Kill Team Photos Showcasing War Crimes of US Soldiers in Afghanistan

Routine Army Procedure Requires to Check People Killed in Battle for Tattoo and Take Their Fingerprint and Iris Scans

Kill Team Photos Showcasing War Crimes of US Soldiers in Afghanistan

The “Kill Team” is a name given to members of the 5th Stryker Brigade, a platoon of U.S. soldiers stationed near Kandahar in Afghanistan. The Kill Team photos posted here were published by the Rolling Stone magazine with an accompanying line which read: “War Crime Images the Pentagon Doesn’t Want You to See!”. Members of the Kill Team are accused of killing at least 4 unarmed Afghani civilians and mutilating several corpses. Their actions are chronicled in photos the Kill Team members took during their killing spree at the beginning of 2010.

Thanks to nosy investigative journalists, the war crimes committed by the Kill Team are now becoming public knowledge, but the Pentagon went to great measures to prevent the photos from reaching the public. A massive effort by the Pentagon was launched to pull the pictures out of circulation as these had the potential to become as large as the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal.

The Rolling Stone Magazine obtained more than 150 images showcasing the war crimes committed by the Kill Team on the people of Afghanistan and interviewed several eye witnesses who proved that most of the US soldiers within the unit hated the Afghanis and wanted them dead – civilians or not. The Kill Team treated the images of their war atrocities as war souvenirs while the units officials did nothing to stop them.

Not all of the Kill Team photos contain gore, but they all have a story attached to them. I’m sharing some of them in the gallery below to spread the message so people know the truth.

One of the victims of the Kill Team was a 15 year old Afghan boy named Gul Mudin. U.S. soldiers from Bravo Company decided that their hatred for Afghans need to be upgraded from words into actions so when an unarmed Afghan boy came to sight on January 15, 2010, they ambushed him, ordered him to stay still and threw a grenade at him. The soldiers then opened fire at the boy from close range. To make the killing justified, Cpl. Jeremy Morlock and Pfc. Andrew Holmes made it look as though they were under attack.

Sgt. Calvin Gibbs used a pair of medical shears to cut off the pinky fingers of their kills to keep as trophies. In the case of killed Gul Mudin, he gave the pinky to Pfc. Andrew Holmes as the boy was the first Afghani he killed. You can see from the photos in which the murderers pose with the boy that the pinky is missing which means they were taken after the trophy was severed.

Sgt. Calvin Gibbs routinely collected weapons found at the strike scenes to use them to frame their victim as enemy combatants with. He used a pistol recovered at the scene of a helicopter strike in 2009 to make the execution of Gul Mudin look like a legitimate kill. The photo of said pistol is in the gallery.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Don’t think they had “psychological” problems. These soldiers are just @$$wipes. There are @$$wipes in America, too. Despite what some in the Good Ol U.S.A. want you to believe.

    But, the pictures of the dead people these @$$hole soldiers killed are quite entertaining. I’m glad to see these punks also dig looking at dead bodies:) But, the difference between them and the people on this site is we aren’t the ones that did the killing. They are.

    1. Totally agree with you, have you ever seen what our enemies do to our soldiers bodies? !
      They parade THEM around like trophies
      whatever asshole wrote the captions under the photos is the real ass hole
      a picture is worth a thousand words
      apparently you will believe what ever some propaganda artist wants you to believe
      Remember folks unless you are there, you don’t even know the real story
      These soldiers aren’t hurting the children, but if you are that stupid and gullible, please go commit suicide and record it for my entertainment and my bestgore family that is smart enough to know truth from propaganda

  2. If this is propaganda, it is very effective. If this is truth, it is deplorable. Considering the American governments propensity for greed, control and power, it is possible.

  3. How is this even debatable? I understand many of you are delusional, but to this extent? Of course they were killing for sport. Just how fucking clueless do you have to be to even consider any different scenario? These are Americans – nothing more needs to be said.

    1. Which is why, Angie, an American myself (not Japanese as some people would think considering the name I use) am looking up really fucked up photos of dead people. It’s a hobby of mine when I don’t get laid. XD God I need a life. >.<

  4. I know whose side I’m on and whose side I’m not on, and don’t get me wrong, I would execute a Muji in a heart beat, but seriously killing kids. That’s just fucked up! If this is true (and it probably is) these guys should be shot.

  5. Pretty fucked up if it is true. Reguardless, posing with a dead child is pretty messed up and does add guilt. Not to try and defend them cause I am not sure of the accuracy, but I remember once my platoon coming across a camcorder in which contained a video of a group of children being trained to fight the soldiers. <—- Just saying.

  6. If these allegations are true, it is nothing but the same thing that the Taliban does to its own people. The only difference is the U.S. is always supposed to be the good guys. Why? These people hate us despite the huge financial burden of trying to help their corrupt asses. These neanderthals should have realized that once they allowed terrorists to train on their soil and attack the U.S. their ass was grass. Frankly I am sick of the approach of trying to win the hearts and minds of the local people. They will take your money but then let the Taliban know when you are arriving for ambush. If anything, the U.S. needs more wackjobs like these guys. Send in squads of these deranged soldiers to the Taliban villages. If an IED blows up, raze every building within eyesight. If a Taliban is known..slaughter his whole family. Make them drive their families with them to the hills in which they hide. This will cause a burden and curtail their effectiveness. Use the same tactics as the Taliban but be more brutal. You can’t be nice to these stone age people because all they know is bloodshed. You have to be more terrifying and brutal to get their attention.

    1. Well bro, I would love to see shit like that happen..but the truth is this country is so fucking full of faggots and liberals, we don’t even know what the fuck, or how long we are there for. I personally love these photos and if I was there I would kill more of these peasant rats, they should feel the wrath of the world that hates them. Fuck some 15 piece of shit kid, fuck all the money we spent training these mountain rats. It has been a waste, it sucks we lost soldiers over there. But.. guys like this, made it all worth while, they brought the pain of thousand screaming civilians burnt, crushed, and pulverized into oblivion in the world trade center. these people do not care; incidentally, I do not give a flying fuck about some villager getting his head pulled back, frankly I’d take that picture and be proud of it.

      1. aaronac83, by reading your past comments… I can only draw few conclusions about you. You are a total nutjob right wing faggot who supports everything your government tells you. I bet when the government official tells you to hand over your fat mom and tell her to bend over, you will oblige and say it’s okay with two thumbs up in the air. People like you are totally gutless cowards who take pride in shooting unarmed civilians and scared to fight Taliban. You just like these US mercenary vermin soldiers above are nothing but gutless cowards. You want to know what protecting and being a real soldier is? Try being in national guard you fucking faggot.

  7. As was posted in the Last “atrocity” video, someone said that The only difference in this war is that the media is always around, or something to that effect…Truth is that both sides in war are fucked up…to single out Americans is wrong, single out the sick assholes that commit these crimes…I’ll remain neutral unless these accusations are proven…but if they are these guys are a disgrace.

    1. Thank you for reiterating my point. And it is true. The media is not just news reporters and documentary journalists, but the soldiers themselves. They all have cameras, they all record their war-lives.

      The only reason this particular slew of photos is considered remotely horrifying is because the government tried to cover it up. But when random Afghani/Iraqi/Libyan (whathaveyou) protesters are shot and killed by their OWN PEOPLE to be made an example of with shouts of “ALLAHU AKBAR” ringing in the air, everything is normal? Why?

      1. Fighting and dying for a cause in a civil war is not the same as being murdered by occupying aggressors. Not that you would understand that, but it’s fair to mention it for others.

  8. Absolutely disgusting!
    I understand that during a war the line between moral and imoral gets thiner, and that some inocent people always end up paying for the mistakes made.
    But using candy to lure kids so they can shoot them… that’s just sick, that’s just some really disturbed assholes taking advantage of the situation to do as they please.
    I woul really like to know what excuse they will come up to explain this just to see how full of bullshit they are.

  9. I knew a Marine in this war who told me all about this kinda stuff. Anyway, he went into the Marines as a normal, if not slightly awkward boy, but came out a killer. Believe me. They break you down through things like degradation rituals so you will feel that life is trivial. When he got out, he told me that on a few occasions, he also thought about killing someone when no one was looking, just to see what it would be like. There have also been good soldiers too. This doesn’t speak for American soldiers as a whole. Killing innocent kids is sickening though. They didn’t ask to be born into that.

  10. Come on, I have always admired for their posts. This is nothing new, american soldiers killing innocent people. The only reason nobody seems to know here in the country is because as soon as you post any of this, it is deleted like by magic from any site. . . on youtube they post “terrorists or iran,iraq goverment killing people videos ” very graphic, but god save you if you dare to post even a negative comment about american soldiers.
    The main difference is that any people defending its country is called a terrorist, meanwhile american soldiers go abroad, kill, rape, and torture foreigners and they are called heroes when they come back….USA its like the bullie of the countries

  11. Stop sending them the field rations. Looks like they are hunting enough meat on their own.

    That’s what the Japs did in WW2: once the provision lines were cut or too dangerous, they just told their soldiers in the Pacific and New Guinea to get their own food.

    And we all know they did. Tasty long pig.

  12. Pitiful Fucks. Goes to show what they’re doing to help our country -.-. Some “heroes” they are, i wouldn’t even spit in their general direction. they might as well just go have a tea party with Muammar Gaddafi -.-.

  13. This is why I do not respect American occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq. Just pull the soldiers out. Why do we need to be there? Oil? Please… I heard that enough, we have enough oil in Texas and Alaska. I think the reason for Afghanistan invasion is because of Opium. In the end, there will be more hate on American side as well as Afghan side. Stop the war. I heard that too, in the military, they literally make you a killing machine with no emotions. That’s what they train you in army to be a killing machine so that you end up killing as many people as possible in war. War is ugly.

  14. As an American, I will say this. The rest of the world doesn’t have to deal with Sarah Palin (an irksome cunt imo), our “news” is now TMZ rehashings, and idiots like the pics potray above. I commend any soldier that serves anywhere (not just the U.S.), but when actions like that happens it makes me say, “I’m proud to be an American, but actions of that nature I feel ashamed as well.”

  15. This post seems like another anti-American terrorist propaganda nonsense. I have two kids in the military . One is in Iraq and the other is in Afghanistan. To say our men and women in the military are killing kids for fun is total bullshit. The US military has done more to help civilians then any other country. As for the stupid comment about the motorcycle,my son had three men in his unit killed by some sand nigger on a motorcycle. In Afghanistan the motorcycle is used more then cars are when it comes to these cowards killing our military people. Maybe you should go there for yourself and see what’s really going on there. That is if your man enough to join the military and serve your country as these men and women did.

    1. What clueless bullshit. Your comment is nothing more but a pro-American terrorist propaganda. Your kids in the military are a sample of the most cowardly losers in the society. Incapable of contributing to the growth of the society, the losers went to kill people but are too fucking cowardly to engage in man to man fight so they shoot from the safe distance. You gave birth to fucking cowardly shit.

  16. Don’t believe everything you read. Besides, fuck these muslim fucks. They want to kill all non-believers anyway.I hope your not American, Angie. You disgust me. You obviously don’t have a clue about who the cowards are. Did you even read your own post..??? WOW, pull your head out, will ya…???

    1. Cracker, if seeing is believing, take another look. There have been more murders during this war than any in history, and I’m not just talking about “acts of war”. Look up the number of Iraqi civilians killed compared to the number of insurgents. Look at the coverups of soldiers (American and non) killed by friendly fire. Look at the hidden tapes of the Apache gunships firing on insurgents who turned out to be news reporters carrying cameras.

      These US soldiers are trained to kill. Most are remorseless, emotionless, irreversible killing machines with no off switch. The ones who are not and cannot cope are often found in the suicide statistics. They are trigger-happy cowboys, bored, and psychologically broken after baking in the desert.

      The American occupation in the middle east needs to cease. No one wants them there and they are doing more harm than good. The US has the only military troops left in Iraq, America must be missing something.

      To all you anti-“sand-nigger-muslim-towel-head-camel-jockey” people, do you really think you would have daily gore if it were not for the likes of them? Then again, there is always Brazil.

      1. Kacee, you give this war too much credit. More murders than any in history? Surely not more than those in world war two. Can’t be more murders than when the Russians occupied Afghanistan. And I don’t think more murders during the Height of the Roman empire or Persia’s campaign against the Greeks.

  17. This war itself is a disgrace? Fighting for your country? really? Fighting for your country when cowardly US soldiers are serving as mercenary and get paid to kill Iraqis when Iraq have NEVER invaded US. On other hand, Mexico is sending a lot of criminal illegal aliens to US. America should pull all our troops and station them in US-Mexico border to secure our homeland if you really care about America. And I’m a proud true patriot American who actually cares about America not you brainwashed motherfuckers who believe everything media tells you.

    1. I agree with everything you said. They’re not fighting for our country, they’re fighting over there for greed, profit, and who knows what else… They’ve not once invaded our country, and just because of the actions of 9/11, all of the innocents who’ve never done America any harm in Iraq are slaughtered, when, if they truly cared about America, they’d call the soldiers back, and actually think about helping our country.

  18. Yeah man, if you had any brains you’d kill us on sight. We’re mean bastards. And we’re not coming to assimilate, but to conquer.

    If you had any brains, you’d kill the lot of us. Men, women, babies, even our dogs. I’m just being honest dude. I know my people, we’re scum.

    Too bad you’re spineless losers though. Los vamos a chingar en el culo por jotos. Jajajajajajaja.

  19. Kacee, I agree with everything you say. I guess what my main point was to Angie is how muslims hide behind women and children in their fight for allah. The vietnamese did the same thing. Talk about cowards. Chancho, I’ll bet your an illegal in the U.S. on welfare, eh..???

  20. cancho, a lot of illegal immigrants are from Mexico and they are taking advantage and raping the system in the US. Whites are not the only ones complaining of illegal immigration from Mexicans. The complaint also comes from other hispanics, asians, and blacks who are sick and tired of illegal immigration from Mexico. Just come here legally and you will be fine. What part of illegal immigration do you not understand?

  21. First off I just want to let you know the stories I hear about how crazy the people are in that country. I have seen videos on nothing toxic and YNC of terrorist training children at the age of 9 and younger to cut peoples heads off and blows them selves up. I don’t know what to think of this story but what I can say is I know several people in the military all of my life and they are good men and women that have given there lives to protect the united states the land of the free they would never do anything like this I know or a fact. The united states is trying to be taken down by socialists left wing liberals that sound just like the guy who posted this. Just the other day we captured terrorists with plans to do harm in our own country and the Obama administration was trying to allow the to go to federal court to have a expensive court appointed attorney and give them rights. What rights do they have to come into our country and try to blow up innocent people. They were tried in military thankfully but still that’s the kind of shit you left wing liberals are pulling. My grandfather crawled over his dead friends in the pacific war on a island full of crazy gooks whos country just got done bombing pearl harbor not to protect some faggots posting faggot articles like this. Let me once again clarify that I don’t know if this article is true or not but the least the poster could say is not all American soldiers are like this because they are not. I can tell you one thing if we capture a bad guy we take him in custody they capture one of our guys they chop his head off with a dull butter knife. A kid comes up to a soldier with candy and blows everybody up. They train everybody to hate and kill everybody who does not chant allahu akbar and is not Muslim, and if you haven’t already figured it out our country doesn’t care if you don’t believe in god or not that’s the stupid reasons why these fuckers hate us. Now you will have some left wing liberal say O NO NO we go over there and bomb them and kill innocent civilians all the time, true civilians are always side causalities in war WAR IS NOT PRETTY but those people like I said before blow them selves up kill there own women to death by stoning if they do not wear rags on there heads or stay with a man who has 30 wives. Let me ask you this do you think if the tables were turned and they were us now would they be crying every time they killed a innocent American on accident or a younger person because they thought they had a gun or bomb or maybe some crazy soldiers have seen enough of there friends get killed by cowardly IEDs or suicide bombers who don’t have the guts to let them selves be known and fight before they blew them selves to kingdom kong screaming allahu akbar so they start plugging people who come to close HELL NO look at 911 for crying out loud. I have respect for every US soldier serving time in that country that we shouldn’t even be in the Russians could not win that war and they live right across the street. Like I said I could care less if this story is true or not better them then me look at the movie platoon and you will see what I mean. WHAT I HEAR AND WHAT IS SEE THOSE PEOPLE DO RAPE UNDERAGE BEAT WOMEN BLOW THEM SELVES UP KILLING THERE OWN PEOPLE IS ENOUGH TO JUST SAY FUCK THEM ALL LET THERE MADE UP GODS SORT THEM OUT BANG BANG MOTHER FUCKER. mad respect for US soldiers Obama socialist faggot ass docked all the pay for US soldiers fucking nigger.

    1. almost forgot one thing the video I watched on nothing toxic of the kids beheading was real they had 9 year old kids all chop a guys head off with a few small knifes while they adults held them down and screamed allahu akbar do you see our nine year old kids doing things like this? no they are all in school studying. cry more butt hurt left wing liberals I’m glad those soldiers fragged those stinky sand niggers and chopped there fingers off they should have chopped there little dicks off and put them in there mouths for there families to find.

    2. Cpl. Jeremy Morlock Wasilla, Alaska Has a Very Long Long Police Record They don’t let people join the military with very long police records. Maybe these guys did do this stuff maybe not. I could care less they are over there doing there job.

      1. people try to say 911 was a inside job my ass we did not do that to our own country you left wing liberal fags they had descriptions of the people flying the planes and what school they went to in our country the land of the free to fly our planes but never learned on how to land them. They were Saudi Arabians we went to that country and did one good thing kill Saddam Hussein other then that we shouldn’t be there.

  22. ohhhh nooo awesomespanker…..right wing/ faggot, blah blah fuck my mother blah blah ahahahahaha your such a fucking douche bag bro. these tali mother fuckers got wacked ahahaah, what are you going to do about, huh? ahahahaa your reply is classic. Usama and his muslim rate got wacked off too, got their fucking wigs pulled back, fuck islam yaaaaaaa. and fuck bestgore too bunch of crying liberal sickos who want to debate politics on a smut/gore site, ahahahah.

  23. You guys are real assholes. This was an unarmed, 15 year old kid who had nothing to do with any of it. Simply because he was the race of the people the war is against? That was someone’s kid. Think about the mother who will NEVER see her child again, because he was killed for the fun of actual reason. I’ve lost a daughter and it’s the most painful thing a person can experience. This kid didn’t deserve it. So for everyone saying “the sand niggers deserved it” I truly say fuck you, you worthless pricks.

  24. I usually just spend my time reading over comments and whatnot and have never posted before, but a lot of the talk specifically on this page made me want to ask a couple of things.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that there isn’t any real bullshit/wrong things that happen over there however… The only thing this really shows is a guy smiling above a corpse? There is no video of the said “running children over” there aren’t any pictures of little dead children. The only thing we have to go on are the comments under the pictures, and that doesn’t prove anything. And how do we know the 15 year old didn’t have a gun? We don’t. To sit and argue over photo’s that prove nothing to beggin with is silly. Could it have been a wrongful death? Sure I’m not saying it isn’t, but until theres more to go along with the rather vague post this is, who’s to say who is in the wrong?

  25. How do we know he wasn’t Taliban in training? Possibly one less terrorist that could have potentially killed a dozen or more innocent people in the future? That’s probably how these guys justify their actions (if they even bothered to at all) Regardless, War is War. There WILL be casualties of “innocent” civilians like it or not. I’m honestly in the air on this one. America was victim to 9/11 and other terrorist acts why don’t we hit them where it hurts and terrorize them for once! Maybe if we give these assholes a taste of their own medicine it will quell their evil activities! Then again, probably not. I don’t think anything short of cleansing the planet of all these war-torn areas with a nuclear warhead will cease the conflict so fuck it! Children are innocent and I myself could never bring any harm to one. However, when they are the children of bad people they will most likely grow up to be bad people. Either way they might as well spare the kids till the bombs drop.

  26. anyone who has actually been in the middle east at war knows for a fact that terrorist train children to go to war. it doesnt matter what the age of the person is. child or not. he has a gun and is going to try to kill you. you people want the truth? go to the middle east and experience it yourself.

  27. All these places have had hundreds of years to become productive countries, and somehow they still let dumbest most radical goat fucking motherfucker in the room have all the power! I say fuck em there not gonna use all there natural resources etc.! They would rather let some SHIT religion cause non stop chaos! They had there chance now they will have everything taken from them!

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