Mafia Boss Mariano Bacio Terracino Gunned Down in Naples

Mafia Boss Mariano Bacio Terracino Gunned Down in Naples

This kill took place in Naples, Italy in 2009. Local mafia boss Mario Bacio Terracino stood outside the bar when a baseball hat wearing gunman walked in and then right out, shooting his victim to the arm and finishing him off with a shot to the back of his head. The hitman then calmly strolled away like he just finished smoking a cigarette.

As can be seen from the video, a woman stood just feet away from the spot where Mariano Bacio Terracino was gunned down and when it happened. She was scratching a lottery ticket and when the man next to her was shot, she just turned around and slowly started walking in the opposite direction. In the spirit of Omerta (code of silence), the woman simply “didn’t see a thing”. None of the other bystanders moved a finger.

The CCTV video of the kill was released by the police in Naples a few months after the incident took place. The police believe that the execution was carried out by a gunman contracted by the rival gang and was part of the feud over the control of lucrative drug trafficking routes. Mariano Bacio Terracino was a person of interest to the police on suspicion that he had his hand in the 1991 bank robbery with a £1.8 million heist but the lack of evidence left him without conviction.

In Naples, local Mafia are known as the Camorra. Mariano Bacio Terracino was also believed to have been part of the Camorra gang that kidnapped Socialist politician Guido De Martino in 1977. The politician was held by the gang for 6 weeks before his release following a one billion Lire ransom.

The most surprising part of the hit is that Mariano Bacio Terracino went down like a sack of potatoes after first shot was fired. Yet that first shot only hit him in the arm. His legs seem to completely give way, as if his brain was blown right out of his skull, yet all he took was one point blank shot to the arm. The assassin was on a mission so not collapsing would not help, yet it’s still astounding how he went right down as if entire control of his body was lost in an instant.

This execution happened in broad daylight. The CCTV video of the kill is below:

And a gallery of a few pictures of the execution of mafia boss Mariano Bacio Terracino in Naples:

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  1. “Mariano… é amazzato!”
    “Attentu… no diri niente.”
    “Ma perche?”
    “Persuna ne lo sa… ´pisce?”
    “Si, si… é alora?”
    “Andiamo, siamo ceci, sordi e muti.”

    And that’s that. No one will ever go to jail over this. The first shot seems to have hit the side, perhaps even the heart. Hard to see.

    The camorra is soft, no beheadings.

  2. what does that reporter expect that women to do at the end? “oh, excuse me, you just shot that man.”? lol if someone was gunned down like that in front of me i prolly wouldn’t know wtf to do, so walking away would seem like the smart choice lol

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