La Familia Michoacana Shoot CJNG Members in Leg with .50 Cal Rifle Before Execution

La Familia Michoacana Shoot CJNG Members in Leg with .50 Cal Rifle Before Execution

La Familia Michoacana Shoot CJNG Members in Leg with .50 Cal Rifle Before Execution

Remember the skimask/paintballmask-wearing, manboobed member of La Familia Michoacana? Here comes his next appearance. This time he acts as a sidekick to a guy who seems to want to be a sniper.

The video was reportedly filmed in the municipality of Sultepec. In the video, La Familia Michoacana members interrogate two captured men who apparently admit to being hitmen for CJNG (Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación).

After the interrogation, the sniper uses a .50 caliber rifle to shoot both men in the leg. That’s when the manboob champ comes back into the picture, but this time wearing a baseball hat. Along with another guy they force the victims to kneel up. The sniper then executes them. One seems to have been shot in the head, the other in the neck.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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115 thoughts on “La Familia Michoacana Shoot CJNG Members in Leg with .50 Cal Rifle Before Execution”

        1. At such a close range, no.

          The point of such a heavy projectile is that stopping power increases exponentially the further/slower the bullet travels.

          Shooting something that close with that caliber of round is just a waste. Should have set them up a few hundred meters off, then the trauma would have been very impressive.

          1. Red Cloud only appears after around 250m+ of traveldistance.

            DrewChristian is completely right. The slower the bullet – the bigger the splash…. the faster the bullet – the bigger the piercing force (dunno if this is the correct description in english….but i dont care either)

          2. Thanks gents..all of you . Counterintuitive but I learnt something then.

            I was always taught momentum/impulse ? is bigger with higher speed and higher mass(calibre) . Yet , i suppose when the bullet is slower it has more time to it interact with the whole body and produce a “pinkmist ” rather than just shoot through?

            I wonder if someone with a science background in this could tell us exactly why this happens with the right terminology and shit. I for one would love to know.

      1. Ivan you are like the other punks on here- you love watching people die, and you don’t know shit about it. That is a .50 caliber sniper rifle. What a ignorant piece of shit you are. No respect for life or death. You are no better than the mestizos in these videos. You probbly are one.

        1. skrotum…….tough guy behind the keyboard aren’t you? I’d like to see you die. Let’s compare DD214’s asswipe… don’t know the difference between a .22 cal bullet and your dick….fuck you and your mother.

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        You’ll probably trash your country so bad the Mexicans will reach Canada
        Race wars is stupid.

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    1. I did but just not agreeing with it….the . 50 BMG creates a temporary wound cavity LARGER than the average adult male human’s torso, meaning if you were shot in the chest, anywhere within 1 mile from the gun, you’d likely be ripped in half. []

      1. With those boobs i would think so. There’s always some little give aways in these videos which are mean’t to scare the hell out of the opposition yet only serve to trap the twats.

  1. These sick Spic fucks do this but I wonder if they give any thought to the fact that one day their time will come and they will be slaughtered like the vermin they are in some hideous way? Filthy fucking useless parasites on this planet.

  2. Dont think that was a .50 bmg. Maybe .308
    The wounding and humiliation was nicely done. Brutal.
    Chubby was agonal breathing at the end.
    These guys look so dirty, so poverty stricken. Kinda sad

    1. Too long to translate but after asking their names they say the classic “this is what will happen to all who dares messing with “el patrón” (the boss)”, refering to the leader of their cartel, they also say that this will happen to all of you (to enemy cartel). At first time they even asked what did they receive for doing the work (i think they tried to assasin someone, maybe their patron or someone important), didnt hear what they responded. When they were going up to them and back various times I heard someone say to the sniper to shoot at his chest and back (he insisted) when he was getting on his knees, he waited and shot the heads. Would have been exciting if he would have shot one of his allies xD.

  3. At close range, a .50 BMG AP round might be just like spearing a body with a 1/2″ rod. The entrance wound might pucker shut and a 1/2″ – 1″ exit wound.
    It travels too fast and stable to create a large wound channel.
    The crush cavity should have a serious intermediate volume with non-AP rounds at greater distances.
    If the projectile stuck something dense/thick enough to slow it down, then it would be brutal. The projectile would yaw and may even fragment. depending on what intermediate-mass it may encounter.
    You all have seen a 12 gauge round to the head. That is one of the most close range destructive rounds out there.
    Maybe as little as a No. 4 in 2 3/4 would pop a head.
    A 3.5″ High Base with .00 Buckshot might vaporize it. Mileage may vary.
    Evan Marshall and Ed Sanow did some of the best ballistics studies. Especially he Strasbourg Tests.

  4. It’s always amazed me how often guys who live this lifestyle are in such a situation as this. How does it even happen? Wouldn’t someone with such enemies carry around protection/weapons 24/7? And they always seem so happy to go along with their own execution, even having a casual chat beforehand. It’s almost like none of them really want to live.

  5. The chubby guy took it like a fucking man,he said his only honor is to go out with same gun he always used the 50 Cal. Motherfucker didn’t even make a sound when he got shot unlike that other pussy.

    1. They had a chance to start running before getting shot, but judging at how fat and ugly that cunt was, he will probably be catched in a couple of minutes and tortured to death. Their lives were so sad and useless that they decided it was better to get shot right there

      1. they were handcuffed and unarmed and confronted by at least five men with rifles. How fucking ignorant are you? They figured it’s better to die relatively quickly rather than provoke their captors and get served the murder with all the frills. Somewhat less than courageous, maybe, but they were there and you, unfortunately weren’t.

        1. Hey why the hate fam? I don’t live in that shithole thankfully, and if I did, I would escape from that country, way too much violence over there, even more than middle east. Thankfully 99% of the executed people are ex criminals so no pity for them

  6. Always wondering how chimps like these can get their hands on military-grade anti-materiel rifles. You know, it’s not exactly an average Joe home rifle. What’s next? Fucking drug cartels executing counterpreparation fire with fucking M102 105mm howitzers? Carpet bombing rival villages with B52s?

    1. well, they ARE acting like they just got that .50 cal. The cartels have truckloads of cash, and connections to corrupt government officials(redundant expression in a spanish speaking country) who will gladly sell them a stolen rifle for three times it’s actual price. Like I said, we need to exterminate all of mexico, and then every spic in this country who has a prison record

  7. Amazing footage! MExico is not bad after all! keep coming with that footage, that fat ugly bastard took the .50 cal bullets good, he ended up being uglier than he already was in his sad pathetic life, the other piece of crap cried like a fuckin pussy after the bullet destroyed his fucking rotten organs. It would have been much better if they zoomed in them while they were getting shot! this footage is a masterpiece!

  8. Can these people please stop filming the parts where they are talking? Thing is we all know these retarded morons are exactly like chimpanzees discovering a mirror for the first time and making noises…. Like we will take some ‘message’ away from this as though it will make any difference. Mongoloids with a message…LOL.

  9. 05:08 that’s a shitty death stare, how humilliating must be going to fucking hell being that ugly and having thousands of people on the internet laughing at how fat and ugly he was xD

  10. There are circulating much besser quality versions on the net than this compressed bitchute shit. in those version you can see the empty bullets on the ground – definately .50!

    1. Right… the HD-Video without watermark I sent in for example. Must have been downsized by bitchute. Doesn’t matter…. I can watch the hd-version over and over again…. and so you can too, i think. xD =D

      Aaaand…yep! It was .50 cal … like you said, you can see the shells on the ground. In the beginning of the video you can see the Barret M82 from another angle. But somehow there are so many experts that “KNOW, this can never be a .50 cal… ’cause their heads didn’t explode and shit”.
      Like I said before – and there were two other that did too – the distance between rifle and target is the key.

      Greetings to Germany, Harry. Hope it will get much “besser” for you over there. 😛

  11. how come they both get shot in the legs but no blood on legs ?

    dafak kind of magic is that ? lol

    a 50 BMG will definitly rip apart thoses jeans and split blood around .

    “ay ! por favor !”


  12. i think they both get shot in the head.

    but the fat guy get shot nicely from one side to another, while the other guy had his head down so he get shot in the top of his head and bullet came out on his neck (taking apart a piece of meat of his neck on the way)

  13. All I want to know is why the USA , instead of building a wall or fence, doesn’t just have a fifty mile kill zone from which we run excursions into that land of halfbreed humanoids and just make sure none of them which remain alive have anything more than a plastic flatware set. Sterilize the rest of them, and in a hundred years we solved a major problem for humanity

  14. We see these types in Mexico and elsewhere doing this shit day in, day out. These excuses for human beings need to be removed from the gene pool. Despite the overwhelming urge to meat out the same level of depravity to them, I would put them to sleep quickly and consign them to the forgotten trash can of the human race.

    I get it that its vermin killing vermin a lot of the time, so why not ponder the incidental technicalities. However, I cant know for sure if these two victims deserved to be killed in a way that you wouldn’t want to see happen to a rabid dog.

    The basic quantum programming means that no matter how bad the pain of execution is, its going to end so fast, in relative terms, it will literally pull your conciseness back in time, kinda like a super fast and dense moving object sucking particles against the gravitational pull of the Earth. So your always gonna die and the pain becomes meaningless, no matter what anybody does to you or even how long it takes in the case of a slow “human” death.

    The crazy thing is that if humans lived on average for say ten thousand years, that life span is not even remotely equivalent to one billionth of a billionth of a micro second in terms of the cosmos. Its meaningless because everything actually happens in the same quantum moment, time is only relative to anything that alters form and substance on this frequency. So what we come from and what we become in the quantum world when we transition from one relatively fixed state to another means you will always “die” in your human form and thus primitive human nervous system pain is revealed for what it actually is, an illusion.

    No need to punish anybody badly on this frequency. Everything is taken care of in the next Quantum state, where real pain exists for those who brought it on themselves and I never want to transition into that, Thats for fucking sure!

  15. Being currently unemployed, i think i will send an application to Familia Michoacana. Im not fluent in spanish but i can understand the language. Does anybody have a contact that could make my application get to their human resources dept?

  16. At the beginning of the video the guy in the dark shirt nicknamed “la hormiga” (the ant) is saying that he gets paid 5 thousand pesos every 15 days. Shit that’s only two thousand more than what I make at my shit job, probably even more with commissions and without the risk of being killed by some fat assholes. Also, as the video continues and they ask him if he has something to say to his boss “el muletas”(crutches) he says that it’s not worth it and if he’s dying the way he’s dying, like an asshole, he should quit. No one asked him and it’s a bit hard to understand because of the radios but the guy says he’s okay with dying because at least he’s getting shot with a rifle he always wanted/admired, that bit is a little unintelligible.

    0:00 [Cameraman]: What’s your name?
    [Rival 1]: They call me La Hormiga (*The Ant*).
    [Cameraman]: Where do you command?
    [The Ant]: Uh…. Toluca.
    [Cameraman]: How many gunmen were you in charge of?
    [The Ant]: Three.
    [Cameraman]: How much did you earn?
    [The Ant]: About 5,000 bi-weekly.
    [Cameraman]: … This is gonna happen to all you sons of your fuckin’ mothers that keep uploading videos to social media or wherever, disrespecting the bosses, sons of fuckin’ dicks… so you guys learn how to show respect, fuck. One by one y’all are gonna get taken out for talkin’ shit about the bosses, pussies, like the fuckin’ dumbasses that you guys honestly are, seriously.
    What words do you wanna say to Amuletas? [*presumably the boss of the captured rivals*]
    [The Ant]: Well I wanna tell Amuletas to get out of here, yeah? Cuz’ this is a uhh… a strong organization. And honestly he should take advantage of this time, because to be real wtih you, if they catch him, the same shit that’s happening to me is gonna happen to him, as in he’s gonna die like a dumbass, and to be real with you, ain’t no point in that, feel me? The only honor I feel now is that at least I’ll die to the rifle that I carried so proudly, the .50 Cal. That’s why I’m leaving happy, and uhh I’m gonna get killed by a bad lookin’ dude. And uh, I’ma die to a bad lookin’ dude, which is what I’ve always wanted, eh?
    [Executioner]: And this is what’s gonna happen to all of you sons of your fuckin’ mothers that keep tryna be tough guys-
    [The Ant]: -Well yeah. When you fuck us up, leave us alone, eh? After everything’s said and done.

    [*Execution group starts backing up from the rivals*]
    2:33 [*Executioner prones down and gets the sniper rifle all set up.*]
    2:43[*The Ant is shot in the foot*]
    2:46[*Rival 2 is shot in the leg, he lets out an agonizing scream*]
    2:52[Rival 2]: PLEASE..! PLEASE NO!!
    [Executioner(?)]: FM all day, fuckers, [*”Familia Michoacana all day, faggots!!”*] Familia Michoacana all day, sons of your fuckin’ mothers!

    Don’t mess around when it comes to the bosses, sons of your fuckin’ moms.
    [Cameraman]: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, prop ’em up, prop ’em, stand them up! [*” Stand up!”*].
    3:20 [*The Ant sits back up, members of the execution group start walking towards the rivals*]
    3:21 [Cameraman]: Hit ’em right in the chest, Moyo! You didn’t even hit him, I think.
    3:23 [*Execution company props up The Ant*]
    3:36 [Cameraman]: Like that! Like that! Like that! Kneel the other one up!
    [*Now to the executioner*] Hit ’em right in the chest, dude.
    3:44 [*Execution company double kicks Rival 2 in perfect sync*]
    [Cameraman]: Right on the chest, give it to ’em. On the chest, on the chest.
    Set em up! set em up!
    [Executioner(?)]: There’s The Ant for ya, sons of your fuckin’ moms!
    [Cameraman]: This is gonna happen to Amuletas too!
    [Executioner]: We’re comin’ for you, Amuletas. And ALL of you Jalisco-shits, too.
    [Cameraman]: Fuck ’em all the way up, Moyo.
    4:14 [*Executioner fires second set of sniper shots*]
    4:20 [*”no fuckin way!” in the distance behind Cameraman*]
    4:22 [Cameraman]: There, there, done.
    3:35 [ Cameraman]: Turn em.
    4:43 [*Bodies are turned over to display the gunshot wounds*]
    4:48 [Executioner groupee]: Heh, right where he didn’t want to [get shot]!
    4:56 [Executioner(?)]: You sucked the dick, little Ant.
    [Executioner groupee 2]: This is what’s gonna happen to any of you tough guys that try shit talking the bosses.
    [Executioner]: Oh, I DID hit him in the foot, look!

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