Katyn Forest Massacre – Facts, Photos and Movie

Katyn Forest Massacre - Facts, Photos and Movie

The Katyn Massacre was a mass execution of about 22,000 Polish leaders, officers, policemen, business owners, lawyers and priests by the Soviet secret police (also known as NKVD – People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs) in the Katyn Forest in April 1940. As with much of what went down during the World War II, facts about the Katyn Forest Massacre were twisted by the Jews to suit their propaganda.

Since Best Gore is not a Zionists controlled website, instead of passing on Jewish lies, we’re gonna focus on verified facts as presented by the authority on the Katyn Massacre – J.K. Zawodny, author of the book Death in the Forest, The Story of the Katyn Forest Massacre, and the film narrated by brilliant Dr. William Luther Pierce, the founder and late leader of The National Alliance.

Russia Admits the Katyn Massacre was Ordered by Stalin

Even though the Katyn Forest Massacre took place more than half a century ago, let me start with the news from 2010. As part of his plea to declassify secret information from the Stalin era, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev admitted that Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin did in fact order the execution of Polish leaders in what became known as the Katyn Massacre.

Moscow spent decades blaming the massacre on the Nazis, much to the anger of the Poles, and whole world believed them. After all, that was the misinformation passed on by the Jewish controlled media in the west so why would Russians admit that Nazis had nothing to do with it even though they knew from their classified documents that it was a fact? After more than half a century of lying to people, Russian leaders manned up and admitted that “Katyn crime was carried out on the direct orders of Stalin and other Soviet leaders.”

If only Jews found decency in their lives and apologized for murder of Jesus Christ and countless lives destroyed with ongoing lies.

Lynching of Jews by Poles After the End of WWII

Ever since the end of World War II, Jews have not stopped bitching and whining and acting like everyone owed them a living. Sadly for the rest of us, it has served them well. The mass of money they rake in yapping about alleged Holocaust is astounding. In the eyes of the Jews, they are the only victims and everyone else is an aggressor.

One of their popular whine stories is lynching of hundreds of Jews by Poles in 1945 and 1946. Though this story doesn’t go quite well with the rest of the “Holocaust” series as Jews whom Poles lynched were Jews whom Germans somehow didn’t exterminate during their occupation of Poland, even though Jews would like everyone to believe that Nazis were some kind of monsters who killed Jews indiscriminately.

The question however is – why would Poles turn on Jews after the end of the WWII? Were Jews not the same victims as the rest of Polish nationals during the years of occupation?

No, the lynching of Jews in Poland was not an act of anti-Semitism on behalf of the Catholic Poles, although if you were to rely on Jew media or Steven Spielberg films, that’s what you’d take for a fact. To get the real answer, one must take a close look at the Katyn Forest Massacre.

The Katyn Massacre

Poland was invaded in 1939 by Germany from the west and the Soviets from the east. Germany’s invasion was motivated by an intention to get back the territory in western Poland much of which had been taken from them at the end of the First World War. The Soviets wanted eastern Poland so the two divided the country between them roughly along the River Bug.

In September 1939, owing to the pressure from the Jews, Britain and France declared war on Germany on the pretext of Germany’s invasion of Poland. The Soviets invaded Poland just the same, but because Red Army was fighting for the Jews, neither Britain nor France declared war on the Soviet Union.

Jew controlled media in the USA created strong anti Germany sentiments by pointing fingers at Germans looking to get their own territory back, yet never said a word about the invasion and annexation of eastern Poland by the Soviets.

Jews wanted to destroy Germany because Adolf Hitler got them off their high horses, freeing media, the schools, the law, the business and culture from their grip. The Soviet Union where Jews enjoyed strong influence under the command of Joseph Stalin was to play a key role in the bitchslap.

In the spring of 1941, Hitler ordered a pre-emptive strike against the Soviets who were mobilizing on the east and had German army advance through eastern Poland and Ukraine into Russia.

In February 1943, once settled near the city of Smolensk, German forces learned from local Russians that a large number of Polish prisoners had been executed by NKVD and buried in mass graves in a wooded area known as Katyn Forest located about 10 miles west of Smolensk.

Germans dug through the mounds in the Katyn Forest and discovered remains of hundreds of corpses, each with their hands tied behind their back and a bullet hole in the skull. After a month of digging, Germans discovered more than 4,000 corpses.

Because Germans could not dedicate more time to digging through the Katyn Forest to recover more corpses, they called in the International Red Cross and representatives of several neutral countries to take a look at what they discovered. The inspectors were given complete freedom to examine the corpses, doctors were permitted to conduct autopsies and workers to continue excavating.

The summary of findings was clear – thousands of Polish military officers, leaders and intellectuals who had been in the Soviets occupied part of Poland in September 1939 were executed by the Soviets and their bodies were buried in the Katyn Forest.

Further investigation uncovered that the Soviets had concentration camps at Starobelsk, Kozelsk, and Ostashkov. While all of the bodies recovered in the Katyn Forest were from the Starobelsk Concentration Camp, there was suspicion that other camps would have had their own burial grounds.

NKVD drove Polish prisoners to the burial pits in prison trucks known as “black ravens”. One by one the Poles were pulled from the trucks, had their hands tied behind their backs and were shot in the head with a pistol by one NKVD man while two others held them from the sides.

None of the diary entries, news clippings or letters recovered by the Red Cross representatives from the people in the graves went beyond April 1940. That signified that all of the prisoners were executed while the Katyn region was under control of the Soviets. These findings were reported back to the western governments, however because Jews perceived the Soviets as allies, they didn’t want them portrayed in the media as mass murderers perpetrating a genocide against the Poles, so blame for the Katyn Massacre was put on the Germans.

The British had declared war on Germany upon pretext of freeing Poland. Yet as becomes clear, the declaration of war on Germany had precious nothing to do with freeing of Poland, but everything to do with destroying Germany where Jews were stripped of control.

So Why Did Poles Lynch Jews?

Although Jewish media managed to deceive everyone in the west, the Poles knew. The Poles knew it wasn’t the Nazis who executed their leaders, but the communists. And they also knew who was behind communism and who welcomed Soviet occupants to their lands. They knew and organized lynching accordingly. And for that, even though I normally spit on the Poles, I give them major props.

The Jews never apologized for killing Jesus Christ, they never apologized for what they did to the Poles and what they’re doing to us all. For as long as Jews are in control of the governments and the media, one cannot trust neither. It was not different during the WWII and it certainly is not any better now.

Props to Best Gore member Hawk for the pics and this awesome video which explains the Katyn Massacre with amazing commentary by William Pierce:

Gallery of a few photos of the Katyn Massacre:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Wow! Excellent information you added Mark! Wow! Such an incredible post to facilitate a better understanding of history. When I get my career up and going I shall indeed lend my finiancial support to BG. Such an important and awesome site. I bow to you Sir Mark you are incredible.

    1. Well done Hawk…..i read about this atrocity perpetrated years
      ago when still young,thought the core number of 10,000 were
      supposed to be polish army officers who could not be
      re-educated to the proletariate ideal and who stalin could not
      trust to intigrate into the red army.

      1. Read Revelations in the Bible. It talks about the people in the Synagogue. Revelations 2:9
        “These are the words of him who is the First and the Last, who died and came to life again. I know your afflictions and your poverty?yet you are rich! I know the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

          1. @Trooper72 No problem.

            @odgoso I thought it was interesting and because Mark brought up Jesus in article. There’s also some other chapters and verses where they talk about them. Right now I’m drawing a blank, it was something about people being persecuted by Jews. Also Hawk, have you heard of David Duke?

    2. Great Hawk! I wonder if you could give some advice on where you find these documentaries or which books to read. Loads of documentaries/books about the war are written in favour of the jews, but that’s obviously not what I’m intressted in. So I try to find some of these stories myself but it’s pretty hard.
      Thanks in advance

      1. You could listen to David Cole a Jew who speak up against his Jewish brethern about the holocaust. or another very interesting Jew, Benjamin Freedman, a very powerful jew who dedicated his life and resource to exposing he Jews, you could listen to the William Pierces broadcasts. YOu could Order books on National Vanguard books, like did “6 million really die”?
        There are many resource .

    3. This was really a high quality video and description. I really love once in a while when you make a post with a lot of facts in it.

      I’m learning more *true* history on BG than I ever learned in school with post WWII propaganda written by the victors.

      Mucho gracias Hawk and Mark. Keep up the thorough work to keep us all informed.

    4. AMAZING! I said this about the red army and soviet savages in class and was called a nazi sympathizer..imagine.. a latina mulatto .. get real, they dont like the truth at all and i was sent to sensitivity training with the anto defamation league ironically with a kazakstani who was the sole person who sided with me

  2. thank you for the awesome post. have you every seen the documentary “behind the gates of Auschwitz”? a very flaming jew boy asks the hard questions and his own people had him beaten. he claimed no one was ever gassed there and he has the facts to prove it. funny how history is so full of deceit. thanks again and keep up the good work

      1. It really is a great piece of information for people. But to open peoples minds you have to come across as showing signs of intelligence with your information, not just randomly blurting out ‘Oooo bad jew monsters bugabugabooo’.

        Instead put it across like ‘ I’m sorry but you’ve clearly been misinformed about what you think you may know. Allow me to show you this piece of information.

        Then give info, stats, proof of what really happened. Not give them that and in the corner have a picture of monster with a jew hat on, crudely drawn on with green crayon.

          1. Hey don’t knock talking to birds.

            Its the only way you get to introduce them to the bed of magic by talking to them first.

            Oh you were being sarcastic.

        1. Lol, I wish you luck on that method. Go out to a public gathering of Brits sheeple and explain to them the nature of the holocaust and Katyn forrest masscre through calmly say… “”” I?m sorry but you?ve clearly been misinformed about what you think you may know. Allow me to show you this piece of information. Reason with them and explain to them in very fine detail what really happen””… -_- *sigh*…. you might as well be like St. Francis… and deliver sermons to the Birds.

          1. Well said Hawk,
            Your the ‘only’ one I see on here who actually is on the right track!
            I think it is in order that soon I sit down and talk to you and let you in on the biggest piece of information that I only tell to those who will understand.. props to you on your posts! as well as your proper information.

          2. Hawk.

            As I have mentioned before. The sheeple will remain totally closed to change right until the moment Negros and Islamic nutjobs are firebombing their living rooms.

            It doesn’t matter what the message is. Unless it is the official party line… Nobody wants to know.

            We may as well be polite and mature about it whilst we are trying to get the message across.

        2. @BrakoUK

          if that were true, there wouldn’t be 2 Million people whose minds were opened with the way information is presented here. I present it in a way which works and have results to prove it. Do you have any results to prove your suggested method would “open people’s minds” as you imply?

          1. As I previously mentioned, I love the way you present your information, it has actually peeled away years of bullshit I used to believe. As we were all taught to be pro jew and anti nazi, we were all lulled into a state of mind which takes a lot of wanting to know the truth, wanting to have the proof,to change. It has for me, thanks to this. Perhaps being fed up with what the media has been feeding us all these years, in every way, not just about the jews but every aspect, has me at the end of my rope. Especially seeing what it does to my beautiful daughter who thinks she’s ugly unless she buys this or that. Anyhow, banter. Thanks again, keep it up. Now if I could just get more people to visit this site and do some research….lord knows I’ve been putting in the effort.

          2. I actually thought the written piece was very well done.

            But the only thing that weaken’d the information was the random shouting and the other movie clips.

            If you wanted to open peoples minds to the truth, first you have to show them how serious you, especially when it comes to how your about to reveal a lie in history.

            So to do an excellent piece of documentation in a serious and professional approach, only to then have a nutter shouting random shit out, or showing Tom Hanks from Saving Private Ryan appearing on screen. Then the most likely response you going to get from people is ‘Oh it was a sketch, I thought it was serious at first until that started happening. lol/lmao/rofl etc etc. Do you see where I was coming from now ?

          3. @brakoUK
            … you are retarded.
            Your unable to see that images were suppose to be a visual aid as well as entertainment while listening to an important broadcast. And it does not diminish its importants or facts at all.
            In your method, a boring spread-sheet of data with 2 views would be better.

            Maybe that car struck you with harder than we thought.

        3. Is that how you figure this was presented today, I think the presentation, with the accompanying preview that Mark, Vincit Omnia Veritas, put together was quite decent. Just wondering, otherwise, I may have misunderstood your comment.

  3. The same thing can/will happen here in American territory. Government insurgents will move in all around you like they are regular all American families. Maybe such organizations are Masons and/or National Guardsmen and women waiting for the order to snapp and take us out in our sleep and/or through explained and unexplained fatal accidents.
    They kill us now with defective products and tainted foods and medications that purposely get by propper testing.

  4. Thanks for the post, a lot of interesting information here. @Twistofharo, I will try and find that documentary about aushewitz as well. I am really beginning to understand this now, and up until recently, was not aware of any of this. Thanks @hawk πŸ˜‰

      1. i actually went on a tour of the place and a lot of what the kid in the movie said was true. it is too bad every side embellishes to help strengthen their point. the truth will never be known. and my time in germany taught me that every one was a victim. not just the jews. Catholics, gays , germans, gypsies ……

    1. All lawyers in America are mercenaries for the Barrister of England here to erode our Constitutional Rights through the use of Uniform Commercial Codes and Statutes. That should give you good enough reason to get rid of them. They are foreigners occupying our land with evil intent.

  5. Never knew about that thanks infact its quite hard to hear about these facts when rest of the world who usually get the facts from television which are filtered from a specific perspective.

  6. I love this stuff but what I love even more is that it’s getting to people who previously had no idea about it and they’re now opening their eyes to the truth instead of believing the spoonfed bullshit they’ve been getting since the day they were born. Excellent work Mark and Hawk, keep those vids coming.

    1. Yet another example of Political Correctness gone mad…

      It would have made more sense for them to have not kicked up a fuss about it.

      It was a very reasonable question, even by today’s liberal censor. Instead by banning any sort of free thought the ZOG have raised awareness of their modus operandi… Crush all independent thought.

    2. studying religion after the scientific method was outlined is about the most stupid thing you can do with your life. And, being religion mostly a bunch of stupid statements, what can you expect from a religion exam other than stupid questions like that?

  7. Now I’m being punished for having a Iphone, I cant watch Hawk’s masterpiece! But as soon Ill get my laptop, I will check it out!;) I am the last one that has to be convinced about the Judenschweins crusades, but its always intresting to learn new historical facts. I think Mark has to start to be careful n watch his back. I wonder if he realize that BG starts to become something really big, more than he expected? The sheep is observing closely, and my gutfeeling tells me that they will soon make a move.
    Cheers, brothers n sisters, tomorrow belongs to us:)
    (shit, my english really sucks!)

  8. Fantastic piece Mark, however can’t agree with all you say especially about hitler and what appears to be implying he was maybe doing good things and wasn’t a bad evil man ( at least i think that’s what you were )
    No doubt the holocaust was blown out of proportion but gas chambers were real, although not used only and specifically for the Jews. As for them controlling the worlds major governments and media, yea probably but I don’t think we know the half of it.
    Anyway keep up the good work.

  9. Hitler and Stalin kinda amicably negotiated the partition of Poland like if it was a cake. And I don’t think the poles would agree that their country was “taken away” from the prussian retarded warmongers that got their asses kicked royally in WW1. But well, who cares. PUTIN is going to last more years as russian emperor than poor Stalin, that set up the russia world power shop for him.

  10. holy shit did anyone catch that dude at 1:19? so this is where they came up with the idea for the austin powers movie Doctor Evil πŸ˜€

    i wouldn’t have thought of being from this guy but its insane to think that it took 16 years to find the answer on bestgore lmfao.

  11. Oh yeah Mark I forgot to add something, Hitler declared war on Poland not only to get back Western Prussia, but because of massacres of German minorities by the Polish. Such as the Danzig corridor massacres, the boycott of German stores and border guards shooting at fleeing Germans. Fact is during WW2 Hitler made 2 dozen offers of peace to the UK, Churchill knew that the UK would lose both economically and militarily to Germany, so he tried his best to bring the US into the war.

  12. I’m native American and love how Jews get all the attention(like they are the only ones ever to be done wrong) and the lies our kids are taught in schools on the subjects sicken me,keep keeping it real since no one else can handle the truth:) Rock on bg \m/

  13. Interesting. I knew some of this info already but there were parts if the story that just didn’t jibe with me and now the story told with the correct information makes sense. Them jews which rhymes with ooze, sure do slink around. WWII and this info changes completely the dynamic of lives everyone has lived ever since.

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