Man Executed with Gunshot to the Back of His Head

Man Executed with Gunshot to the Back of His Head

While I don’t have background information about this video, the flag with “all jews” in the middle suggests that it’s either ISIS, Al-Nusra or other Israel friendly group of mercenaries that released it.

The video shows the public execution of a man with a gunshot to the back of his head. Strangely, during the interrogation, the face of the condemned is pixelated, although during the actual execution it is not. It doesn’t make any sense, but it is what it is.

Props to Best Gore member Refuse2Renig for the video:

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      1. simple to understand. in japan, sex is freely explain but the act is taboo.
        thats why they hide the “act” or the “parts” , but sexuallity is extremly free on japan. same for thief or murder, its clearly explain, but they hide the broken window (as exempl) or the “face” of the victim in murder

  1. 6.5 out of 10. -Too much hype on the front end. The amp used had a noticeable feedback. Come on ISIS, you can do better than that. Check out this Yamaha: 4″woofers, weatherproof, blastproof, and outstanding sound quality. All for $179.99 (converted to your currency = Just 3 Islamic whores and a bag of shit)

  2. I’m the MC Jihadi, instigator,
    When I’m on the mic I’ll rehabilitate ya,
    Detonate ya, infiltrate ya!

    Hardcore fanatics blow your vests!
    You know it’s in the caliphates interests

    Raise your decapitated heads in the air,
    like you just don’t care!

    Make some noise for the DJ Shooter!
    Sharia law means he must die for watching porn on a computer!

  3. Stupid people….. I always turn off the volume and get into the nit and gritty gore. I don’t expose myself to the “so called message of their god” to carry out such atrocities. They don’t like to be called towel heads. So…. I call them Shiite Heads.

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