Libyan Freedom Fighters Murdered by Al-Qaeda Backed Terrorists

Libyan Freedom Fighters Murdered by Al-Qaeda Backed Terrorists

So everyone was calling Muammar Gaddafi delusional when he said that rebels were backed by al-Qaeda but now that there’s no doubt it is the case, things are taking an unexpected turn. Many of the initially delusional individuals who got brainwashed by political agendas of mainstream media to speak in support of air strikes are starting to see what this war is really all about and the support starts to twist. Not that that will have any effect on people in power who invaded Libya with a purpose as they will continue with their brainwash and war mongering whether the public supports their bullshit or not.

Best Gore is proud to have been one of the rare firsts to not fall for the propaganda and side taking. There is plenty of wrong with Gaddafi and he needs to go. But so there is plenty of wrong with the rebels and if the true purpose of the UN resolution 1973 is to protect the civilians, then NATO planes should start bombing both Gaddafi forces and al-Qaeda backed rebels so people who are caught in between can start off clean. Replacing one stupid regime with terrorist run one is no win for the real civilians but people in power want those terrorists in control of Libya so we’re likely going to see that happen.

This war was never meant to be about protecting the civilians. If you still believe it was, I have a bridge to sell you. BTW, did you know that Libya and Egypt (another country the old government of which was outsted by the CIA sponsored and orchestrated coup) sit on a resource more valuable than oil in this part of the planet? The Nubian Sandstone Aquifer is a sea of fresh water that has an innumerable value on a continent like Africa. Muammar Gaddafi used much of the funds generated by Libya’s oil to build the Great Man-Made River Project (GMMRP) – the 4,000 km long water pipeline buried underneath the desert. $25 billion has already been invested into the project and not a penny of it was paid from the IMF or the World Bank. In other words – Muammar Gaddafi didn’t allow his people to fall into debt from which there could be no way out and guess who didn’t like that?

Scientists estimate that there is an equivalent of 200 years of water flowing down the Nile in the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer. The Water Pipelineistan built by Gaddafi which has already been supplying Tripoli, Benghazi and the rest of the Libyan coast line with fresh water has been owned by the people of Libya and not by Veolia (formerly Vivendi), Suez Ondeo (formerly Generale des Eaux) or Saur – the French companies that control more than 40% of the world’s water market. Remember which country was the fastest to attack Libya?

Gaddafi built that pipeline to provide his people with free water. That’s why the real people of Libya stand by Gaddafi and won’t allow terrorists to take their country over. My guess is the French want to oust Gaddafi and install a puppet government in Libya. As it happens, the air strikes will have damaged major parts of the Water Pipelineistan and the French will gain contracts for reconstructions. Somewhere during the process of reconstruction, the French companies that already control much of the world’s water supply will privatize the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer and that will be the end of free water for Libya and profits of unspeakable heights for the Frenchies behind the plot.

Anyone wishing to learn more about the Great Man-Made River Project and how Gaddafi turned the economy of Libya with it around can check out the article about it on BBC:

Can you see the truth behind the war on Libya now?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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19 thoughts on “Libyan Freedom Fighters Murdered by Al-Qaeda Backed Terrorists”

  1. Awesome post, most people have no idea about the aquifer and it is very apt speculation that the french want to get their hands on it, along with the oil and Gaddafi’s $6 Billion in gold. Greed is indeed the root of all evil that men do.

  2. The good news out of all this is that we’ll be having a lot of gore coming our way in the next months.

    Almost can’t wait for a civil war to start in the USA. Imagine all the gore we’d get first hand!

    Time to *fap* now. Fap fap fap fap…

  3. Its a civil war. looks to me like dead government troops surrounded by rebels. Where do you see this al-Qaeda plot? Are those not dead government troops? I didn’t think the freedom fighters dress in uniforms. Its war.

  4. That’s horrible. I feel so horrible for the people there just trying to survive, and they’re caught in the middle of this power struggle.

    And why would the US start a civil war? That makes no sense

  5. This is brilliant, really. Not everybody needs oil. In Africa in particular there are many people who could care less if they can?t buy gasoline. But everybody needs water. Especially in Africa where, in some regions, water is such a rare commodity.

  6. Also, in addition to the French’s plots, oil is the real reason why the U.S is so involved in these wars. If the U.S doesn’t help out then they may lose access to the oil in these countries. It’s very obvious that the U.S is only in it for the resources and they try to make it seem as though we’re fighting for another cause. In the end it’s all about money and resources and guess who’s in South Africa collecting daimonds. A dallor is nothing but a promise note signed by the government that they’ll pay us back our original currency which is gold. The same gold that they have locked away and I’m wondering where all of those diamonds are. Also, if you look on the back of a dallor bill, you’ll see the words “IN GOD WE TRUST”. God obviously stands for Government Of Defense, so 30+ years from now when they put sensor chips in us, our children, and our grandchildren, they’ll be posing as our Gods. Yes, the same chips they’ve already designed and have stored for future use after they’ve built enough. Why else is area 51 so secret. It’s so obvious that the government is keeping things away from us. There were assassintions after assassinations of people who spoke out against the government. They are putting out one fire at a time. The only way we can stand up against the government is if we all stand as one, but that’ll never happen because the government is keeping us divided by demographics, racial descrimination, and sexual descrimination. Think about it people.

  7. The united states has plenty of its own but fag stumphumpers say it’s bad for the environment to drill it. Besides, I don’t give a fuck about libya I’m just glad the US is turning this problem over to other people….after we wasted at least a million dollars worth of tomahawk missiles on the shits. Gaddafi is the one who started shit with the US to begin with back in the 90’s he actually recruited some shit head gangbangers int he states who were high on the “we’re black so lets all be muslims too!” idea… Black Key Stones or some shit they called themselveS? anyways he hired their newly islamic leader to try and blow down a US airliner, that shit predates 9/11 so dont tell me its propaganda. Point being, libya’s had it comin. Fuck’m. Well fuck gaddafi anyway, i wish the best to the citizens

    1. what about Louis Farrakhan and his loopy American Muslim ideas? he wanted some US states (East coast somewhere) to be handed over to African Americans so they can rule themselves, that’d work a treat!

  8. Fucking muslim people. theykill fior there god that doesn’t even exist. fuck all muslim people. i hope those ugly looking sandrats that wear towels on their head die a slow and painful death. what a waste of space for this earth. having a country full of religous murderers. FUCK YOU MUSLIM TERRORISTS. SANDRATS SANDRATS SANDRATS SANDRATS SANDRATS SANDRATS!!!!!!!!!

      1. Considering it was a vid provided by the BBC, you’re point is moot. And her story was substantiated by the rebel soldiers that found her. She’s quite a woman, she refused to abuse the children and paid a very high price for it. Our MDs here can tell you that second degree burns are in the league of the most painful injuries that is endured. She has amazing fortitude to endure that instead of harming a child. Finally now she gets medical treatment, and even with the infections, she should heal well, the scars won’t be too bad. Did you even look at the affiliated link of what Gaddafi’s wife looks like? She’s supposed to be a model? EW.
        I actually feel sorry for Condi Rice because he has a crush on her.

  9. I enjoyed reading the facts the author stated by Qaddafi i think it’s important to add that France wanted him out so did Egypt that was the very beginning of his demise but what really did him in was when he proposed a new gold backed currency and wanted the rest of the African and Arab nations to join him in this endeavor. Which in turn would have forced the super powers of the world to buy their oil from these African and Arab countries with the gold currency. As much as the US ppl would like to think we are or may be gold rich compared to most African and probably half im guessing Arab countries possess an exponentially larger cache of gold than America does and i personally feel Fort Knox is empty and the gold they have on a few occasions allowed the public to view is mostly fake but what they show up close is actually real! Bcuz if we have the amount of gold America claims to have them changing their currency wouldn’t have had such an impact on the American economy! Therefore making Qaddafi less of a threat to American interest!

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