Man Executed with Shotgun Blast to Head in Florianopolis, Brazil

Man Executed with Shotgun Blast to Head in Florianopolis, Brazil

In Brazil, a man was taken to a wooded area by his captors, and there they executed him by blasting his head with a shotgun. Up to this point, there is nothing unusual about this, as this type of execution we’ve seen plenty come out of Brazil.

Where it gets interesting, is that according to the info I got, this wasn’t filmed in any of your typical unsafe locations in Brazil, like Salvador in Bahia, Caruaru in Pernambuco, or Manaus in Amazonas. Nope, this was filmed in Florianopolis, which is the capital of Santa Catarina.

Santa Catarina is the one Brazilian state from which there used to only come the type of content that happens anywhere, like traffic accidents, because the state is where European immigrants have settled after the Second World War. Although it must be mentioned that the state has been on a downward slope of late due to the ongoing influx of non whites from other parts of the country.

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