and guarantying constant war funding.

    Assad is the newest bogeyman in this game, despite the fact he comes across as a fucking saint compared to the competition, and we are told to invade and remove him by force, much like with Saddam and Gaddafi, and we all know exactly what will happen when he falls, chaos will ensue and then we will do it all again in Iran.

    My point, every action that our so called leaders do is to inflame war rather than quell war.

    They talk about peace, freedom, democracy and then act the complete opposite way. They talk about the home-grown terrorist threat and yet they keep our borders wide open to let the entire world in without any proper checks and they constantly back, fund and arm various Islamic groups whilst swapping around which groups are our allies and which groups are our enemies every now and then.

    So this Jordanian man burns today and we are all told to weep for an ally and yet in ten years from now the Jordanians will probably be classified as our enemies just as the Afghans were once classified as our allies and we will all be told to hate them instead.

    War and profiteering is such a silly game, a game played by the poor which only ever rewards the rich, it’s no wonder I can’t stay away from the bottle when I have to exist in a world that smells like blood and is covered in shit.

      1. Appreciated in the sense that they could control a very volatile social/religious/political land of people whilst maintaining and promoting international political agreements.

        Sure, they were not saints and did kill people but then again so do our leaders all the time and what is most apparent is that Islamic countries need ruthless men like Saddam and Gaddafi otherwise they go on rampages and war with each other without stop.

        1. True @rayf. When I was in the army an Iraqi translator told us that the only was to get a policeman to do his job was to slap him in the face and say ‘do this’. Then you slap him in the face again. Its the only way to get through to them effectively

          1. @texaspariah. I’ve been to Iraq myself and none of the police I met where thick ignorant and need of a slap to do their work. Perhaps they didn’t want to carry out American orders. If they hadn’t this mess might not be so bad.

    1. @Empty

      I fucking love you man lol you have a great way with words, that final line is so very true. I often ask myself why I’m getting pissed out of my head and sniffing marching powder why I’m doing it? Then I remind myself I live in a world full of total fucking chaos and I carry on.

      1. Empty’s the man and I’ll just add Putin and fucktard Kim Jong-un to that retard list of dictators.

        Marching Powder 😆 …… Sounds too funny to be serious but want some to try right now 🙂

        I even had to jewgle it 😉

    2. Retired Gen Wesely Clark confirmed exactly what you said in his speech that’s on YouTube…10 days after 9/11 he reads the Wolfowitz Doctrine list of the 7 countries that the USA would take down in 5 years with Afghan already being targeted: Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan and to end in Iran….ISIS was definitely created and being operated by the USA and Israel to achieve the ultimate goal of putting another puppet back in Iran at all cost….Iran isn’t stupid and hasn’t taken the bait so far…

      It’s absolutely amazing how a hand full of people can create so much fucking havoc in the world….

      I just read the USA is sending lethal weapons, the new cold war is getting much warmer by the day…

  4. @Ate, Your message seems to be that he deserved what he got. I’m not sure of that because I personally don’t have 100% of all the facts. Perhaps you’re right, but I am sure they’re doing anything and everything they can to bait the west into a full fledged Armageddon type battle to the “end”…My guess is the west will eventually take the bait.

          1. Lol…No, I’m not threatened by you or anyone else. You just seem to ruffle feathers around here. Must be the Jewish thing. Personally, I judge people as individuals. Anything less insults my intelligence.

    1. ISIS will behead and burn other Muslims alive in un-edited videos.

      But when it comes to Japs, Americans and Brits, ISIS will release the fake green screen fading to black BS videos.

      ISIS = CIA/Mossad..
      Fuck, I hate those dirty Jew bastards

      1. Your fucking stupid. There is nothing wrong with Jews. You saying killing jews is Just like killing innocent people. Hating on a religion is unacceptable, there are no religions in the world that follow violence or hate, therefore all religions are accepted, and you should respect peoples beliefs. Your hating on Israel, well, plenty of countries have to do things that might not sound so good to advance. The U.S had to kill its own people in the civil war, japan bombed the us, north korea hurts its people… stop just focusing on israel, its not the only country having to defend itsself and advance. Israel is a democracy anyways, hell , i heard most or a lot of people there are atheist, which includes many idf… they accept all religions, they just dont accept some individuals retaliating.. Maybe if angry palestinians could stop causing terror, israel wouldnt have to retaliate so harshly..

        1. You are the one who’s fucking stupid. Judaism is the religion of hate. It preaches hatred and violence, justifying such acts as murder of the gentiles, etc.

          Moreover – Israel is not a democracy. Israel is not even a state as it does not have defined borders. All Israel is, is a terrorist organization. Good thing is that with the availability of the internet, more and more people are learning the truth about the real terrorists. Not even paid shills working round the clock can stop the organic spread of knowledge and truth.

  5. They probably have a bunch of guys just sitting around thinking of new ways to murder people in the worst and most despicable ways possible.
    It must be a mad mans paradise over there.

  6. Smells like carnitas and chicharrones! Could use some tacos de carnitas with green salsa. This dude got the worst death any mothafuka could undertake, besides drowning that is. ISIS should start endorsing Corona.

  7. I see ISIS rats getting bored of beheading the hostages , to be honest I feel sad about his family and his wife but the Jordanian government deserve this because they support the FSA terrorists and Jabhat Al-nusra and call them “freedom fighter”

    1. @Syrian Boy no matter who they are or what they call themselves if they don’t belong in your country just keep kicking the shit out of them and sending us the end results like you have been. Stay safe bro.

        1. Just heard you guys captured the supreme leader of Al-nusra yesterday…alive.
          Heres to the lovely conversation your intelligence guys are going to have with him.
          Would love to see that interrogation posted here.
          Congratulations on the capture.

    2. Syrian boy….Jordan has been given billions of USA bribe money since Carter brokered the payoff deal with it and Egypt…buying pseudo friends for Israel…Assad and his father wouldn’t take the bribe money and that’s why the United States of Israel wants him gone…

      Stay safe brother and kill a few foreign terrorist scum for me….I hope the people in Syria know that it’s the Zionist in the USA govt that only wants Assad gone just like they did with gadaffi and saddam…

  8. couldnt watch it here, watched it on the Fox News site, pretty cool, i like how they add the fake screaming when hes burning, and i loved how you can see his melting brain oose out of his nose

      1. lol
        you are right my friend
        Some 150 kiloton would do the job
        all the major city with more than 100 000 person

        a squadron of F-177A and b2 would do the job, i think (;

        anyone near ground zero will disintegrate

        sorry for my bad english

  9. Cage Burning won’t work, much like beheading and head shots. They might try impaling like the Ottoman Turks did, Khazouk executions. Ah, the good old days!

    We’ve seen much worse lasting much longer from necklacing.

  10. Dont they have looney tunes in jordan? Uhhh everybody knows to piss on that line of fire as it approaches, a la bugs bunny. As barbaric and shameful as this is, they did exactly to him what he did to others, right down to encasing him in rubble. ” Is It Poetry? ” Shoe betcha! When will humans learn we were not created to brutalize, torture, and kill one another? These acts only lead to the same upon the perpetrator, pleasing only an evil force which never wanted us created from the start. Nothing makes sense in these matters… A coalition against ISIS but Boko Haram continually slides around like a rook with impunity?! R.Kelly sang it best : “Sumthin aint right… Hmmmm”

  11. The way his suit went up in flames, they mustve presoaked and dried it in flammable liquid . Otherwise idve been kickin up dirt to douse the flame. Yet another reason, when captured, you find any opportunity to get shot in the head before this is allowed to happen.

    Against the content but so impressed with production quality. Absolutely cinematic, especially the transition from the body collapse to the rubble drop by dozer.

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